Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Idol

The arrival of Lu Anan surprised Sheng Heng and surprised Yu Yuan.

When going out from the Shengheng lounge, many people looked at Lu An'an with a little curiosity.

This crew is a foreign staff member, Sheng Heng and Lu An'an are also a little bolder, not to mention Yu Yuan is there, since Lu An'an appeared, Yu Yuan greeted others.

Lu An'an also blocked himself very tightly, even if he recognizes it, he doesn't have to worry too much.

What's more, it will not necessarily be exposed.

Sheng Heng went to the other side to film, Yu Yuan looked at her and smiled: "I really didn't expect you to come over."

Lu Anan looked at him: "Brother Yu."

Yu Yuan waved his hand: "Don't be embarrassed, it is completely normal for you to come to visit the class."

He said: "What's more, Sheng Heng has told me a long time ago that I am ready for your exposure."

Lu Anan chuckled, "It should not be possible."

Yu Yuan: "Why don't you let Tang Yi accompany you if you are here alone?"

Lu Anan: "I always trouble Sister Yi and it's not very good. I gave her a holiday."

Yu Yuan knew it: "That's true."

The two were chatting next to him, and Lu Anan turned to look at the shooting location on the other side.

There are so many people here, many people also turned to look at Lu An'an.

For Sheng Heng, many of them know and know, and they also know what status Sheng Heng belongs to in the domestic male celebrities. From joining the group to now, except for two older people who came to detect Sheng Heng before, No other women came here, and Lu Anan's appearance made people curious.

Lu Anan accepted everyone's scrutiny and frankly.

She looked at the other side intently, listening to the director's request, and whispered to Yu Yuan: "The director's requirements are so high."

Yu Yuan nodded in agreement: "This is the gap. Sheng Heng has honed here for a while, and he will make great progress when he returns."

Lu An'an nodded: "At that time, more people will recognize his acting skills."

Lu Anan is very happy when he thinks that Sheng Heng will have more and more fans. It is a joy from the heart.

She is now Sheng Heng's girlfriend, but she hasn't forgotten her original intention to like Sheng Heng in the first place. That is a career fan.

She wants Sheng Hengs career to be better, hope he can go to the next level, hope that there will be fewer black fans, and dont always have those messy black materials, so that those black fans have nothing to say about his ability and acting skills. It's good to say.

After watching for a while, Sheng Heng's scene came back again. While distressed, Lu Anan felt a little irritating.

The director is really strong.

It's been so patient after a play several times.

By the time Sheng Heng finished filming today's film, it was already three in the afternoon.

Sheng Heng looked at her sideways, but didn't see fatigue in her eyes.

He smiled: "Want to walk around?"

Lu Anan nodded: "Okay, okay, do you want to go back to rest?"

"No need to."

Sheng Heng said calmly: "I will accompany you."

"it is good."

Yu Yuan didn't make light bulbs, waved his hand and left.


Sheng Heng didn't take Lu An'an to any special places, but he went to filming here during this time.

For example, in a cafe with a good taste, Lu An'an and Sheng Heng sat down for a cup of coffee. Another example is the fountain that Sheng Heng would go to during the show.

The sun was scorching in the afternoon, and the two of them sat there drinking coffee, which was quite interesting.

There are a lot of pigeons on the square, not many tourists, everyone is leisurely, not rushing, just enjoying time.

Lu Anan had to admire this for foreigners. They seemed to never be too impatient and could always calm down and do something.

Lu An'an and Sheng Heng returned to the hotel after He Shengheng took a round outside.

"Do you want to go back today?"

Lu Anan: "...I want to go back."

She touched her nose and said, "I will go to the exhibition with Yu Zhu and others tomorrow."

Sheng Heng said "Yes" and rubbed her head: "Then I will send you back."

Lu Anan shook his head: "No need, I can go back by myself, not far away."

Sheng Heng was not at ease.

He chuckled lightly and looked at Lu An'an: "Don't refuse me, I'm definitely worried about you going back alone."

He thought for a while: "Shall we leave after dinner?"

"Then how do you come back?"

Sheng Heng thought for a while: "I'll be back tomorrow morning, and all of my scenes tomorrow will be in the afternoon."

Lu Anan struggled for a few seconds, and did not refuse.

"it is good."

That's what the two agreed.

After dinner, Sheng Heng didn't know where he borrowed the car and drove Lu An'an back by himself.

Before getting on the bus, Lu Anan did not forget to ask: "Do you have a driver's license?"

Sheng Heng: "Well, international driver's license, don't worry."

Lu An'an was relieved.

There are a lot of cars at night and the roads are a bit congested.

Lu Anan turned his head and looked out the window. The difference between foreign countries and domestic ones is that the green grass on both sides of the road is very beautiful.

The sky is also beautiful.

But overall, she still likes her country.

In contrast, it is warmer and more homey.

Relatively deserted abroad.

When we get to the city, there are no more people on the streets.

Lu Anan watched and chatted with Sheng Heng: "How many days are you going to kill?"

Sheng Heng: "If there is no accident, then three days."

He looked at Lu An'an: "When will you go back?"

Lu An'an: "Don't worry, I don't have work next, so I should be able to stay a few more days."

Sheng Heng said directly: "Then I will come to find you and go back together?"

"it is good."

Delivering Lu An'an safely, Sheng Heng squeezed her face, smiled and said, "I am very happy today."

Lu Anan: "Me too."

Sheng Heng looked at Tang Yi who came out to pick up the people, and said hello.

"Sister Yi, I'll leave it to you."

Tang Yi: "Are you going back?"

Sheng Heng: "I won't go back, I will stay here for one night."

Tang Yi glanced at Lu An's reluctant eyes, crying and laughing, "Okay, An An is too reluctant."

She thought about it and said, "We didn't go to play when we came here. If Teacher Sheng still has energy, we will take An An out."

Naturally, Sheng Heng would not refuse this.

The reason why Lu An'an was sent back here directly was because Lu An'an said that Tang Yi would worry about her and had to say it personally to play with Sheng Heng.

The two came back.

With Tang Yi's permission, Lu An'an and Sheng Heng ran away again.

"Where do you want to go now?"

Lu Anan blinked: "Are you sure?"

Sheng Heng looked around, looked at her and asked, "Do you mind going farther?"

"do not mind."

Sheng Heng immediately led Lu An away.

Lu Anan was curious about where Sheng Heng was going, but didn't ask too much, keeping a sense of mystery and surprise. Sometimes it was good.

After arriving at the place Sheng Heng took him to, Lu Anan looked up at the scenery in front of him.

Sheng Heng said: "I have heard people say that the night view here is very beautiful." He said, looking at Lu An'an softly, and asked in a low voice, "Do you like it?"

Lu An nodded quickly: "I like it."

What appeared before me was a beautiful night scene.

Sheng Heng took her hand and walked higher and higher.

This night, he obviously didn't do anything, but Lu Anan just felt happy, very happy, and unspeakably happy.

Lu Anan couldn't help feeling afterward until he went to bed at night.


In the next two days, Lu Anan and Yu Zhu watched the exhibition together, learned a lot of new things, and had new ideas in their minds.

She hadn't heard from her for several days, and fans were still curious about what she was doing.

On this day, Lu Anan rarely posted a Weibo photo with the word "business" written on it.

Fans responded with excitement and enthusiasm.

During the break, Lu Anan also saw fans leaving messages saying-what day is it? An An is open, and Sheng Heng and Lu Yan are also open.

Lu Anan was taken aback, and quickly refreshed his Weibo.

Sure enough, as soon as I refreshed, I saw two new Weibos, one by Sheng Hengfa-happy to be done.

The other is by Lu Yanfa-the new play goes well.

The two are the same as they agreed.

Lu Anan gave both of them a thumbs-up, and also made a special comment for Lu Yan.

[@: My brother's new play is going well, waiting for An An to visit the class for you.

Just after replying, many fans responded to Lu Anan below.

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah look forward to your brother and sister in the same frame.

[I just want to ask! When can An An and her brother film together? Can you play brother and sister together?

[Ah ah ah ah ah ah, the sister upstairs suggested that I think it's ok! ! I also want to see my brother and sister acting together.

[God, if An An is really filming with her brother, then I will be so happy! I'm sure to watch it sooner or later. The variety show before is not enough for us. When will An An and brother play again.

[I've found out that An An still has a difference between Brother 2 and Brother 2. Mr. Sheng clicked a like, and Mr. Lu was a bit like and commented! An An is partial.

[An An shouldnt be partial?

[Ah ah ah ah, look forward to the new drama of Teacher Lu!

Lu Anan watched the comments from netizens and was overwhelmed.

Just thinking about it, Lu Yan called her.

"doing what?"

Lu Anan: "Look at your Weibo comment below."

Lu Yan snorted: "When will you be back?"

Lu An'an coughed and whispered, "There is a beautiful small town nearby."

"and then?"

"I plan to go to see it tomorrow... There is another event I want to participate in, so I postpone it for a few days." At the end, Lu Anan still has something to do with it.

This activity, she is going to go with Sheng Heng.

Lu Yan raised his eyebrows and said nothing.

"with whom?"

"Sister Yi."

"anything else?"

"Probably... there are also Teacher Sheng and Brother Yu? Sister Yu Zhu might also go."

Lu An's anxiously said: "Brother? Is that okay?"

Lu Yan responded, "Be careful."

Lu Anan's eyes lit up and he was particularly surprised: "You actually agreed to go with me and Teacher Sheng?"

Lu Yan sneered: "Just for safety, go home early."


Lu Anan smiled and was not angry: "Brother's new play is going well, so take a break when filming."


After talking with Lu Yan for a while, Lu Anan hung up the phone.

She swiped Shengheng's Weibo and happily sent someone a message.

Sheng Heng didn't come that night, and his scene was finished. The crew specially organized a dinner together, and Sheng Heng could not leave early.

Lu Anan fell asleep when he and Yu Yuan arrived early in the evening.

The next morning, Lu An'an and Sheng Heng set off to a nearby town.

The town is really beautiful, and there are many people who come here to travel, especially...this place is suitable for couples. It is said that couples walk here and can stay together for a lifetime.

Lu Anan is a bit superstitious, of course, he also wanted to come with Sheng Heng, so he came naturally.

While abroad, Yu Yuan and Tang Yi were worried that they would be recognized, but after thinking about it, they didn't think it would be so.

Remind that the work is still done, and ask the two of them to wrap themselves up a bit, so that the fans dont see it at a glance.

Lu An'an and Sheng Heng agreed.

When the two arrived in the town, it was still early.

Sheng Heng adjusted his hat for Lu An'an, and whispered, "Hungry?"

"a little bit."

"Then go eat first."

"it is good."

The two went in to a small shop that looked very nice and came out after eating.

Lu Anan felt the atmosphere of this small town and chatted with Sheng Heng: "I really want to live here for a while."

Sheng Heng raised his eyebrows and asked in a low voice, "Is it a joke?"

Lu Anan said "Ah" and quickly said, "If I really want to, wouldn't you really plan to live here for a while?"

Sheng Heng: "Why not?"

He took Lu An'an's hand and walked to the other side, and said in a low voice, "The atmosphere is good. If you really want to live here, we will come."

Hearing that, Lu Anan shook his head quickly: "Farewell, I just said casually, it's okay to live for a few days, and I will definitely not adapt for a while."

She said seriously: "I still like to live at home."

Sheng Heng nodded: "Then go home early."

"it is good."

The two walked to the other side. There were a lot of people on the other side, and there was indeed an activity. Lu Anan did not deceive Lu Yan.

This event is said to be a characteristic of the town, pillow fight.

Lu Anan knew, but that was in London. London also had pillow fights every year, but the scale was different from this scale.

As soon as the two of them passed, before receiving the pillow, Lu Anan was given a pillow by the locals.

She was shocked, and when she reacted, Sheng Heng had already pulled the person into her arms.


"It's okay."

Lu Anan laughed: "It's so fun."

Sheng Heng: "......"

This little girl may have been beaten stupid.

"Really fun?"


Lu An'an said seriously: "Walk around, let's experience the childlike fun."

Sheng Heng naturally followed her.

After a while, the two joined the melee. Not only the residents of the small town, but also many people who came to travel, also joined in.

Lu An'an and Sheng Heng didn't notice too much, nor did they notice when her hat was blown off.

Just as Lu Anan wanted to pick up his hat, Sheng Heng bent down.

Sheng Heng put the hat on for her and pressed it smoothly: "Be careful."

"I know."

Lu Anan was having fun, but Sheng Heng didn't stop him.

It didn't hurt for the pillow to hit people, so Sheng Heng let her go.

When Lu Anan was beaten, Sheng Heng would usually come forward. From beginning to end, he stood beside Lu Anan. When she hit someone, Sheng Heng would not follow him, but when someone wanted to beat Lu Anan, Sheng Heng Will protect her and prevent her from being hit.

Lu Anan pulled Sheng Heng out of the game when he was too weak to play.

"No, no, no."

She wailed: "Too tired."

Sheng Heng smiled helplessly, cleaned the hair on her head, and whispered: "Then find a place to rest."


Neither of them thought about it, but a pillow fight would expose them.

When Lu An'an and Sheng Heng finished their dinner, they first received a call from Wei Chuxia.

"An An, your relationship with Teacher Sheng has been exposed!!"

Lu Anan: "......"

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