Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 108

Chapter 108: Idol

For a while, the room was quiet for a few seconds.

Lu Yan was speechless, staring at Lu An'an for a moment: "...how do you know?"

Lu Anan calmly said, "My mother told me."


The siblings stared at each other, Lu An'an's eyes were erratic and guilty.


Lu Yan was amused by her, and couldn't say, "I'm not angry."

He pondered for a moment and said, "Others are not clear, but Sheng Heng, according to what I know about him, he has nothing to do with He Wanran."

"I know."

Lu Anan whispered: "I'm just a little unhappy."

Knowing that the two are okay, but she still has other thoughts in her heart.

High school, what a simple and beautiful stage.

Lu Yan looked at her like this, suddenly couldn't bear it.

If you knew it earlier, it would be better not to drive Sheng Heng away.

He was thinking about whether to say something more, Lu Anan had already driven people out.

"Brother, go back and rest soon, I'm a little sleepy."

Lu Yan looked at her for a moment, and nodded helplessly: "Don't think too much, according to my estimate, within half an hour, Sheng Heng should post a Weibo clarification."

"it is good."

But less than half an hour before Lu Yan had left, Lu An'an's Weibo special clearance reminded him.

Shengheng Studio posted a Weibo.

It's very serious. It is said that it has nothing to do with He Wanran, so fans should not think about it.

@v: In response to the hot search news at night, we clarified that our boss has nothing to do with the actress. We did have alumni in high school, but that's all. I hope everyone will not bother other artists and make them bothered.

The boss said that when he was in high school, like everyone else, he was struggling with writing, so his memory was not deep.

In addition to clarifying the Weibo, the studio directly took out the lawyer's letter for the tens of thousands of people who had reposted tens of thousands of well-founded Weibo.

This is slander.


This move made many fans feel very relieved.

You say you, touch porcelain when you touch porcelain, what do you do to provoke Shengheng, don't you know that Shengheng fans are very powerful? Dont you know that our idols cannot be bullied? !

[So **** cool! ! My brother is really too strong.

[Hahahahahaha, I asked if the face of a certain female star hurts, or is it a high school classmate, yes, you are high school classmates, but what about it, our idol high school is a hard-working book, we dont know anything else.

Killing me! He Wanran's face was swollen tonight, right?

[Woo woo woo is really my favorite brother, really amazing!

[Uuuuuu This clarification came in time, the studio finally became a person tonight.

[To be honest...I don't reject my brother being in love, after all, he will be 30 years old, but He Wanran can't.

[Me too, me too! My brother is twenty-eight years old after the Chinese New Year, and he can fall in love, but He Wanran is really inappropriate. This person looks very fake. He has been buying hot search scandals with his brothers high school classmates. nothing.


In fact, for now, Shengheng has successfully transformed.

Many fans watch him getting better and better, and will not stop him from falling in love. The environment of the artist now is relatively better than before.

Fans are also thinking about it a lot.

In the past, when artists were in love, it was a thunderstorm, but now it's quite common.

Of course, the love partner can't be too bad.

If it's too bad, fans will be dissatisfied.

Sheng Heng's fans don't want him to fall in love. Their elder brother also needs someone to take care of him. What's more, when his age is there, he is in love. As long as he likes it and treats him well, the fans will also bless him.

But they still have requirements for their brother's love partner.

You can't always drag your brother into the gossip, and you can't be too bad. All in all... 10,000 fans have the opinions and comments of 10,000 fans.

But for He Wanran, many fans of Sheng Heng didn't like it.

Except for Lu An'an, even Chen Jia came to discuss with her.

Chen Jia: [Has An An watched Weibo?

Lu Anan: [Look at it.

Chen Jia: [Ah, fortunately, the studio's clarification was very timely this time. I was so angry that He Wanran fans also said that our brother touched porcelain! It's too much, and I don't want to think about the difference between the identities of the two.

Lu Anan: [Don't you like He Wanran either?

Chen Jia: [Of course, my brother can fall in love, but He Wanran can't.

Lu Anan: [Why?

Chen Jia: [My brother doesn't like her, and the two are not suitable. He Wanran feels too bad for me.


Lu Anan looked at the message from Chen Jia, and for a moment did not know how to answer.

The answer, to be honest, was the same as she had thought before.

Before, Lu Anan knew that there was a figure like He Wanran.

It was not long before Sheng Heng debuted, and he is not as good as he is now. He Wanran's banner is a daughter of a certain enterprise, a small lady. Many people also say that she and Sheng Heng high school classmates are Sheng Heng honors.

She herself also mentioned her relationship with Sheng Heng in front of the media, which seemed very noble.

It seems that Sheng Heng is really honored to be with her high school classmates.

At that time, Lu Anan and other fans were so angry.

What a **** honor, our brother doesn't need it.

It was also from that time that everyone's impression of her was not very good. Although she had a good reputation and reputation in the circle later, there were some images that could not be restored.

Therefore, Sheng Heng's old fans have never liked He Wanran very much.

Seeing this hot search tonight, a group of people exploded.

Lu An'an and Chen Jia were chatting, and the phone was shocked again. It was Sheng Heng who posted a new Weibo.


Lu Anan clicked on it, and before refreshing it, Chen Jia suddenly sent countless "Ahhhhh" words popping out.

Chen Jia: [Ah ah ah ah ah ah I am dead! ! ! Look at brother Weibo! ! !

Lu Anan has seen it.

Sheng Heng reposted the studio's Weibo and took the remarks for the first time.

@v: Miss He and I have nothing to do with the past, present and future. Finally, I said that I will share with you some news before. Thank you very much for your guardianship for so many years. I hereby tell you seriously-I have a girl I like.

As soon as this Weibo came out, fans were "dead".

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

[Fuck, fuck! ! ! What the **** did I see? !

Ah ah ah ah ah ah dead dead! ! ! Brother, do you know what you are talking about?

[Oh oh oh oh my mother! ! !

? ? ? ? ? ?

[It shocked my whole family, what is Sheng Heng talking about! ! My cub! !

[Sheng Heng has someone you like? ! What this means is, do you have a girlfriend or not?

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Who is it that can be liked so much by my brother? !

[Gosh! ! !

As soon as Sheng Heng's Weibo came out, it immediately exploded.

Lu Anan

Heart beating wildly, click on his comment area.

Fans didn't know what to say except for "Ahhhhh" and "Fucking" in the comment area.

After the meeting, someone analyzed what Sheng Heng liked would be.

What he said was whether he just liked it and had not yet become a girlfriend. In short, Sheng Heng's fans could not sleep this night.

Fans began to use their fiery eyes, and began to pick up various female artists who interacted with Sheng Heng.

But in the same way, He Wanran did not dare to say a word when he was beaten this evening.

In the later stage, a Weibo was posted, probably meaning that it caused Sheng Heng's trouble. She and Sheng Heng have never been unclear about their relationship.

But the fans will not notice her at all, and all the fans' attention will be on Sheng Heng's Weibo.

Sheng Heng! !

A top stream! ! Even without being photographed by the media reporters, I openly admitted that I have a girl I like.

This evening, the fans fell apart and the media was shocked.

The friends in the circle are all dumbfounded and completely unaware.


Lu Anan watched the more and more comments, and for a moment he didn't know how to express his feelings.

She was lying on the bed and watching, thinking about whether to send a message to Shengheng, his news came first.

Sheng Heng: [Is your brother still inside?

Lu Anan: [? ? ? Is gone.

Sheng Heng: [Will you come to open the door?

Lu Anan watched the news and got up from the bed without any hesitation.


The door opened, and the two looked at each other.

Lu Anan raised his eyes to look at the man in front of him, his heart throbbing unspeakably.

Her heart was skipped like this for this person from beginning to end.

Sheng Heng looked a little embarrassed, his face was a little red, his hair styling was completely gone, and he was still panting.

Lu Anan looked at him without blinking, for fear of missing something.

She took a deep breath and shouted, "Sheng Heng."

Sheng Heng responded and looked down at her slightly: "I'm here."

Lu An settled down and pulled Sheng Heng into the house. Before Sheng Heng hadn't reacted, she reached out and hooked his neck and kissed him actively.

Sheng Heng was shocked for a moment. A few seconds after she kissed her, she turned away from the guest and kissed her even more eagerly.

In the room, only the gasps of two people were undulating, and the heart was still there.

Lu An'an hung himself on Sheng Heng, his hands and feet weak.

After a long time, Sheng Heng kissed her ears and said in a dark voice, "Why are you so active today?"

He laughed: "Miss me?"

Lu Anan shook his head.

She buried her in Sheng Heng's neck and acted like a baby: "Sheng Heng."


"How did you post that Weibo today?" She asked softly: "Aren't you afraid of your fans being broken in love?"

Sheng Heng smiled, grabbed her hand, and took the opportunity to hug the person and sit down on the sofa.

Lu Anan sat on his lap.

He said "um": "Don't say that, I should be broken in love?"


Lu Anan stared at him, "What?"

Sheng Heng smiled and kissed her on the cheek and explained: "Sooner or later, you will know. It's good to get vaccinated early."

He said: "If you don't say that, will I not be able to come in tonight?"

Lu An'an: "...no way."

But she couldn't deny that after Sheng Heng said that, her inner happiness couldn't be described in words.

No one doesn't like being spoiled like this.

Especially them.

As an artist, there are often various scandals, even if there is nothing to do, the media and people who eat melons can read pictures and talk.

Some people want heat, so I dont explain much

, Let everyone guess and say nothing.

If Sheng Heng did this, Lu Anan would not be angry.

Because she understands and knows the entertainment industry environment, even if many people are photographed with their girlfriends, they will not admit it.

Probably just let these develop like this.

But Sheng Heng's approach is too surprising.

Not to mention Lu An'an, even Yu Yuan was blown up by him when Sheng Heng said he wanted to do this.

But can't stop it.

Sheng Heng said a word, completely dispelling Yu Yuan's idea of stopping.

He couldn't bear to be sad for Lu An'an.

Not even a little bit.

She is sensible, although she doesn't have a temper with Sheng Heng, but Sheng Heng is reluctant.

I didn't want her to suffer any grievances.

Of course not to mention other things, he is unwilling to do things that he has the ability to handle.


That's his girlfriend, he has to coax.

Hearing Lu Anan's answer, Sheng Heng chuckled softly: "Really?"


Lu Anan rubbed his neck and whispered, "Really."

She said: "But you said that, although I am very happy, I am also a little scared."

"What are you afraid of?"

Sheng Heng rubbed her hair: "There's nothing to be afraid of. Leave everything to me."

He looked at Lu An'an with hot eyes, and whispered: "You just need to believe me."

Lu Anan looked at him and nodded: "Okay."

She believed it.

This is her idol, her boyfriend, she has always believed.

"But fans... won't you comfort me?"

Sheng Heng laughed: "In fact, they know in their hearts that even if I am not greedy, and I don't have anyone I like, it will be fine."

He said: "The fans are worried about my injury. There is nothing else. I am living my life well. They must be happy to see it."

This is real.

Many sane fans are actually happy.

The idols live a good life and are positive. They are the same. While chasing the light, their lives are getting better and better.

This is the meaning of star chasing.

Seeing that idol is getting better, I am also working hard to get better.

Lu An'an made two oh-oh-oh, expressing it clearly.

Thinking, she held Sheng Heng's hand tighter.

"Thank you."

Sheng Heng couldn't laugh or cry: "Thank you for what?"

"do not know."

Lu Anan said, "I just want to say."

Sheng Heng was startled, and bowed his head and kissed the corner of her lips: "If I don't explain tonight, will I be awake tonight?"

Lu Anan blinked: "It's not so exaggerated, right?"

Sheng Heng squeezed her face: "Are you sleepy now?"

"not sleepy."

Lu Anan pulled him: "Are you busy lately?"

Sheng Heng nodded helplessly: "A little bit, how about you, have been drawing pictures these days?"

"Yes, do you want to take a look?"

Looking at her bright eyes, Sheng Heng would naturally not refuse.

"it is good."

That night, Sheng Heng stayed at Lu An'an until three in the morning before leaving.

In fact, according to Lu An'an, you can never leave.

But Sheng Heng felt that it was not appropriate, so he left.

However, he left after Lu Anan fell asleep.

When he woke up the next day, Lu Anan touched his slightly swollen lips, and finally made sure that the people and things of the previous night were not dreaming.

Thinking about it, she kicked her legs hard, so happy that she wanted to jump in circles! ! !


## This hot search, the topic continued for several days.

In those few days, Lu Anan could see everyone discussing whether it was in Chaohua or the fan group.

But it was amazing, everyone's thoughts were unexpectedly consistent.

Sheng Hengzao

It's not a person who relies on his face to eat. The age is there, and it's not normal for people to have no likes.

It was really shocked at first, but after a few days, everyone slowly accepted it.

After accepting it, everyone was curious about who was this girl that Sheng Heng would like.

There is no news on the Internet, and Sheng Heng has never revealed it. Of course, everyone has not dug up anything, only from the artists who have worked with Sheng Heng before.

It's just... still no clue.

Lin Ruoxing expressed admiration and praise for Sheng Heng's practice.

However, the two dared not say in front of Lu Yan that Lu Yan's vinegar bucket not only eats his girlfriend, but also eats his sister.

These days...Lu Yan is a low-pressure creature.

Even Lu Anan didn't dare to provoke him, because he was afraid of harming the innocent.

However, Lu Yan was too late to train her. Lu Yan was entangled in other work and could not come to discipline Lu An'an for the time being.

Therefore, Lu An'an has been released in the past few days.

Lu Yan was not at home. She and Sheng Heng had secretly dated several times.

The two did not go anywhere, they were at home, hugging each other.

Lu Anan couldn't help sighing.

When will Lu Yan be able to accept Sheng Heng? My brother is good, but it's really hard to fall in love secretly! ! !

I couldn't go anywhere. When I heard the doorbell ringing occasionally when I kissed, Lu Anan's heart jumped out.

so horrible.

After Lu Anan and Sheng Heng'en love each other for a few days, the fourth variety show aired.

When it was broadcast, Lu Anan watched it alone at home.

At the beginning of the fourth issue, everyone went to the vegetable garden to pick peppers. There were not many shots.

However, a conversation between Lu Anan and Lu Yan was retained.

After that, there is no special lens.

Until the evening, Li Bing's cynicism with Lu Yan made fans look down on it, but similarly, some black fans jumped out and said that Lu Yan did not show up at the Double Eleven party last year and broke the contract.

He doesn't deserve to be an entertainer. Lu Anan glanced at the barrage. Until now, there are still many fans asking for answers.

Although, I dont know if its a real fan.

But they really want an answer.

It's okay to make an appointment, but you have to give a reason. We went all the way to see you, how can you just leave.

Although it was refunding money later, it was sad after all.

It's not necessarily fans who just send barrage.

Whether it is a fan or not, Lu Anan's worries have come true.

Before this period had passed, Lu Yan's reason for breaking his appointment on Double Eleven was hotly searched.

Many netizens commented on Weibo below, expressing that they really want to know why.

Lu Anan took a deep breath and swiped Weibo.

Of course, Li Bing was also scolded miserably. Lu Yan was sorry for his fans. It was a matter of fans, and it was up to outsiders to say anything.

Li Bing is just someone who has nothing to do with everyone, so what right does he have to blame Lu Yan?

Suddenly, apart from asking Lu Yan for reasons, his fans all mobilized and began to question Li Bing for what reason.

They even collectively requested the program team to delete Li Bing's footage so that she could no longer appear in the program.

If she was still there, no one would watch it.

Before the end of this episode, Li Bings Weibo has been taken down. In addition to Lu Yans fans, there are Lu Anan who scolded her, and even... Sheng Hengs, and similarly, there are still not Netizens going down.

All in all, there are many people who can't stand it.

Lu Anan didn't pay much attention to her. From her death behaviors on the show, one should have thought that there would be such a day.

She is now worried about Lu Yan.

At that time, Lu Yan promised that she would speak directly to the fans, but so far, Lu Yan still has no news.

Lu Anan didn't dare to send a message to Lu Yan, and could only wait.

We are walking God, Weibo specially reminded me.

Lu Anan clicked to see that it was Lu Yan who had posted a new Weibo, a very long Weibo.

@v: When recording a variety show before, An An always asked me to explain to everyone about her appointment last year on Double Eleven.

To be honest, I don't really want to explain anything. I really missed the appointment, so I always thought that since I did it, there is no need to explain, and I don't want to sympathize.

But An An told me that fans have the same heart and they can accept my appointment, but they want an answer, an answer that will make me miss the appointment. Many times, they explain that they can solve all the problems.

She asked me to explain.

So tonight, let me explain.

It's a fact that I promised to break the appointment before, and then I left and showed up at the airport. As I said before, I went back because of something urgent at home. There have been many rumors online, but they are not true.

At that time, someone in the family was seriously ill and gave the final notice in the emergency department, wanting to rush back to see her for the last time.

I didn't say it before, because I wanted to protect her, and didn't want her to remember all the painful things in the past, but she kept asking me to explain and let me be better to my fans. You are all people who have always liked me to support me, just like your relatives.


Later, Lu Yan made a solemn apology.

But he never said from beginning to end that the person who was ill was Lu An'an, but from the word "she", fans could probably guess.

Lu Yan's Weibo directly caused fans to collapse.

Indeed, as Lu An'an said, they can accept Lu Yanshuang's appointment. They are in a hurry, but they really only want an answer, a reason that can convince themselves that Lu Yanshuang's appointment.

Now-it's finally here.

After Lu Yan finished posting, the comment exploded instantly.

Lu An'an took a deep breath, clicked forward, and attached a family photo.

It was taken in the ward at that time. She was lying on the hospital bed with a skinny appearance.

@v: Thank you brother for protecting me [photo].

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