Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 165

Chapter 165: Brother 7

Lin Ruoxing and Lu Yan are secretly in love.

However, for Lin Ruoxing, the relationship between the two is not much different from before.

Of course, there are small differences.

For example-Lu Yan loves to be jealous, especially does not like Lin Ruoxing and Tan Tao, but will not restrict Lin Ruoxing's freedom of making friends.

It's just that every time Tan Tao comes to find her, Lu Yan will retaliate in other places.

The most done is probably kissing.

People who have just fallen in love are very curious about kissing, and they especially like it.

But in fact, the first kiss between Lin Ruoxing and Lu Yan was not on Christmas that day.

It was in the classroom when the two of them first became ambiguous, and they accidentally kissed him.

Lin Ruoxing didn't know if it counted as kissing, it might or might not.

Later, when he talked about this with Lu Yan, Lu Yan took her back to the unmanned classroom after school, and kissed her again and again.

Puppy love in high school greatly affects learning.

Lin Ruoxing and Lu Yan agreed that the time to study should not affect normal life.

Both of them agree that there is no future because of love.

Lin Ruoxing and Lu Yan were dating, she only told Chen Chen at first.

But the classmates gradually realized something, and occasionally took two jokes, but they didn't have much malice.

Lin Ruoxing and Lu Yan spent their sophomore year in high school.

By the third year of high school, many people in the school also knew that the two had fallen in love early, and Lin Ruoxing even heard someone betting on when she and Lu Yan would break up.

May break up after graduation.

But unfortunately, Lin Ruoxing and Lu Yan didn't break up until they graduated from high school, and they even went to the same university.

When he was in college, Lu Yan was discovered by an agent and signed to debut as an artist.

It was also at this time that many people who were certain that the two would not break up were beaten again.

Lu Yan and Lin Ruoxing broke up.

The reason is unknown.

When Chen Chen learned the news, it was already a few months later.

She and Lin Ruoxing are not in the same school. She went to school in another place, and because she was about to graduate, she was too busy and never contacted Lin Ruoxing.

Hearing this, the whole person was shocked.

She asked: "You didn't break up with Lu Yan when you graduated from high school. Why have you talked about it for so many years now...you are about to graduate from college, but you broke up?"

In her impression, Lin Ruoxing and Lu Yan were in love and never had the urge to break up.

It is precisely because of this that Chen Chen can realize how serious this matter is.

Lin Ruoxing said "um", in a faint tone: "Just break up peacefully."

"What the **** broke up peacefully?"

Chen Chen said: "Even if I break up with someone who believes in the world, I don't want to believe that you and Lu Yan will break up."

Lin Ruoxing looked up at her on the big screen and smiled bitterly: "But this is the truth."

"Lu Yan proposed it?"

Chen Chen asked: "He cheated?"


Lin Ruoxing said: "I brought it up."

Chen Chen choked and couldn't understand.

"But you..."

"Don't you love Lu Yan very much?"


Lin Ruoxing liked Lu Yan a lot, and no one knew better than Chen Chen.

She even knew many, many things between the two, and also knew Lin Ruoxing's efforts for this relationship.

Lin Ruoxing smiled and said lightly: "There really is no passion."

She said: "If you don't break up now, you will break up sooner or later."

Chen Chen was speechless, and didn't know what to say to comfort her.

"Are you ok?"

"pretty good."

Lin Ruoxing said, "It's not a big deal to break up. Why are you so sad? I'm not sad."

Chen Chen rolled her eyes and said without hesitation: "You look not sad, but I know you must have cried many times."

Lin Ruoxing paused with the pen in his hand and did not refute.

Indeed it is.

In fact, she and Lu Yan didn't have too many contradictions, and even Lu Yan had always favored her, but... Lin Ruoxing was not satisfied.

She felt that she had become more greedy.

It used to be very happy to be able to be with Lu Yan, but now... always worry about gains and losses.

Even because she was with Lu Yan, she still couldn't find her dream and life.

Lu Yan, who has entered the entertainment industry, is not an exaggeration to say that he became famous overnight.

Various announcements were kept, and sometimes there was no time to sleep, let alone to accompany Lin Ruoxing.

Lin Ruoxing is not a child, so naturally he doesn't need Lu Ling to be with him all the time.

But people will always be lost.

Once or twice in a temporary situation, when I can't find someone to help me when I'm in difficulty, the blood and passion in my heart will always fade away.

Lin Ruoxing also admitted that she was hypocritical, but she was also very realistic.

If this is Lu Yan, it would be better to separate for a period of time to make yourself better, and then talk about other things.

So far, she doesn't have much hope for this relationship.

Lu Yan would not give up his career, and Lin Ruoxing did not want him to give up. Instead of wanting a boyfriend like this, he might as well be separated for a while and calm down.

Just so, the two can also think about whether this relationship should continue.

There is no reason for blood, Lin Ruoxing and Lu Yan's breakup were all based on reality.

She was suddenly tired, and suddenly wanted to break up, so she broke up.

After listening to what Lin Ruoxing said, Chen Chen didn't know what to say or do for a moment.

She felt that she could understand everything, but she felt uncomfortable.

Why is such a happy couple overwhelmed by some reality.

Obviously... they are very good.

"Did Lu Yan agree?"

Lin Ruoxing smiled: "He will agree."

Hearing this, Chen Chen looked at her in surprise: "You mean you broke up unilaterally?"

Lin Ruoxing nodded: "Lu Yan returned me a word."



At this time, Chen Chen couldn't save Lu Yan.

She thought for a while, looked at Lin Ruoxing and said, "If this is the right choice for you at this stage, then go for it."

She smiled and said, "I support all your decisions."

"Thank you."

Many people don't understand why Lin Ruoxing broke up with Lu Yan, but it doesn't matter, she can understand it herself.

This is what she wants to do now, so she will do it.


After the breakup, Lin Ruoxing still has his own life. Lu Yan's work is getting busier and busy. Lin Ruoxing has seen his news on the Internet many times. He has lost a lot of weight, but he seems to be a little more handsome again. People who like him More and more.

Occasionally, when meeting with Chen Chen, Chen Chen will ask her if she does not regret it.

Lin Ruoxing didn't know how to answer.

It's the path of my own choice, and I will finish it if I regret it.

Chen Chen felt that Lin Ruoxing had resentment towards Lu Yan.

If not, it will not come to this point.

One day, Lin Ruoxing suddenly watched Lu Yan's first TV series and said: "Actually, I am very curious."


"Is acting really that attractive?"

Chen Chen was taken aback and looked at her in surprise.

"What do you want to do?"

Lin Ruoxing said, "I also want to find out."

Chen Chen: "..."

Lin Ruoxing's mobility is the strongest among all people.

Just as she liked to go to Lu Yan back then, and fell in love at first sight, she immediately acted.

After she became interested in acting and became interested in this profession, a few days later, Lin Ruoxing told Chen Chen...a brokerage company was interested in her and wanted to sign a contract with her.

This Chen Chen was not surprised at all. As he got older, Lin Ruoxing grew more beautiful.

She is not the kind of sweet looks, her beauty is public and gorgeous, but not the tacky gorgeous, on the contrary, she looks very advanced.

It is a type that is just missing in the entertainment industry.

Lin Ruoxing is bound to meet Lu Yanhui again after signing for his debut.

But she didn't expect such a coincidence.

After the two broke up, they haven't seen each other again. Lu Yan was busy spinning around, and couldn't even guarantee basic rest, let alone other things.

In this play, Lu Yan is the leading actor, while Lin Ruoxing is just a supporting role from a company.

Lu Yan played the emperor in it. She... is a court lady next to the emperor.

When the two met, Lin Ruoxing was very calm.

Looking at her, Lu Yan only glanced at her, then looked away, extremely indifferent, just like they met on the first day in high school.

Lin Ruoxing didn't feel lost, but his heart ached.

But she chose it herself.

When filming, she could clearly feel that Lu Yan was entering the scene quickly. The actress who played with Lu Yan debuted at the same time as him. There are rumors on the Internet. It is said that this actress likes Lu Yan, and she secretly gave Lu Yan a lot of surprises on the set. Times.

Lin Ruoxing looked at the actress in front of him and lost his mind for a while.

She was scolded by the director as soon as she lost her mind.

"That maid! What's the matter?"

The director asked: "Why are you lost in filming?"

Lin Ruoxing was taken aback, and quickly apologized: "Sorry."

The director's expression was not so good, he glanced at her face and waved his hand: "Forget it, start over."

Lu Yan didn't respond, the heroine's expression was a little ugly, and she reprimanded: "Be focused later, don't delay our filming."

Lin Ruoxing knew he was wrong: "Well, sorry."

Do it again.

The heroine has a problem.

It's just such a scene. I got stuck five times, and every time it was either a supporting role or a protagonist, or something went wrong with the props.

The only one who had no problems was Lu Yan.

After the scene was over, Lin Ruoxing also felt that he had no strength.

Lu Yan went to the lounge with a cold face, and the heroine's assistant stepped forward, brought her tea and water, and asked for warmth.

Lin Ruoxing didn't feel much, but the other court lady quickly greeted her and shouted cordially.

The heroine glanced at her and reluctantly answered.

Suddenly, she stopped Lin Ruoxing who was about to leave: "Wait, what's your name?"

Lin Ruoxing raised his eyes to look at her: "Lin Ruoxing."

The heroine felt her indifferent attitude, and said uncomfortably: "How do you talk?"

The assistant next to the heroine also reprimanded, and couldn't help saying: "Now the newcomers in the entertainment industry have this temper to the predecessors?"

Lin Ruoxing doesn't have a good opinion of her, but she still asked patiently: "May I ask what's the matter?"

Heroine: "I can't call you if I'm fine?"

Lin Ruoxing: "..."


The man looked at Lin Ruoxing, half-squinted his eyes and said, "There is something over there, you can help me get it."

Lin Ruoxing: "I am not your assistant."

"You..." The face of the woman in front of her changed drastically, as if she didn't expect a newcomer in the entertainment industry to dare to reject herself so bluntly.

"Do you want to mix in this circle?"

Lin Ruoxing said lightly: "I am free."

As soon as the voice fell, the face became more ugly.

Just then, Lu Yan's assistant walked out.

He looked at the lively people here, smiled and said: "Lets eat together at noon, my brother ordered a meal."


"It's so good! Ayan is amazing too."

"Ah ah ah ah ah what to eat at noon!"

"God, I can finally skip the box lunch, so happy."

Lin Ruoxing was a little curious as she listened: "Is the box lunch of our crew not delicious?"

One of the staff nodded and said in a low voice: "Very, very unpalatable, our crews box lunch is notoriously unpalatable."

The person said: "It's fine if you have more oil, but there is more onion and garlic. Ayan hasn't eaten much, but sometimes he can't sell big names, so he has to eat with everyone."

The staff member whispered: "After all, if you don't eat it, it is very likely that there will be rumors on the Internet that he is playing big cards and saying that he will not eat the crew lunch."

Lin Ruoxing was speechless.

Sometimes the Internet is like this. You obviously don't have things, but people just think you have them.

She nodded, expressing her understanding.

"Then I'm very lucky."

The staff member said: "Yes, I'm super lucky."

Lin Ruoxing smiled without explaining.

Three days later, Lin Ruoxing's soy sauce scene ended.

There is a staff member who has a good relationship with her and is very envious of her: "You are so happy."

Lin Ruoxing smiled: "How to say?"

The human said: "Ayan has been hosting guests for the past three days, and you haven't eaten any boxed lunch from the crew. Are you happy or not?"

Lin Ruoxing was startled and looked down at his toes: "Yeah."

She whispered: "It's happy."

After spending so many years with Lu Yan, Lin Ruoxing has developed a more fussy stomach than Lu Yan.

She would definitely not eat what he didn't eat, and sometimes she would not eat what Lu Yan would eat.

Lu Yan remembered all her preferences and all her small habits.

Lin Ruoxing looked up at the sky and blinked gently.

It's a pity that she left people alone.

After that time, Lin Ruoxing didn't meet Lu Yan much.

One is a big traffic user in the entertainment industry, and the other is a poor little one who doesn't care about it.

Lin Ruoxing was not sad. The first reason to enter this circle was because Lu Yan liked it. She wanted to know why he liked it. Later, Lin Ruoxing fell in love with filming. No matter what role, how small, she was willing to try.

After playing soy sauce for two years, Lin Ruoxing suddenly became popular in a TV series.

It was a drama of the Republic of China. After Lin Ruoxing's cheongsam was broadcast, it instantly attracted countless fans.

Many people began to know her, they knew that she played a lot of soy sauce roles, that she was a small actor who got up from a small person and has acting skills.

Good things come, and bad things come.

The relationship between Lin Ruoxing and Lu Yan who were once boyfriend and girlfriend was also revealed, but the two never responded.

Everyone passed that whether it was attending an event or something, if Lu Yan asked Lu Yan, Lu Yan didn't say anything, and if he asked Lin Ruoxing, she wouldn't say anything.

During the hottest period of the scandal, both Lin Ruoxing and Lu Yan were filming separately, and they didn't have to go out to face the media.

The two meet again at an awards ceremony.

Lin Ruoxing won the honor of best supporting actress that night.

Lu Yan got the best actor.

The two didn't come on stage to receive the award together, but for some reason, when Lin Ruoxing came on stage to receive the award, the photographer gave the lens to Lu Yan.

After the award ceremony, Lin Ruoxing saw the screenshots on the Internet.

It is an animated picture.

Lu Yan's expression when she said thank you, his eyes and emotions changed.

Lin Ruoxing was shocked, she had always thought...With armor, she would no longer have the same mood swings as she did in high school.

But when you look at Lu Yan's eyes, her heart still beats suddenly again uncontrollably.

A louder than a louder.

That night, Chen Chen called her to say congratulations, and also talked about this topic.

"I saw the clip between you and Lu Yan."

Lin Ruoxing: "Then what?"

Chen Chen said: "Is it really impossible for you?" She asked: "I have been waiting for you to reunite after breaking the mirror."

Lin Ruoxing smiled and said softly: "Not all lovers can reunite after breaking up."

"I know."

Chen Chen said, "But I just think it's possible that you guys broke up. Lu Yan has never found a girlfriend, and you have never found a boyfriend. Isn't this enough to prove anything?"

She said: "I don't know why you have to separate your work from your private life. Isn't that yours? While you are chasing your career, you can also have a happy and happy private life, right?"

Aren't these few? I asked Lin Ruoxing directly.


Is not it.

It is actually possible.

It's just that the waywardness a few years ago no longer allowed Lin Ruoxing to make any impulsive decisions without careful consideration, so she couldn't make this step.

She does not deny that there is still a person hidden in her heart.

She did not deny that she might never meet another person whom she loved so deeply in her life.

Although the future is unknown, Lin Ruoxing knows that it is.

Before Lin Ruoxing could understand, her agent took her a new play.

Lin Ruoxing cooperated with a familiar actor who had chased her for a while before, but Lin Ruoxing refused, and there was a rumor between the two.

As soon as the drama of the two was officially announced, some netizens on the Internet began to smash cp.

And it's crazy and crazy.

Lin Ruoxing was a little helpless, but he couldn't stop it. This was everyone's freedom.

However, occasionally seeing the edited video of herself and the actor, she was still a little helpless.

Meeting Lu Yan again is an activity.

Lin Ruoxing and Lu Yan participated together, and the same actor also participated.

Lin Ruoxing was in a bad mood these past two days, and it happened to be her eldest aunt on this day, so when she watched Lu Yan, she couldn't help but feel a little aggrieved.

Although she can't be wronged.

Seeing Lu Yan talking with other female artists, Lin Ruoxing just feels uncomfortable.

There was also such a reason for the breakup that year.

Lu Yanna will sign a contract with the company, and the company will get him a scandal. The two people are crazy about CP fans. Every time Lin Ruoxing clicks on Weibo or a certain app, he sees this.

One can imagine how uncomfortable she was at that time.

Although they know that it is fake, girls tend to think more.

In short, she has always felt...If she hadn't taken the initiative, Lu Yan and her would have nothing.

She leaned forward cheeky.

Obviously, they had been in love for so many years, but because of this little incident, the two separated.

Lin Ruoxing's face grew paler thinking about the past.

Suddenly, the actor on one side shouted: "Ruoxing, why is your face so ugly?"

Lin Ruoxing held on, and just wanted to speak, he fell straight down.

Before closing her eyes, she vaguely saw a familiar figure hurriedly approaching her, just like when she was sick before, he was always more anxious than herself.

When she woke up again, Lin Ruoxing was in the hospital. She opened her eyes and looked down, and she saw the man resting on the sofa not far away.

With a long body, he has become more mature and stable after so many years. The charm of a man is getting more and more full, and he is becoming more and more attractive.

While watching, the people on the sofa don't know when they will wake up.

The eyes of the two collided, and Lin Ruoxing was startled. Before he could dodge, Lu Yan suddenly said.

"Is there anything uncomfortable?"

Lin Ruoxing shook his head blankly: "...nothing."

She pursed her lips to look at Lu Yan: "Why are you here?"

Lu Yan said frankly, "I sent you to the hospital."

Lin Ruoxing: "...didn't my agent come?"


Lin Ruoxing looked at Lu Yan, and stopped talking, "Thank you."

Lu Yan said lightly: "Yeah." The attitude is exactly the same as before, but Lin Ruoxing still misses it inexplicably.

Because of the hospitalization this time, the two were inexplicably connected again.

Although not much, it is not as cold as before.

Lin Ruoxing and the actor had a big scandal when filming. The next day, she saw Lu Yan on the set.

Both are adults, and naturally know what each other means.

To use Lu Yan's later words-he was worried about Lin Ruoxing, he agreed to break up with Lin Ruoxing because she said that she would live her ideal life.

But if her ideal life is to get herself into the hospital, Lu Yan would not agree.

The two did not reunite vigorously.

They are all very calm connections, relatively indifferent.

Occasionally there are still pictures taken, but both of them tacitly do not respond or explain.

Lu Yan didn't say to chase Lin Ruoxing, nor did Lin Ruoxing.

The two of them just pretended to be foolish.

Until Lu Yan had an accident, at the moment when he knew it, Lin Ruoxing felt that the sky had fallen.

Obviously this person... was still telling himself the day before that he would invite her to dinner after filming the movie.

Ask her if she wants to celebrate his sister's birthday together.

Lin Ruoxing refused, but he still bought a ticket and prepared to go. Lu Yan saw how much his sister looked at. She knew better than anyone.

He is willing to let himself and his sister meet and know each other, it is not meaningful.

When Lin Ruoxing arrived, he was surrounded by media reporters.

When he went into the hospital and looked at the man with the tube all over his body, Lin Ruoxing's head was blank for a moment.

She didn't know what she should do, and she didn't know what she did was right.

Later, the agent scolded her and asked her what is the use of guarding Lu Yan, so that he was not afraid that when he would never wake up in his life, Lin Ruoxing suddenly found the answer.

Even if Lu Yan couldn't wake up in this life, she was willing to guard Lu Yan.

What if she doesn't have time to spend time with herself at work, as long as the person is healthy and safe, she will never do it again, and never talk to him about breaking up.

She wants to be with this person, three meals a day, whether it's normal or separated, as long as it is healthy and safe, it is good enough.

After Lu Yan woke up, the two of them naturally returned to the original state without saying anything.

Lin Ruoxing thought at first that she would be very uncomfortable, but she found that...not really.

She and Lu Yan even lived together like a couple who had never separated.

After waking up, Lu Yan gradually let go of work.

Instead, Lin Ruoxing became a desperate third mother, of course... appropriate rest.

At the end of the year, Lin Ruoxing won the best actress award for a TV series.

This has been her dream for the past few years, and she always felt that only if she got it, she was qualified to be with Lu Yan.

At the moment when he was standing on the stage, Lin Ruoxing did not expect that Lu Yan would be the one who gave her the award.

Lin Ruoxing was dumbfounded when he watched that man walk out.

Lu Yan gave her the trophy, reached out and hugged her, pressed close to her ear and said, "Congratulations, my girlfriend."

Lin Ruoxing was startled and smiled.

Holding the trophy, she looked at the colleagues and fans in the audience, took a deep breath and said, "Thank you, I want to say a lot, but suddenly I don't know how to say it."

She said: "Thank you very much for giving me this award, it feels like a dream."

She paused for a while, turned her head and looked at Lu Yan, and said in a low voice, "Finally, I would also like to thank someone who has been by my side. Without him, I would not have appeared on this stage now."

She looked at Lu Yan and whispered, "Thank you, thank you for everything you gave me."

As soon as the voice fell, the audience thundered with applause.

Lu Yan smiled and took her microphone suddenly: "Can the award-presenting guest speak?"

Not far away the host laughed: "Of course you can."

Lu Yan nodded and knelt down on one knee in front of everyone.

The audience was in an uproar.

Lu Yan said: "Then take a moment for everyone, let everyone witness it, and let me propose marriage."

He looked up at Lin Ruoxing, took a deep breath and said, "It has been a long, long time since I liked you at the age of seventeen, and today I want to do what I have always wanted to do."

Lu Yan paused: "Ten years have passed, I want to ask you, are you willing to marry me now?"

He looked at Lin Ruoxing with bright eyes, and said softly: "I want to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you. Is that okay?"

Lin Ruoxing cried sobbing.

She is willing.

She nodded hurriedly, lest she missed it.

This evening, the love between Lin Ruoxing and Lu Yan was spread by everyone, and the entire online platform was also bombed.

It was surprising and shocking.

These two people... from the age of seventeen to the present, they are so enviable that they have been young.

The next day, the two directly announced their marriage.

After posting the marriage certificate on Weibo, fans expressed envy and blessings.

Lu Yan also rarely posted a long Weibo to record their long-distance running love.

Lin Ruoxing followed forward.

They are lucky. From the time when they had the hottest relationship when they were young, they are all lucky, whether it was a puppet love, a breakup, or a reconciliation.

Sometimes Lin Ruoxing thought, maybe it was because of that part of the breakup that the relationship between the two would be stronger and they would know how to cherish each other more.

But if they didn't break up, maybe they would have married early.

No matter how you guess, a lot of things are determined in the dark.

When I met you, everything was just right.

Thank you for fulfilling all my beautiful yearning for love and marriage.

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