Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 143

Chapter 143: Brother

The interaction between Lu Yanhe and Lin Ruoxing is slightly different from that of Lu An Shengheng.

The only thing in common is sweet and greasy.

The two have probably been together for a long time, and the tacit understanding is even greater than that of Lu Anan and Sheng Heng.

Basically, one look can tell what the other party wants to do.

Lu Yan cooks lunch, Lin Ruoxing can cook, but doesn't like it.

When the two were cooking, Lin Ruoxing suddenly laughed.

Lu Yan: "What are you laughing at?"

Lin Ruoxing looked at him sideways: "Do you still remember?" She paused and said, "The first time you cooked, it was so unpalatable."

At the high school of the two, Lin Ruoxing ate Lu Yan's meal for the first time. In order to cheer for her boyfriend, she stubbornly finished the meal. Finally, she had a stomachache for a whole day and took leave of absence on Monday and did not attend class.

Lu Yan's face stiffened: "Not now."


Lu Yan: "Yeah."

He smiled at Lin Ruoxing: "How can I forget."

If you are not together, you will never forget it.

Lin Ruoxing laughed happily: "That's good."

Fans listened to the conversation between the two, scratching their heads, wondering when it was the first time to cook, and two others passed by.

It has been rumored on the Internet that the two were high school classmates and then fell in love early.

But after entering the entertainment industry, the two were not together again, so no one knows what the situation is.

This is so curious! !

Is this a long-lost reunion or a broken mirror reunion story? !

Can you please give me an answer?

Can the director work harder and dig out something! !

The director who was suddenly cueed:

He wanted to, but he couldn't dig it! These two are smart and strict, what can he do! !

Of course it is hard work! !

The director decided to let them play Truth or Dare in the evening to dig out some big news.

After lunch, Lin Ruoxing glanced at Lu Yan: "Are you going to An'an?"

"What to do?"

Lin Ruoxing looked at him: "Don't worry?"

Lu Yan laughed and said, "What can you worry about?"

Lin Ruoxing: "You know it yourself."

Lu Yan said "Yeah", sat next to her and poured water on her, whispering: "To be honest, don't worry, you should be relieved. I am her brother. When I accompany her to a certain age, I should learn to let go. She will I have someone I like, now I have a boyfriend, and I will have my own family in the future. Even if I feel uneasy, I should let it go."

On this matter, Lu Yan was still reasonable.

Although he sometimes acts a bit extreme, but in fact, he knows how to measure.

Hearing this, Lin Ruoxing was a little surprised, but he seemed to understand it again.


She sighed: "You can let go, why am I still worried."

Lu Yan smiled and rubbed her hair: "Worry about what she does, that's a ghost."

Lin Ruoxing smiled, a little hard to say.

"I don't know, it's like my sister."

Lu Yan didn't even think about it: "It was also your sister, so this is correct."

Lin Ruoxing glanced at him meaningfully.

Lu Yan changed his mouth: "Sooner or later."

Lin Ruoxing snorted proudly.

Lu Yan smiled lowly.

Fans were full of emotion watching the two interact.

[I can't tell, the pictures of these two people are too beautiful.

[Woo woo woo I dont envy Lu An An You Sheng Heng and Lu Yan, I now envy Lu An An You Lin Ruoxing as a future sister-in-law! This is great too!

[Ah, ah, ah, Lin Ruoxings fairy stone hammer!

[Unbearable, unbearable! How can two people be so sweet!

[Please, Lu Yan and Lin Ruoxing, can you tell us a little story from the past, I really want to know what happened between the two!

Just as everyone was crying, Lu An'an and Sheng Heng came.

"Brother, Sister Ruoxing."

Lu An'an is always full of vitality.

"Have you eaten too?"

Lu Yan: "Eat, why are you here."

Lu Anan: "Look at you." She stared wide-eyed: "Brother, do you not welcome us?"

Lu Yan: "Not very welcome."

Lu Anan choked, his eyes rolled: "I disturbed you and Sister Ruoxing to show their affection?"

Lu Yan squinted her eyes.

"Did you forget that the show is live?"

"I didn't." Lu An'an looked at his glasses with a guilty heart: "What are you going to do later?"

Lin Ruoxing: "Take a nap, but I haven't been sleepy after I've eaten enough."

She asked: "What does An An want to do?"

Lu Anan thought for a while: "How about watching TV, I haven't chased that TV yet."

The proposal was unanimously approved.

The previous TV series have already started, and Sheng Heng and Lu Yan were both busy with this some time ago.

Although TV dramas do not require road shows or publicity like movies, there are some necessary interviews.

When it was first revealed that Sheng Heng was the actor and Lu Yan was the supporting role, the two fans almost fought.

Fortunately, the two controlled them in time.

Lu Yan also said that the protagonist's supporting role is not important, but the role itself is important.

In addition, some fans knew that Lu An'an was participating in the competition at that time. She had just been discharged from the hospital. It is estimated that Lu Yan wanted to accompany her sister in city b.

So everyone spread it privately, and instantly stopped insulting the company.

This is Lu Yan's own choice, and they only have support.

On the first day of the broadcast, Lu Anan squatted deliberately.

I have to say that the acting skills of Sheng Heng and Lu Yan are really matched. One is that the details are handled well, the other is that the eyes and expressions change well, each has its own strengths, which makes the audience very enjoyable.

Because he was going to record a variety show, Lu Anan didn't have time to watch the next few episodes. After asking a few people's opinions, he began to look from the first episode.

They watch TV, fans not only watch TV, but also watch them interacting in front of TV.

Sheng Heng fed Lu An'an fruit, Lu Yan glanced at it, and said nothing.

Lu Yan squeezed juice for Lin Ruoxing. The room conditions were limited. Lu Yan used handwork to make lemon juice for her.

All in all, after watching an episode of a TV series, the dog food is also supported.


After the TV, both groups of guests went back to rest.

Lu An'an and Sheng Heng lay down with two beds, but they were very close.

Sheng Heng watched Lu An'an open his eyes, and asked in a low voice, "Can't sleep?"

Lu Anan: "No, I'm waiting for you."

Sheng Heng smiled and handed her his hand: "Hold it."

"it is good."

Lu Anan pursed her lips and laughed. She looked at the lens of her glasses and whispered [Penquge520www.biquge520.xyz], "Can we turn off the lens while we sleep?"

Sheng Heng shook his head: "It may not work, it seems to be possible at night."


Lu An'an muffled his voice and said, "Isn't it because the fans have seen me look at me when I slept?"

Sheng Heng smiled: "Well, it's okay."

He comforted Lu Anan: "You sleep well."

Lu Anan: "......"

Fans:? ? ? ?

Come on, give Sheng Heng the microphone, let him talk about how well we are sleeping in peace.

After Sheng Heng finished speaking, he also realized that something was wrong. He cleared his throat and said, "Go to sleep."

"Well, good afternoon."

"Good afternoon."

Sheng Heng squeezed the palm of her hand.

The audience watched the two sleeping and had to sigh...The beautiful people even have a beautiful sleeping posture, and they look good and cute. It is really easy to make people feel relieved.

After waking up, it was three o'clock.

Gathered at three o'clock, the program group released a new task for everyone.

Is to make small cakes.

But to drive out.

The program team prepared cars for them. After getting on the car, Lu Anan looked at it and said with emotion: "The car is good."

Sheng Heng: "You shouldn't say that the driver is nice?"

Lu Anan: "Does that still need to be said? The driver is the most handsome."

"My favorite."

Sheng Heng smiled.

Lu Anan looked at the task card given by the program team and said softly, "Where is this place?"

"Navigate and see."


The two cars were in the front, and Lu Anan looked at it and said, "I suddenly remembered an important thing."


"I don't have a driver's license."

She used to have it, but now this An'an doesn't exist, and Lu An'an naturally doesn't.

Sheng Heng: "Want to take a driver's license?"

Lu An'an nodded: "It will be more convenient for you to take the driver's license test. If you have something to go out in the future, you can leave in the car."

"Then go for the exam, it's too hot now, let's go again in autumn."

"it is good."

Speaking of driving license test, Lu Anan suddenly became excited: "You said that if I get a driver's license, what car should I buy?"

Sheng Heng chuckled softly: "I have to decide now?"

Lu Anan: "Just think about it and imagine the future."

Sheng Heng: "Which type do you like?"

"Be cute, don't be too expensive, just open it occasionally, it's too expensive and wasteful."

Sheng Heng nodded: "You?"

Lu Anan's eyes lit up: "It's okay."

"what color do you like?"

"Red." Lu Anan said, "I like your cheering color."

Fans listened and said: Lu Anan is a real fan! I am really a loyal fan, and even the colors I like are the cheering colors of my brother.

Sheng Heng was also amused by Lu An'an's words.

He nodded: "Okay." Lu Anan was taken aback, then turned to look at him: "Okay?"

She quickly said: "Don't mess around."

It's not plain, but both of them know what each other means.

Sheng Heng: "I'll talk about it when you pass the test, I won't mess around."


After a while, the four groups of guests arrived at the cake shop.

The program team deliberately found a big and famous cake shop and asked the master to teach them.

Lu Anan has done baking before, and some things are still good.

The only thing she worries about now is that Sheng Heng doesn't like sweet food.

Thinking about it, Lu An'an asked, "Can we not add sugar?"

"It's not tasty without sugar, right?"

Lu Anan: "It's okay, Sheng Heng likes it."

Sheng Heng: "Add sugar."

He looked down at Lu An'an, chuckled and said, "Add sugar, I like it."

"Don't you not eat sweets?


Sheng Heng: "Eat now."

Lu Anan blinked and looked at him suspiciously: "Why don't I know?"

Sheng Heng said "Um", "You'll know later."

The master began to teach them, and both of them worked together to complete.

The first group completed was Lin Ruoxing and Lu Yan, who finally won the first place.

The staff member received the director's eyes and asked quickly: "Why are Ruoxing and Lu Yan so skilled? Have they made cakes before?"

Lin Ruoxing probably also knew what the program crew wanted to do, and nodded: "Done."

"Is it for Lu Yan?" Lin Ruoxing: "Yes."

She laughed, gave Lu Yan a taste of what she had cooked, and smiled and asked, "Is it delicious?"

Lu Yan looked at her with his eyelids slightly lowered, always feeling that this picture was a long time ago, but it was so familiar.

His Adam's apple rolled and whispered, "It's delicious."

Lin Ruoxing smiled.

She turned to look at the camera: "I did it for Lu Yan a long time ago." She paused, and said with a smile: "Say good first, I said everyone don't follow me. Lu Yan and I are bad role models. I made it for him on his birthday."

The staff watched Lu Yan. Lu Yan said "Um", then paused: "But the memory is not very good."

He looked at the camera and said: "My birthday happened to be the one where An An was abducted, so it's usually not a birthday."

But Lin Ruoxing didn't know at that time, so the birthday cake was not pleasant.

The fans were in an uproar, and after a few seconds of silence, they began to brush the barrage.

Lu Anan was listening, and looked at each other with Sheng Heng.

She curled her lips and smiled.


As soon as Lu Yan turned his head, Lu Anan stuffed a piece of cake into his hand: "Or we have another birthday today."

She looked at Lin Ruoxing: "Sister Ruoxing, I will let my brother finish all your cake."

Lin Ruoxing chuckled.

"That's not very willing."

Lu Anan: "...Are you giving me dog food?"

Lin Ruoxing: "You ask the fans, who is the most."

Hearing that, Lu Anan cried and looked at Sheng Heng: "Sheng Heng, my brother and Sister Ruoxing gave me dog food."

Sheng Heng looked at her clumsy acting skills and stuffed her with cake: "Come on, eat more."

Lu Anan: "......"

Fans: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, this is definitely my sister and boyfriend, so funny!

[Lu Anan's poor acting skills are really enough.

[Hahahahaha Lu Anan mainly wants to invigorate the atmosphere, and she is also afraid that Lu Yan has done it before and I am sorry for Lin Ruoxing, so she is trying to make up for it.

[They are all good people!

[Everyone is very good, I like to watch the interaction of the four of them.

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh like it

After making the cake, everyone went back to the town.

The evening sun was good, and the program team did not plan to give them any tasks, and even organized everyone to have dinner together because there were not many ingredients at noon.

Said to celebrate the first day of recording.

The hot pot for dinner is very lively and happy.

When it was time to leave, Lu An'an also drank a little wine.

When the two returned to the small house, Sheng Heng was wiping her face with a towel. Halfway through the wiping, Lu Anan suddenly pulled his hand off.

"Sheng Heng, I suddenly remembered something."

Sheng Heng raised his eyebrows: "You said."

Lu Anan looked at him and asked word by word: "You said that the first time we kissed was in the car. When was it? Why didn't I know?"

She watched the changes in Sheng Heng's expression and asked in a low voice, "Did you kiss me while I was asleep?"

Fans:? ? ?

what? ! Sheng Heng, are you still stealing kisses? ! !

Sheng Heng, you did this kind of thing? !

Fans frantically brushed the barrage and were excited.

I wanted to ask this question in the morning! Unexpectedly, Lu Anan would continue to ask after being drunk.

They also want to know!

Sheng Heng smiled lowly: "I don't have one."

Lu Anan: "Then you say...we are in the car, but I don't even have any impression."

Sheng Heng paused slightly and looked down at her: "Do you still want to drink water?"

Lu Anan was stunned, just thinking

Saying no, something suddenly burst into my mind.

Slowly, she stared at Sheng Heng with wide eyes: "...you...I..."

She hesitated to speak and stopped, pointing at Shengheng, and then at herself.

Sheng Heng smiled, lowered his head and kissed her lips: "Well, did you finally remember it?"

Lu An'an opened his mouth, sucking the lips in front of him, and answered vaguely.

Fans:? ? In the crowd, don't play dumb riddles! ! Say it, dont you share it together! ! !

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