Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Idol Or Brother

After the misunderstanding passed, Lu Anan and Chang Qian patted their little hearts in the bathroom and laughed happily.

"Ah ah ah ah ah so lucky!!!"

Lu Anan couldn't suppress the smile of her lips, and reached out and hugged Chang Qian: "Thank you Qian Qian."

"It's you lucky!!"

Chang Qian couldn't help saying: "I don't know what song we will win."

"It doesn't matter."

Lu Anan said: "If I can collaborate on a song with Teacher Sheng, I know any song."


The two calmed down in the bathroom, and then went back to the room to choose a song.

Lu Anan never thought that her luck would be so good. She picked up the song that was sung in the first episode, Sheng Heng's one. After she was pointed out by Sheng Heng to run out of tune, she made up her mind. Want the song of shame.

This time, it wasn't just Lu An'an and Chang Qian who exclaimed, and even the other students shouted: "An An, you are so lucky, right."

"Yes, I won't say anything about Teacher Sheng, but I also selected the song of Teacher Sheng."

"This song An An has also sung."

"What kind of fairy luck is this."

Lu Anan couldn't help but laugh: "Thank you, thank you all!"

She didn't know what to say for a while.

Only thanks.

Liu Mengting couldn't help but said, "An An is out of luck today."

She pointed and said, "The others are good too. These songs are great. There are still more than ten days to prepare. You all practice first, and the brothers who will practice with you will come over when you have time."

"Come on, everyone! The finals is the final, looking forward to your performance!"

"it is good!"

Everyone responded in unison.

After the teacher went out, Lu Anan suddenly became energetic.

Everyone is still talking about Lu Anan's luck, and most people have a good attitude towards Lu Anan.

Lu Anan's personality is not bad, and he can talk to everyone.

Amid the discussions, a voice suddenly came not far away: "Who knows if there is any inside story."

Everyone was taken aback.

Chang Qian turned her head and looked over. He is a player who has a good relationship with He Xiaoshuang and has good abilities.

She frowned, and just about to refute, another student spoke.

"What inside story?"

"If there is an inside story, what better than we, have we debuted earlier?"

"Yes, what's the inside story."

"Everyone stretched out their hands to draw lots just now. What are you talking about?"

Several people quarreled, and Lu Anan frowned: "Don't talk about this, everyone, go back to practice songs, and get to know the artist you are partnering with."

Everyone nodded.

"Yes, yes, you have to understand it first."


After returning to the dormitory, Lu Anan was still very excited.

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!"

Chang Qian looked at her and smiled: "You calm down."

"No way."

Lu Anan rubbed the quilt and said, "I can't calm down."

Chang Qian: "..."

The two smiled at each other and gave a high-five: "Go hard, we are the best."


Although Sheng Heng was selected, Lu Anan did not see him in the following days.

It should be said that I haven't seen it since the Chinese New Year. Sheng Heng was still absent from the last performance. His crew was too full to leave.

Lu Anan sat in the training room and sighed, and didn't know when Sheng Heng could come to accompany him to train.

Other artists have appeared once or twice one after another.

The photographer looked at her like this and deliberately interacted with her.

"An An, what do you sigh for?"

Lu An glanced at the photographer quietly: "It's boring to practice singing alone."

The photographer laughed: "Who does Anan want to practice with?"

"All works."

Lu An said duplicity, "I want to practice with a handsome guy."

Photographer: "Which handsome guy?"

Lu Anan wouldn't be fooled. She rolled her eyes, smiled and said, "It's all right, as long as she is handsome."

Photographer: "...You are not afraid that Teacher Sheng is sad when you say that?"

"Not afraid."

Lu Anan proudly said, "Ms. Sheng is too busy to practice with him."

The photographer laughed, and as soon as he wanted to speak, he saw a person standing at the door.

As soon as the photographer wanted to call someone, Sheng Heng shook his head at him.

The photographer shrugged off.

Lu An'an was still muttering, "Why did you say that I won Teacher Sheng."

The grievance is heavy.

"Don't you want to draw Teacher Zhongsheng?"


Lu Anan answered this very quickly.

Of course she wanted to win Shengheng, but... after a long time, Lu Anan felt that as a fan, she seemed a little greedy.

She even longed to see Sheng Heng every day.

Thinking about it, she struggled again.


Just after the sigh, a familiar and long-lost voice came from behind: "Why, it's so uncomfortable to cooperate with Teacher Sheng?"

Lu Anan was taken aback and turned around immediately.

As soon as she turned around, she saw the man standing at the door.

What he wears today is still simple, with a peaked cap pressed on his head, his eyebrows are outlined by the sun, his eyes are deep, he is staring at himself.

"... Teacher Sheng!"

Sheng Heng stared at her a few times, then asked quietly, "Yeah."

He lowered his eyes and smiled: "Why didn't you answer the question just now?"

Lu Anan looked embarrassed, and said softly, "...I don't have it, I am happy with you, can I feel uncomfortable, Teacher Sheng, don't you know?"

She threw the "ball" in an instant.

Sheng Heng was startled, as if she didn't expect her to suddenly become bold.

He chuckled lightly, looked at the little girl in front of him for a long time, then nodded: "Well, you are right."

Sheng Heng still knows the mood of his little fan.

He could see the joy and excitement in her eyes.

"long time no see."

"Teacher Sheng, I want to say a happy new year that is late."

Sheng Heng nodded: "Thank you."

He watched Lu An'an, and there was a photographer next to him.

After a moment of silence, Sheng Heng asked, "How are your preparations?"

"is acceptable."

Sheng Heng raised his eyebrows, "Then try?"


Lu Anan did not refuse. She was 100% confident in this song.

The two went to the side to practice.

This song, Lu An'an is indeed much better than the first time I sang it.

It makes people feel special when listening. Sheng Heng hasn't heard it for a long time. After listening, it took a long time to return to his senses.

Lu Anan looked at him anxiously: "Teacher Sheng, how are you doing?"

Sheng Heng glanced at her approvingly: "Very good."

He paused for a while and said, "But in the finals, does it seem monotonous just to sing?"

Sheng Heng asked: "Do you have any special skills?"

Lu Anan's eyes lit up: "What do you mean?"

Sheng Heng thought for a while: "This song can be used with piano."

"I can play the piano, but"

"but what?"

Sheng Heng looked at her.

Lu Anan pursed his lips, dare not say anything.

But she wanted to perform with Sheng Heng. She didn't dare to say, and it was too greedy. After thinking about it, Lu Anan said, "Then play the piano, can you?"

"Come and try."

"it is good."

The two didn't know the reason, the match was more tacit than expected, and there was absolutely no point that needed to be run-in.

The photographer glanced at the side and said, "An An, you and Teacher Sheng are indeed familiar, and the combination is too fast."

"What do you mean?"

Lu Anan did not understand.

The photographer smiled and said: "I heard other colleagues say that their groups have been entangled for a long time, and they need to adapt and divide the lyrics."

Upon hearing this, Lu Anan smiled.

"That's necessary, after all, Teacher Sheng is kind and takes care of the players."

Sheng Heng glanced at her and smiled.

In fact, it was Lu Anan who understood Sheng Heng.

She knows where is suitable for Sheng Heng and where is suitable for herself. She is hiding her abilities, but she is more prominent in Sheng Heng.

But Sheng Heng didn't need it. He changed Lu An'an's arrangement without changing his face, and then gave her a look.

Lu An'an didn't dare to refute, and could only accept it silently.

The two of them rehearsed this afternoon much faster than expected.

It didn't take long before the adaptation of Sheng Heng came out, and Lu Anan played the piano several times.

By the evening, the sky had all dimmed.

Sheng Heng glanced at her: "Practice more, there is still time."


Lu Anan glanced outside: "Teacher Sheng, are you leaving?"

Sheng Heng raised his eyebrows, paused and said, "Is the food in your cafeteria very good?"



When he went to the cafeteria with Sheng Heng, Lu Anan still felt that he was dreaming.

Why would Sheng Heng agree to stay for dinner, and... still with himself? !

Lu Anan feels that he might not be lucky if he wins Shengheng, this is it! !

Uuuuu, she must have accumulated virtue in her previous life, and she will be so lucky in this life.

With a rich expression on her face, Sheng Heng glanced at it, and found it quite interesting.

"What are you thinking?"

"...I feel very lucky."

Sheng Heng shook his head and laughed: "No."


Sheng Heng walked beside her with his hands in his pockets, and said quietly: "It's Mr. Sheng that is lucky."

Lu An'an was startled slightly. Just when he wanted to ask what he meant, the cafeteria appeared in front of the two of them.

Coincidentally, in the cafeteria, He Xiaoshuang and the student were also having a meal.

The eyes of the two collided, He Xiaoshuang sneered, glanced at her, then glanced at Shengheng, his heart was furious.

She got up and quickly walked over from the other side.

"Teacher Sheng, why did you come to the cafeteria to have dinner?"

Sheng Heng glanced at her and nodded: "Well, I heard it's good."

He Xiaoshuang's eyes brightened and said, "Yes, the food in our cafeteria tastes good. What does Mr. Sheng want to eat? Would you like me to introduce it to you?"

Sheng Heng didn't say a word.

He Xiaoshuang said: "Teacher Sheng, don't you eat spicy food, do you want to try the steamed fish in our cafeteria, it's super delicious."

She actively talked to Sheng Heng, and the photographer and others were taking pictures in the back.

Lu An'an, who was originally next to Sheng Heng, was squeezed away.

Lu An'an frowned, looked at the back of the two and took a deep breath, and did not do anything unusual under the camera.

She turned around and took the dinner plate.

As soon as she took it, she heard Sheng Heng's voice.

"Lu Anan."

"Teacher Sheng."

Lu Anan turned to look at him.

Sheng Heng pulled the corners of his lips upwards, jokingly said: "I can't tell the teacher?"

He asked: "Are you going to trouble classmate He Xiaoshuang?"

Lu An'an was taken aback, looking at He Xiaoshuang's stiff expression, and quickly said: "No, I'll come right away."

She glanced at her: "Teacher Sheng, do you want to lose weight at night?"

Sheng Heng: "..."

The photographer laughed: "An An, Teacher Sheng has not reached the point of losing weight."

Lu Anan snorted, and retorted in a low voice: "Artists must pay attention to body management."

Sheng Heng: "So you are saying that Teacher Sheng is not in good shape?"

"no no."

Lu Anan couldn't help but said, "I definitely didn't mean it."

She walked to the side of Sheng Heng and asked in a low voice, "Mr. Sheng, what do you want to eat?"

Sheng Heng glanced, "You can introduce it."

He turned his head to look at He Xiaoshuang: "Go back to eat, it's going to be cold."

Although he was stunned by Sheng Heng, after hearing this, He Xiaoshuang glanced at Lu An'an provocatively.

Lu Anan did not think he had seen it.

After He Xiaoshuang left, Sheng Heng had a meal with her.

This canteen is not really lively. The time for a group of them to eat is uncertain. Sometimes the training is not over and everyone does not come to eat.

Therefore, the food in the cafeteria is always hot, and the staff is also working hard, waiting for them.

Of course, there is still a unified set time.

Sheng Heng looked at the things on the dinner plate, watched the conversation between the girl next to him and the aunt inside, and listened to her exhortations. He always felt a special emotion.

He has always known that his fans are very good, but there is still a long distance between Shengheng and fans.

He will be grateful, but this is the first time he is so close to a fan.

Unexpectedly, he was not disgusted.

Of course, Yu Yuan also asked him, if it were other fans, would he still be so patient.

The answer is naturally no.

As soon as Lu Anan looked up, she met Sheng Heng's deep gaze.

She was stunned, her eyes flashed: "Teacher Sheng, what's the matter?"

"It's okay."

Sheng Heng retracted his gaze and said lightly: "You just want to eat this?"

On Lu Anan's dinner plate, except for a chicken leg, there was a little greens, not even rice.

Lu An'an sighed: "I don't want to either, but it's the last match, I can't get fat anymore."

"Not fat."

Sheng Heng pointed to the food in front of him and said, "Eat more."

Hearing that, Lu Anan didn't have the slightest principle: "Okay! I go to practice dance at night, and it should be fine."

After that, she looked at the aunt who was selling vegetables: "Auntie, I still want spare ribs, and I want more meat, thank you auntie."

Sheng Heng: "..."

Very good, carnivores.


After eating, Sheng Heng hurried away.

Lu Anan wandered downstairs two times and ran back quickly. There will be no photographer to follow, and she is free.

But she didn't expect that her luck would be so bad, and she would meet He Xiaoshuang again.

He Xiaoshuang sneered after seeing her entering the elevator.

"Lu Anan."

"Do you think you can be proud if you hug Teacher Sheng's thigh?"

Lu Anan pressed for a few seconds before looking at her: "I don't understand what you are talking about."

He Xiaoshuang glanced at the monitor in the elevator, and pressed her voice in Lu Anan's ear and said: "We see the truth in the finals, I hope you count!"

Hearing this, Lu Anan smiled and looked at her sharply: "This sentence is for you."

With monitoring, He Xiaoshuang can't do what he wants.

As soon as the elevator arrived, Lu Anan came out first.

She and He Xiaoshuang's pk is in the final stage.

She will not admit defeat, nor will she let herself lose.

In the following days, Sheng Heng still rushed back several times to practice walking with her.

Before the final, the program team will also record a video of family cheering.

Lu Anan received the news in advance, but there was no accident.

She looked at the staff: "Are you going to record at home?"


Lu An'an nodded: "Then I have to tell my parents in advance, I don't know if they are at home."

The staff nodded and returned the phone to her.

Lu An'an called Mother Lu, and after communicating well, the program team took the address to go to her house.

A staff member looked at the address of Lu An'an's house and couldn't help muttering, "How do I think... the address of Lu An'an's house is a bit familiar?"

"How familiar?"

"do not know what to say."

We set off together and went to Lu An'an's home to record.

After the recording, Lu An'an didn't watch it in advance. All the recordings are completed and will be broadcast on the day of the finals.

However, Lu Anan received the news, saying that the staff had spread the word, and the place where He Xiaoshuang lived was better.

When Chang Qian and Lu Anan were talking, Lu Anan only raised his eyebrows, which is not surprising.

He Xiaoshuang's family background is very good.

Chang Qian: "I also heard what boss her father is."

Lu Anan laughed, patted her shoulder and said, "We will be our own bosses."

Chang Qian: "..."


In the blink of an eye, it was the day before the final finals.

Everyone is looking forward to it.

The players, fans, and even netizens longed for the end of the game, but they were reluctant to bear it.

Lu An'an and others were also very excited.

She was the last rehearsal. During the rehearsal, Sheng Heng came.

On Weibo, there are also news from Sheng Heng and others, as well as this show.

Everyone has been chasing after so many months sincerely, and they have feelings. I haven't watched it on the following weekends. I guess they are not used to it.

Lu Anan took a deep breath, and Sheng Heng stood beside her.


"kind of."

Sheng Heng smiled and comforted her: "Don't be nervous, just perform normally."

"I know."

Lu Anan looked up at him: "Teacher Sheng."


Lu Anan pursed her lips, and said in a soft voice, "Thank you."

Sheng Heng was startled and raised his eyebrows: "Why do you say this suddenly?"

"I just feel lucky."

There is even a chance to have this opportunity to cooperate with you.

She smiled and said, "I will remember this time of cooperation for the rest of my life."

Sheng Heng smiled and suddenly said, "I only remember this time?"


Sheng Heng raised the corner of his lips: "Don't look forward to cooperation in the future?"

Lu An'an was taken aback, and whispered, "It's not possible."

Sheng Heng looked at her sideways.

At the moment, Lu Anan didn't know whether it was a brain twitch or what was going on, and quickly said, "I'll fight for it."

Sheng Heng smiled: "Come on."


"Ms. Sheng is waiting for you."

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