Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 161

Chapter 161: Brother 3

That night, Lin Ruoxing had another dream.

In the dream, Lu Yan praised her eyes as bright as stars, even more beautiful than stars.

When he woke up the next morning, Lin Ruoxing muttered, "Are you crazy?"

Is she crazy?

Why do you think so! !

It's all to blame on Lu Yan, who said so nicely.

Although...maybe... he didn't think so himself.

Lin Ruoxing rubbed his head under the quilt, very speechless.

She served herself.

Dont have ideas just because others look good! There are so many good-looking handsome guys, understand?

But that night, Lin Ruoxing appeared strangely where Lu Yan was singing. He is still in the same position, and the songs have changed a lot, but they are as good as ever.

But Lin Ruoxing didn't expect that Lu Yan would see her.

When the two of them met, Lin Ruoxing was startled for a few seconds before subconsciously trying to avoid it, but it was inevitable.

Lin Ruoxing could only stand in place, reluctantly pulling out a smile.

Lu Yan walked away, and then continued singing.

He did not expect that Lin Ruoxing would be here.

Lin Ruoxing didn't leave early, and since they were all seen, it would be better to be more open.

But she changed her steps closer to look at Lu Yan.

She always felt that Lu Yan had a lot of secrets in him. Such secrets attracted her all the time, making her want to dig out, explore, and understand.

Many times, thinking about a person often starts from curiosity.

Lin Ruoxing knew a lot of people, but no one like Lu Yan.

Or in other words, Lu Yan's aesthetics and everything just happened to make her interested in him.

Lu Yan ended today earlier than before. Before ten o'clock, he didn't stop working. It will be 9:30, and he will take the guitar and wait for things to clear. The people watching around gradually dispersed. Lu Yan didn't feel much about the rewards he had thrown in front of him. He was not bad for money, but he didn't feel that everyone was giving him alms.

After all... he can't just say when he comes to sing, I don't need money, just listen.

After packing, he glanced at the people standing not far away, and walked straight over.

Lin Ruoxing was taken aback and looked up at him: "...Today is over so soon?"

Lu Yan raised his eyebrows as he listened, "Well, it's not the first time you have seen it."

Is a positive tone.

Hearing this, Lin Ruoxing's eyes swayed wildly, and he was a little embarrassed to say: "...Well, I met once before."

At Lu Yan's gaze, she raised her hands and swears: "I haven't been here lately! I will walk here today."

Lu Yan slightly lowered his eyelids to look at her, but did not reveal her lie.


He asked: "Are you hungry?"

Lin Ruoxing was stunned, and looked at him in surprise: "Aren't you angry?"

Now, it was Lu Yan's turn to be stunned.

"What's your anger?"

"It's..." Lin Ruoxing said: "I know your big secret, aren't you angry?"

Lu Yan: "..."

He paused for a while and whispered: "Since I am singing here in such an upright manner, I have thought about meeting people I know. What can I be angry about?"

Besides, he has already been mentally prepared, why should he be angry.

Lin Ruoxing choked.

"It seems to be too."

But what was strange was that this person not only didn't avoid him, but even talked so well, making Lin Ruoxing feel like he was dreaming.

Lu Yan probably knew what she was thinking, but he didn't plan to say more.

Some things he didn't want to share with anyone for the time being.

"are you hungry?"

Lu Yan asked again.

Lin Ruoxing smiled suddenly and looked at him with bright eyes: "Why, you want to buy me dinner if you make money?"

Lu Yan: "...you can ask if you don't make money."

Lin Ruoxing: "Oh, what do you want to eat?" She said: "Since I have listened to so many of your songs for free, shall I have a treat?"

Lu Yan glanced at her: "No need."

He looked around: "What do you want to eat?"

"Whatever you want."

She is not very hungry.

Finally, the two entered a beef restaurant.

The shop looks very shabby, but there are still a lot of people.

As soon as Lu Yan entered, a man inside greeted him.

"Come on."

Lu Yan said in a low voice, "I'll put things away."

"Go go, what do you want to eat today?"

Lu Yan glanced at Lin Ruoxing: "I will continue to look at her."

Lin Ruoxing blinked at the man's curious gaze. While Lu Yan went to play the guitar, she asked, "...what is his business as usual?"

The boss smiled: "Just a large portion of beef noodles, and eggs without coriander."

Hearing this, Lin Ruoxing smiled: "Then I want a small portion, and everything else is the same as him."


The boss was cooking while chatting with Lin Ruoxing: "Are you Ayan friend?"

Lin Ruoxing was stunned for a few seconds, and said carefully: "...we are classmates." As for whether they are friends, I don't know yet.

The boss laughed: "The first time I saw him bring his classmates, he brought his friends."

Lin Ruoxing curled her lips accordingly.

"Boss, you know Lu Yan well."

The boss nodded: "It's okay, I have known each other for many years."

He looked at Lin Ruoxing more and joked: "You are good."

Lin Ruoxing was stunned, did not understand the boss's meaning too much.

She just wanted to ask more, Lu Yan had already appeared again.

"Go over there and wait."

"it is good."

Lu Yan consciously walked to the corner, and Lin Ruoxing followed.

She sat opposite Lu Yan, and stopped talking.

"What do you want to ask?"

Lin Ruoxing struggled for two seconds, watching Lu Yan said, "You and the boss are very familiar."


Lin Ruoxing: "...I thought you were going to take me some advanced food." She joked, "After all, isn't it?"

Hearing that, Lu Yan poured her a cup of hot water, and said lightly: "That money is not for me." He paused, and looked at Lin Ruoxing: "You probably don't want to eat high-quality ones either."

Lin Ruoxing: "..."

Lu Yan really guessed it.

Compared to those high-end foods, Lin Ruoxing prefers and prefers to be in this kind of place, where there is a breath of life.

She looked around and felt that everyone had a story.

After the fan came, Lu Yan didn't talk to her much.

Lin Ruoxing is not hungry. She glanced at Lu Yan's side, then at her own place, and asked, "Lu Yan, are you enough?"

Lu Yan had a meal with his chopsticks.

As soon as he raised his head, he met Lin Ruoxing's smiling eyes: "May I give you half of my share?"

Lu Yan lowered his head and glanced at her untouched powder, his apple throat rolled down, and he whispered: "You can eat as much as you can."

Lin Ruoxing: "...oh, I thought you would say I was a waste if you didn't finish it."

"will not."

Lin Ruoxing laughed, even more curious to Lu Yan.

He always felt weird everywhere.

The beef noodles taste very good, much better than Lin Ruoxing imagined.

She was surprised to see Lu Yan: "Is this store open for a long time?"


"It tastes good."

Lu Yan: "It's okay."

Lin Ruoxing was speechless: "Can you say two more words?"

Lu Yan: "Yes."

As soon as the voice fell, the two looked at each other with face to face.

Lin Ruoxing rolled his eyes slightly.

Lu Yan smiled and said nothing.

After eating, Lu Yan got up.

Lin Ruoxing was stunned and looked at him: "Don't you need to check out?"

"No need to."

Lu Yan said, "I won't accept it for him."

Lin Ruoxing: "..."

The boss also happened to hear this, and said with a smile: "We have an agreement, he is not allowed to give money when he comes."

"But there is still me."

The boss looked at Lin Ruoxing helplessly: "You are his friend, of course you can't collect money."


Lu Yan nodded and said in a low voice, "Go ahead."

"Go ahead."

As soon as she turned around, a little girl ran in from outside. She was wearing a pair of overalls and looked very cute. She had two small **** tied in her head. She was fleshy and cute.

Lin Ruoxing's eyes lit up, and as soon as she wanted to sigh, the little girl hugged Lu Yan's leg, and said with a grin, "Brother Lu Yan!"

Lin Ruoxing was stunned.

Lu Yan smiled, bent over and hugged her: "Yes."

There was a gentle smile on his face, the kind of smile Lin Ruoxing had never seen before.

For a moment, she even felt that Lu Yan had no sense of distance.

The little girl hugged him and acted like a baby: "It's been a long time since you came to see me."

She said: "I miss you all."

Lu Yan chuckled lightly and touched her head: "Brother is here today."

He touched the little girl's fleshy face, and his voice was incredibly gentle: "Have you been obedient these days?"

The little girl blinked her big eyes: "Yes, I still have a little red flower."

Lu Yan looked surprised: "Awesome."

Little girl: "Well, brother Lu Yan, I want to go to the park over there to play."

Lu Yan glanced at Lin Ruoxing: "...Do you want to go?"

If Lu Yan asks Lin Ruoxing to do anything, she should be there.


She looked at the little girl in front of her: "This is?"

"The boss's daughter, little bun."


Lu Yan smiled: "Well, it's called Xiao Baozi."

Lin Ruoxing couldn't help but laughed out loud.

Little Bun looked at her with wide eyes, pointed to her and asked, "Brother Lu Yan, who is this beautiful sister?"

Lin Ruoxing: "This mouth is too sweet."

Lu Yan smiled lowly: "It's okay." He looked at Lin Ruoxing's curious eyes, and thought for a while and asked: "Do you want to hug her?"

"May I?"

Lu Yan looked at the little girl: "Can you?"

The little bun stared at Lin Ruoxing for a while, then blinked: "Yes, I like pretty sister."

Lin Ruoxing was flattered and reached out to take it.

Three people go to the opposite park.

Lin Ruoxing looked at Lu Yan's proficiency in taking the child, and followed wherever she went, and she was not allowed to leave even a little bit of sight.

Lin Ruoxing looked at other people, some family members brought their children out, and even looked at their mobile phones, but Lu Yan...has not done this from beginning to end.

Seeing Lu Yan's nervous little bun's feeling, she always felt something strange.

"Sister, sister, let's come here to play."

"it is good."

Lin Ruoxing followed.

Xiao Baozi wanted to buy candied haws, and Lu Yan bought them.

Before buying, I glanced at her and ordered two.

Lin Ruoxing: "...thank you."

Lu Yan: "Yeah."

She doesn't really like this sour thing. Although it is also very sweet, the hawthorn in it is sour, which Lin Ruoxing doesn't like.

After taking it apart, Lin Ruoxing was surprised to find that... this rock candied haw did not seem to be sour at all, but rather sweet and sweet.

After eating all, it's time for Xiao Baozi to go home.

After sending the person home, Lu Yan looked at her sideways: "Where do you live?"

Lin Ruoxing: "I just take a taxi and go home."

Lu Yan did indeed take a taxi on the side of the road. After opening the door to Lin Ruoxing, the other person also sat in the passenger seat.

The driver looked at the two men and felt strange.

Why do young lovers sit separately.

"Where are you going?"

Lu Yan looked at her: "Report the address."

Lin Ruoxing was stunned for a few seconds and reported the address he was going to.

After speaking, she looked at Lu Yan's profile and stopped talking.

Is this man's gentleman in his bones?

The city center is not far from Lin Ruoxing's home, it will be there in 20 minutes.

When he got off the bus, Lu Yan followed him.

Lin Ruoxing looked at him: "How can you..."

Lu Yan: "This community?"


Lu Yan gestured for a moment, and whispered: "Let's go, I will take you to the door."

Lin Ruoxing's eyes flashed and looked at him: "Actually, I can come back alone."

Lu Yan's expression was faint: "Well, I'm not relieved."

Lin Ruoxing listened, turned her head straight to look at him, and asked, "...Are you such a gentleman to every girl?"

It seems cold, but in fact it is very gentle and gentle, and everything he does is extremely caring.

Lu Yan glanced at her: "I haven't met other girls who went to the park with me at night."

Lin Ruoxing: "..."

With this answer, she didn't know whether she should be satisfied or not.


For a moment, Lin Ruoxing was speechless.

She pursed her lower lip and looked at Lu Yan: "...You are very good to Xiao Baozi."

"It's fine."

Lin Ruoxing looked at the door closer and closer, suddenly wishing that his home was farther away from the main road.

In this way, it seems that there will be more opportunities to walk and chat with Lu Yan more.

"very good."

Lin Ruoxing said: "I'm envious of Little Bun when I look at it."

Lu Yan looked at her strangely: "What do you envy?"

Lin Ruoxing opened her mouth and stared at Lu Yan for a few seconds: "If I said, would you change your position in class on Monday?"


Lin Ruoxing waved his hand: "It's nothing, I'll talk about it later."

Lu Yan didn't ask any more.

When the two arrived at the gate of the community, the security guard dangled not far away.

Lu Yan stopped.

Lin Ruoxing was clear: "I will go back first, thank you."

"No need to."

Lu Yan looked at her: "Don't go out alone at night."

Upon hearing this, Lin Ruoxing smiled: "It is still evening when I go out."

Lu Yan choked.

She continued: "Besides, I went to listen to you sing, and next time, you will definitely send me home, right?"

After speaking, Lin Ruoxing was beating a drum.

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