Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 160

Chapter 160: Brother 2

A week later, Lin Ruoxing almost grasped Lu Yan's habits.

The second thing about this person is that he doesn't like to talk, his eyebrows and eyes seem to be full of melancholy, the kind that can't escape.

People are cold, but they are cold and warm.

Occasionally, when his classmates ask him to do something, Lu Yan will also be willing to do it. He is not a school bully who is really unlearned.

Except for sleeping on the first day of class, Lu Yan spent the rest of the time listening to class carefully.

Occasionally, he may fall asleep if he can't hold it, but most of the time, this person will attend lectures and take notes.

Lin Ruoxing glanced secretly, Lu Yan's handwriting was still pretty.

Thinking about it, she glanced at her dog-climbing handwriting and decided to practice handwriting from tomorrow.

"Ruoxing, what are you doing looking at the empty table next door?"

Chen Chen followed her gaze and glanced over, not quite understanding: "Lu Yan is not there."

Lin Ruoxing: "I know."

She propped her head and looked at Chen Chen, and sighed with emotion: "Do you think there are really all-powerful people in this world?"

"No." Chen Chen said without hesitation: "It's all exaggerated and lie to you."

Lin Ruoxing crouched on the table and said "Oh" softly, "But why do I think there is."

Chen Chen: "How to say?"

Lin Ruoxing said, "Look at Lu Yan, isn't it almighty?"

She broke her fingers and counted: "The writing is beautiful, the person looks good, the voice is good, and she can sing..."

Halfway through the conversation, Chen Chen suddenly interrupted her: "Lu Yan can sing? How do you know?"

Lu Yan, who had just returned to the classroom, heard an exclamation and looked up.

Lin Ruoxing would be facing Lu Yan's back, not knowing that Lu Yan had already returned.

She looked lazy, and knew what to say and what not to say.

"I guess."

Chen Chen: "..."

Lu Yan followed with a sigh of relief. He squinted his eyes and fell on the girl.

Lin Ruoxing was lying on his stomach like this, because of the ponytail today, her slender and white neck was exposed, white and dazzling.

Lu Yan stared at him twice, then turned away his gaze coldly.

After hearing the calm footsteps, Lin Ruoxing obediently shut up.

She glanced at Lu Yan: "Lu Yan."

After a week of getting along, Lu Yan will gradually give her a look, and will pay attention to her.

Although the frequency is small, there is always progress.


Lin Ruoxing's eyes brightened, and he asked in a low voice, "Lu Yan, what are you doing this weekend?"

Lu Yan looked at her, "What's the matter?"

Lin Ruoxing smiled and said: "It's okay, don't you just ask casually, you just came to the new school, I am worried that you will be bored on the weekend."

Hearing this, Lu Yan glanced at her.

Lin Ruoxing was not embarrassed, and said cheeky: "Would you like to go to the video game city on the weekend?"

"Not going."

Lu Yan's voice changed.

Lin Ruoxing was stunned, still trying to convince him.

"Why not, boys of your age shouldn't like it very much--"

Before he finished speaking, Lu Yan stood up suddenly, staring at her with cold eyes, "Are you shameless?"

Lin Ruoxing's face instantly flushed.

Her lips quivered and she opened her mouth, looking at Lu Yan in disbelief.

What did she hear?

She is not ashamed? !

Lu Yan ignored Lin Ruoxing's emotions and left the classroom.

He walked quickly, and even the classmates around him found something was wrong. As for the words Lu Yan said just now, everyone naturally heard it.

After they left, everyone looked at Lin Ruoxing who was holding on, and looked at each other.

Chen Chen was also surprised that Lu Yan would talk like that. She looked at Lin Ruoxing like this, and quickly comforted: "Ruoxing, don't listen to Lu Yan, you don't--"

Lin Ruoxing also stood up with a low voice: "I'm fine."

She paused and looked at Chen Chen: "Please ask me for a leave. I won't come to class this afternoon."

Chen Chen: "..."

After Lin Ruoxing left, there were whispering voices in the class.

Although Lin Ruoxing did not feud with anyone in the class, it did not prevent some people from disliking her.

She is more ostentatious and beautiful, and there will always be people jealous.

What's more, there is no reason why one person does not like another.

This entire afternoon, Lin Ruoxing and Lu Yan did not return to the classroom.

Fortunately, the teacher didn't ask much, so it passed.


On Friday night, Lin Ruoxing stopped listening to Lu Yan singing.

She is not ashamed, but she also has backbone!

She was all rejected like this, how could she not go anymore.

For the next week, Chen Chen felt that he was living in water.

Lin Ruoxing actually has a good temper. Although she looks strong, she is actually a teenage girl.

The attitude towards classmates is not bad either, at least not to make things difficult for people for no reason.

But these days... it's very different.

In the last two places in this corner, there is Arctic frost all the time.

It was extremely cold.

Chen Chen wanted to talk to the two of them several times, but was afraid that Lin Ruoxing would be angry, so he held back.

As for Lin Ruoxing, Lu Yan did not exist these days.

She was sitting in the last row, and it was easy to get in and out, and she didn't need to shout Lu Yan before going out.

Lu Yan has always had the same attitude as before. It can't be said to be a low pressure, but it is just cold.

This has also caused many students to pass by here in a hurry, lest the flames of war be drawn to themselves.

The two spoke again because of a duty.

On this day, it was Lin Ruoxing, Lu Yan, Chen Chen and Chen Chen on duty at the same table. They were all four people working together, a little faster.

But because it's Friday, we have to wipe all the glass and all the garbage.

In the class before school, Chen Chen reminded them.

She glanced at Lin Ruoxing, and then at Lu Yan: "Ruoxing, Lu Yan, today is our four days on duty, don't leave after class."

Lin Ruoxing: "Oh. I see."

She looked tired and was playing games with her head down.

Chen Chen saw that she agreed, and turned to look at Lu Yan.

Lu Yan nodded, his voice as cold as ever: "I see."

Lin Ruoxing curled his lips while listening.

By the end of get out of class, the two did not leave.

Lin Ruoxing looked at Chen Chen: "What am I going to do?"

"Sweep the floor or wipe the glass?"


Lin Ruoxing said: "Let me sweep the floor."

Chen Chen nodded: "Yes, let's sweep the floor together first, and then get some water to clean the glass later."


Lu Yan and another classmate took out the garbage.

When the two returned, Lin Ruoxing and Chen Chen had already swept the ground.

Chen Chen was finishing the finishing touches. Lin Ruoxing took a bucket to wash his hands with indirect water...

She came out with water, still a little struggling.

He was walking slowly, suddenly his hands were empty.

Lin Ruoxing was taken aback, and when he turned around, he met a familiar and cold face.

She was startled, seeing Lu Yan's relaxed look, but she didn't struggle to get it back.

They were all day-time students anyway, and he was not trying to help himself.

Thinking of this, Lin Ruoxing instantly became confident.

After returning to the classroom, Chen Chen raised his eyebrows and looked at the two of them: "Why would Lu Yan bring you water?"

Lin Ruoxing glanced at her: "What does it mean to lift water for me, we are all on duty."

Chen Chen: "...oh."

Lin Ruoxing took a rag: "I'm going to wipe the glass."

"Be careful."


Lin Ruoxing went to clean the glass. The shorter one was fine, but the taller one was totally unacceptable.

Lu Yan appeared next to him when he turned his head and wanted to find someone to help.

His voice was cold and he shouted: "Come down."

Lin Ruoxing: "...oh."

She threw the rag to Lu Yan, and said lightly, "Thanks."

Lu Yan didn't say a word.

But later, the glass in the entire class was wiped clean by Lu Yan and another boy.

After everything is set up, the classroom is locked.

"All right."

Chen Chen looked at the other three: "Go back."

Another classmate didn't go along with them and left first. Suddenly, only Chen Chen, Lin Ruoxing and Lu Yan were left here.

Lin Ruoxing grabbed his schoolbag and didn't take the initiative to speak with Lu Yan.

Chen Chen was caught in the middle of the two, especially uncomfortable.

Thinking, she coughed, "Lu Yan, where do you live?"

Lu Yan glanced at the two of them and said a position.

When Chen Chen heard it, he gave Lin Ruoxing a look.

There is a well-known wealthy villa area in city b, where many wealthy people and celebrities live there.

Lin Ruoxing pretended not to see it, and walked aside without changing his face.

Chen Chen nodded and said, "Ah, that road is similar to Ruoxing's house."

Lin Ruoxing squinted her eyes.

Lu Yan didn't say a word.

The three people just walked like this.

"By bus or subway?"


Chen Chen looked at Lu Yan: "Lu Yan, do you want to take the subway with us?"

It was amazing, Lu Yan did not refuse.

This will be when they are out of school, others are also off work, and there are many subway people.

Lin Ruoxing didn't communicate much with Lu Yan during the whole process. After swiping his card to enter the station, the crowd was crowded to the extreme, pushing around, almost unsteady.

She was pushed away without paying attention.

She just fell to the other side and held her shoulders with her hands.

Lin Ruoxing was startled, and when he looked up, he met Lu Yan's cold eyes.

The emotion in the eyes is not strong, but... it just attracted her inexplicably.

The palm of the hand placed on her shoulder was slightly hot, as if it was going to spread to her skin through the clothes.

Lin Ruoxing's heart beats quickly for a few seconds.


Chen Chen shouted, "Is it all right?"

Lin Ruoxing returned to his senses, constricting his eyes, "It's okay."

She stood still, paused, and said, "Thank you."

The voice was very soft, Lu Yan heard it.

He lowered his head and looked at the white and thin neck exposed by the person in front of him, and the white skin behind him.

Lu Yan didn't open his eyes, "Yes", "No."

Neither of them spoke much for the next subway time.

Chen Chen got off the train at the first few stops, and now only Lu Yan and Lin Ruoxing were left here.

There are fewer people in the subway, and gradually looser. Lin Ruoxing took a deep breath, moved his steps, and deviated slightly from Lu Yan.

She was too close, and she felt like she couldn't breathe.

Lu Yan glanced at her little movement without breaking through.

After the meeting, several girls about their age came up on the subway.

Lin Ruoxing hadn't noticed at first, but when he saw a girl's eyes inadvertently, he put his eyes on Lu Yan.

It's kind of likeable.

The few people whispered, Lin Ruoxing didn't know if it was a convulsion or something, so he couldn't help but said, "Hey."

Lu Yan looked at her and said nothing.

"Talking to you."

Hearing this, Lu Yan lazily said: "I'm not calling for hello."

Lin Ruoxing curled his lips: "Oh, I don't know your name."

Lu Yan raised his eyebrows.

Lin Ruoxing said confidently: "You never told me."

She asked on the first day, but Lu Yan didn't say.

Lu Yan looked at her fixedly and smiled suddenly: "Lu Yan."

He said: "Get to know me again, my name is Lu Yan."

Lin Ruoxing looked at the good-looking hand outstretched in front of him, the roots of his ears were slightly hot, and he bit his lip and said: "Lin Ruoxing, the forest of Lin... Ruoxing is..."

Before he finished speaking, Lu Yan suddenly answered, "Can Ruo Xingchen."

Facing Lin Ruoxing's beautiful peach eyes, he said, "I know."

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