Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 123

Chapter 123: Brother

When these words came out, the audience was stunned for a few seconds, and suddenly the barrage quickly started.

? ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ?

[What is Lu Yan talking about? Did I hear it wrong?

Oh my God! ! ! ! !

[You repeat those two words that two people said, Lu An'an-I grew up in a place like this, Lu Yan-I lost my sister. She was abducted and sold to such a poor mountainous area for nearly ten years. Oh my God! ! What is this going to do?

real or fake? !

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what is this? !


Lu Yan looked at the camera, still the first scene.

He looked at the astonished staff and smiled bitterly: "Isn't it incredible?"


Lu Yan smiled: "Don't be surprised, it's a fact."

He said: "Actually, I know why An An wants to participate in the show with me. Many people also want to know why An An and I don't actually have a tacit understanding. After all, we have not lived together since childhood."

The program team also didn't know whether it was deliberate or deliberate.

During Lu Yan's monologue, a camera was shooting Lu Anan's back. She was looking up at the stars with a paintbrush in her hand. The distance was far, but it seemed to be very close.

Lu Yan said, "I lost her before and didn't find her back."

He said quietly, no one interrupted him.

Lu Yan smiled bitterly: "You must have not seen the photo of her before, now everyone praises her for her beautiful appearance, white and tender, good skin and beautiful eyes."


Lu Yan calmly said: "When I got it back, An An was skinny, her eyes were dull, her skin was rough, and she couldn't even speak Mandarin. Not only was she lost by me for ten years, she was abducted to the mountains. She is still ill, and she has been dragging, and no one will treat her."


Lu Yan looked at the staff with red eyes in front of him, and said softly, "I didn't want to make everyone sympathize with An An."

He said: "I just want to face my own heart. Many people say that I seem to be a lot weaker now, and it is true."

Lu Yan laughed: "To me now, my sister and family are everything. I just want them to be safe and healthy and be with them."

The staff cried and said: "...Nan An, how was she kidnapped?"

"because I."

Lu Yan said, "I took her out to play, and I lost it."

"Then how did you find her?"

Lu Yan said "Yeah", and recalled for a moment, "I found it in the orphanage, not me, but my parents."

He actually wanted to escape from what happened at that time, but reality told him that it was not allowed.

If Lu Yan didn't face it, he might not be able to get out of it for the rest of his life.

In fact, he also wanted to face it, but every time he had to face it, he became weak.

He didn't dare, he was afraid.

In addition to the monologue in that mountain, the program group directly connected the last interview with the brother and sister.

Lu Yan and Lu An'an chatted and talked with joy, laughter, and there was no gap between them.

After that, Lu Anan left first, and Lu Yan stayed for the final interview.

He did not repeat the previous paragraph at the top of the mountain, but just looked at the camera and said: "I specially arranged the last episode to be broadcast. Nothing else. This show is over. Everyone will not treat An An special. Thank you for such a show. , Let you see a different An An."

He laughed: "When the last interview was not broadcast, many people must have wondered why An An is so versatile, why I can't do anything, she can do everything."

Lu Yan raised his eyes and looked into the distance, and said softly, "Because she has lived in this kind of place for many years."

He said: "She told me before that when she was abducted and trafficked to such a place, the family was actually very good to her, teaching her various things, making a fire and cooking, and taking her to pick mushrooms in the mountains... a lot Many, she learned when she was six or seven years old."

"After she learned it, the family who bought her started to direct her to do things. From morning to night, she did everything that everyone could imagine and could not imagine."

Lu Yan rubbed his eyes and shook his head: "I don't want to be miserable. I don't want everyone to misunderstand her so much. After so many episodes, I also read everyone's comments. Many people said that this show has a script. Everything in the Lu An Anhui is taught by the program group."

Having said that, Lu Yan looked at the camera and said seriously: "No, no one taught her."

"All of this is the life skills she learned in the mountain village during the ten years when she was abducted, and she was able to survive at that time."


At the end, Lu Yan couldn't help crying.

In fact, he is a man who rarely cries to the camera, a big man, crying is nothing.

He held on and smiled: "It is not the script given by the show crew. An An has been joking with me, dont feel sad, dont feel wronged for her, because without that life experience, she wouldnt be able to record the show. so smart."

He said: "But I hope in my heart that even if she is a little girl who doesn't touch the sun with her fingers, she is better than anything. I would rather she know nothing, know nothing, and live a life of innocence and splendor. Its better than now. The Lu family will raise her, and I will raise her too."

Unfortunately, she knows everything.

At the end, Lu Yan made a special ending.

He said: "I paid for the mistakes I made. The matter about An'an was caused by my negligence, so I don't want this to happen to any family."

Lu Yan said: "I hope that the society we live in can be more peaceful."

-There should be no more cases of trafficking and abandonment.

Everyone is a living life.

No matter where they are, they yearn to be healthy and live with their parents and family.

After Lu Yan's monologue ended, the issue did not end.

The program team jumped to the dialogue between Lu An'an and Chen Ruan. What she said to Chen Ruan made the audience cry in front of the screen.

How can someone still feel grateful for this world and society after encountering those things, still yearn for, and still believe that this world is beautiful.

Every child needs care, and the children in the mountain village are more eager.

They have been separated from their parents since they were young, and many of them were grown up by grandparents and even a few years old.

They need care, not disagreements and dislike from the bottom of their hearts.

They are the same as us, everyone is equal, one person, one life.

There is no difference.



The length of this issue was added, and in the end it was basically the content of Lu An'an and Lu Yan.

The monologue was actually only five minutes after it was edited, but it was enough to make everyone cry.

At the beginning, the program team planned to stay in the twelfth period, but after thinking about it, the twelfth period could not make everyone cry, so they dealt with it urgently and stayed in the eleventh period.

After the broadcast, Lu Anan stared at the screen for a long time.

The next notice has already begun, but she... but she didn't move.

She didn't know what Lu Yan would say to the camera, obviously, he never wanted others to know.

The reason Lu Yan didn't want others to know was not because he was afraid of being scolded at him.

It was he who was reluctant to face Lu An'an to face those rumors.

After being abducted for nearly ten years, sympathizers will feel sorry for her and feel sorry for her.

But the circle is very messy, and some people will make a fuss about it.

In short, not letting others know is the best way.

However, after Lu Anan talked to Chen Ruan, he actually expected it would be known to everyone.

Although there was no lens or headset at the time, she also wanted to say.

However, before she had time to discuss with Lu Yan, Lu Yan had already said before she could tell everyone in any way.

She looked at the screen quietly, her heart twitching uncomfortably.

She was not the original owner An An, but at this time, she was as uncomfortable as ever.

As if she had really experienced those things.

Lu An'an endured it, and tears fell silently.

She and Sheng Heng's video chat, when the first sentence came out, Lu An'an hung up with his hands.

Never connected again.

She sat on the chair, holding her knees for a long time without responding.

At this moment, Weibo was completely exploded.

Everyone can't believe it, it's true, it's really real.

Lu Anan has been abducted and sold for nearly ten years? !

Lu Yan once lost his sister.

No wonder, it's no wonder that she is so proficient when doing farm work, it's no wonder that Lu Yan always pays more attention to her, unlike other brothers and sisters.

No wonder, when Li Bing bullied Lu An'an, Lu Yan would help Lu An'an to squeeze back regardless of the gentleman's demeanor.

No wonder... Lu An'an was like that before.

This evening, Lu An'an several topics were hung on the hot search.

Fans are uncomfortable crying, not only fans, even passersby feel sorry for such a person.

Why can she say these things so calmly, she can tell Chen Ruan, she can be very calm in the face of many times, even if she returns to the place she is familiar with, she does not dislike it, nor does she have any discomfort. , Not to mention - I will never come back to this place again.

Instead, she returned home from this place.

She still has good intentions towards this kind of place. She only hopes that there will be no more trafficking, and that every child will grow up with her family.

Regardless of the conditions, it is best to have relatives.

Weibo exploded directly, and Lu Anan didn't dare to read it.

When she recovered, it was when Tang Yi came in.

The two looked at each other. Tang Yi had actually guessed a lot before, but he didn't know the truth was really like this.

The reason why Lu An'an was able to say this to Chen Ruanyun calmly was because at that point, the mood, time and place were all right, but Tang Yi...sometimes she didn't know how to speak.

So I never said.

But now...Tang Yi also knows completely.

She looked at Lu An'an, and the two silently looked at each other for a moment.

Tang Yi looked at a mobile phone and spoke in her voice, crying when she heard it.

She said: "Suddenly you can't get through with your cell phone. Sheng Heng's phone call came to me."

She asked: "Receive?"

Lu An settled down and shook his head: "Sister Yi, I don't know what to say?"

Tang Yi: "Then listen to what Sheng Heng said?"

"it is good."

Lu Anan took the cell phone.

Before she could call someone, Sheng Heng's voice came over with electric current.

Deep and hoarse, much lower than any previous time, even...as if he had cried.

"An An."


Sheng Heng's voice was so dumb that he suppressed his emotions and said, "When Teacher Sheng comes back next time, Teacher Sheng wants to hug you, okay?"

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