Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Brother Or Idol

I was satisfied when Lu Yan wanted to hear the answer.

He smiled and nodded, watching Lu An'an and said, "That's right."

He glanced at the thermal insulation box next to him, very tired: "Are you going to deliver it in person? Not appropriate?"

Lu Anan turned to look at Brother Qian: "Brother Qian...can you send it to me?"

Brother Qian smiled: "No problem."

After handing over the task to Brother Qian, Lu Anan and Lu Yan talked a few words, thinking about the fans who came to visit the class outside, and murmured to Lu Yan, Lu Yan paused: "Go to Assistant Sheng Heng."


"Just say that there are fans visiting the class outside and ask the assistant to tell Sheng Heng that he will go out."

"But people have been standing outside for a long time. It's so cold. Can I go out and get some hot water?"

Lu Yan was startled, stared at her for a moment and asked, "Are you feeling the same?"


Lu Yan sighed: "Go ahead. Ask your brother for help if you need anything."

"Okay, thank you brother."

After watching Lu An'an run away, Lu Yan stared at the familiar and fragrant food in front of him for a long while, drank the chicken soup that warmed his stomach.

Because of the help of Lu Yan and Qian Ge, Lu Anan found the staff and asked for disposable cups and hot water bottles before walking outside.

At this time, what fans need most when visiting classes is warm water.

In fact, she still wanted **** tea, but it was too much trouble.


Chen Jia didn't expect that the staff just now would go back and forth, and even give them water.

She was holding the hot water in front of her, feeling a little unspeakable.

"Thank you."

"No need to."

Wearing a mask, Lu Anan said with bright eyes: "Ms. Sheng's scene today is a bit heavy, so it will take a while." She paused: "Would you like to wait at the coffee shop next to it? It's so cold."

Chen Jia shook his head: "No, it's too far over there. Wouldn't it be for nothing if I missed it."

Lu Anan was silent for a moment, and asked softly, "What if Teacher Sheng didn't come out today?"

There was a flash of disappointment in Chen Jia's eyes, and it returned to normal after a while.

"That's normal, we came on the initiative, it doesn't matter."

If I waited and missed it, then I wouldn't blame myself.

Lu Anan listened, feeling particularly distressed.

She brought hot water to several people and said softly, "Drink some water, don't catch a cold."

"Thank you sister."

Lu Anan didn't refute it.

Many of Sheng Heng's fans are high school and college students.

She turned to look at the other side: "There are Lu Yan's fans over there, right?"

Chen Jia glanced: "Yeah."

She looked at the person in front of her: "...Are you a fan of the family?"

"Not really."

Lu An'an said, "I'm afraid that you will catch a cold. It is not easy to chase stars."

Chen Jia looked at her exposed pair of eyes. She always felt that she was particularly familiar, but she couldn't remember when she saw it.

She frowned and thought, could it be that this person is a staff member next to Sheng Heng?

It shouldn't.

The staff next to Sheng Heng basically knew each other.

After sending hot water to all the fans at the door, Lu Anan turned around and returned to the studio.

As soon as she walked in with the kettle in hand, she ran into Sheng Heng who was coming here.

Lu Anan subconsciously wanted to avoid her, and Sheng Heng walked past as if he hadn't found her.

For a while, Lu Anan didn't know whether he should be happy or sad.

As he was thinking, his head was suddenly photographed.

Lu Anan stiffened, turned his head and looked over, and met Sheng Heng's deep eyes.

"...Sheng... Teacher Sheng."

Sheng Heng looked at her trembling small body, "Hmm" and said, "Are you done?"

Lu Anan nodded and looked at him: "Did you recognize me?"

Sheng Heng glanced at her small horrified eyes and joked, "No, isn't it a staff member?"

Lu Anan: "..."

She took off the mask.

Sheng Heng raised his eyebrows and looked at the kettle in her hand and said, "Quickly go in and rest."


"Isn't it cold outside?"

Lu Anan shook his head quickly: "Cold."

Sheng Heng responded, "Go and rest."


Lu Anan looked at him: "What is Teacher Sheng going to do?"

Sheng Heng smiled unclearly, "What do you mean."

Lu An'an's eyes brightened: "Are you going to the door to see the fans?"


Sheng Heng heard her surprise voice, his throat astringent: "How are they?"

"it's too cold."

Lu Anan said, "They don't want to leave, they just want to see you."

Sheng Heng nodded: "I see, you can go in first."


"Lu Anan."


Lu Anan looked back at him.

Sheng Heng paused, and said in a deep voice, "Thank you."

Lu Anan curled his lips and smiled: "Teacher Sheng is polite, you should."

She is also a small fan.

I understand the mentality of fans too much.

Seeing her running away, Sheng Heng narrowed his eyes, only feeling that there was an unspeakable emotion.

Just ten minutes before, Yu Yuan carried an insulation box into the lounge.

After filming a scene, Sheng Heng has a 20-minute break.

He looked at the insulated box, a little surprised.

"what is this?"

Yu Yuan didn't think too much: "Brother Qian sent it over, saying it was sent by Lu Yan's family. Share it."

With that said, he laid out the contents inside.

One chicken soup and two meat dishes.

It's amazing, there is no chili on the meat dishes.

Yu Yuan said unexpectedly, and looked at him: "Strange, isn't Lu Yan eating chili?"

He couldn't help asking: "Could he still know your taste?"

Sheng Heng glanced a few times and suddenly thought of something.

Before he could catch it, Brother Qian knocked on the door again.

"Sheng Heng."

Sheng Heng got up and said, "What else can Brother Qian do?"

He pointed and asked, "Did Lu Yan's family bring it here?"

Brother Qian laughed dryly, but he didn't dare to say that it was Lu An'an: "Lu Yan asked me to tell you that there are fans visiting the class outside, and they have been standing for a long time. Would you like to go out and have a look?"

Hearing this, Sheng Heng said without hesitation: "Are you at the door?"

"Yes, the little girls are quite cold."

Sheng Heng nodded: "I am past now."

Brother Qian smiled: "It's not easy for them, let them go home early."

"Yes, thank you Brother Qian."


This is the scene just now.

Although Sheng Heng had guessed a little bit, when he looked at the figure hiding from the guilty conscience, he still felt unspeakably happy and moved.


After returning to Lu Yan's lounge, Lu Anan held a hot water bottle to warm up for a while before he felt that he was alive again.

The cold in city b is different from city a in her previous city. Although the temperature difference between the two cities is not large, one is bitterly cold and the other is wet and cold.

Lu Anan couldn't bear it.

Lu Yan started work after eating, leaving Lu An'an alone in the lounge.

Lin Yuan had something to do temporarily and didn't come back.

Lu Anan was alone in the lounge, playing with her mobile phone.

She thought for a while, and planned to click on the penguin group to see Sheng Heng's dynamics. Generally, there will be notifications in the group if there is any news.

Because of the program, Lu Anan didn't have time to start.

As soon as it was turned on, she saw "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" speeches on the screen.

Lu Anan climbed the stairs, and it took a long time to understand why.

One of the young ladies who visited the class today is in the group.

In addition to sending a few group photos, the words were very excited, telling everyone that they had seen Sheng Heng, and also said Sheng Heng's heart-warming behavior.

[My brother is really good!

[He asked us to go back to the hotel to rest early, it was too cold outside, and he not only gave us an autographed photo, but also asked the assistant to buy hot milk tea for us.

[Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu is worth chasing for a lifetime.

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, there is a young lady on the set who sent us hot water before her brother came out, but she was wearing a mask, so we didn't take pictures, probably because we didn't want to show our faces.

[Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo really touched today, we are now in the car back to the hotel, this car was asked by my brother, and said let us go back soon, don't catch a cold.

[All those excited are crying!

After speaking, there is a series of responses below.

[Mom, I admire it.

[Well, how can my brother be so good.

[Stop talking, I regret not going to the scene today.

[Gosh, where can I find this favorite idol?

Not to mention, Lu Anan can feel the mentality of fans from words.

She was moved when she watched.

I like Sheng Heng, it's really good.

It's also worth it.

Lu Anan didn't stay on the set for long. When Lin Yuan came back, he obediently followed Lin Yuan to the hospital.

After an inspection, they returned to their apartment dormitory in the evening.

So I don't know what happened after Sheng Heng and Lu Yan.


After returning from the holiday, the group resumed training.

This time, the rules of the game have changed.

From random team training to professional orientation.

Divided into vocal music, dance and singing.

The program group also allows everyone to choose according to their first wishes.

After the selection is over, a new round of placement and rehearsal will begin.

Similarly, the second stage performance will be broadcast soon.

On the afternoon of the broadcast, the trainees were excited, and the netizens were also excited, eagerly waiting for the broadcast.

At eight o'clock in the evening, the program aired on time.

Lu Anan had just finished dancing from the training room, and before he had time to take a bath, he was pulled by Chang Qian to watch the performance on the sofa.

From the moment Sheng Heng appeared, the barrage was no less.

Lu An'an watched with piercing eyes, very happy.

The previous groups performed well, and she found it interesting to watch. Although she had seen it before, it still feels good when viewed with the barrage.

The next group is myself.

Several people in the dormitory were excited.

"An An, it's yours."

"Cici, you behaved well."

Two groups of guests took the stage, and there were still many barrage.

Suddenly, Lu Anan saw someone on the barrage asking:

"Sisters, didn't you find the lens?"

"I found it!! Brother looked at the audience when he was about to speak, did he see something?"

"Fuck you, the sisters are all piercing eyes."

"Ah ah ah ah ah I discovered the new world!"

The few people in the dormitory looked at each other, "What New World?"

"Why didn't I see it?"

"Neither did I."

For some reason, Lu Anan suddenly had a bad feeling.

After the performance of the two groups, the instructor made comments.

Suddenly, Chang Qian said: "...Why are some of Lin's comments cut off?"

The remarks against Lu An'an and their poor distribution were deleted.

Lu Anan felt normal. Lin Zhihuai is still a teacher, and the program team will definitely give her face.

Qu Jing also frowned: "Yes, her words are too targeted. Now there is no preface, everyone is talking about An An's shots."

Chang Qian twisted her eyebrows.

Chen Zixin glanced and said: "Normal, the program team needs this kind of smashing topic."

The other three: "..."

Sure enough, after the review, Lu An'an was sent to the hot search.

Although the popularity is not as high as last time, it is not terrible. Many people still think that their group is inferior to He Xiaoshuang and their group. Why can they win.

In short, the barrage talked a lot, each with its own dissatisfaction.

After reading all of them, before Lu Anan had time to swipe his phone, suddenly the phone vibrated wildly.

Its a fan group.

"Fuck! Everyone, go to Weibo to review, this damn... brother and Lu Yanshang are hot searches!"

"???What the hell?"

"Go and see! My god! A group of cults have come out!"

Lu Anan's eyelids twitched and immediately logged onto Weibo.

At one o'clock, she really saw the collision of two top hot searches.

But this time...not one hot search alone, they...fit together.

#Super idol spot sparks in the eyes#


# Appears in Super Idol Recording#

Several hot searches came down, all of them.

Lu Anan had a myocardial infarction for a few seconds, then clicked to drive in.

Open at one point, it is a screenshot video of a blogger.

It can be clearly seen from above that Sheng Heng glanced down the stage while speaking, and met Lu Yan's eyes.

He paused for a few seconds before he took his gaze away casually.

And Lu Yan looked at him more.

That look...

Lu An'an looked down and was called by the bloggers to be the interaction of love.

@v: Ah, ah, ah, ah, you guys dont know what new world I discovered when watching super idols! ! My god, Lu Yan was actually recording, and! Look at the animated picture, he and Sheng Heng's eyes still collided, and there are so many sparks!

Mom, what are the two top players?

Could it be that the fans are torn...so that the two of them have feelings? !

As soon as Weibo was posted, there were suddenly too many comments below.

[Mom, after reading this... I want to stand a cult for a second.


[Ahhhhh, why does Lu Yan go to be a super idol?

[...Sorry, I want to stand on cp.

Lu Anan:...

Insert bookmark

The author has something to say:

An An: No, you don't want to.

Brother: ...who the **** wants to go on hot search with Sheng Heng.

Sheng Heng: I also refuse.

Fans: Ah, ah, ah, ah, calm down! ! !

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