Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 158

Chapter 158: Extra Eight

Lu An'an and Sheng Heng released some photos after their wedding. Because of these photos and small videos, the wedding of the two has continued for a long time.

Many people are very envious of the fairy tale wedding of the two.

Fortunately, after a period of time, the heat gradually subsided.

Lu An'an and Sheng Heng returned to their daily lives, filming and performing, and participating in various activities.

But every once in a while, the two will give themselves vacations, make appointments to travel together, go out for a walk, or just stay at home and enjoy their unique time.

Lu An'an and Sheng Heng's small days are comfortable, and time also flies quickly.

In the blink of an eye, year after year passed.

Lu Anan is also about to give birth to a child.

When they first married Sheng Heng, because of their young age, basically no one asked them about having children. But two or three years after their marriage, netizens began to wonder-when will Lu Anan have children? She would be willing to be so young. Have a baby?

Lu An'an is really helpless about what netizens are worried about.

But think about it, sometimes it is indeed the time to consider.

In the third year after marriage, Lu An'an and Sheng Heng discussed having children.

Sheng Heng didn't agree at the beginning. In his opinion, Lu An'an's career is just on the rise. Having children will definitely affect her career development. He is not the kind of person who must have children.

Although Lu Anan doesn't think it matters, Sheng Heng is worried... She wants to have a baby now because of pressure from netizens.

But later, after being pestered by Lu An'an several times, Sheng Heng also surrendered.

He couldn't hold back Lu Anan.

It's just that... the two really wanted the child seriously, and the child was not as obedient as they expected, so they report obediently.

No pregnancy in the first month.

In the second month, it still didn't.

Half a year later, Lu Anan had doubts about his body.

"You said I want to check it?"

Lu Anan looked worried: "I shouldn't have any real problems with my body."

Sheng Heng looked at her worried expression and quickly comforted: "No, don't be nervous."

He stretched out his hand and patted Lu Anan's head, and said in a low voice, "Just let the flow go, maybe the child doesn't want to come yet."

Lu Anan: "But... it's been half a year."

Sheng Heng paused and said, "It doesn't matter, we are all in good health. The child definitely wants to give you more time to play, he will come later."

Lu Anan was still worried.

"Should we go check it someday?"

Sheng Heng: "..."

He looked at Lu An'an and nodded helplessly.

"Okay, I'll make an appointment in advance."


Lu An'an is particularly worried: "In case there is any problem... it is better to get treatment early."

Sheng Heng couldn't laugh or cry: "If there is a problem, we don't want children."

Hearing this, Lu Anan looked at him: "I don't want it."


Lu Anan said: "I want a child, preferably a daughter."

She didn't know what was thinking, and said softly: "I want to spoil my daughter."

Sheng Heng was taken aback, rubbed her head and said, "Okay, I want a daughter."

Lu Anan smiled: "Yeah."


However, before Shengheng had time to make an appointment for a physical examination, the two became busy again.

Checking this matter was also left behind by Lu Anan.

In the same way, Lu Anan relaxed and listened to what Sheng Heng said, and just let the flow go.

A few months later, the baby came naturally.

When he first learned the news, Lu An'an looked unbelievable.

She looked at the doctor who told her examination results, with a look of surprise: "I... Am I really pregnant?"

The doctor smiled: "Yes, it's been more than a month, why are you so surprised?"

Lu Anan swallowed and whispered, "Mainly because I wanted to...but I didn't come. I thought I had a physical problem."

The doctor couldn't laugh or cry: "No, the child also depends on fate. Then it will come naturally. You are in good health and there is no problem."

Lu Anan nodded quickly: "Okay, thank you doctor."

She looked at the doctor: "Is there anything that needs attention?"

The doctor told Lu Anan the precautions, and Lu Anan listened carefully.

After leaving the hospital, Tang Yi looked at her: "Don't tell Sheng Heng?"

The two were discussing matters at home today. Lu Anan suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. Tang Yi didn't look right. He brought the person to the hospital for examination, and there was no major error.

Lu An'an was still a little confused.

Sitting in the car, she calmly said: "I want to tell him in person."

Tang Yi could understand.

She breathed a sigh of relief, smiled and said, "Congratulations, I am a mother."

Lu Anan turned to look at her: "Thank you, sister Yi."

Tang Yi looked at her stern face and couldn't laugh or cry: "What's the matter with you now?"

Lu Anan shook his head: "I don't know... I feel so nervous and worried."

When the child did not come, she always looked forward to it.

But here comes... Lu Anan is also worried that she can't be a good mother and can't be a good mother.

At this time of her meeting, all kinds of anxiety have come.

Listening to her broken thoughts, Tang Yi quickly comforted: "How come, you have to believe in yourself."

Lu Anan blinked, "I can't believe it."

Tang Yi: "..."

She grinned and whispered: "Then you should also believe in Shengheng, he can be a good father, right?

Hearing this, Lu Anan barely felt at ease.

That's right, she may not be a good mother, but Sheng Heng will definitely be a good father.

Tang Yi saw her doing this, and then heaved a sigh of relief.

This mood is too unstable.

After sending Lu An'an home, Tang Yi exhorted a few words before leaving.

Lu Anan sat in the living room for a long time and sent a message to Sheng Heng.

Sheng Heng went to other cities to participate in the event today. It is estimated that it is at the event site. Lu An'an did not expect Sheng Heng to reply immediately, but she was a little excited at this time and wanted to find someone to think about it.

Lu Anan: [Are you finished?

Lu Anan: [Give me a message when I'm done, don't worry, I don't have anything special, I just miss you a little bit.

Lu Anan: [Don't pay attention to my thoughts.


As soon as the Sheng Heng event was over, Yang Yang gave him the phone with anxious expression.

"what happened?"

His eyelids twitched: "Did something happen?"

Yangyang shook his head: "I don't know, but An An has sent you a lot of information."

Sheng Heng was shocked for a moment. He quickly turned on his cell phone and was also surprised when he saw Lu Anan's dozen or so messages.

He immediately called Lu An'an back.


Lu Anan's most anxious point passed, and he was sleeping.

Sheng Heng listened to her bewildered voice and heaved a sigh of relief.



Lu Anan acted like a baby in a low voice: "Are you finished?"

Sheng Heng: "Yes, I plan to come back. Why did you send so much information to me? Is something wrong?"


Lu Anan said: "Didn't I tell you that it's okay? I just want to think about it."

She listened to Sheng Heng's nervous voice and whispered: "What do you think has happened to me?"

Sheng Heng: "No."

Lu Anan smiled and comforted him: "It's okay, I just miss you."

She asked softly: "When will you be back?" "Immediately."

Sheng Heng said, "Sleep for a while? You can see me when you wake up."


Lu Anan said, "Don't worry, I will wait for you at home."

"it is good."

After hanging up the phone, Yang Yang knew what to do without Sheng Heng speaking.

"Will you go now, brother."

Sheng Heng nodded: "I'll talk to the organizer."


Yangyang arranged for a car to go to the airport, and Sheng Heng greeted the organizer before leaving.

Sheng Heng hurried back. Although the fans were surprised, they understood.

Since Sheng Heng and Lu An'an got married, he seems to hurry home every time he goes out.

At first, everyone thought that the two of them were acting, but now, no one doubts their relationship anymore.

It's not something that ordinary people can do for so many years of acting and persistence.

They are more willing to believe that this is true love.


When Sheng Heng arrived home, the room was smelling scent.

He looked down at the time, it was already eight o'clock in the evening.

Sheng Heng opened the door and walked straight inside.

Lu Anan was busy in the kitchen. She almost estimated the time when Sheng Heng would be back and made dinner.

Sheng Heng glanced at the food on the table and walked to the kitchen.


Lu Anan looked back at him: "So punctual?"

Sheng Heng glanced at him: "How do you make so many delicious foods?"

Lu Anan: "I suddenly wanted to do it."

Sheng Heng was surprised for two seconds, then glanced at her: "Hungry?"


Sheng Heng said: "I'm here, you go out to rest."

Hearing that, Lu Anan was not at all polite with Sheng Heng, and really went outside to rest.

After a while, Sheng Heng fry all Lu An'an's dishes.

There are ribs, steamed fish, a few side dishes, and a chicken soup.

Sheng Heng raised his eyebrows and had to be surprised.

Lu Anan is not a person who likes to toss and eat. Some time ago, she was interested in desserts and tossed for a while, but she has never advocated extravagance and waste, so the two of them eat meals, basically three dishes are cooked.

Especially if she cooks it herself, it is absolutely impossible to cook such a few meat dishes.

As for chicken soup... Lu Anan didn't like it.

He stared at Lu An'an a few times: "What's the good thing today?"

Lu Anan looked at him: "Huh?"

She pretended to be stupid: "No."

Sheng Heng smiled low and didn't expose her like this.

Basically, Lu Anan lied, and Sheng Heng could tell even a very small one.

Lu Anan's eyes floated, planning to tell Sheng Heng later.

If she said it now, she guessed that Sheng Heng might be too excited to eat dinner.

The two ate quietly.

Lu Anan couldn't help but ask: "Is it delicious?"

Since marrying Sheng Heng, Lu Anan rarely cooks. When she is alone, she basically delivers takeaways. Sheng Heng is at home and Sheng Heng does it all.

Sheng Heng smiled and whispered: "Very delicious."

Lu Anan listened and was happy.

After eating, Sheng Heng cleaned up the dishes.

When he returned to the room, Lu Anan had already taken a shower and came out, lying on his side on the bed, watching with a sheet in his hand.

Sheng Heng just wanted to look over, but Lu An'an swiftly blocked it.

"Sheng Heng, close your eyes."


Lu Anan said, "Just close your eyes, I will give you a gift."

Sheng Heng was slightly startled, staring at her straightforwardly, and then thinking of her series of actions at night and the white list that she had just vaguely glimpsed, suddenly he had a guess.


Lu Anan's eyes widened: "I want to surprise you."

Sheng Heng's Adam's apple rolled, his emotions were obviously more agitated than at first.

He seemed to have guessed something, his voice a little hoarse: "Okay."

Lu Anan waited for him to close his eyes before squeezing the checklist into his hand, and said softly, "Okay, you can open your eyes and take a look."

As soon as Sheng Heng opened his eyes, what caught his eye was the checklist that the hospital gave Lu An'an, which clearly told them--

Lu Anan is pregnant.

Sheng Heng looked at her abruptly, eyes full of surprises and surprises.


Lu Anan grinned, and was very happy to appreciate his rare expression: "Um, surprise?"

Sheng Heng hugged her, but when he hugged her, he relaxed again.


He took a deep breath and said, "Thank you."

Lu Anan buried his head and smiled on his neck, patted his shoulder and asked, "Surprise, why are you so calm?"

She said: "I thought you were going to hold me a few times to express excitement."

"I want, too."

Sheng Heng said, "But I'm afraid I will accidentally make you uncomfortable."

Lu Anan: "..."

In the middle of the night, after the two packed up and lay down, Sheng Heng still had "suspicions" about this matter.

It can't be said to be suspicion, just not believing.

He kept grabbing Lu An'an and asked-is this true? You are really pregnant, and we are really going to have a baby.

Lu Anan who asked was annoying.

But she couldn't help but want to laugh. Sure enough, Sheng Heng's calmness at the beginning was disguised.

In the end, it was Lu Anan who said that your wife and your child were sleepy and wanted to go to bed. Sheng Heng took it up and did not continue to question.

Late at night, Lu Anan fell asleep.

The room was quiet, Sheng Heng was very energetic, and he ran back and forth in the morning. According to the truth, he should be very sleepy and tired, but he is not tired at this moment.

It might be really exciting.

Sheng Heng lowered his head and looked at the person in his arms.

When Lu Anan fell asleep, she was very good, just curled up in his arms.

With a thought, he bowed his head and kissed her eyes, and said softly, "Thank you."


The next morning, Lu An slept for a long time, and it was nine o'clock when he woke up.

She woke up smelling the fragrance.

Lu Anan touched the side location, it was no longer hot.

Sheng Heng has been up for a long time.

When Lu An'an was washing out, Sheng Heng was making breakfast in the kitchen.

"Get up, is there anything uncomfortable?"

Lu Anan could not laugh or cry, seeing his nervous look: "No, I am healthy."

Sheng Heng: "Shall we check again today?"

To be a father for the first time, he knows nothing.

Lu Anan shook his head: "No, I'll go again in a week."

Sheng Heng: "Then I will accompany you."


When Sheng Heng looked at her, he paused and said, "Shall we go home today?"

Lu Anan was taken aback and looked at him in surprise: "City b?"


Sheng Heng said: "Such a big matter, please tell your parents and them yourself, by the way, ask Mom about some things to pay attention to during pregnancy."

Lu Anan smiled: "Okay."

Sheng Heng is considerate and thoughtful. She has always been relatively careless about these, and naturally she has no objection.

After eating breakfast, Sheng Heng called Lu Yan.

Lu Yan was in city b during this period, and they lived in city b most of the time after they got married.

But not living with parents.

However, Lu Yan and Lin Ruoxing already have a baby over a year old, and both spend more time at home. Although the work continues, Lu Yan is about to turn behind the scenes.

Sheng Heng is also preparing for this.

When he heard the news from Sheng Heng, Lu Yan was stunned for the first time.

After a few seconds, he tremblingly asked, "What did you just say?"

Sheng Heng repeated tirelessly: "An An is pregnant, we are back today."

Lu Yan: "What time."

Sheng Heng: "I will look at the ticket first, and I will tell you if I bought it."

Lu Yan: "Okay, I will pick you up."

He paused, and quickly added: "What's wrong with her body? How long has it been? Will you vomit? Do you remember to prepare more things, pregnant women can't stand the smell... You can get something hot and sour for her... "

When Sheng Heng heard what Lu Yan said over there, he found it very useful.

He wrote them down one by one, and said in a deep voice: "Thanks."

Lu Yan: "That's also our baby."

Sheng Heng smiled and didn't argue with him: "Well, I know."

Lu Yan: "Anyway, watch it more. You two showed up at the airport. Keep a low profile. She is not suitable for being in the fan crowd now."


After hanging up the phone, Lu Anan looked at Sheng Heng and sighed, "My brother is really... great."

The kind of indescribable kind and caring.

Sheng Heng nodded and touched her head: "Well, I will try to be nice to him in the future."

Lu Anan smiled and curled his eyes, and the corners of his lips curled up: "Okay."

As long as the two don't fall in love and kill each other anymore, the rest does not matter.

The two packed up their things and set off for the airport.

All the way back to city b low-key.

Lu Yan and Lin Ruoxing came to pick them up in person.

"how about it?"

Lu Yan looked down at Lu An'an, and asked in a low voice, "Are you okay?"

Lu Anan laughed and nodded and said, "Brother, I'm fine, don't worry too much."

She smiled and said, "Very healthy."

Lu Yan nodded: "Go back, parents are waiting for you."

"it is good."

Everyone knew about Lu Anan's pregnancy before half a day.

Take care of her like a fragile object.

The parents are extremely happy, and the joy radiates from the inside out.

Originally, Mother Lu wanted to take care of Lu An'an, but she refused.

She didn't want Mother Lu to work too hard, and she was not there yet.

Sheng Heng also agrees that he can take care of Lu An'an, and for the next period of time, Sheng Heng will work as little as possible.

Lu Anan and Sheng Heng appeared together in the hospital for the first time, and news of her pregnancy was exposed online.

It's just that many fans think it is a rumor, which has been passed on many times before, and each time it has been denied.

So this time, without Lu An'an and Sheng Heng coming out to respond, the fans will bluntly say false. If it is true, the two will naturally make it public when the time comes.

The rumors have been circulating, and Lu An'an and Sheng Heng really did not respond.

It was more than three months before she disclosed the pregnancy news on Weibo.

The fans were surprised and pleasantly surprised, and even brought many friends in the circle to express their blessings to her.

Their female goose is going to be numb! !

They are going to be grandma! !

Lu Anan smiled at the comments of netizens, very happy.

During this time, Sheng Heng has gradually pushed a lot of work, and planned to wait for her to be a little older, and to take care of her and protect her wholeheartedly...


Time flies quickly. On the day of Lu Anan's birth, the weather was very good, and the people outside the window were warm.

Although it was painful, she felt very happy.

When he heard the child's cry, Lu Anan fell asleep without holding up.

When she woke up again, Sheng Heng guarded her by her side.

Lu Anan opened his eyes, and the two silently stared at each other.

Sheng Heng bowed his head, kissed her on the cheek, and said hoarsely: "My wife, you have worked hard."

Lu Anan shook his head and looked at him: "Boy or girl?"

Because she called so many times, her voice was completely dumb.


Sheng Heng said: "It's the daughter you are looking forward to."

Hearing that, Lu Anan smiled weakly: "That's good."

She looked at Sheng Heng and said slightly, "Can I discuss something with you?"

Sheng Heng was startled: "You said."

Lu Anan said, "I know this request would be excessive, but can I make her surname Lu?"

From the bottom of my heart, she took too many things from the original owner. Although the original owner An'an has always told her not to blame herself, she doesn't need to think about it. She is selfish to let Lu An'an come over, but she still feels guilty and uneasy after all.

Lu Anan had been thinking about wanting a daughter, surnamed Lu, so that Mother Lu would take her with her to make up for the regrets when she was a child.

Lu Yan and Lin Ruoxing gave birth to a boy. Lu Yan actually wanted a daughter. Although the knot in his heart was untied, he still missed it.

Sheng Heng was shocked.

He stared at Lu An'an: "What kind of request is this?"

He said, "You don't say I think so too."

He said: "I asked my parents about the name, they took it."


Sheng Heng squeezed her hand and said softly, "I don't know how you think in your heart, is it stupid."

Lu Anan shook his head, eyes moist.

"Sheng Heng."

She leaned against Shengheng and said coquettishly: "Why are you so good?"

Sheng Heng looked at her funny: "As long as it is our child, the last name is the same."

"it is good."

Finally, the little baby's name is Lu Xingyao.

The nickname little star.

It can be described as simple.

The little star is cute, with big eyes and a small nose.

Time has always passed very quickly, when Little Xingxing was one year old, he could finally speak.

She is cute, and her cute words pop out from time to time, making people caught off guard.

Lu Anan occasionally complains to Sheng Heng. Her daughter seems to be a bit smart and doesn't know what will happen in the future.

Little Xingxings favorite people are not his parents, but his uncles and aunts, as well as his grandmother and grandfather.

Lu Anan didn't mind, she knew what Lu Mu and Lu Yan were thinking.

So I am not jealous.

When Little Xingxing was two years old, he was already able to talk.

Walking is always arrogant and arrogant, and it feels very stance.

Probably because Sheng Heng and Lu Anan have many friends. Little Xingxing knows a lot and even imitates.

Occasionally it is a repeater, you say one sentence, she says one sentence.

For example now.

Lu An'an was reading her lines. She had a scene to be filmed next. The lines were long and long, because she wanted to accompany Xiaoxing Xingxing and simply read it next to her.

"long time no see."

--long time no see.

Lu An took a rest and glanced at the man sitting on the sofa tossing toys.

"you look pretty today."

--you look pretty today.

Lu Anan: "...Hmm!"

Little Xingxing nodded: "Hmm!!"


She couldn't laugh or cry, and threw the script aside: "Little Star?"

--"little stars."

After Xiaoxing finished speaking, he reacted.

She raised her head to look at Lu An'an, her eyes sparkling, and she said, "Mom."

Lu Anan smiled: "Come here, mother hug."

Little Xing Xing came into Lu An'an's arms and hugged her: "Mom, do you miss Dad?"

Lu Anan: "...Why do you say that?"

Little Xingxing: "You and Dad always hug."

Lu Anan choked, and was speechless for a while.

She looked at the little cutie in front of her, her eyes rolled and asked: "Little Xingxing, do you miss dad?"

"miss you!"

"Then, shall we go find Dad?"

Sheng Heng is filming on the crew today.

Hearing this, Little Xingxing's eyes lit up and said excitedly: "Okay! Find dad and dad."

The mother and daughter left as soon as they said, and went directly to the filming set of Shengheng.

Once the little star went, he became the most favored.

Sheng Heng and Lu An'an stood by and watched, very pleased.

Sheng Heng looked at her sideways, then looked at the little star playing happily not far away, and pressed his voice: "My wife, you have worked hard."

"It's not hard."

Lu Anan said: "I am very happy."

Marrying Sheng Heng with little stars and the love of the Lu family is the happiest thing for her.

For the rest of her life, she wanted to go on with such happiness.

There are family, friends, and love.

The two looked at each other silently, their love in their eyes.

That's good.

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