Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Brother Or Idol

Lu Anan had many dreams this night.

With her original free life, with the experience of the original owner An'an, intermittently, gradually, they started from two lines that did not intersect and overlapped together, turning into a turbulent line.

When he woke up, Lu Anan opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling for a long time before he lifted the quilt.

She looked at herself in her glasses, pulled the corners of her mouth hard, smiled, and then cleaned up and went downstairs.

Lu Yan has the habit of running in the morning, even if it is on vacation, he will not relax.

When Lu Anan went downstairs, the man had already exercised and took a shower and was sitting in the living room playing games.

Lu Anan: "...Brother, what game do you play?"

Lu Yan turned his head and looked at her eyes: "I woke up."


"are you hungry?"

"A little bit, where's your parents?"

Lu Yan laughed and whispered: "Go to the supermarket."


Lu An'an blinked: "Didn't you say you're waiting for me?"

Lu Yan hummed a laugh, pointed to the clock on the wall and asked, "What time is it? Mom said I can't buy fresh meat if I'm late. Let's go first. If you still want to go, I'll take you there."

"Don't don't, I can do it all."


After breakfast, Lu Mu and the others have not returned.

It is not easy for Lu Yan and Lu Anan to go out together. It doesn't matter if they change it. Lu Anan is now half-footed into this circle. Just in case, you still need to pay attention.

The weather is fine on New Year's Day.

It is very lively inside and outside, and there are always laughter and laughter coming from the TV, and I wish you a happy new year again and again, which is extremely sweet.

The Lu family made dumplings and cooked dinner together. It was very lively.

Lu Yan's grandparents have traveled abroad, so on New Year's Eve, the whole family will eat together.

After dinner, Mother Lu and Father Lu watched the Spring Festival Gala in the living room.

Lu Anan has no interest in the Spring Festival Gala. In previous years, when Sheng Heng participated in the Spring Festival Gala, she would wait in front of the TV. But this year, Sheng Heng was too busy to think about this.

Lu An'an was not interested, and Lu Yan naturally did not.

But the two did not run away either, sitting in the living room and playing with their phones.

Lu Anan received a lot of messages from friends on her cell phone. Wei Chuxia and Chang Qian were all celebrating the New Year. Their program group was also very lively, with a steady stream of red envelopes.

Lu Anan has robbed a lot, and has been the king of luck several times.

Chang Qian: [An'an Happy New Year! ! ! The new year is getting better and better!

Wei Chuxia: [New year, An An, come on! !

Yu Shu: [An Anchong, Happy New Year!

Qu Jing: [Happy New Year, the most beautiful [Appointment Novel www.xbooktxt.me] An'an.


Lu Anan smiled and gave them all messages one by one.

Suddenly, the phone vibrated.

Lu An'an looked down and saw that it was news from Lu Yan.

Lu Yan: [An An, do you want a New Year gift?

Lu Anan: [...Brother, if you didn't buy it, you don't need it.

Lu Yan: [...Want or not.

Lu Anan smiled: [Yes.

In fact, she felt that Lu Yan shouldn't have prepared a gift. This person has been at home since returning home and has not gone anywhere. There should be no gifts.

More importantly, Lu Yan didn't seem to be someone who would choose gifts for girls.

But Mother Lu and Father Lu both gave Lu Anan gifts and a red envelope.

She estimated that Lu Yan should also be a red envelope.

The phone shook again, it was a WeChat push.

Lu Anan watched, and his heart suddenly shook. Although it was a bit exaggerated, it was really...that's it.

Sure enough, the next second, Lu Yan's message came.

Lu Yan: [Sheng Heng's WeChat, New Year's gift.

Lu Anan tried to suppress the corner of his mouth that was about to rise, and looked up at Lu Yan.

Lu An'an: [Brother, you used Teacher Sheng's WeChat to give me, and then said it was a New Year gift. Did Teacher Sheng agree?

Lu Yan: [?

Lu Anan: [Thank you brother! ! !

Lu Yan smiled helplessly, ghost girl.

After receiving Shengheng's WeChat account, Lu Anan was extremely excited all night.

In fact, the tutors have a WeChat group with them, but that is a job account. Lu Anan knows very well that there is usually nothing to do and Sheng Heng will not appear. Even if he is added, he will not respond.

The job number is generally handled by the staff, and only when there is something, will the artist handle it.

Looking at the WeChat message sent by Lu Yan, Lu Anan was still a little uneasy.

What if Sheng Heng disagreed with the addition, would he have a bad influence on idols so hastily, entangled and entangled, and when it was about twelve o'clock, Lu Anan did not add Sheng Heng's WeChat.


Obviously there is a shortcut to go, but she can't go yet.

Lu Anan curled his lips and sighed quietly.

Too embarrassing her Lu Anan.


After spending the new year with him, Lu Anan ran back to the room, and when he went downstairs, he held three small gifts in his hand.

"Brothers, parents, this is a New Year's gift that An An prepared for you."

Lu Yan lowered his head to see that it was a red safe talisman.

He was startled for a moment, and Mother Lu exclaimed: "An'an, how did you prepare this?"

Lu Anan said "Um", "I just...can't afford expensive ones, An An only prepared this, I hope you like it."

Mother Lu stretched out her hand and hugged her: "Thank you An An."

Father Lu looked at the peace symbol in his hand, and was also moved indescribably: "Thank you An An."

Lu Yan narrowed his eyes and looked at her: "I asked for it myself?"

Mother Lu was taken aback and looked at her in surprise: "Didn't you buy it?"

Lu Anan smiled: "Well, I asked for it myself."

"When did you go?"

"The last sports meeting, didn't it take a long time off?"

Lu Anan didn't go shopping with everyone, and after applying with the staff, he went to a very spiritual and famous temple in the area.

She had nothing to give back to the Lu family. They were so kind to herself. She took up everything that Lu Anan could have enjoyed. Although it was not her wish, she could not get past that hurdle.

Lu Anan thought at the time that there is nothing else, so I hope they are safe.

She thought, this must also be a wish to die safely.

So she asked for a few peace symbols.

Although not necessarily useful, at least feel at ease.


After the New Year, Lu Anan returned to super idols to continue training.

Two days later, it was another round of competition. After this round, there were not many players left.

Life is like this, ushering and sending.

Meet, know, and separate.

Will always go through.

In the round of pk performances a year later, although Lu Anan performed well, he still did not get the first place.

The first place was replaced by another player, of course, it was not He Xiaoshuang.

After this round of competition is over, it is the knockout.

Some people were eliminated. At the end, only ten people were left, and they had to prepare for the finals.

Seven of them finally formed a group on this show.

Both Chang Qian and Yu Shu are still there, and Chen Zixin is also there. The remaining six people are not very familiar with Lu An'an.

Of course, He Xiaoshuang is an exception.

Qu Jing was eliminated. She held Lu An'an and cried, yelling: "An'an, Cici, wait for me to go back and vote for you."

Lu Anan smiled and patted her head: "Okay, we still have a chance."

She said: "This show can't make a debut, then we will change to another show, you are super outstanding."

"Ok, I know."

Everyone encouraged each other.

After the knockout round was filmed, their previous round was also broadcast.

That night, He Xiaoshuang and Lu An'an were on the hot search together, and Jin Ge Hot Dance and the sweet English song were on the hot search together. The two are considered to be people on the show.

It takes a long time to prepare for the finals. After all, it was also broadcast live. There were still two episodes that were not broadcast before. There is half a month of preparation time for the finals.

The farther behind, Lu Anan became calmer.

She looked calm, without any tension.

"An An, aren't you nervous?"

Lu Anan looked at Chang Qian: "I'm nervous, but it will be live broadcast then, so I have to tell myself now, don't be nervous."

She patted Chang Qian on the shoulder, and said softly, "Believe that we have stayed till the end and will get better and better."


Several people encouraged each other.

After a while, Gu Bai and Liu Mengting came over.

Seeing only ten people left, the two of them sighed.

"Now there are only ten of you, how do you feel?"

"We will continue to work hard."

Gu Bai smiled: "Yes, if you have such an idea, you are super idols!"

He said in a low voice: "Although you have only ten people left, you still have to work hard. After all, there are still three players who will be eliminated for the last time."

He looked at everyone: "Do you have confidence?"


Gu Bai smiled: "Okay, let's talk about the rules of the game for the next finals."

Gu Bai held something in his hand: "Now there are ten male artist names here. You have to draw lots. Who will be drawn? On the day of the finals, this male artist will perform with you."

In an instant, everyone exclaimed in unison.

"Wow! Who is there?"

"Who is it!"

"Is there Lu Yan?"

Lu An'an: "???"

She turned her head and looked at Chang Qian.

Chang Qian was not scared at all, and asked directly, "Are there any?"

Gu Bai couldn't laugh or cry: "Three of them are our three male mentors. As for the other seven, you will know if they are drawn."

Everyone is looking forward to it.

"Who will come first?"


"I'll do it first."

Everyone was drawing lots one after another, and Lu Anan asked for a blessing before the draw.

After the lottery was completed, the photographer stood next to them, and it was funny watching them behave cautiously.

"Quick, who will announce first?"

Liu Mengting looked at everyone and laughed: "Xiaoshuang come first, who did you draw?"

He Xiaoshuang unfolded, it was Wen Lun.

Everyone exclaimed, "Wow, Teacher Wen is amazing."

"It's so lucky."

Hearing this, Gu Bai was not convinced: "Why, isn't Teacher Gu good?"

Everyone laughed.

They reported their names one by one. Lu Anan still knew the names of several people. Although not very familiar, he also knew that they were some famous artists in the circle. Although some were not born professional singers, they sang well.

There are also a few good dancers.

In the end, only Chang Qian and Lu Anan remained unannounced.

Gu Bai smiled and said, "I also know which two teachers have not been selected, let me see, which of you selected is Teacher Sheng Heng, and who selected me."

Everyone looked at the two with blazing eyes.

Lu Anan hasn't seen it yet. This is really nervous. With a 50% probability, can she win Shengheng! ! !

Suddenly, Chang Qian screamed: "Ah! An An, congratulations!"


Lu Anan looked up, and on a note in front of him, Gu Bai was written.

Chang Qian was drawn by Gu Bai, so she was naturally Sheng Heng.

Before Lu Anan was happy, a familiar voice rang in his ear: "Wait, Chang Qian, you got me, why do you congratulate Lu Anan?"

Two people: "..."

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