Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Brother Or Idol

Immediately afterwards, there was a superposition of votes on the scene today.

The host announced one by one. When the top three were in the end, the host laughed and said, "Are you nervous?"

The audience shouted: "Nervous!"

After all, in addition to the number of likes, on-site votes are also counted.

If the number of on-site likes is higher, then you will find a reversal.

At this moment, He Xiaoshuang's expression was already ugly so that both the audience and the audience in the live broadcast room found something wrong.

"Why is He Xiaoshuang's face so ugly."

"Do you not look ugly when you know that you are not the first?"

"She is now fifth, and she can form a group."

"There is also a reversal, maybe it can move forward."


Lu An'an was also a little surprised. He Xiaoshuang had always been in the top three before, but now he is in fifth place by statistics.

Chang Qian was in sixth place, and Yu Shu was seventh.

Fortunately, two people she knew came in.

However, it is still a bit dangerous.

Chang Qian grabbed Lu An'an's hand and was very nervous.

"An An, I'm so scared."

"Don't be afraid."

Lu Anan whispered: "You can do it well, don't worry."

She watched Chang Qian's stage performance and it was very good.

The host looked at everyone's nervous look and announced one by one.

At the end, the host smiled and said: "Let's congratulate Lu Anan! The number of live votes is still the first!"

The audience thundered with applause.

After the host reported the number of votes, the following screen began to change.

After all the changes stopped, everyone stared unexpectedly.

"how come?"

"Fuck! Is He Xiaoshuang so bad at the scene?"

"Oh my god, He Xiaoshuang became eighth?!!!"

"Oh my god, it really turned around!"

All the players turned around, and when they saw the first seven names, there was joy and sorrow.

Chang Qian said "Ah", turned and hugged Lu An'an: "Ah, ah, ah, An'an, I'm in."

Yu Shu was also excited: "Me too!"

The group of seven has been selected.

The host looked at the excited people on the stage and said with a smile: "Congratulations to the players who have entered the top seven. In the future, you must work harder and you will get better and better. Dont discourage the players who have not entered. Now, you They are the best and the most powerful, we must continue to work hard and keep going..."

The host spoke for a long time.

After speaking, it was the contestants who spoke.

The players cried and turned into tears, as did the audience in the audience, even many fans in the live broadcast room also said they cried.

After chasing for so long sincerely, everything finally came to an end.

When he arrived at He Xiaoshuang, she looked at Lu An'an with a cold face and suddenly said, "Thank you, I don't know what to say for a while."

She said: "I will continue to work hard."

A group of people below shouted to cheer.

Lu An'an is the last one, after all, he is the first, and the time to stay is relatively longer.

Lu Anan looked at the camera and smiled slightly: "Thank you for your support."

She took a deep breath: "I will continue to work hard and live up to everyone's love."

The host was stunned, as if she didn't expect her to talk so little.

"An An has nothing else to say?"

Lu Anan nodded: "Anyway, thank you."

The host laughed and said: "An An seems to have never said, why did you come to this show in the first place, right?"

Lu An'an nodded.

She pondered for a while, and said softly: "For a dream."

The host laughed: "Then has this dream come true now?"

Lu Anan nodded: "Almost, thank you for this opportunity, so that I can stand on the stage, thank you to all those who support me."

That night, Lu An'an and others were on the hot search.

She is the number one that deserves her name, most people like it, and of course there are black fans, but it's rare.

When we packed up and left, everyone felt very sad.

After staying for so long, I was about to disperse.

Although the seven of them have formed a group, there is no arrangement so far. Considering that they have been training for three months, the program group mercifully asked them to go home and rest for a few days before going to the company for a meeting.

"An An, we are leaving now."

"Okay, pay attention to safety."

"Everyone pay attention."

"See you in a few days."


That night, Lu Anan returned to Lu's house.

She was already very tired when she got home, and planned to sleep after taking a shower early.

After coming out of the shower, she received many messages on her phone.

There are Wei Chuxia's, Qu Jing's, and Lu Yan's.

After Lu Anan returned the news one by one, he saw an extra group of seven of them.

There is a staff member inside, who seems to be their agent.

Sure enough, when I opened it at one o'clock, I saw the news of @ all members. The agent asked a few of them to post a long Weibo to talk about their feelings during this period of time, thank the fans and so on.

Everyone agreed.

Lu Anan was thinking, and the phone shook. It was a message from Chang Qian.

Chang Qian: [An An! ! The hot searches on you and Teacher Sheng are also very good!

Lu Anan's eyes lit up, and he opened it without hesitation.

Sure enough, the first hot search was the super idol final, and the second was her and Sheng Heng. Seeing the two people's names linked together, Lu An'an was indescribably happy.

The top one is the video of the two performers. The blogger said in exaggerated words that he liked it so much. The performance of this group tonight is definitely the best.

The fans below are also excited.

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh finally to wait until my brother! !

[God, I've watched this performance ten times, my brother is really great!

[Lu An'an is also so strong, a player who has not signed a contract before can actually go to the end and become the first!

[Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah I am in love with Lu An'an.

[Uuuuu Lu Anan's face is too good-looking, I feel much more beautiful than when she first participated in the competition.

[God, I really want to knock this pair of master and disciples CP.

[Sister in front, no, you dont want to!

Lu Anan smiled, swiped on Weibo for a while, and even went to visit the Weibo of sister Shengheng Station. The photos taken by sister station were beautiful, and the photos of Shengheng were very special. Lu Anan clicked one by one. I was very satisfied with the preservation.

When I was happily swiping, the phone vibrated. It was a message from Lu Yan.

Lu Yan: [An An, are you asleep?

Lu Anan's eyes brightened, and he directly called Lu Yan back.

"Not asleep yet?"


Lu Anan lay on the bed: "Brother, thank you."

Lu Yan chuckled softly, "Thank you for what?"

"That's a lot."

Lu Yan said "Yes" and said in a low voice: "You are in a group, I just asked."

"You said."

Lu Yan was silent for a moment, and asked in a low voice, "Do you really want to participate in team activities?"

He whispered: "You didn't actually sign a contract with the program group, you just signed to participate in the competition, so if you don't want to participate in the show with everyone, you can quit."

This is what Lu Anan knew when he signed the contract.

Because of Lu Yan's help, she didn't sign that kind of contract. After all, at that time, Lu Anan didn't even know if she could stay in the end.

But now, she is still a bit tangled.

To be honest, she has seen a lot of boy and girl group activities, not to mention it is very complicated, the work is also very hard.

It's not that she can't endure hardship, Lu An'an is worried that she doesn't have much motivation, which will hold everyone back.

Her favorite is actually design.

"But if I'm not with everyone, isn't it a bad idea?"

Lu Yan smiled: "There were a lot of people who left the group before. Don't worry about that. You are the first and you haven't signed a contract. Don't worry about that."


Lu Anan was silent for a moment: "Brother, do you think I want to participate?"

Lu Yan raised his eyebrows, and said straightforwardly: "Not recommended."


"The women's team struggle is the same as the men's team. You have a few good friends in it, but the competition is too fierce and it is not easy to arrange jobs."

Lu Yan considered it from the perspective of a businessman.

"What's more, when this kind of girl group comes out, there are very few people who concentrate on making music. Most of them will switch to filming. You have to consider group activities during filming, and you will miss many opportunities."

Lu Yan has been in the circle for too long, and he already knows the rules of the game.

The reason why he said to Lu An'an in this way was because he knew Lu An'an, and similarly, he was worried that Lu An'an was not fit.

In the unlikely event of an emergency in her body, it is difficult to save.

Assuming that the group activities rehearsed in advance, because she is absent with physical problems alone, she will be scolded by fans even worse.

Lu Yan didn't want to see this happen.

Lu Anan said "um" to express understanding.

She pursed her lips and whispered, "Brother, I haven't told you something."


Lu Anan scratched his head and whispered, "Do you remember He Xiaoshuang?"


"I made a bet with her."

"What bet?"

Lu An'an guiltyly told Lu Yan everything. After speaking, Lu Yan was quiet for a few seconds, gritted his teeth and said, "Lu An'an!"


Lu Yan listened to her voice and suppressed his temper: "You don't know anything, so you dare to bet on dropping out of school?"

Lu Anan said nothing.

She also knew it was impulse, but she couldn't help it.

Hard to ride a tiger.

"Brother, I was wrong."

Lu An'an counseled: "I will never bet on this kind of thing in the future, I promise."

Lu Yan: "Heh."

Lu Anan pursed his lips: "Brother."

"Now that you have won, do you think that person will drop out?"

"do not know."

"If she doesn't drop out, what will happen to you?"


Lu Anan lightly analyzed: "In fact, its better not to quit school. If you quit school, aggressive topics like me may appear on the Internet. If you dont quit school, Im not afraid."

She is no longer An An who was bullied before, and she will fight back.

He Xiaoshuang didn't drop out of school, it was because she was cheeky and had nothing to do with Lu Anan. In short, she won. As for the others, she would not force He Xiaoshuang.

But based on what she knew about He Xiaoshuang, she always felt that He Xiaoshuang would drop out of school, and then blacked herself.

It wasn't that Lu Anan wanted to use the most malicious intent to guess people's hearts. It was really when He Xiaoshuang looked at her when he was leaving, she had this kind of guess.

Lu Yan was quiet for a few minutes and said in a low voice: "An An."

"Brother, you say."

Lu Yan paused and said, "Let's take a break these days. I'll find a special agent for you."

Lu Anan: "Okay, thank you brother."

After hanging up the phone, Lu Anan logged into Weibo and watched it twice, and after using his trumpet to fight against the black list for Sheng Heng and Lu Yan, he couldn't hold back and fell asleep.


Lu Anan hasn't slept for more than ten hours for a long time. When she woke up from this sleep, she had no idea that she had become the target person again.

Lu Anan was called by Lu Mu.

She looked at Mother Lu in a daze, and shouted coquettishly: "Mom, what's the matter?"

Mother Lu handed her the phone and whispered: "Your brother's phone."


Lu Anan glanced at the phone and instantly became sober.

"An An."

Lu Yan said in an anxious tone: "You are on a hot search."

Lu Anan was taken aback.

Lu Yan quickly said, "Did you not pay attention when you talked to He Xiaoshuang?"

Lu Anan blinked, and instantly understood something.

"What is our conversation exposed online?"

"You can see for yourself. I will ask Brother Qian to pick you up at home later. You can go to the company and arrange an agent for you."

"it is good."

After hanging up the phone, Lu Anan turned on his cell phone.

She had received many WeChat messages from her friends on her phone, but she didn't have time to read it, so she posted on Weibo the first time.

Sure enough, she ranked first in the hot search.

The heat of last night has gone down, and now the first hot search is-Lu Anan campus violence, forcing people to drop out.

Click to open and enter, it is a news from a blogger in a long commentary.

The general summary is-Lu Anan is a violent student who has beaten people at school, and she and He Xiaoshuang are in the same dormitory. They always oppress He Xiaoshuang, and even force He Xiaoshuang to drop out. The two participate in the competition, who loses Who drop out.

Now He Xiaoshuang has returned to school to pack up his things and left. It was extremely uncomfortable when he left. He also said that Lu Anan had inside stories when participating in the talent show, and he was treated specially by Gu Bai and other teachers.

All in all, when this long Weibo was posted, everyone's good impression of Lu An'an was reversed.

The netizens who didn't know the truth but just ate melons immediately began to insult her.

[Fuck! ! Surprised.

[Gosh, how are college students now?

[My god, scare me to death! ! Did you see Lu Anan in that photo? Did she have a facelift?

[Suddenly I feel that He Xiaoshuang is so pitiful, oooooooo, who was bullied like this.

[Lu Anan has been black all his life, he hasn't made his debut yet, he turned out to be a violent player?

[What background does Lu Anan have? Why haven't you heard of it before?

[Distressed Xiaoshuang oooooo, people like Lu An'an shouldn't make their debut!

[Lu An'an is an artist who intends to beat people in front of the public.

[Fuck! ! !

[As an insider, I have to say that Lu An'an is really bad, and only one or two of our classmates have a good relationship with her, and everyone else hates her very much.

The comments and reposts on that long Weibo have already exceeded 10,000.

Immediately afterwards, there was a lot of news.

In an instant, Lu Anan was basically a black player in the entire net.

Mother Lu looked at her, her face pale: "How can these people say that to you!"

Lu Anan looked at Mother Lu and shook his head: "Mom, don't be angry."

She patted Mother Lu on the shoulder and said softly, "It's okay, my brother will solve it."

Mother Lu looked at her: "Mom loves you. You have no friends in school?"

Lu Anan shook his head: "Yes, have you forgotten Xia Xia?"

Mother Lu pursed her lips and said nothing.

Lu Anan smiled at her and said softly, "Mom, in fact, this one classmate doesn't like me, and everyone else is very good."

Lu Mu didn't believe it at all.

The phone vibrated again, a message from Wei Chuxia.

Wei Chuxia: [An An! He Xiaoshuang returned to the dormitory to pack up. But I didn't expect that she would use this kind of black trick to insult you.

Wei Chuxia: [Moreover, she was very proud in the dormitory, saying that she can't make her debut, and neither can you.

Lu Anan frowned, and after thinking about it, he would ask: [Is there a recording.

Wei Chuxia: [Yes, after you told me last time, I kept one hand.

As she spoke, she sent the recording.

After listening, Lu Anan sneered and gave the recording to Lu Yan.

After she came, she learned that He Xiaoshuang used to have a good external image and attitude, so everyone believed what she said, and Lu Anan had no evidence to prove that he did not say those things or did those things.

So it was naturally stigmatized, but now, she won't.

She glanced at her mobile phone, to be honest, if it hadn't been this far, she didn't want to treat He Xiaoshuang.

Forgive others and forgive others, she wants to accumulate virtue.

But now, it doesn't seem to matter a little bit worse.

In the joy of everyone's curse, Lu Anan came to Xingyan Entertainment.

Brother Qian looked at her: "An An, do you feel uncomfortable?"

"It's fine."

Lu Anan looked at him and smiled: "I thought of it."

Brother Qian sighed: "Why is college life so complicated now, do you and He Xiaoshuang have any original grievances?"

Lu An'an pondered for a while, raised an eyebrow and asked, "Is it counted if I hit her?"

Brother Qian was choked and looked at her by mistake: "Have you beaten her?"


"Everyone knows?"

Lu Anan shook his head: "They only know that I have beaten another person, but they don't know that I even beat He Xiaoshuang."

Hearing this, Qian brother was even more shocked.


"They say bad things about my brother."

The memory she has was shared by He Xiaoshuang and another classmate.

At that time, the two of them first arranged for Lu An'an, and as they talked, they began to say that the surname Lu is not a good thing, and even when Lu An'an said that Lu Yan was kept by someone, in short, they were all unbearable. Words in your ears.

Although the original owner has a lot of resentment towards his brother, it is not something that others can slander and slander.

I didn't hold back, and started fighting.

Thinking about it, Lu An sighed quietly. No evidence was kept at the time. Everyone felt that she beat someone for no reason. Because of this, even the school posted it to clarify other things. Regarding the beating, yes. It can't be washed away.

In fact, Lu Anan felt that the original owner had a psychological problem.

Of course, it is not because of the aspect of beating, but the combination of all aspects. She has been living in a bad environment since she was a child. It will make her feel inferior and make her autistic and unable to integrate into the general environment.

Lu An'an felt a little pain when he thought of this.

Brother Qian was taken aback for a moment, but he didn't expect this to be the reason.

He stared at Lu An'an for a long time, then sighed and smiled: "Okay, don't worry about this, Brother Qian will help you handle it."

"Thank you Brother Qian."

When he arrived at the company, Lu Anan also received a message from Sheng Heng.

Lu Anan's eyes lit up, and the joy on his face was visible.

The corners of her lips were curled up, cheerful and happy.

Sheng Heng: [Someone can help me deal with things online?

Lu Anan: [Yes, thank you Teacher Sheng.

Sheng Heng: [Not uncomfortable?

Lu Anan: [Not uncomfortable!

Sheng Heng smiled helplessly, this comparison made him worried.

Yu Yuan glanced at him and muttered, "Sheng Heng, you can keep your cold image."

Sheng Heng: "..."

In the afternoon, when everyone insulted Lu An'an, Lu An'an suddenly went online.

Before everyone responded, Lu Anan posted a new Weibo.

It was forwarded by Xingyan Entertainment. At the same time, Lu An'an's profile has also changed, becoming an artist under Xingyan.

What she forwarded was the audio and lawyer letter from Xingyan Entertainment.

The content in the audio can be heard as long as you click on it. It is all the provocation of He Xiaoshuang alone, the verbal attack on Lu An'an, and the question of betting, followed by a lawyer's letter, which is right for netizens. He Xiaoshuang's.

In an instant, Weibo exploded.

Dare they scold the wrong person all morning, Lu Anan was slandered? !

In this conversation, He Xiaoshuang has always been aggressive. Although Lu Anan's tone is cold, he really didn't deliberately provoke.

Immediately afterwards, there were professional analysis. The audio exposed by He Xiaoshuang was edited, while Lu Anan did not have it here.

In an instant, netizens were angry.

This is completely using everyone as a gun.

In case Lu An'an has no evidence to keep, without these audio, the black material on Lu An'an can't be washed away.

Netizens were extremely angry.

Lu Anan's cell phone ringing again and again, she reposted the Weibo, and only wrote one sentence.

@v: The truth will be late, but not too late. I recognize the beating and apologize again, but I don't recognize the others.

As soon as this Weibo came out, many fans left messages expressing sympathy for her.

Similarly, there are many super idol players forwarding.

Chang Qian Yushu and Qujing still have many more, and they all stood up to speak for her.

After everyone exclaimed, even Gu Bai and Liu Mengting forwarded it.

What shocked Lu An'an and netizens was that even Shengheng also turned, although only the word "forwarding" was used.

He is never involved in these messy things.

@v: Forward // @v:...

As for Lu Yan, although Lu Anan asked not to forward it, he gave a thumbs-up with his trumpet.

Many people in the circle watched the responses and interactions of the two top players, and rushed to forward them.

In an instant, He Xiaoshuang and Lu An'an were sent to hot searches.

In the hot search, in addition to sympathizing with Lu An'an, it was the remarks that crusade He Xiaoshuang and asked her to apologize to Lu An'an.

At this time, He Xiaoshuang became a newcomer who was blocked before he debuted.

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