Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Brother Or Idol

At this moment, it was not just Lin Zhihuai who was stunned, but also the staff.

Seriously, if it's just the next sentence, everyone will think about it, Teacher Lu's person! !

This is a word that protects people.

But adding the phrase "servant's daughter" before, everyone is full of question marks.

What kind of magical development is this?

Could Lu Anan really be the daughter of Teacher Lu's servant? !

Not so.

Although she did not have any powerful family background when she participated in super idols, she didn't look too miserable.

But when I thought about it, everyone felt that it was the same.

It's no wonder that my parents didn't enter the house to shoot at the time. No wonder they were just standing outside the house. It turned out to be a servant. No wonder it was difficult to enter the house to shoot.

In less than an hour, multiple versions of short stories appeared in the crew.

Lu Anan smiled happily, trembling on the table.

Lu Yan glanced at her lightly: "When are you going to play this role?"

Lu Anan blinked and whispered, "Is it okay to continue acting?"

Lu Yan choked.

The corners of Lu Anans lips were turned up, and she said in a low voice, "Brother, did you see the face of Lin Zhihuai who left last?"

Lu Yan replied, "What then?"

Lu Anan was silent for a moment: "If there is no more, I feel happy."

Thinking of her look made her happy.

And when she loves beans, she is really too domineering! !

Domineering so much that Lu Anan had to express his admiration and love to Sheng Heng again.

Lu Yan knew what was going on by looking at the stars in her eyes. He paused and said indifferently: "You calm down."


Lu Anan smiled: "I won't."

Lu Yan: "..."

She turned her head to look to the other side, and said softly, "How many scenes does Sheng Heng have today?"


Lu Anan thought for a while and shook his head: "It's okay. I'm going home soon. I haven't spoken to Teacher Sheng yet."

Hearing this, Lu Yan felt quite uneasy.

He glanced at Lu An'an's expression, and quietly said for a moment: "You can go back later today."


Lu Yan said, "Go back later, let you talk a few more words with your idol."

Lu Anan's eyes lit up, and he pressed his voice and said, "Thank you, brother."

Lu Yan looked at her careless appearance and pulled her lips lightly.

Lin Zhihuai was angered by Sheng Heng and Lu Yan.

She wanted to drive away Lu An'an, but in the end she didn't expect to drive herself away.

Lu Anan sat there for a meeting, and when Lu Yan made a call, he went to the director.

The director is watching the surveillance. The scene is between Sheng Heng and another actor. Lu Anan knows but is not familiar with that person.

She went over, and the director looked at her sideways: "Lu Anan?"

"Good director."

The director smiled: "Hello, hello, interested in filming?"

"I'll just take a look."

The director also knew her. After all, he had been to the crew several times. To be honest, he thought about the relationship between her and Lu Yan, but Lu Yan said that it was not what he thought, so he gradually didn't make fun of Lu Yan.

Later, the director saw that she and Sheng Heng had a good relationship, and he was still confused for a moment.

To this day, I finally know what the specific identity is.

The director smiled and looked at her: "I also watched your talent show."

Lu Anan was surprised: "Does the director have time to watch?"

The director squinted her eyes: "Of course, occasionally pass the time."

He smiled and said: "You performed well, and now you are withdrawing. Is that girl group only six members?"


Lu Anan said: "Now we are withdrawing, and the last one is pushed forward."

But of course He Xiaoshuang would not enter the women's team, so the ninth one became a member of the women's team.

This is the result of the negotiation over there, and the decision made by asking the opinions of the players.

The director nodded, expressing it clearly.

"It's really fair."


The director looked at her amused: "Since you are not a girl group, what do you plan to do?"

In fact, it's also small talk. Sheng Heng and the others are still trying out the show, and the staff next to them are still adjusting the scene and lighting. The director is not in a hurry.

Lu Anan was startled for a few seconds, then smiled and said, "I haven't decided yet."

Hearing this, the director glanced at her meaningfully: "Then don't worry, you can see what you like."

"Well, thank you director."


When it was time for the filming to take place, Lu Anan raised his eyes and looked at the familiar face not far away, only to think how to look good.

Every move of that person drew her thoughts.

Lu Anan looked straight ahead, feeling that Sheng Heng in the play was cold and unfeeling. He didn't seem to have any scent of fireworks on his body. He was very indifferent, a hundred times more indifferent than his daily life.

The look in his eyes is always faint, and it is scary to look at.

Lu An'an kept staring at it, and she came back to her senses when the director shouted "Ka" and "Passed".

"how do you feel?"

Lu Anan blinked, "...very powerful."

Between talking, Sheng Heng had already walked over there.

He raised his eyebrows slightly when he saw Lu An'an, who was sitting on his side properly, "Why are you sitting here?"

Lu An'an nodded, and said obediently, "It's a little closer here."

Sheng Heng lowered his eyes and smiled.

The director raised his eyes and looked at his eyes: "Come and see this one, it's not bad."

"it is good."

The two were discussing next to him. Listening to the voice of idol, Lu Anan felt that his ears were about to become pregnant.

Hey, how can Sheng Heng's voice be so nice.

She was thinking wildly, and her head was photographed.

Lu An'an raised his eyes and met Sheng Heng's deep gaze: "Don't you go there to rest?"

"go with."

For some reason, Lu Anan understood the meaning of Sheng Heng's eyes.

Sure enough, Lu An'an was with him, and Sheng Heng followed along.

Without Lin Zhihuai, everyone didn't seem surprised to watch this scene. What was so surprising about the tutor and the students chatting.

Although that person is Sheng Heng who doesn't chat with people very much, he is still normal.

So everyone thought.

The two sat down to one side, Lu Yan no longer knew where he disappeared.

Lu Anan looked around but didn't see it.

After sitting down, Yu Yuan came out from the other side, handed Shengheng a thermos cup, and gave Lu Anan a hand warmer.

She was taken aback and looked at in surprise: "This is"

Yu Yuan laughed: "You bought it specially by Teacher Sheng."

"Thank you Teacher Sheng."

Sheng Heng glanced at her cold red hands, and asked in a low voice, "Lu Yan is not ready?"

"...There is in the lounge, I forgot."

Sheng Heng pursed his saliva and replied solemnly.

When Lu An'an raised his head, he happened to see the scene of Sheng Heng drinking water, his apple was up and down, **** and sultry.

Inexplicably, she blushed, don't open her eyes and said, "Teacher Sheng, what time are you going to take today?"

Sheng Heng's voice was a little dumb, and he whispered: "It's about ten o'clock."

"There are still several scenes."


Lu Anan smiled and asked in a shallow voice, "Ms. Sheng, can I ask you a question?"

"You said."

"How does it feel to be filming?"

Sheng Heng stared at her for a few times, then asked in a low voice, "Want to make a movie?"

"Actually not sure."

Lu Anan said: "I am interested, but I don't really like it."

She just wanted to explore the profession they love, what is the different charm of the profession they like, so Sheng Heng and her brother got in so hard.

Sheng Heng was silent for a few seconds, then whispered: "Then find your favorite person."

Lu Anan opened his mouth and looked at him in surprise.

Sheng Heng smiled and looked down at her slightly: "Do you have a favorite?"


"Then why not try to be your favorite?"

Lu Anan was speechless.

She was quiet for a few seconds before whispering: "The main thing is... I seem to be interested in filming."

"Then treat filming as a hobby."

Sheng Heng said with a smile: "You can understand and you can join, but it doesn't mean you have to do it."


Lu An'an nodded his head seemingly, as if he understood the meaning of Sheng Heng's words.

The corners of her lips were curled up, and she looked at him crookedly: "Thank you, Teacher Sheng."

Sheng Heng said "Yes" and suddenly asked, "What do you like most?"

"Making designs."

"Which aspect?"

Lu Anan was a little embarrassed, and said softly, "I like clothes and jewelry."

It's just that in the last life, she only had time to gain a little fame in clothing, and then disappeared.

Suddenly, Lu Anan's eyes lit up.

Yes, I did a costume design before, and now this aspect is not difficult for her to break, so can I try jewelry design now? !

Lu Anan has not forgotten that when she first went to college, she chose jewelry design, but later, for various reasons, she also knew about clothing and was a little talented, so she switched careers and built a clothing brand with Yu Zhu.

Sheng Heng watched her small expression change, and smiled, "What did you think of?"

Lu Anan looked at him: "Teacher Sheng, I seem to have made a decision."

Sheng Heng nodded: "Then do it."

He looked at Lu An'an and said every word: "Teacher Sheng supports everything."

Upon hearing this, Lu Anan smiled, "Thank you, Teacher Sheng."

She looked around warily, and whispered: "I really didn't follow the wrong person."

Sheng Heng was stunned, seeing her bright smile and responded, "Yes."

Lu Anan who found the answer was much happier.

She was just about to get up to find Lu Yan, and the voice of a few staff members not far away came over.

"My goodness! Lin Ruoxing's love affair was exposed?"

"real or fake?"

"Who is her boyfriend?"

"I don't know. Doesn't this mean that she has been exposed? A paparazzi photographed her traveling with a man. Look at the hot search."


Lu Anan was taken aback and looked up at Sheng Heng.

Sheng Heng raised his eyebrows: "What's the matter?"

Lu An'an pursed his lips and shook his head: "No, I will check the hot search."

Lu Anan said that Lin Ruoxing's name is not very familiar, but if she is not familiar, she knows it again.

Thinking, she was waiting for the opening of Weibo, and glanced at Sheng Heng: "...Teacher Sheng, are you familiar with Lin Ruoxing?"

A smile flashed in Sheng Heng's eyes.


Lin Ruoxing is a popular female star. She has just become popular in the past two years. She is very beautiful and belongs to the coquettish type.

Face and figure are the goddesses in many men's hearts. Lu Anan didn't actually pay attention to her before, but now he has to pay attention.


Lu Anan was a little bit lost. If he is not familiar with it, then he must know nothing.

Weibo has exploded, and she can't even click on it.

When Lu Anan was wondering whether to go to Lu Yan, Lu Yan walked out from the other side with a cold face. When he saw her, he paused: "An An, let Brother Qian take you back, I'll go now."

Lu Anan: "..."

She was stunned, just watching Lu Yan leave the set.

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