Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 153

Chapter 153: Extra Three

Lu Anan smiled: "Yeah."

"Why are you two so naive."

Since the day of the proposal, the relationship between Sheng Heng and Lu Yan has improved inexplicably, and it is good, but the two are really getting more and more naive.

A little thing to compare [Bequge www.bequge.xyz], to compare.

Occasionally, Lu Yan would also file a complaint with Lu An'an about what event Sheng Heng was attending today. An actress talked to him and asked her to suffer Sheng Heng a bit.

When I came to Shengheng, I usually took a careless attitude and told Lu Anan-I saw her brother today, but I saw her brother walking with a woman and didn't know him.

Overtly and secretly let Lu Anan remind Lin Ruoxing.

Lu Anan sometimes thinks, if not for both himself and Lin Ruoxing for their trust in their objects, the two peoples solicitation and separation, I dont know how many quarrels between the two families will be caused, but there is no way. Got to coax.

Sheng Heng did not admit that he was naive.

He bit Lu An'an's lip, and said hoarsely, "Who is naive?"

Lu Anan grinned and watched him move now.

She stretched out her hand and hooked Sheng Heng's neck and said, "I am me, I am childish."

She rubbed her head in Shengheng's arms, her voice was very sweet: "What are you doing today?"

Sheng Heng reported to her one by one.

After speaking, dont forget to ask: "Am I doing well?"

Lu Anan laughed blankly: "Okay."

She looked at Sheng Heng with eyes bent: "It's super good."

Sheng Heng rubbed her hair: "Any reward?"

Lu Anan: "..."

Lu An'an stiffened for a few seconds after thinking of the reward that Sheng Heng wanted last time.

She blinked slightly, and said nervously, "Yes."

Sheng Heng: "What is it?"

Lu Anan: "I'll make you a tart." She said, "I just learned it."

Recently, Lu Anan has become obsessed with making desserts.

Maybe the cotton-like strawberry whipped cream last time attracted her too much, and made her interested in these things.

I have been tossing in the kitchen these days, and I have bought books and many tools.

The reward Sheng Heng wanted was naturally not a tart.

Not to mention that he doesn't like sweets.

But what his wife did, Sheng Heng would still join in.

"Okay, do it now?"

"Do you want to eat now?"


"Then do it now."

Lu Anan got up and took Sheng Heng to the kitchen: "You help me."

Sheng Heng laughed and nodded: "Okay."

The lights in the kitchen were on, and the two got together, occasionally staring at each other, which was especially warm.

After the two got married, they were really serious about living.

That night, Sheng Heng sent Weibo and Moments after a long absence.

This is the photo and the finished product when Lu Anan made the egg tart.

The content of Weibo and Moments are the same, just one sentence.

@v: It tastes good. photo

Fans watched a large plate of dog food come down, sour, but very happy that he could share his little life.

[Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah brother, I'm here! ! !

[Uuuuuuuuu brother now really loves life! !

[An An is so virtuous! ! I still make egg tarts, so I want to ask Mr. Sheng, are egg tarts delicious?

[I have to say that An An is really getting more and more beautiful and mature now. I beg An An to send us a Weibo too. Ah ah ah ah ah cp fan is coming! ! !

[Uuuuu egg tarts look so delicious! Brother, I want to eat.


Sheng Heng rarely replies to fans.


Lu An'an swiped Weibo and looked at the man opposite, and couldn't help but laugh.

Sheng Heng looked up at her: "What's the matter?"

Lu Anan shook his head: "No, I'm very happy."

She said: "You are very diligent in posting Weibo now."

Sheng Heng smiled and paused and said, "I didn't post it before, because I thought there was nothing to share."

In the past, in addition to work in his life, he was working, either in filming or on the road to commercial performances. Any activities would be exposed by fans in advance.

As for photos, the photographer's photos are better than those taken by themselves, and the studio will also expose them in advance.

All in all... Sheng Heng has no private life to share. Whether the food is taken out or delivered directly by the hotel, there is no special taste.

But now it's different.

He has people he wants to share with others, and he also wants to share things.

Even for trivial things, with such a person around, I want to keep all the memories.

Although they are all deep in memory, Sheng Heng still wants to record it in a small diary way.

Weibo and Moments are probably the best way to commemorate. It will be especially interesting to read it out occasionally.

Lu Anan smiled, knowing what he meant too much.

"After that, share more."

Sheng Heng: "Okay."

In addition to netizens, Lu Yan naturally also saw obvious Moments and Weibo content posted by some people.

He sneered coldly, not even willing to give Sheng Heng a compliment.

That's right, Lu Mei's control of Kuangmoyan is so stingy.

Lin Ruoxing unceremoniously gave him a thumbs-up, and left a comment saying that he wanted to eat it. After being eaten by Lu Cui Wang Yan all night, he coaxed his arrogant temper.

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