Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Idol Or Brother

There is an uproar on the Internet.

After Lu An'an finished posting on Weibo, it ended after a while.

She looked at Sheng Heng's forwarding, feeling surprised and novel.

The fans of Sheng Heng were naturally shocked.

They never thought that Sheng Heng would one day participate in this kind of competition.

In an instant, in the hearts of Shengheng fans, Lu An'an changed from what they thought of as an ordinary player to a player who had only worked with his brother to a truly named person-Lu An'an.

After all, she was the first person to be reposted by Sheng Heng for personal matters after Sheng Heng applied for Weibo registration.

Although I don't know if it is an arrangement or something.

But in the end, in the hearts of Shengheng fans, Lu Anan is a person with a name.

He Xiaoshuang began to abuse on Weibo online.

Immediately afterwards, I don't know who started it. Some students from University B even broke the news, pointing out what He Xiaoshuang had done in school.

She is indeed very gentle and kind on the surface, but in fact, He Xiaoshuang often bullies her classmates secretly, and those who are bullied basically dare not say anything. He Xiaoshuang has a background and many people like it. Even if she speaks out, there will be no one. Believe.

At the end of the day, the wind direction completely changed.

Lu Anan checked Weibo for a while and waited. After a while, Brother Qian brought a person in.

Is a woman.

Brother Qian looked at her: "Come on, let me introduce you."

He looked at the woman and said softly: "This is Lu An'an." After speaking, he turned to look at Lu An'an: "This is the agent arranged by the company for you"

Before the name was spoken, Lu Anan nodded and looked at the people who came and said, "I know."


Lu Anan smiled at the man and shouted, "Sister Tang Yi, right?"

Tang Yi raised her eyebrows and smiled, nodding when she looked at the little girl in front of her, "Yes, do you really know me?"


Tang Yi is Xing Yan's other ace agent besides Qian. The reason why she knew Tang Yi was because when Lu Yan first debuted, it was Tang Yi.

Later, because of personal affairs, Lu Yan was transferred to Brother Qian.

However, the relationship between Lu Yan and Tang Yi and Brother Qian is very good. After not bringing Lu Yan, Tang Yi also brought other artists, basically with one red one, very powerful.

Lu Anan knows her because he knew about her partner in many ways when she used to chase Shengheng.

This is information that will never be missed.

Tang Yi chuckled lightly, stared at Lu An'an for a few seconds, then looked at Brother Qian and said, "Yes, I like it."

Brother Qian laughed: "That's good."

Tang Yi paused and asked in a low voice, "You saved those audios on the Internet?"


A glimmer of approval flashed in Tang Yi's eyes: "Smart."

It is definitely smart for young college students to think of such a method.

Even a little clever is better than an artist who can't guard against anything.

To be honest, Tang Yi was a little reluctant to let Tang Yi bring the newcomer in the beginning.

But now that Lu Anan looks like this, Tang Yi is confident that he will offer another artist who is the same as Lu Yan, and may even be better and more powerful.

Lu Anan was a little disturbed by her, and couldn't help saying: "Tang--"

"Just call me sister Yi."

Tang Yi bent her lips and smiled, "Do you have any thoughts on the way forward?"

Lu Anan was taken aback, feeling that this change was a bit quick.

Tang Yi said, "Do you want to join the group or don't want to join? Just tell me directly, I can handle the rest."

She paused and asked, "Or do you want to make a movie?"

Lu Anan laughed and said softly, "I haven't filmed it. Nor have I been exposed to this aspect."

She paused and said seriously: "But I don't want to join the group."

This is the result of her thinking all night.

Even if there is no such thing online, Lu Anan will not join the group. She doesn't think she can be an idol or idol, that would be too exhausting.

Of course, the important reason is not only because of tiredness, but also because of many problems.

After careful consideration, she felt that it would be better not to participate.

Tang Yi nodded, as if he had expected it a long time ago.

She sat down on one side and analyzed: "In fact, it is best not to participate in the women's team. Although there are resources for you there, there are very few that can be allocated."

And there will be a lot of internal competition.

Lu An'an nodded, expressing it clearly.

Tang Yi looked at her: "Do you want to make a movie?"

Lu An'an pondered for a while and looked at the two of them: "What if I can't enter the entertainment industry?"


Both Brother Qian and Tang Yi looked at her in shock.

Brother Qian was silent for a few minutes and asked in a low voice, "If you don't enter the entertainment circle, why did you want to participate in the show before then?"

Tang Yi also looked at her sideways.

Lu Anan said "um" and said vaguely: "...for that bet."

Two people: "..."

To take the first place back for the bet result, this kind of luck is not common among people, right?

The two were quite helpless.

"Think about it?"

Tang Yi said, "According to your current situation, entering the circle is the best."

"But I don't know how to act."

"People never come to the meeting."

Tang Yi smiled slightly: "I believe you are fine."

Looking at Lu An'an's expression, she said in a low voice, "Of course, don't force you to take it seriously."

After speaking, she naturally asked: "Is there any work I prefer?"

Lu Anan's eyes lit up and laughed: "That's right, but my most important job at the moment is a student, isn't it?"

Tang Yi raised an eyebrow and smiled.

Brother Qian didn't stay here long, seeing that Lu An'an and Tang Yi had a good chat, so he went to other things early.

Tang Yi didn't brainwash Lu An'an either. In short, he just talked about entering the entertainment industry.

It doesn't matter if you don't be an idol, then you have to go to class first and learn to perform. Xing Yan has nothing but resources. It's not a big problem to be popular.


After leaving the company, Lu Anan refused their offer to send her home, and walked out alone with a small bag on his back.

She raised her head and looked at the sky, magically, she saw a rainbow.

Lu Anan's eyes lit up, smiled, and asked to himself: Did you show up?

No one answered.

She clenched the strap of her schoolbag and walked to the other side unhurriedly.

She seems to have never taken a leisurely stroll in this city.

Lu Anan walked aimlessly and didn't know where he wanted to go. He always felt that his whole mind was confused.

Of course she prefers designing, but she seems to want to try the career of acting a little bit. She wants to know what is the appeal of this career, so Sheng Heng and Lu Yan both got in so desperately.

Both were transformed from all-round entertainers and became actors.

After so many years, the acting skills are obvious to all.

Obviously tired, but when they talk about the profession of an actor, they seem to have stars twinkling in their eyes.

Lu Anan walked for more than half an hour, and unconsciously walked to the city center.

This scene was very lively. When she looked up, a clothing brand advertisement by Sheng Heng was playing diagonally across from her. The man was long and jade, and he could see the extreme no matter what type of clothes he was wearing.

Lu An'an just stood there and watched for a while, and when the show ended, she saw many people next to him taking pictures with their mobile phones.

When she turned her head, she also ran into an "acquaintance".

The two looked at each other. Chen Jia stared at Lu An'an, and suddenly exclaimed, "You are the one"

Lu Anan is now wearing a mask with only one pair of eyes exposed.

She hurriedly let out a "hush" and blinked at Chen Jia: "It's me, why are you here?"

Chen Jia said "Ah", smiled and said, "I just saw my brother's advertisement, so I stopped to watch it for a while."

She looked at Lu An'an and couldn't help saying: "...how do I think you are so familiar."

Lu Anan was startled and pursed his lips: "Maybe it's the public face?"


Chen Jia stared at her for a long time, and suddenly took a breath: "You're Lu An...well--"

Before he finished speaking, Lu Anan stopped him.

Ten minutes later, the two sat in a remote corner of the dessert shop and looked at each other.

Chen Jia was stunned: "No wonder, I thought you were so familiar that day."

Because Sheng Heng participated in the super idol, as a true fan, even if she doesn't like this talent show, she will support the click-through rate to see idols.

Although the impression of Lu Anan is not deep, Chen Jia still pays attention to her occasionally when she and Sheng Heng appear in the same frame.

Not to mention the subsequent finals, she watched the two performances together countless times. Although the focus was on Sheng Heng, she could not ignore Lu Anan next to her.

And not long ago, Sheng Heng also forwarded it to Lu An'an, which completely aroused the shock and novelty of many fans.

Chen Jia didn't expect that the person who gave them water outside the crew that day would be Lu An'an.

She swallowed and looked at her in shock: "...Why are you here?"

Lu Anan smiled, thinking about it and said, "Passing by."

Chen Jia: "..."

She stared at Lu Anan for a while: "Just tell me that you are Lu Anan, are you afraid that I will expose you?"

Lu An'an was startled, smiled and shook his head: "Not afraid."

She and Chen Jia have been chasing stars for so many years. Although she doesn't even know everything about the other party, she probably understands what kind of person it is.

She is not the one who will tell such things.

Chen Jia was taken aback and looked at her in surprise.

I always think something is weird, but I can't tell for a while.

After a moment of silence, she looked at Lu An'an: "...I saw something online, are you okay?"

"It's alright."

Lu Anan smiled: "The entertainment industry is messy, right?"


Chen Jia said: "But you have to stick to it. You see that you have a lot of fans who like you and support you."

Lu An'an was startled for a moment. He lowered his eyelids slightly and looked at the little cake in front of him, and asked softly, "Really."


Chen Jia said: "It was the same when Sheng Heng first debuted. He was always blackmailed by people, but now he has also come over."

She encouraged Lu An'an: "Anyone who has a dream is great, I have to chase it!"

Lu Anan raised his eyes to look at her: "How long have you liked Shengheng?"

Chen Jia calculated the time: "It has been six or seven years."

She smiled and said, "It's so fun to chase stars."

Lu Anan's eyes flashed: "Have you been alone?"


"But it doesn't seem to be."

Chen Jiadao: "There are many like-minded friends together, and we will participate in many activities together."

Lu An'an nodded, expressing understanding.

Chen Jia raised her eyes to look at her, and said with a light smile: "Come on! I am optimistic about you."

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