Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Idol Or Brother

Lu Anan looked at the man in front of him, almost suspecting that he was dazzled.

She blinked, a little dazed.

"Tong Xiang?"

Lu Anan was shocked and said, "Do you live here?"

Tong Xiang nodded and looked at her unexpectedly: "...Your family also lives here?"


The two silently looked at each other for a moment, and Tong Xiang paused and asked, "Are you here to find a friend?"

"That's it."

Two people are in the car and the other is outside, so chatting is not appropriate.

Tong Xiang thought about it and asked: "Do you want to come up? Where are you going?"

Lu An'an shook his head quickly: "No, I just go around here, just to come here."

Tong Xiang twisted his eyebrows, obviously not convinced.

The two were in a stalemate. The security guard appeared from nowhere and looked at Tong Xiang and said, "You two really know each other?"


The two looked over subconsciously.

The security guard said: "Aren't you going to his house?"

Lu An'an: "???"

The two looked at each other, Lu An's heart shook suddenly, and looked at Tong Xiang incredulously: "...Do you live in Building 7, Building 1702?"

Tong Xiang was startled for a few seconds and looked at her: "How do you know?"


Ten minutes later, Lu Anan and Tong Xiang walked in the community.

The environment and security of this community are very good, and the price is not low at all in the city center.

The community is not very large, but it is not particularly small, it is very suitable for living, and the price is quite expensive.

Lu Anan bought the house here when he sold the villa.

What she didn't expect was that after she disappeared, the house would become Tong Xiang's home.

She turned to look at Tong Xiang: "Is this house yours alone?"


Tong Xiang said: "Not long after I bought it, my parents live here."

Tong Xiang is not a local, but he is a young man struggling in city a. He bought a house to take his parents over only after he had money in filming.

These few days just happened to rest, and his parents told him to go home for dinner, and Tong Xiangcai came over.

He didn't expect to meet Lu An'an here.

Thinking, Tong Xiang looked at her in surprise: "Why did the security guard just say...you are going to my house?"

Lu Anan opened his mouth, a little wondering how to answer.

She was silent for a few seconds, and said, "Who did you buy the house from?"


Tong Xiang was stunned for a few seconds and looked at her in surprise: "Is this house your friend before? From the intermediary side, it is said that the owner of the house has been living abroad for a long time and is anxious to make a move."

Lu An'an nodded and continued on.

"Well, I didn't know she was gone."

Hearing that, Tong Xiang didn't know what to say.

He was really not very clear to the seller, and the broker helped deal with the procedures.

He glanced at Lu An'an's expression, then paused and asked, "Would you like to go up and sit for a while?"

"no, I'm fine."

Lu Anan quickly said, "Thank you, I actually came to City A and wanted to take a look. I didn't mean anything else."

She was a little embarrassed and said: "It's definitely not your illegitimate meal."

Tong Xiangwan: "I know, I didn't think much about it."

Lu Anan nodded, pursing his lips and said, "Sorry."

"It's okay."

Lu Anan didn't dare to stay here any longer. After thinking about it for a while, he said, "Then you go back to eat, I'll leave."

Tong Xiang looked at her: "Do you want me to let the driver see you?"

"No need to."

Lu An'an refused without hesitation: "I can."

Tong Xiang thought about his identity, but he didn't force it.

"be careful."


Lu Anan left the community quickly, still a little confused.

She walked to the intersection, got on a bus casually, found a place to sit down, and pressed her heart beating too fast.

After I disappeared, everything changed.

She stared out the window for a while, blinked and sighed.

I don't understand why this happens.


After that day, Lu An'an and Tang Yi returned to city b. She went back to school to continue her classes. During the break, Lu An'an also found a design class by herself and continued to study in her free time.

She will not give up this path, and this is the path she is determined to take.

Lu Yan stayed in city a, and his new drama started filming in city a, so he must stay there.

Originally, Lu Yan had very little time and opportunity to return to city b. Last year, it was also because of Lu An'an that he came back deliberately.

Lu An'an's life hasn't changed much. Apart from studying, he draws pictures every day, and occasionally there are acting classes arranged by Tang Yi.

She didn't arrange a job for the time being, but just in case.

In case she has a chance to be interested someday, she can use what she has learned.

However, Tang Yi thought too much. Lu Anan was buried in the design draft every day, enjoying the thrill of the design.

Sheng Heng picked up the new movie and spent very little time chatting with Lu An'an.

Lu Anan is also afraid of disturbing him. After all, he is a small fan and cannot be too involved in idol's life. He will only give Sheng Heng a compliment occasionally. Seeing him getting better and better, the endorsement products are getting more and more advanced. , The script received is getting better and better.

Lu Anan is sincerely happy for him.

The system also gradually stopped coming out. There were a few times that Lu Anan thought it would disappear after his mission was completed.

But no, it is said that she still has the last three tasks, but the tasks are random, no longer like before, released on time every day.

Lu Anan is not in a hurry. She is not so repulsive to the system now, but rather likes it a little bit, so she is accustomed to it. Sometimes when she is unhappy, she can pull the system out to chat and talk intimately.

In the blink of an eye, it was the end of April.

Lu Anan has new activities.

This is the variety event mentioned before, and Lu An'an must be resident to participate.

It is a very energetic variety show. The participants are all small fresh meat, which is quite interesting. Most of the tasks are released by the program group, and then they are asked to team up.

And each time the recording place is different, it will change randomly.

When Lu Anan knew, he was not surprised at all.

She glanced at the variety show arrangement, raised her eyes to Tang Yi: "Who are the other people?"

Tang Yi said, "There are two you know."


"Tong Xiang and Liu Mengting."

Lu Anan's eyes widened: "What else?"

Tang Yi coughed: "There are a few more, please see if you recognize them."

She said: "You are a variety show where five people go to live in one place, and the whole process will be broadcast live, so no matter what you perform, it will be amplified as soon as possible. You have to consider eating and living issues over there."


"The program team estimates that it will set up difficult problems, so remember to act accordingly."

"it is good."

Lu Anan took a deep breath: "I know."

Tang Yi saw her like this, and didn't say much.

Lu Anan will know what she should know, she now takes Lu Anan and knows what kind of character she is.

"Okay, start recording in a few days, remember to buy something before you go."

"Where are you going?"

Tang Yi said something.

Lu An said: "Okay, I see."

Variety show recording hasn't started yet, and the online release has begun.

Many netizens are beginning to look forward to the fact that there are so many people participating in the show.

This variety show invited Liu Mengting, she is considered the biggest brand in the entire variety show, followed by Tong Xiang and Wu Zeyu, two flow artists, very popular and many girlfriends.

Finally, there are Wu Yue and Lu Anan. Lu Anan is probably the least famous. She doesnt know Wu Yue, but Lu Ans found out that this person has been in the entertainment industry for some time. He has filmed TV series and web dramas, and also appeared on it. Lots of variety shows.

Five people are not something to watch. The point is that each program group will invite a guest over to participate. This is the point to watch.

It is said that all the people to be invited are big names, and whether they can invite them is the key point.

Lu Anan looked at the rules of the game, and just about to make a small note to buy something in the supermarket, he received a message from the program group.

According to the information, except for personal belongings, no foreign objects are allowed.

Lu Anan:...

She knew how this variety show could allow them to bring other things, and even the wallet would have to be handed in.

Lu Anan also received a call from Lu Yan the night before departure.


Lu Anan shouted briskly: "Are you on the set?"

Lu Yan laughed and looked up at the busy staff not far away: "Yes, I will be recording the show tomorrow. Are you nervous?"

"a little bit."

Lu Anan said, "But I know Teacher Liu, so it should be fine."

Lu Yan said "Um" and said in a low voice, "Don't worry too much, just play as normal, you will have no problem."

"I know."

Lu Yan exhorted a few words: "How is your health recently?"

"is acceptable."

Lu Anan listened to Lu Yan's voice and asked softly, "Brother, are you busy?"

Lu Yan smiled: "Fortunately, there is time to call you."


Lu Anan lay down on the desktop looking at the computer, and asked the two of them, "...what about Teacher Sheng."

Lu Yan felt that he was stabbed by his sister again.

"Why ask Sheng Heng again?"

Lu Anan pouted: "I haven't seen idols for more than a month, think about it."

Lu Yan was choked by her straightforward words, crying and laughing: "You haven't seen me for more than a month, don't you miss me?"

"But we did call."

Lu An'an grieved and said: "Ms. Sheng and I can't even make calls."

Listen, Lu Yan even started to reflect. Could it be that he is really wrong?

But then I thought about it and thought it wasn't. A small fan called an idol and it was the opposite sex.

Thinking about it, Lu Yan coughed: "Then get another idol."

He deliberately said: "I looked at the list sent by Tang Yi. You and Tong Xiang should have a good conversation. Replace your idol with Tong Xiang."

Lu An'an: "???"


She didn't even want to refuse: "Sheng Heng is the only one, don't change."

After finishing speaking, she quickly added: "I also have one brother, and I won't change it."

Lu Yan: "..."

I have to say that Lu Anan coaxed him with a sentence behind.

He took a deep breath and said helplessly: "Okay, if I run into Sheng Heng, do you want to get an autograph back?"

"Yes! Need an autographed photo!"

Lu Yan was completely speechless.

"You won't let Sheng Heng send it to you directly?"

"I'm sorry."

She had reached Sheng Heng's WeChat through Lu Yan's relationship. Although Sheng Heng said it didn't matter, Lu An'an did not dare to bother him too much.

Lu Yan was speechless: "Okay, let's talk about it when you encounter it. Pay attention to the recording. Tell me if there is any problem."

"...Okay, thank you brother."


After hanging up, Lu Anan swiped Weibo.

The trumpet she used was all news from Sheng Heng and Lu Yan.

Originally, there were only a few zombie fans, but Lu Anan now finds that the fans seem to have increased, and she has received a lot of private messages.

[Sister, are you also Sheng Lufen? Knock cp together?

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh there is a sister who is hardworking and dedicated! ! Sisters chasing Lu Sheng together.

[Sisters, do you follow each other?

[Sister, do you want to join the group?


Lu Anan hadn't turned on it before, so he would turn it on and watch, still a little dazed.

What's wrong in this world, what Sheng Lu and Lu Sheng are all fake?

Lu Anan refused one by one, and then he let go and continued to scan Weibo.

She didn't click on the group she had added before, and the new group didn't even want to be added.

Lu An'an was content to go offline after putting the two against the black list. She climbed onto the bed with her mobile phone, and when she was about to sleep, the phone vibrated.

Lu Anan looked down and his eyes lit up.

Sheng Heng was relatively busy during this period, but such days were normal.

Although he has been in the entertainment industry for so many years, he has become accustomed to the busyness of artists, and he doesn't feel anything wrong.

Right after the play, Yang Yang handed him the phone.

"Brother Heng."

Sheng Heng nodded, took his mobile phone, took a thermos cup and sipped his drink.

"Brother Heng, would you like coffee? There are still a few scenes tonight."

As an assistant, Yang Yang is very dedicated. Although occasionally a little careless, but overall it is not bad. Yu Yuan is also relieved to let him take care of Sheng Heng.

Sheng Heng just wanted to nod, when suddenly he thought of something.

"No need to."


Yangyang looked at him in surprise: "No need?"

As far as he knows, Sheng Heng's favorite is black coffee.

Sheng Heng nodded, squeezed his eyebrows and said, "No, I would like a cup of tea."

Yangyang was stunned, and said quickly, "Okay, then I will prepare it for you."

"Thank you."

After Yangyang left, Sheng Heng smiled suddenly. He turned on his phone and glanced, and unexpectedly saw Lu An's circle of friends.

It was sent over an hour.

Lu Anan: I'm going to participate in the show, bless me safe and smooth!

Sheng Heng smiled, the little fan was quite superstitious.

He clicked a thumbs-up, thought for a while, poked open the cute portrait of the little fan, and sent a message to her.

Sheng Heng: [What show will be recorded tomorrow?

Lu Anan was shocked, and immediately got up from the bed: [Ms. Sheng?

Sheng Heng: [Huh?

Lu Anan stared at the name and profile picture for a while: [...how do you know?

Sheng Heng: [Circle of friends.

Lu Anan then remembered that he had sent a circle of friends to pray.

She was holding her phone and just wanted to reply when Sheng Heng's news came again.

Sheng Heng: [Where to record?

Naturally, Lu Anan knew everything about idols, and answered everything honestly.

The two chatted for a long time. When the staff called Shengheng, he looked at the series of messages received on the screen and couldn't help laughing.

Hold down to speak, the gentle tone is incredible.

Yang Yang, who had just made the tea, was stunned for a moment, almost wondering who had possessed Sheng Heng.

After sending it out, Sheng Heng turned his head and gave him the phone: "I'll go to film first."

Yang Yang: "...Okay."

He glanced at the phone, and didn't have the guts to look more.

After talking in bed, Lu Anan received a voice from Sheng Heng.

Her fingers trembled, and she took a deep breath before tapping.

Sheng Heng's voice has always had a certain magical power to her, and the sexiness of the subwoofer is especially sultry.

Lu An'an clicked on, his voice streaming from the receiver, sweet and charming.

Sheng Heng: "Pay attention to safety. If you have any questions, you can ask me at any time. I'll go to the filming first, and rest early in the evening, good night."

Not to say anything else, just "good night", it is also worth listening to Lu Anan over and over again.

She was so excited. After listening to it several times, Lu Anan replied with a polite voice: "Mr. Sheng, good night."

After returning, Lu Anan pressed his small heart beating too fast, rubbed the soft quilt, and fell asleep.

Probably because of Sheng Heng's voice, Lu Anan had a dream about Sheng Heng all night.

Specifically, she forgot what it was, and it was messy, all related to Sheng Heng.

When she woke up, Mother Lu was already in her room.

The two looked at each other, and Lu Anan blinked and shouted, "...Mom, good morning."

Mother Lu nodded, and looked at her hesitantly: "An An."

"what happened?"

Lu Mu said, "Did you dream of Sheng Heng?"

Lu An'an: "???"

The author has something to say:

An An:? ? ?

Mother Lu: Your dreams have exposed your thoughts.

brother:? ? ? Change idols quickly! !

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