Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Brother

Lu Anan was not polite at all, and kissed for about one minute or two minutes...twenty minutes.

When they got out of the car, both of them were a little hot, and their cheeks became hot and flushed.

Lu Anan licked his lips, glanced at Sheng Heng, and quickly looked back.

Sheng Heng smiled and squeezed the palm of her hand.

She had kissed so many times, but the little girl was still shy.

Sheng Heng turned and left after sending Lu An'an to the door in person.


Variety shows began to be recorded, but they dont need it on weekdays.

Tang Yi gave Lu An'an a supporting role, not too many, probably the kind that can be filmed in half a month.

Sheng Heng also entered his busy state.

A movie he made last year was released in time for the summer vacation, and during this time he was running publicity.

As for Lu Yan and Lin Ruoxing, since they confessed to their relationship, Lu An'an has basically never seen her brother.

Fortunately, she doesn't love her brother either, but rather hopes that the two of them will have a good relationship.

During the filming, Lu Anan did not forget to discuss his graduation thesis with Sheng Heng.

On this day, after handing in his graduation thesis, Lu Anan felt that he was relieved again.

Tang Yi couldn't laugh or cry when she saw her like this.

"What did a graduation thesis make you look like?"

Lu Anan wore dark circles under her eyes and said bitterly, "Sister Yi, don't you know, it's so difficult."

Tang Yi: "You let Sheng Heng help, how difficult can it be?"

Lu An'an: "That's what I changed with terms."

Hearing this, Tang Yi developed curiosity: "What conditions did you use for it?"

Lu Anan: "..."

She closed her mouth tightly and said without changing her face, "That...I would rather draw a few more design drafts for my graduation thesis."

Speaking of this, Tang Yi was also interested.

She quickly said: "Yu Zhu's business is really good. I have heard many friends say about your brand store now."

Lu An'an's eyes brightened: "Really?"

Tang Yi nodded: "Naturally it is true."

She knows a lot of people in the circle. Sometimes when she doesn't bring Lu An'an, she enjoys her current leisurely life, gathering with friends, or when attending events, she occasionally hears people talking.

It is said that it is a new brand, the quality and style are good, and it is very popular abroad.

However, it is a pity that there are no stores in China yet.

Lu Anan listened and was so happy that it exploded!

"I knew that Sister Yu Zhu would be fine."

Tang Yi looked at her funny: "Thanks to your design, why didn't I know you can have so many things in your mind?"

Lu Anan was embarrassed to laugh when Tang Yi was so boastful.

She can be considered a person with two lives anyway, and naturally she has learned a little bit more than others.

Tang Yi didn't say what she looked like, and didn't force it.

The two chatted for a while, and after deciding on her job after graduation, they also separated.

A weekend passed quickly.

On Saturday, a new round of recording began.

Lu An'an and Sheng Heng came from different places. The two have not seen each other this week. They are too busy.

When she arrived at the destination, Sheng Heng had not even come.

Lu An'an grievedly looked at the live broadcast that had already started, and said with emotion: "Hey, Sheng Heng hasn't appeared yet."


Lu Anan continued: "You know, we haven't seen you for a week, are you very excited now? I'm as excited as you are."

The fans continue:...

You haven't seen each other, but you can call!

We didn't see it, but there was really no news about my brother! !

But why look at Lu An'an like this, they actually want to sympathize with her, they feel that it is really not easy for an artist to fall in love, and it is really sad to get together less and more.

Lu An'an waited boredly for a while and asked the staff: "When will Shengheng arrive?"

Staff: "You can send a message to Teacher Sheng to ask."

Lu An'an rolled his eyes: "If he gets me back, I will definitely not ask you."

Staff: "...The staff who followed us over there did not reply."

Lu An'an pouted his lips: "It's so boring."

When the director looked at Lu An'an, he suddenly thought of an idea.

After speaking to the staff, the staff looked at Lu An'an: "An'an! There is a temporary task here. If you can complete it smoothly, after Teacher Sheng arrives, the program team can give you a wish."

"What is it?"

The staff member gave a sharp glance: "Go and interview Lu Yan and Lin Ruoxing."

Lu An'an: "???"

She looked at the staff in amazement: "What's the interview?"

"On the twenty questions that netizens most want to know, do you go?"

Lu Anan: "You show me the topic first, and then I decide whether to pit my brother and sister Ruoxing."

Fan: Hahahahahaha, you are very real.

A minute later, the audience saw the smile on Lu An'an's face, and their intuition was not right.

This laugh...I feel sorry for everyone.

Lu Anan smiled slightly and looked at the camera, and said in a low voice, "I hope my brother will not blame me. This is really not what I want. It is because the show team did not act and forced me to do it."

? ? ? ? ] [I believe in Lu An'an's mouth! Nonsense.

[Hahahahahahahaha I dont know why, I really want to see brothers and sisters kill each other.

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The first kiss in the classroom! ! !

[Ah ah ah ah ah oh my god! ! looking forward to!

[Day, I really want to see Lu Anan go to pit her brother hahahaha I may be a fake fan.

[Me too, so am I, please go.

I don't know if it is a fake fan, but everyone wants to listen to gossip and watch a show.

Lu Anan triumphantly took the question card from the program team and went to Lu Yan's house.

Considering that everyone just arrived and needed to adapt, and Shengheng's plane was delayed, the program team temporarily did not arrange tasks for them.


When Lu Anan came over, Lu Yan glanced at her, "Come over and find whom?"

"Look for you two."

Lu Yan: "Did the program team give you a task?"

Lu An'an stared at him: "Brother, do you know how to do it?" Lu Yan said lightly: "I won't, but you have a mission card in your hand."

Lu Anan: "..."

Fans laughed at her with a dazed little look.

An An, just like you, how can you interview your brother and sister Ruoxing! !

Lu Anan returned to his senses and greeted Lin Ruoxing: "Sister Ruoxing, will I disturb you and my brother a lot?"

Lin Ruoxing: "The live broadcast, what excuse me?"

Lu An'an: "Yes, you won't do too much."

Fans:? ? ?

An'an, please tell me, what overkill will be done after the live broadcast!

Lu An'an smiled, and after eating the fruit that Lin Ruoxing sent, he looked at the two and said, "The program team has sent me a task."

"What is it?"

Lu Anan spread his hands and looked aggrieved: "When interviewing you two, the program team also said not to interview you... I won't give me dinner at noon."

Lu Yan was very calm. He stuffed Lin Ruoxing's mouth with grapes, and said as he said, "Well, then you can come to us to eat."

Lu Anan: "..."

"In addition to not giving me food, the director also said that he would punish me in the afternoon."

"What punishment?"

"I haven't said it yet."

Lu Anan blinked: "I guess I won't interview you, and the director won't let Sheng Heng come, brother, are you willing to watch me as a love variety show without an object?"

Lu Yan didn't move, and glanced at her: "You have no objects, and you have a good time playing."

Lu Anan choked.

Lin Ruoxing smiled beside him.

The fans were amused by the dialogue between the brother and sister.

Why is it so funny.

What Lu Anan said, Lu Yan seemed to have a way to deal with it.

This is really brother and sister who fell in love and killed each other! ! !

Lu Anan stopped talking, and turned to look at Lin Ruoxing.

"Sister Ruoxing."

Lu An'an reluctantly squeezed out her tears: "Do you have the heart to watch that I have no target to record the show?"

She said: "If I don't have a partner, I will come over and quarrel you. You can't be affectionate, don't you feel annoying?"

Lin Ruoxing: "It's actually okay."

She looked at Lu An'an and said, "We are not bad for these two days to show affection."

Lu Anan was speechless.

She was silent for a few seconds, then looked at Lu Yan and said, "Brother! If you don't accept my interview today, I will sleep with Sister Ruoxing when I get home!"

Lu Yan: "..."

Lin Ruoxing: "Ahem!"

Fans:? ? ?

[Hahahahahaha Lu Anan is really a ghost.

[Hahahahahahahahahaha is so funny.

[Lu Yan suspects that this is definitely not his sister in life.

[Hahahahahahaha is so funny, Anan, do you know too much! You even know that they sleep together, you are such a clever.

[Hahahahaha Lu Yantian is not afraid of not being afraid of not being able to sleep with his wife!


[I feel Lu Yan is about to agree.

Sure enough, after the next second, Lu Yan gave in.

He looked at Lu An'an: "Let's do it, it's hard to answer you, how many questions?"


Lu Yan: "The program group is really a bit ruthless."

Lu Anan nodded: "Yes, brother, I will scold the show crew with you."

Backstage director:? ? ?

Lin Ruoxing couldn't laugh at the side, watching Lu An'an and saying, "Come on, come on, I feel like I will come sooner or later."

Lu Anan looked at the two of them: "You are prepared, if the answers are different, there may be punishment."

Lu Yan and Lin Ruoxing nodded.


Lu Anan looked at the question card given by the program team, and it was really not what people did.

But to be honest, she also kind of wanted to know.

If it weren't for her gossip, she wouldn't ask.

"The first question... When did the two start dating?"

Lu Yan and Lin Ruoxing looked at each other and touched their noses.

"To be honest?"


Lin Ruoxing smiled and said, "Say it first, everyone, don't learn from us, we are high school."

Hearing this, Lu An'an's eyes sparkled: "Who is chasing?"

Just as Lin Ruoxing wanted to speak, Lu Yan said, "I chased her."

Lu Anan: "Oh?"

She continued to gossip: "Then, how long did Ruoxing agree?"

Lin Ruoxing smiled: "No, it was your brother I was chasing after him for a while, and then he came together naturally."

"How come naturally?"

Lu Anan deserves to be a competent gossip lover: "Did it start with the first kiss?"

Lu Yan: "..."

Lin Ruoxing: "..."

Fans:? ? ? ?

Lu Anan, you dare to ask.

But we really want to know.

Lin Ruoxing didn't hide this meeting. She looked at the lens of her glasses, looked at Lu An'an with a headache, and then at Lu Yan: "Have you told An An?"


Lu Anan: "Wow! Did it really start from the first kiss?"

"how do you know?"

Lu Anan waved his hand: "Ah, I guessed it."

Lu Yan: "..."

Fans in the live broadcast room are gone.

Who can handle this!

This is a big story if you just think about it! ! ! !

The handsome men and women in high school started with the first kiss and then together. In the entertainment industry now, it is an unspeakable story to think about.

[Ah ah ah ah Lu An'an is good! ! Ask more!

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I want to know the reason for the separation of two people.

[Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, I'm an'an you work hard, Ma Ma is optimistic about you!

[Gosh, Lu Anan is really great!

[Oh, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, everyone!


Lu An'an was also excited at this meeting and looked at the two of them: "Then when did you break up?"

Lu Yan: "This is a secret, I can't tell you."

Lu An'an pouted his lips: "Okay, besides dating in high school, did you do any other exciting things?"

Lin Ruoxing thought for a while: "Does elopement with your brother count?"


Lu Anan was shocked and said: "Elopement?!"

Lin Ruoxing: "It's not such an exaggerated elopement, it's just..." She said halfway through, and suddenly realized that it was live broadcast, so she turned to the front line: "I can't say this."

Lu Anan's interest was obviously aroused.

Lin Ruoxing looked at her sullenly and whispered: "I will tell you later."


After a series of interviews, Lu Anan felt that he couldn't hold it anymore.

This is simply not a human thing, what is it that she has been eating dog food here.

After the twenty-question interview, Lu Anan helped the door and left the scene.

She looked at the camera faintly, and asked grievously: "You said, is the director too cruel to me, and even fed me dog food."


He was really wronged, he didn't know that Lin Ruoxing and Lu Yan had so much dog food.

Just finished speaking, Sheng Heng came.

He stood not far away watching Lu An'an, opened his hand and smiled: "An'an."

Lu An'an's eyes lit up and ran towards Sheng Heng.

Sheng Heng caught her and stood firmly holding her, "Did you interview your brother just now?"

"how do you know?"

Lu Anan said, "Do you know that my brother and them have a lot of dog food, I'm going to die of soreness."

Hearing that, Sheng Heng smiled: "Really?"


Sheng Heng had a meal, then bowed his head and kissed her: "What about now?"


"Is it sour?"

Lu Anan hugged his arm and acted like a baby, and smiled openly: "What if I say it's sour?"

Sheng Heng: "Well, then I think about it, how can I make you feel sweet."

Lu Anan laughed.

She looked at Sheng Heng, her eyes crooked: "I feel sweet when I see you."

Sheng Heng squeezed her face and smiled at her.

The audience in the live broadcast room had just finished eating dog food from Lu Yan and switched to this room, and a large plate of dog food came down.

Everyone really... don't plan to live.

These two pairs are sprinkling dog food. Will you be careful?

They really couldn't bear it all at once.

Lu Anan shook Sheng Heng's hand, and after asking about the delay in getting off the plane, she stopped.

"what happened?"

Lu Anan looked at him: "I can't walk anymore."

Sheng Heng smiled, bending over and squatting in front of her: "Come up."

Lu Anan was not polite at all, and leaned forward.

Sheng Heng carried the person on his back.

Lu An'an tilted his head and kissed him on the cheek, deliberately asking, "Am I heavy?"



Sheng Heng smiled: "Heavy weight."

Lu Anan rubbed his head against his back and raised the corners of his mouth.

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