Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 126

Chapter 126: Idol

Lu Anan looked at the situation and Lu Yan appeared not far away.

His whole body was wrapped tightly, only a pair of eyes were exposed, but everyone could tell it was him.

Lu Anan was taken aback, and smiled suddenly: "Brother."

Brother Qian came out from the side and waved to her: "An An, come here."

Lu Anan smiled: "Okay."

At first, she thought that Lu Yan was the only one, but now...you didn't find Lu Yan, but first recognized Brother Qian.

Lu Anan smiled and walked over, and she couldn't help asking, "Why did you come here today?"

Brother Qian pointed to the person next to him: "What do you think."

Lu Anan smiled and looked at Lu Yan: "Brother, aren't you filming?"


Lu Yan looked down at her, his voice a little hoarse: "Come and see you."

Hearing that, Lu Anan smiled: "Okay, but I still have a scene to be filmed. I will have dinner together later?"

Brother Qian laughed next to him: "We ordered a meal and will deliver it later."

He turned to look at the director on one side: "Director Wang, how about having hot pot at noon?"

Director Wang laughed: "Of course it's good. Our crew's meals are not very good. Of course it would be best to have Lu Yan come to improve the meals for everyone."

Everyone laughed.

Lu Yanan stretched his hand and rubbed Lu An'an's head: "Go filming, I'll be waiting for you here." "Good."

In the next scene, Tong Xiang didn't get stuck anymore.

After a while, the scene between the two was over.

But it was still early for lunch, Lu Anan turned to look at Lu Yan: "Would you like to go for a walk?"



Lu Anan said: "This school is very large and very beautiful."

She smiled and said, "If it weren't for no chance, I would still like to go back to school and experience life."

Lu Yan looked at her deeply, squeezed her face and said, "Yeah."

Lu Anan couldn't stand him like this, and couldn't say: "Brother, can you be more serious, don't be so ignorant."

She hugged Lu Yan's arm and acted like a baby: "You must remember what you said and don't get caught in the past." She looked up at Lu Yan: "Sister Ruoxing said that you have severe insomnia, is it true?"

Lu Yan didn't say a word.

Lu Anan had a headache, she whispered, "Don't think about it so much."

She said: "It's really good now. I don't feel bad for you like this, and Sister Ruoxing also feels bad for me. Are you willing to let her look at you uncomfortable and then feel sorry for yourself?"

I have to say that Lu An'an's words hit Lu Yan's heart.

He shook his head: "No."

It's just that he wants to fall asleep too, but he can't fall asleep, this is really not what he thought.

Lu Anan nodded: "Well, I understand, take it slow."

"it is good."

Lu Yan looked at her for a long while, "Go for a walk."


The siblings didn't talk about those things either. Lu Anan took Lu Yan around the school.

The scenery of this school is really beautiful. Now everyone is on winter vacation, and because of the crew management, most people can't come in.

The two of them strolled around comfortably.

Suddenly, Lu Yan asked, "Did Sheng Heng call you?"

Lu Anan blinked, watching Lu Yan warily, "Huh?"

Lu Yan looked at her like this, and thought she didn't. He frowned and said, "Sheng Heng is chasing you, don't call this, don't think about it."

Lu Anan: "......"

Looking at Lu Yan, it's hard to say that she has caught up.

And it's been a long time.

Lu Anan touched his nose with a guilty conscience, and said clearly: "Oh."

She nodded silently: "I see."

Lu Yan: "We are not too short of Shengheng."


Looking at her, Lu Yan thought he was sad, and couldn't help saying: "There are so many handsome men in this world. Don't think about Sheng Heng all the time. If one doesn't work, then another."

Lu Anan: "......"

In fact, she really wanted to ask Lu Yan, when it was shopping.

This idol, could you just change it? If she could, she wouldn't have such a bad attitude towards Lu Yan at first.

Lu Anan confessed to her past self, too much.

The two moved around in school for a while, and when it was time for dinner, Brother Qian called.

They just went back.


Everyone was more excited than Lu Yan came to visit the class.

Because... Lu Yan knows everyone too well.

On the set this winter, everyone wants to eat better and eat hot food.

Of course, its not that the crew doesnt have hot food, its just work. There are mornings and evenings, and sometimes when theyre busy before eating, the food is already cold.

Lu Yan came over today and specially ordered the hot pot to be delivered to the crew.

Director Wang was very happy and let everyone take a longer break. Everyone gathered to eat hot pot. It was lively and smoke lingering, and it was exciting to watch.

Lu Anan looked at the staff happy, and pressed their voice to communicate with Lu Yan: "Brother, how do you know the staff so much?"

Lu Yan: "I thought you would want to eat."

Lu Anan's eyes brightened, and he nodded quickly: "I like it, I like it very much."

Lu Yan: "That's good."

Regarding Lu Yan's arrival, everyone was quite cautious at the beginning, and after eating, everyone let go, and started to joke with Lu Yan.

Lu Yan is indeed not very pretentious. Compared to Sheng Heng, he will get along better with each other.

At least on the surface.

Lu Yan would have a smile on his face, looking much gentler.

After eating, Lu Anan will be filming in the afternoon, but he has more than an hour rest time.

Lu Yan didn't stay much, and left after a few words.

Lu An'an didn't want to stay, and only said: "Be careful, you treat sister Ruoxing better."

Lu Yan laughed: "I know."

Lu Anan blinked: "Remember to visit Sister Ruoxing."

"will go."

Even if Lu Anan didn't say anything, Lu Yan had already arranged for Lin Ruoxing to detect the class.

He was silent for a moment, watching Lu An'an and saying, "Go first, and see you next time."

"it is good."

Lu Yan came to Lu Anan's detective squad, and he was not surprised by the hot search.

The relationship between the siblings is beyond doubt.

In addition, Lu An'an's actions to the fans in the morning have made fans and passers-by like her even more, at least the sense of passersby is really good.

Lu Anan is not for the show, she understands the mood of fans too much.

I am a celebrity fan. Of course, I can't bear to watch the fans get cold, and I can't watch them return from the loss.

In the afternoon, Chen Jia also sent a message to Lu An'an, saying that she was nearby and wanted to see if she could do it.

Lu Anan naturally agreed.

Outside of Chen Jia, there are many people who have sent messages to Lu An'an, some comforting, encouraging, and apologizing.

Lu Anan responded to everyone one by one.

To say that this day, the most special thing is... In addition to comforting her to feel sorry for her, Lu An'an fans have not forgotten the things Li Bing did.

The things Li Bing directed against Lu An'an in the show, as well as the mockery and hints that seemed to exist, were edited separately by fans.

At this time, everyone happened to feel sorry for Lu Anan again, so they attacked Li Bing together.

Of course, if Li Bing did nothing wrong, no one would attack him. At least Chen Ruan, they still love Chen Ruan very much, and even because of the dialogue between Lu Anan and Chen Ruan, Chen Ruan has a lot of fans and a lot of passersby.

But Li Bing is not.

She has a bad attitude towards children, and has always hinted to everyone secretly, wanting to talk about Lu Anan's various things.

How could a sister of Lu Yan be so versatile.

Wait and so on. At the time, everyone thought this was very reasonable, but now that the truth is revealed, the fans are simply furious.

Li Bing didn't know whether it was a guilty conscience or something, so he didn't go to Weibo for a day.

At night, Tang Yi told her.

"Li Bing lost one of his endorsements."

Lu Anan was taken aback and looked at Tang Yi in surprise: "Isn't she the host?"

Tang Yi: "Yes."

She said: "There is one more important point."


"I don't know if your show is about to end. Li Bing not only lost his endorsement, but he didn't even sign the appointment with the TV station."

Lu An'an was shocked.

"My brother did it?"

Tang Yi shook his head: "I'm not sure."

She whispered: "It may be your brother, it may be... Sheng Heng, and of course it may be pressure from fans."

She said: "Sometimes the power of fans cannot be underestimated."

Lu An'an nodded.

She still knows this very well.

Tang Yi looked at her: "What's the matter?"

Lu Anan shook his head and said in a low voice: "She asked for this. In fact, when I went, I never thought that her EQ would be so low."

Tang Yi smiled: "It's not just that EQ is low, you see He Wanran is very smart."

Everyone is not a fool.

Fans can't see what He Wanran did. Tang Yi, as an agent in the circle, has seen so many people, all kinds of people, this can still be seen.

Some of He Wanran's words are also very suggestive, but she didn't say it to Lu An'an, but used it to comfort Li Bing.

Sometimes the comfort of a friend is not really comforting, but just another kind of prompting and hypnosis.

Lu Anan smiled and did not comment.

"She is smarter."

Tang Yi glanced at her, "Do you want to fall down?"

Lu An's choked, unable to laugh or cry at Tang Yi: "Is this a bit bad?"

"Can you hold it back?"


Lu An'an is indeed a bit bad.

Its just that I havent figured out a way now: "Weibo? Not for the time being."

Lu Anan said: "She has lost her job now. Actually, it has little effect on me."

Tang Yi thought about it, and it was also a fact.

"For the time being, if she throws dirty water on you, she will definitely clean her up then."


In fact, Lu Anan felt that Li Bing should be hopeless.

With her emotional intelligence up to now, there should be no team that wants to save it. Even if it is saved, it will be much worse for passers-by to do positive public relations.


In the following days, Lu Anan could occasionally see news about Li Bing intermittently.

She usually finishes reading it calmly and then throws it away.

The weather is getting colder and colder, and the New Year is approaching.

The last episode aired

At that time, I reaped a lot of tears. The original intention of this show was so good. Lu Anan and Lu Yan and other artists also selected very well.

Except Li Bing.

Everyone likes it.

Because of this variety show, many small fans have also started to do charity.

Public welfare within our capacity.

Sometimes a little help from oneself can be a life-saving thing for others.

Lu Anan didn't take the initiative to call on everyone to do charity or anything, she just did her own. Do it if you have the ability, don't do it if you don't.

Just be kind and friendly to everyone, then everyone is the best and the best.

The heart is the most important.

After the final episode, Sheng Heng was about to return.

Lu An'an will also take a holiday, because the New Year is about to come.

She stared at the calendar every day, a little sad.

On this day, Lu Anan called Sheng Heng.

"Are you coming back tomorrow?"

Sheng Heng raised his eyebrows: "Why do you ask?"

Lu Anan said, "Ah", "Didn't you say that the holiday will start tomorrow? Did you only have three days?"

Sheng Heng laughed: "Yes, just three days."

"Then are you sure you want to come back?"

Lu Anan was a little worried and said: "It's too rush, it will take two days to take the car."

Sheng Heng took the luggage from Yu Yuan and pressed the elevator: "Don't rush."

He asked in a low voice, "When are you going home?"

Lu An'an: "Tomorrow night, you will come back tomorrow in Fei A City, do you want to spend the New Year with your family?"

Sheng Heng: "Yes."

"Then where are the people in your family?"

Lu Anan only remembered this meeting and asked, she seemed to have never heard Sheng Heng mention family matters.

Even previous interviews were rare.


Lu Anan: "...Huh?"

Sheng Heng smiled and said in a low voice: "My parents are spending the New Year abroad."

Lu Anan: "......?"

She was stunned, and subconsciously asked: "Then you mean...you want to spend the New Year with your family?"

Sheng Heng raised his eyebrows and knocked on Lu An'an's door.

Lu Anan was stunned, then turned to look at the door.

"Someone knocks on the door, I'll go and see."

Sheng Heng: "It's me."

Lu Anan: "Huh?"

Lu Anan opened the door and looked at the person who suddenly appeared at the door.

Seeing her sluggish expression, Sheng Heng slowly put away the phone, his voice was low and gentle: "You are also my family, aren't you?"

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