Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 135

Chapter 135: Brother

When the two went out, fans and the media squeezed in, screaming continuously, and they kept calling the names of Lu An'an and Sheng Heng.

The media also rushed over, wanting to get first-hand interviews to attract everyone's attention.

Sheng Heng protected Lu An'an, but couldn't get through at all.

Even if Yu Yuan had the airport security dispatched in advance, it was completely inconvenient to walk.

Suddenly, two people appeared on the other side.

It was Lu Yan and Lin Ruoxing, with a group of bodyguards behind them.

The bodyguard appeared to maintain order.

The fans stood in two rows obediently, isolated from the side, but their enthusiasm remained unabated.

As for the media, they were all blocked.

Sheng Heng grabbed Lu An'an's hand, raised his eyes to look at the reporters and fans, and said softly, "Everyone, calm down."

Reporter: "Ms. Sheng doesn't respond to the relationship with An An?"

Sheng Heng raised his eyelids and asked, "What's the response?"

Reporter: "Are you two really together?"

Sheng Heng chuckled softly: "What do you mean?"

He asked, "Which company do you belong to?" Sheng Heng glanced at him and said coldly, "Your company has no brains?"

The reporter's face was pale.

The others took a deep breath.

It is indeed true that people have appeared in this way, and you are still wondering if people are really in love. Isn't this just no brainer?

Sheng Heng guarded Lu Anan to Lu Yan and handed the people to Lu Yan. He turned around and looked at the fans and reporters in front of him. He bowed and apologized: "Thank you for coming to pick up the plane. As for the question and interview, this is not suitable for me. There should be a live broadcast to respond tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. If you have anything you want to know, you can ask again. Now we are going home first. Fans will also go home early and pay attention to safety."

The fans did not feel disappointed.

They had come to see Sheng Heng.

Suddenly, a girl in the crowd yelled: "Brother! Be together with An An!"


"I wish my brother happiness, we will always support you."

"We will always follow you."

Sheng Heng smiled brightly and said seriously: "Thank you, thank you very much."

He told Yu Yuan a few words, and then they walked out smoothly with Lu Yan.

The scene at the airport was naturally a hot search.

All fans and netizens also know that the two are back. Crazy for a while.

The words of reporter Sheng Hengdi were also spoofed by netizens and put together by Lu Yan.

Probably the meaning is-worthy of being the opponent of the family, and now even reporters have the same attitude.

Passersby looked at it and couldn't understand it, but fans could understand it.

This reporter was obviously on purpose.


After getting in the car, Lu Anan glanced at Lu Yan's face, then looked at Lin Ruoxing.

"Sister Ruoxing."

Lin Ruoxing smiled: "Eh."

She looked at Lu An'an and joked: "An An is too much, she didn't even tell me that you are in love."

Lu An'an: "I'm not afraid of you telling my brother."

Lin Ruoxing: "..."

Before she could speak, Lu Yan snorted coldly, "Why, can't you let me know about such a big thing as falling in love?"

Lu Anan: "...Neither."

She said with a guilty conscience: "I'm just afraid you will get angry."

Lu Yan squinted her eyes.

Sheng Heng said, "This is my fault."

Lu Yan didn't even want to think about it, but he went over: "It was originally your fault."

Sheng Heng: "......"

As a "brother-in-law," Sheng Heng would naturally not refute. He hasn't married home yet, so let his brother-in-law indulge temporarily.

Lu Anan couldn't do it. She didn't want to make Lu Yan angry, but she couldn't bear to see Sheng Heng being beaten by Lu Yan. For a while, her psychology was very complicated.

She looked wronged at Lu Yan: "Brother."

Lu Yan looked at her: "Look at how to deal with online matters first."

He didn't care about this anymore, he looked at Sheng Heng and said, "The reporter just now should have been bought out."

Sheng Heng nodded: "Probably guessed it, let me check it."


Lu Yan said: "There is another one, also ask."


Sheng Heng sent Wen Sinian a message and asked him to help.

Wen Sinian: [Why don't you ask your family for help?

Sheng Heng: [Too slow.

Wen Sinian: [How do you know that I can check it quickly?

Sheng Heng: [Do you have any means I will not know?

Besides, the foundation of Shengheng's family is now basically abroad.

It's not that they are all abroad, but people who are familiar with them are all abroad, and they really don't know much about domestic affairs.

Wen Sinian: [Okay, I'll check it for you.

Sheng Heng: [Thanks.

Wen Sinian: [You are welcome.

After talking to Wen Sinian, Sheng Heng deliberately glanced at the wind direction on Weibo.

Most people are talking about the airport, and some people think that the reason why the reporter asked like that was because Sheng Heng didn't forward Lu An'an's Weibo.

Sheng Heng did not have time.

When I arrived at the airport from abroad, my mobile phone was out of power. After the plane was full, I didn't have the first time to look at it when I got off the plane.

Did not have time.

Only now did he have time to read Lu Anan's Weibo.

Lu Anan is not in a hurry. The relationship between the two of them does not matter if they respond or not, but netizens will feel... If you do not respond, it is like a joke of Lu Anan alone, a one-man show.


When fans were talking about it, Sheng Heng finally posted a new Weibo.

He forwarded Lu An'an directly.

@v: Well, my little friend [Love].

When this repost came out, fans were even more like eating lemons.

That said, it's a foul! ! !

[Oooooooooo my kid? ! ! !

[Ah, ah, ah, ah, teacher Sheng must be kind to our goose! Our little girl goose will leave it to you.

[Can't stand it, can't stand it, please let me go, my lemon essence is about to land.

[Oh my god, Sheng Heng is such a crooked person?

[Brother! ! You are finally here.

[I can't stand it anymore, what kind of crooked love story is this? !

Not only fans can't stand it, Lu An'an also reminded her on Weibo.

When she saw what Sheng Heng said, she pressed the corner of her lips and smiled for a long time, as if she could not hold it down, finally turned her head and looked out the window, grinning.

Suddenly, she also met Sheng Heng who turned to look out the window together.

The smile on Lu Anan's face froze. Just as he wanted to speak, Lin Ruoxing screamed.


Lu Yan: "What's wrong?"

Lin Ruoxing looked at the driver and was silent for two seconds and said, "I will tell you later, you should drive now."

She felt that if she had said it, she might have had a car accident here today.

Lu Yan: "......"

Once again, I had a bad feeling.


In the end, Sheng Heng and others all came to Lu Yan's side.

The online situation is under control. As for the live broadcast, no time has been set yet.

"Are you live broadcast alone or two people?"

Yu Yuan asked: "I suggest two people?"

Tang Yi also nodded: "Yes, it's not popular to hold any press conferences anymore. Let's broadcast it live."

Lu Anan and Sheng Heng naturally have no objection.

Lu Yan glanced at the two, but didn't say anything.

"Okay, then two people."

"What day is it?"

"The day after tomorrow, take a day off tomorrow."


Tang Yi looked at the two of them and joked: "Your live broadcast hasn't started yet. From yesterday to now, I have received many invitations." "What?" Tang Yi said: "Ask me whether Lu An'an and Sheng Heng are on. On variety shows, show affection."

Lu Anan: "......"

Sheng Heng: "......"

Lu Yan just came out of the kitchen when he heard this.

He paused slightly and looked at Lu An'an and said, "Go if you want. I won't stop him."

Lu Anan was not mentally prepared either, she thought about it and said, "Think about it, don't worry."


Sheng Heng didn't stay here much, he had to go back to the studio.

It seems that there is no big problem, but all those cooperation and endorsements need to be dealt with.

Many contracts have been proposed at the time of signing, and they cannot fall in love, etc.

Sheng Heng signed a small number, and under normal circumstances would not agree to such a condition, but it is inevitable that for those partners who have been concealed, they still need to call and communicate.

After Sheng Heng left, Lu Anan looked at Lu Yan.

Lin Ruoxing smiled: "I'll go back to the room, you brother and sister have a chat."

Lu Anan looked at her blankly, using his eyes to express what was in his heart.

Sister Ruoxing, save me.

Can't save.

In this matter, Lin Ruoxing was also helpless.

She really wanted to save Lu An'an, but there was no way.

Lu Anan could only watch Lin Ruoxing return to the room. She turned to look at Lu Yan: "Brother, if you want to scold me, just scold me. I can accept it."

Lu Yan: "......"

He glanced at Lu An'an speechlessly: "In your heart, am I such an unreasonable person?"

Upon hearing this, Lu Anan immediately changed his words: "Of course not."

Her rainbow fart is fine.

"In my heart, brother is the most reasonable and the best person in the world."

Lu Yan said, "Blow your rainbow fart to Sheng Heng."

Lu Anan: "Is it useless for you?"

Lu Yan choked, looking at her like this, a little wanted to laugh, but he felt that he had to hold it back, otherwise she would be more presumptuous.

"Explain well, when did you sneak together?"

Lu An'an touched the tip of his nose and thought for a while and said, "Just a while ago."

"What time?"

Lu Yan frowned and said, "No wonder, I want Sheng Heng to come home for dinner during the New Year, and I don't worry about letting you go out to play, but you were together then?"


Lu An was very guilty.

Lu Yan regrets it now, very regretful.

He always felt that Lu Anan was still young, and Sheng Heng chased after his sister, and occasionally had to be open-minded, so that the two would have time to get along, and as far as Lu Anan's courage was concerned, he probably wouldn't do anything extraordinary.

It turned out to be good-the two were actually together long ago, and he was also stupid, without any doubt.

I have been thinking that we must let Sheng Heng chase Lu An'an, his sister is worth it.

When Lu Yan thought of this, he suffered a myocardial infarction.

What can I do if my sister is not upbeat? It's really hard to be a brother.

Lu Anan looked at him like this, clutching Lu Yan's clothes and acting like a baby: "Brother, don't you be angry, isn't it difficult for me to control myself?"

"what did you say?"

Lu Yan couldn't believe what he heard. He grinds his teeth and repeats word by word: "Love! Difficult! Self-control?!"

Lu An'an could not speak this statement.

Lu Anan blinked: "...Is it wrong?"

"You are a college student in the Chinese department, using words like this?"

Lu Anan: "Why are you still entangled with me now that I am professional."

Lu Yan: "I'm afraid if I don't care about this with you, I will be **** off by you."

The siblings were silent for a while.

Lu Yan waved his hand and said, "Forget it, I don't know what to tell you." He took a deep breath and said, "If you fall in love, just fall in love. Just remember to protect yourself."

After speaking, he looked at Lu An'an: "There is one more point--"


"If Sheng Heng dares to bully you, remember to tell me."

Upon hearing this, Lu Anan smiled.

She quickly said: "Okay, I must listen to my brother."

Lu Yan said "Um", "Go call your parents, I'll see your sister Ruoxing."

"go Go."

Lu Anan made a phone call with Lu's father and Lu's mother.

Mother Lu had no objection to her and Sheng Heng's relationship, but Father Lu did, but she was stopped by Mother Lu.

No one can stop her daughter from falling in love with idols, what a good thing.

An An likes it.

After talking with his parents, Lu Anan suddenly began to worry about the situation on Shengheng's side.

On the plane, Sheng Heng and Yu Yuan were discussing this matter. Then she closed her eyes and listened a lot.

When Lu Anan was thinking about whether to send a message to Shengheng to ask about the situation, a news bounced on Weibo.

#Identity exposure, strong background#

Lu Anan:? ? ?

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