Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Brother Or Idol

After the results were announced, there was joy and melancholy.

Those who are happy to enter the backcourt are also melancholy of the eliminated students.

Everyone hugged each other, crying into tears.

Lu Anan actually doesn't like this kind of atmosphere. She is not a sensational person, but she is also a sentimental person.

When encountering a little thing, or hearing a touching story, I can't help but want to cry.

She looked at the group of people in front of her, her eyes suddenly red.

In fact, Lu Anan really didn't want to cry, but there were sobbing all around, and she was emotional when she heard them choking and talking.

After the separation today, I don't know how long it will take to meet again.

The host looked at this group of young girls, but also quite disappointed.

Everyone came here for dreams, and no one knows what the future holds.

To meet is fate, I hope to cherish it.

After that day, everyone went back to the dormitory to relax for a whole night.

In some dormitories, there is gradually only one person left.

Lu Anan didn't sleep well that night, and dreamed of many things before.

She remembered very clearly that when her father died, her relatives didn't want to take care of her, and they kept telling her--unless the property left by her father was handed over and let them take care of her, they would always take care of her.

Lu Anan would not be stupid, of course he would not hand it over.

She sold the original large villa alone, bought a small house suitable for her living, two bedrooms and one living room, and then renovated it.

Of course, all this was done in adulthood.

Before making these decisions, she met Sheng Heng.

Her father had just passed away, and relatives came to her house again and again, trying to take away some valuable things.

Lu An'an was unwilling and gave people a fierce meal. In order to **** her father's favorite tea leaves back, she bit a relative and then was slapped.

But even so, she didn't say anything.

Just keep biting, there is a posture that you can't go if you don't put the tea down.

Later, the community security came.

Lu Anan methodically told the security guard that those people should not be allowed in again. The security guard looked at her pitiful appearance and agreed, asking her if she wanted to accompany her to the hospital, but she refused.

After coming out of the hospital alone, Lu Anan walked aimlessly on the street.

After that day, she had no family anymore.

It just so happened that the led screen of a shopping mall opposite was on.

The dazzling light, Lu Anan subconsciously stretched out his hand to block it, and people passing by stopped exclaiming. She also raised her eyes and saw the person she likes now.

Sheng Heng was like a beam of light, illuminating the dark road at that time, and also igniting her heart.

He still remembers the song Lu An'an at that time, a long, long time ago. It was a song played and sung by Sheng Heng and he wrote it himself.

After she stood in place and watched a song, she saw his interview.

He said-people don't live for anyone, but for themselves, with faith and belief.

He was invited to be a guest on the show. He was the popular king at the time, and many people admired and liked him.

So the host asked him to say some chicken soup for everyone to encourage him.

Then there is that paragraph.

Later, Sheng Heng became the belief that Lu An'an followed.

She is more and more motivated to live, yeah, what about a person, she is at least healthy and safe, just to live hard.

Lu Anan joined Sheng Heng's fan group. In addition to studying hard and drawing, he is chasing stars, playing rankings for Sheng Heng, fighting against black, picking up the plane, watching his concert, and supporting all his activities.

In the back, everything is getting better and better.


When I woke up, some sunlight came in in the room.

Lu An'an was startled, and peeked out of the quilt.

The roommates all woke up and were getting dressed.

"An An, are you going home?"

Lu Anan was startled, and suddenly thought that the program group had given them a holiday.

Its been too long. The program team gave everyone a day off and they can go out for free activities. Last night, many people had met together and went shopping.

Lu Anan was taken aback, just about to speak, the task came.

"Today's task: send chicken soup to Lu Yan."

Lu An'an: "???"

She choked, "I can't make chicken soup."

"Send, you are not asked to do it."

Hearing this, Lu An'an pouted his lips: "Let's do it."

She lifted the quilt and got up, but quickly.

After washing, Lu Anan quickly put some sunscreen on her face and left.

Chang Qian stared at her blankly, "You just left?"


Lu Anan said, "I'm going home today. I'll leave first. See you tonight."

I have to come back to gather at night.

Qu Jing looked at her amused: "An An, you are squandering your capital too much."

Lu Anan: "It's too late, it's not easy to take a taxi here."

She waved her hand: "Go now."

"be careful."

"it is good."

Lu Anan ran to the elevator with his little schoolbag. As soon as the elevator door opened, the people inside sneered after seeing her.

It is He Xiaoshuang.

Lu Anan curled her lips and greeted very kindly: "Morning."

There were other people inside, and they quickly said, "Good morning, are you going to go back to school or go home?"

"Come back home."

"Oh, is the family here to pick it up?"


Lu Anan spread his hands: "I'll take a taxi and go back."

He Xiaoshuang glared at her, Lu Anan completely ignored it.

After getting out of the elevator, He Xiaoshuang looked at her and said: "Lu Anan, don't be proud of you, the game is not yet at the end."

Hearing this, Lu Anan smiled: "He Xiaoshuang, who is it proud of?"

She rolled her eyes: "I hope you remember the bet."

After that, Lu Anan stopped looking at her and went to queue for a taxi.

He Xiaoshuang looked at her like this and sneered: "Oh, aren't you number one now? Why doesn't your company send a car to pick you up?"

Lu Anan didn't bother to talk to her.

A few minutes later, a black car stopped in front of He Xiaoshuang.

The student next to him exclaimed.

He Xiaoshuang said: "Do any of you want to go to the long-distance road? You can take you along the way."

Someone froze and asked, "Xiaoshuang, is this your car?"

"of course."

Several others said: "We want to go."

He Xiaoshuang nodded: "Then get in the car."

"thank you."

When the three people got into the car, He Xiaoshuang frowned. He glanced at Lu Anan, who was still standing there: "Lu Anan, are you going?"

Lu Anan smiled faintly: "No, I'll take a taxi."

He Xiaoshuang chuckled lightly: "Oh, then you have to wait a long time."


Lu An'an looked complacent: "So what?"

He Xiaoshuang expressed contempt for her behavior of toasting and not eating fine wine.

She just wanted to make a mockery when a white Bentley drove over from the other side not far away.

He Xiaoshuang's eyes lit up for a moment.

This is her favorite car.

Even the classmates who got in the car with them all exclaimed: "Ah, this car is so beautiful."

"Yes, yes, what brand is this?"

A sneer flashed in He Xiaoshuang's eyes, and he glanced at the questioner.

I don't even know the brand, and I don't know where the courage is to ask.

The man seemed to have noticed her gaze too, pursed his lower lip and lowered his head.

No more words.

Under everyone's attention, the car stopped on the opposite side, and the people inside got out of the car.

The man wears sunglasses, is very tall, and has outstanding temperament.

"who is this?"

The man looked over here, and when he saw the person standing on the side of the road, he shouted, "An'an."

In an instant, everyone turned to look at Lu An'an.

Lu An'an was startled for a few seconds, then suddenly smiled.

"What are you laughing at? Go home."

Lu Anan smiled, "Oh", and then slowly walked over with his schoolbag: "Why are you here?"

The man in front of him is Lin Yuan, and there is this person in Lu Anan's memory.

It was Lu Yan's classmate from childhood, and he had a very good relationship with Lu Yan. He was also good to Lu An'an. When Lu An'an was still alive, he liked to chat with Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan looked at her with a disgusting expression, "Why, don't you want to see Brother Lin Yuan?"

"Where is it."

Lu Anan smiled, not paying attention to the back gaze: "What I am curious about is Brother Lin Yuan, why did you suddenly come to pick me up today?"

Lin Yuan glanced at her: "You sent a message to your brother that I was going to the studio today, and I happened to be nearby, so I was pulled over as a coachman."

Upon hearing this, Lu Anan smiled.

Lin Yuan opened the door to Lu An'an before going around to get into the car and drove away.

After the shadow of the car disappeared in front of them, everyone came back to their senses.

"My God...that handsome guy just came to pick up An An?"

"Wow, it might not be An An's boyfriend."

"How is it possible, An An said that she has no boyfriend."

"I'm so envious, that car seems to be worth tens of millions, right?"

Suddenly, someone outside said: "Xiaoshuang's family is also a luxury car."

"But compared to Bentley... it's still a far cry."

He Xiaoshuang's face was pale as he listened to the conversation not far away.

She gritted her teeth and looked at the three students in the car who were still looking outside: "Sorry, I suddenly have something to go back to school."

She said: "It may not be with you."


When I was driven out of the car, watching the black car disappear in front of my eyes, some people scolded anxiously: "What does she mean?"

"Who knows, it feels like we really want to ride in her car. If no one came here just because she was too shameless, I would not get in the car."

"Yes, the eldest has a temper. I really think that everyone will serve her!"



Lu Anan didn't know what happened next.

After getting in the car, she was still a little worried that Lin Yuan would notice something, but it didn't seem to be.

After Lin Yuan chatted with her and asked about the show, he didn't ask more.

"Do you want to go home again?"

"Will it be troublesome?"

"will not."

Lin Yuandao: "Brother Lin Yuan is your full-time driver today. You can do whatever you want."

Lu Anan smiled, "Thank you, Brother Lin Yuan."

Lin Yuan looked at her unexpectedly: "Your brother said that your personality is getting more and more cheerful. I still don't believe it. Now it's really true."

He stretched out his hand and patted Lu Anan's head, and said in a low voice, "Little girl, look better."

Lu Anan agreed softly: "Okay, I will."

"That's right, be happy."


Lin Yuan raised his eyebrows seeing her like this, but didn't say much.

Lu An'an was sent home. Lu's mother and Lu's father were extremely excited. Lu's mother took her hand and looked at me, her eyes flushed: "An'an has lost weight."

Lu Anan: ""

There is a kind of thinness, which makes mom think you are thin.

She obviously ate a lot in the dormitory, and every time she ate with Chang Qian and the others, several people were amazed-why she didn't need to restrain herself, the fish and the meat, but they could only drink soup and green vegetables.

Lu Anan was sure and affirmed that he had gained two catties.

"I'm not thin."

Lu Anan couldn't laugh or cry: "Mom, I miss you."

She stretched out her hand and took the initiative to hug Mother Lu: "Are you and Dad okay at home?"

Mother Lu was shocked and happy: "It's great that Mom and Dad are at home. How about you, Mom watched your game, it was great."

Lu Anan nodded, his eyes crooked: "I have made many friends, and they are very good."

"Is it hard to train?"


Lu Anla talked to her mother and diverted her attention.

After talking for a while, Lu Anan accompanied his parents to a meal and asked the aunt at home to make chicken soup and some dishes. After packing, he and Lin Yuan set off to Lu Yan's studio.

After getting on the bus, Lin Yuan thought about the name of the dish she had reported out: "An An, your brother likes spicy food very much."

Lu Anan: "I know."

Hearing this, Lin Yuan raised his eyebrows and looked at her: "Who are the other two dishes that don't let auntie put hot peppers for them?"

Lu Anan: "."

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