Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Brother

It is really true to say that it is the Metamorphosis of the Mountain Village, and it is not exaggerated.

Looking at the disappearing figure, Lu Anan and Lu Yan looked at each other and sighed quietly.

This program group is really tricky.

They are the tricycles on the last group. There are many bumpy stones on the road, and further down... there are no stones, it's all mud.

Lu Anan admired the place the show crew could find, and even Lu Yan said: "This place...has the director personally ran through it?"

The photographer who followed them said: "Yes, we came once before."

Hearing this, Lu Anan looked at the photographer: "You have worked hard."

The photographer smiled: "Yes, we must first protect your safety."

Lu An'an nodded: "Thank you."

She looked up at Lu Yan on the opposite side: "Brother, how do you feel?"

"How about what?"


Lu Anan joked: "This is just the beginning."

Lu Yansui looked at her: "Very good."


Lu Yan said: "It's really good, nothing bad."

He said: "I can accept it. I haven't been to this kind of place before. It's not bad to come and experience it now."

Lu An looked at him calmly for a moment, then nodded: "Oh."

The photographer couldn't understand the conversation between the brother and sister, and only felt that the breakfast he had eaten in the morning was about to vomit.

Obviously I have been here last time, but now I feel it, it is still very exciting.


After sitting on the tricycle for a long time, Lu Anan didn't even count the time. When he arrived at the end, a village name finally appeared in front of him.

She looked up and saw that there was a village plaque on a small road saying the name of the village.

Lu Anan retracted his gaze and got out of the car together.

When the two took down the luggage, the luggage was immediately dirty.

But this is not the point. The point is... Lu Anan glanced at the shoes on his feet and suddenly felt that wearing flat shoes was really a wise move. Although it was dirty, he could walk smoothly.

When they found several other people, Li Bing and He Wanran's high heels were already muddy.

Not to mention the mud, the two are not even easy to walk.

Li Bing complained, "What the **** is this?"

She couldn't believe it and asked: "There is such a place now?"

He Wanran on one side pulled her clothes: "Bingbing, be quiet."

Hearing this, Li Bing frowned: "What's so quiet, what I said is fact."

She said: "I don't want to stay a minute here."

Between the talks, a few children from the village ran over. Their clothes were dirty and their faces were the same. They were not cleaned. They were staring at this special group of people in front of them.

One of the little girls stared at Li Bing's skirt for a long while, a little bit trying to get close to her, but her eyes were all timid.

In the end, she still did not pass.

When Li Bing looked at the child, the disgust in his eyes was slightly reduced, but he could also tell that his face was not very good.

Lu Anan and Lu Yan were on the other side, and she did not take the initiative to greet the child.

The children here should be afraid of birth, and greet them proactively, but they will resist.

She looked at these children, always feeling unspeakable distressed.

After staring at them for a while, the children ran away again.

Chen Ruan watched, and muttered to Lu An'an in a low voice: "The child's eyes are so clean."

Lu Anan nodded: "The child is the simplest."

Chen Ruan sighed: "You said that at this time, they don't have to go to school?"

Lu Anan shook his head: "I don't know, please ask later."



After a while, the director and other staff members also arrived one after another. The guests had tricycle rides, and some staff members still walked over.

To work, it is not so easy for everyone.

The director looked at everyone: "Hello everyone, this is our last variety show recording."

Everyone agreed.

The director smiled and said: "The conditions here are limited, so I may not be able to provide a very good place to stay, but we have carefully selected them. I hope everyone will bear it."

No one speaks. The director looked around and said: "The rules of the game at our last stop are relatively simple. Everyone has seen the conditions here. There are no special scenic spots. They are all natural scenery, which is actually quite good. Our last stop. I came to see Hope Primary School, so the task is also centered on Hope Primary School."

He paused: "How about letting everyone be teachers for three days?"

Everyone was taken aback.

Bai Shaoyun was the first to say: "We haven't taught students before."

The director laughed: "I know, but it doesn't matter. Each guest teaches one subject. In the end, let the children choose. Whoever gets the most likes will win."

He said: "The original purpose of our show was also for this group of children, so it would be better for this group of children to decide the outcome. What do you think?"

Everyone has no opinion.

Lu Yan nodded: "Yes."

The others nodded.

Chen Ruan asked: "Do you choose what you teach?"

The director raised his eyebrows: "Do you want to draw or choose yourself?"

"Choose for yourself."

He Wanran said: "If you get a subject you can't do, wouldn't it be bad for the children?"

The director thought for a while and agreed.

"Okay, then choose freely, from whom?"

Li Bing was the first to raise her hand. She looked at the director and said, "Shall I teach you music?"

Director: "Huo Zheng and Lu Yan are singers."

Hearing this, Li Bing paused and said, "So are there any simple subjects, do I need to teach physical education?"

The director laughed: "Or math, math here is not difficult."


He Wanran paints, Huo Zheng teaches the children music, and Bai Shaoyun and Guo Zhengqing speak each language and the other English, and the assignments are clear and clear.

Going to Lu Anan and Lu Yan, the director looked at the two: "An An, what do you want to teach?"

Lu Anan smiled: "What other subjects are there?"

The director said: "Yes, but it's not very important. How about living a teacher?"

Hearing this, Lu Anan was a little surprised: "Yes, do they live in school?"


The director said: "For those who live at home, the life teacher will take care of the daily routine. These days, they have to contract for cooking. If it rains or something, they need to be responsible for transporting them to and from school."

Lu Anan promised without hesitation: "Yes."

Lu Yan also nodded: "The two of us can."

Director: "Should I stop letting a teacher help you? This will be very hard."

"no need."

Lu Anan smiled and said, "My brother and I should be able to handle it."


The director looked at everyone: "Just help each other if you have any problems."

Everyone knew it.

After the tasks are assigned, everyone will go to the place where they live.

Conditions here are limited, men need to huddle together, and the same goes for women.

Lu Anan and Chen Ruan were in a room, but they were squeezed into a very small room. Everything around them was not so bright.

Li Bing and He Wanran were opposite the two, under the same conditions.

Looking at such conditions, even Chen Ruan's good temper, could not help but sigh with emotion: "The conditions are really bad."

Lu Anan said "um" and gave her something: "Sister Chen Ruan, take this with you."

"what is this?"

"The mosquitoes."

Looking at the little thing in his hand, Chen Ruan was extremely surprised: "Is there still this thing?"

Lu An'an nodded: "Yes."

"How do you know there are mosquitoes here?"

Lu An'an opened his mouth, unable to cry or say, "There are usually mosquitoes in the mountains. It's fine during the day, but there must be many at night."

She said, "I also brought a mosquito coil, so I will light it when I sleep."

"it is good."

Because of the remoteness of the place, arriving at this station is already very tiring. The program team was also a little more humanized, and they didn't arrange tasks for them, so everyone cleaned up and had a meal. New tasks were not available until the next day.


After packing up, Lu Anan and Chen Ruan went out.

The place to eat is not where I live, but the village heads home that the director group communicated with.

As soon as Lu Anan and Chen Ruan came out, Lu Yan and Huo Zheng were not far away.

"An An."

Lu Anan smiled: "Brother, have you waited a long time?"


Lu Yan looked at her: "Are you still used to it?"

Lu Anan raised an eyebrow and asked, "I should ask you if you are used to it." She smiled and said, "I'm used to it."

Lu Yan paused, then reached out and rubbed her hair: "Yeah."

The two of them fell behind Chen Ruan and Huo Zheng a little bit, and a photographer followed and went to eat together.

When they arrived at the village chief's house, several other people had not yet come.

Lu Anan glanced, and wanted to go around.

It's still early.

Lu Yan looked at her: "Don't run around, you'll have dinner later."

"I know."

Lu Anan did not run around, she just picked a flower next to her.

She glanced at the phone, there was no signal.

Lu Anan sighed, still a little helpless.

This is not good in remote mountainous areas. Signals are available from time to time. Calling is fine. Don't even think about network signals.

Lu Anan was also sighing, and Li Bing and He Wanran's voices were heard not far away.

"What the **** is this place?"

He Wanran looked at her: "Stop complaining, have you gotten off?"

"of course."

Li Bing said, "How can I scold me if I don't turn off the wheat."

She kicked the stone in front of her and said, "I must know that I came to this kind of broken place. I won't be here anymore."

He Wanran didn't say a word.

Li Bing looked at her: "Why don't you speak?"

He Wanran: "I don't know what to say?"

Li Bing said "Oh" and asked in a low voice, "Wanran, you have been watching Lu An'an today, what happened to her?"

He Wanran returned to her senses, glanced at Li Bing, and then thought about it: "It's nothing." She licked her lips and said, "I just think... Lu An'an Lu's variety show seems to be particularly attractive."

Hearing this, Li Bing disgusted and said: "It's all pretended, who doesn't know."

She said: "You looked at the photo p from last time, and it was so pitiful."

The Weibo photo of Lu Anan last time, Li Bing didn't believe it was true. If it really came out of the intensive care unit, why is it so healthy now?

Li Bing despised: "Now it is not difficult to buy a doctor to go in and take a picture, and let the hospital prove it."

He Wanran listened and glanced at her: "Bingbing, don't talk nonsense, it would be bad if someone heard it."

Li Bing: "There are only two of us here. What are you afraid of? Even if you hear it, it is impossible to expose it."

When he heard this, Lu Anan pulled his lips.

She put one hand in her pocket and looked up at the two people who were facing away from her not far away: "Really?"

Li Bing was taken aback, then looked back at her in a stunned look.

Lu An'an asked calmly, "Sorry, sister Bingbing, I will expose it."

With that, she shook the phone in her hand.

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