Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Brother Or Idol

Lu Anan was shocked.

How did Sheng Heng know that he had arrived? !

Lu An'an: [Teacher Sheng, how do you know I'm here?

Sheng Heng: [Lu Yan is here, aren't you on the same plane with him?

Lu Anan: [...Yes.

How come the news is so punctual! !

Lu Anan was a little surprised, but after a while, her focus turned away.

Lu Anan: [Teacher Sheng... So you are so concerned about the news of Teacher Lu.

Sheng Heng: [?

Lu Anan didn't dare to be too skinny, and after posting it, he changed the topic.

Sheng Heng had just arrived in the studio to do styling, and when he watched his news, he smiled silently.

The assistant on one side is new here, and he was a little surprised looking at the smile on his face: "Brother Heng, what are you laughing at?"

"It's okay."

Sheng Heng glanced at the assistant: "Where did Yu Yuan go?"

Yang Yang, the new assistant Sheng Heng said: "It should be busy on the other side. He said something was delayed."

"Should you call him?"

"No, it's okay."

Yangyang stared at Sheng Heng suspiciously, only surprised.

The mood of artists is really changeable.

Before Yang Yang had time to think about it, Yu Yuan came over.

"Temporary situation."

Yu Yuan looked at Sheng Heng: "You have to take someone to the red carpet."


"Lin Ruoxing."

Yu Yuan observed Sheng Heng's face and whispered: "She disappeared for a while after the scandal broke out some time ago. This time she showed up, worried about the media asking questions, so she had to find a male artist for help."

Yu Yuan shrugged and said: "Since you were unwilling to bring other artists before, now everyone has a partner on the red carpet, so you have to bring Lin Ruoxing."

After speaking, Yu Yuan thought he would hear the voice of rejection. Unexpectedly, Sheng Heng didn't resist at all, and nodded: "Yeah."

Yu Yuan: "...you agree?"

Sheng Heng glanced at him: "When was it so difficult for me to speak?"

Yu Yuan choked: "Did you know the first day?"

Sheng Heng: "..."

He felt that Yu Yuan, the agent, must not want to do it.

After Yu Yuanhou realized what she had said, she hurriedly said: "Okay, then it's settled."


After the arrangements were made, Yu Yuan called someone to communicate with others.

Sheng Heng picked up the corner of his mouth, his eyelids drooped slightly, not knowing what he was thinking.


This evening's fashion celebration, compared with the one at the end of the year, was even worse.

Every year, at the end of the year and at the beginning of the year, these activities are particularly numerous.

What fashion celebrations, awards ceremony activities, etc., are countless.

Lu Anan made a look.

Taking into account her age and status, she was originally arranged for a dress, but it was later changed by Lu Yan.

Too explicit, not suitable for her.

In the end, Lu Anan still wore a skirt, but this skirt was a little more conservative, not showing his chest or back, but still beautiful.

It's a light gold gauze skirt, and you can wear leggings inside, so you don't have to worry about being discovered.

Lu Anan praised Lu Yan's decision.

it's too cold.

This kind of day makes female stars wear skirts, which is simply torture.

Her hairstyle was also turned off, and she wore two braids, which looked pure and cute.

The appearance of a full little princess.

Tang Yi's eyes brightened when she came out after changing her makeup: "It's getting more and more amazing."

She said: "It seems that after you are over from super idols, your temperament will become more and more pronounced.

Lu Anan smiled: "Is it really good-looking?"

Tang Yi nodded: "It's very beautiful. Come over and take a few photos of you. You haven't posted your Weibo for too long, so I'll open it later."

"it is good."

After taking the photo, Lu Yan came out of another room and was shocked for a moment when he saw Lu Anan's style.

"Ms. Lu, do you look good?"

Lu Yan raised his eyebrows, looked at her up and down for a moment, and smiled lowly: "It looks good."

He said: "Like a little princess."

Lu Anan bent his lips: "I don't know Sheng"

"Sheng what?"

Halfway through, Lu Anan reacted with hindsight.

But Lu Yan didn't plan to let her go.

He grinds his teeth, smiles and asks: "What is Sheng, Lu Anan?"

When he heard his full name came out, Lu An'an shuddered and said, "Is there any leftovers? Brother, I'm hungry."

Lu Yan: "..."

Tang Yi laughed: "You can't eat, you will have a small belly if you eat."

Lu An'an pouted her lips and glanced at Lu Yan grievously.

Lu Yan laughed: "We will eat after walking the red carpet. There will be small cakes at the event."


The two set off to the celebration scene.

In the car, Lu Anan took the time to look at his phone, and many studios posted photos.

Shengheng Studio opened by her first time.

Oh, no photos have been posted yet.

Thinking, Lu Anan turned his head and looked at Lu Yan: "Ms. Lu, have your studio posted photos?"

Lu Yan raised his eyebrows: "What?"

"Hurry up, I'll blow you a rainbow fart."

Lu Yan couldn't laugh or cry: "You let Brother Qian arrange it."

Brother Qian happened to be sitting in the co-pilot, and laughed after listening, "An'an, how do you blow a rainbow fart?"

"Just blow it like this, you guys send it quickly."

Brother Qian laughed: "I haven't edited the picture yet, the staff should be editing the picture."

Hearing this, Lu Anan sighed: "I have no abilities, but I am useless."

Lu Yan patted her head: "Don't use words indiscriminately."

Lu An's lip curled unconvinced, and suddenly he said, "Wow, Tong sent to the studio."

Lu Yan suspected that there was a problem with his ears.


"Tong Xiang."

Lu Anan said, "Do you not know Mr. Lu?"

Lu Yanyan pulled his tie down, his voice deep: "I know, Lu Anan, are you still chasing children?"

Speaking of the end, it smells like gritted teeth.


Lu Anan is weak and weak: "I just watched a TV show."

Suddenly, Lu Yan didn't know what he was thinking of, and he smiled suddenly: "Catch it, it's good too."


Lu Yan smiled: "No reason."

Lu Anan: "..."

She glanced at the photos of Tong Xiang, well, it was just so-so.

It's just that there are TV series filters, Lu An'an barely thinks it's okay.

But compared with Sheng Heng, it is still impossible.

Just thinking about it, a new reminder appeared on her Weibo that it was Shengheng Studio who posted the photo.

Lu Anan seized the opportunity and immediately left a message below.

[Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah brother is here! ! !

She just left, and when she refreshed, the comments below the studio changed from 0 to four digits, and it continued to rise.

Lu Anan opened a little, and he was still commenting on it.

Probably because it is fast?

Followed by a bunch of.

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh finally here! !

[My brother is so handsome today!

[God, brother is here again today! !

[Oh, brother, look at me, look at me! The handsome brother is also open today!

[I haven't seen the photos yet, let's talk about it first.

Lu Anan grinned and then slid up to see the photo.

To be honest... When she left a message, she didn't look at the photos either.

Lu An'an clicked on the photos sent by the studio, and only felt that Sheng Heng's handsomeness today was overwhelming.

It is really handsome and full of momentum.

Although it is the usual black suit shape, what is a little different today is that it is more casual.

No longer a regular tie knot, it is a pendant with the white shirt, which looks very stylish.

Of course, the most attractive thing is the ratio of the face to the body, no matter what you wear, it is luxurious and handsome.

Lu Anan watched, with joy all over his face.

Lu Yan glanced, then glanced again, and coughed: "Lu An'an."


"Close the smile on your face."

Lu Anan: "..."

She turned her head and glanced at Lu Yan: "You guys hit the shape today."

Lu Yan: "...Huh?"

"All black suits."

Lu Anan said: "Fans will definitely compare you with you."

Lu Yan: "..."

As expected of the younger sister of the fan circle, she knows so much.


Because Lu Yan brought Lu An'an, the red carpet look is in the middle position.

When the two arrived, there were fans on both sides, the support banners and lights were all on, calling for their idols.

In addition, this fashion celebration is also broadcast in the form of live broadcast. Fans who have not been there are watching live broadcast on the website, waiting for their idols to come out.

Before Lu Anan got out of the car, he saw many familiar names outside, and fans screamed in the cold wind.

It's really hard work, but this kind of hard work is worthwhile for the star chasing girl.

Traveling all the way to see the person you like, even if the person you like can't see yourself, it doesn't matter.

For yourself, it's worth it.

Lu Anan looked at it, feeling deeply.

Suddenly, a voice came from one side.

"An An, got off the car."

"Ah good."

Lu Anan returned to his senses.

As soon as the car door opened, countless camera lights were shining here. Before Lu Anan had time to react, he heard a loud scream and shout outside.

"Ah ah ah ah it's Lu Yan!!"

"Lu Yan is so handsome today!"

"Brother is so handsome today!!"

"Brother look over here!!!"

Lu Yan raised his eyes and smiled at the camera, revealing a delicate face. In an instant, the media and fans went crazy.

But this was not enough. After getting out of the car, Lu Yan went around to open the door on the other side. This move attracted the attention of fans in the live broadcast room.

"Ah ah ah ah, who did Lu Yan walk the red carpet with today?"

"Gosh! Who did Lu Yan take today?"


As the car door opened, Lu Yan stretched out a hand to Lu An'an and said with a smile: "An'an, walk the red carpet with your brother."

Lu Anan's feet softened, and blinked and looked at him: "Thank you, brother."

Lu Yan smiled, that kind of smile from the heart.

When Lu Anan's face appeared on the big screen and everyone's sight, many people were startled.

"??? Who is this?"

"Who is this?!"

"Wow, it's beautiful, but who is this???"

"I know I know, this is Lu An'an, the number one super idol!!! Signed a brother company."

The surrounding fans froze for a few seconds, then screamed again.

"Lu Yan Lu Yan..."

"An An An An, come on!!"

Lu Anan raised his eyes and unexpectedly saw the light sign with his name.

She was stunned, curled her lips and smiled before she walked onto the red carpet with Lu Yan.

It's not just a fan accident, but also many insiders. Why did Lu Yan bring a newcomer to the red carpet this time.


Before walking to the signature wall, Lu Yan asked.

"kind of."

Lu Anan pursed his lips and said, "Brother, thank you."

Lu Yan laughed, "Thank you for what?"

Just as Lu Anan was about to speak, the screams from behind swept through again.

She and Lu Yan turned their heads subconsciously, and what they could see was a pair of big legs, and Lu Anan saw the whole body of the man after they followed.

It's Sheng Heng.

In an instant, her eyes lit up.

Fans are excited, and so are the media.

In addition to photographing Shengheng, some media directly turned the camera to their side and photographed Lu Yan.

The two turned out to be one after the other. What kind of magical arrangement is this? Are you afraid of two fans fighting? ?

And the point is that after Sheng Heng got off the car, he didn't walk directly to the red carpet side, but went to the other side in the same way.

This action looked at everyone, and they all asked their souls.

"Fuck, fuck! Brother brought someone today?"

"Gosh, what kind of top-level Shura field is this!!!"

"Oh my God!! As a passerby, I suddenly felt so exciting when I saw the two appear together."


"No one thinks, is there any magical understanding between the two of them? You lead people and I lead them. Sheng Lu cp will raise the banner for me soon!! We can still knock!!"

At the next moment, everyone saw the female artist Sheng Heng was leading.

It's Lin Ruoxing.

At this moment, the camera shot straight towards Lu Yan.

It is not an exaggeration to describe it as a top-level Shura field.

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