Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Brother Or Idol

Lu Anan stared at Mother Lu, hesitantly "Ah", "What?"

She dreamed of Shengheng, but why would her mother know? !

Lu An'an looked terrified.

Mother Lu looked at her for a long while, pulled a chair from one side and sat down: "You just kept calling Shengheng's name in your mouth."

She asked: "You like Shengheng so much?"

Lu Anan looked at her incredulously: "...really?"

Will she still talk in her dreams? !

Mother Lu nodded: "Really."

Lu Anan: "..."

She looked at Mother Lu's eyes and was slightly embarrassed: "...Mom, I just had a dream, nothing else."

She always felt that Mother Lu's eyes had some other meaning.

She just treats Sheng Heng as an idol, nothing else.

Mother Lu looked at her as if she was thinking of Shengheng's piece of Tang monk meat.

Lu Anan wanted to explain, but he didn't seem to be able to explain.

Fortunately, in the end, Lu Mu didn't ask much.

She nodded and said: "Okay, it's nothing to dream about, this kind of thing is normal."

Lu Anan: "..."

Why is she listening? There is something else about this.

Lu Anan didn't dare to think deep, and said quickly, "Mom, I got up and want to catch a plane."

"Go ahead, are everything packed?"


"That's fine."

Lu Anan flew from city b to the recording location.

Tang Yi accompanied her to the show because she was taking part in the show for the first time.

The recording location is in a small town that has not yet been developed. It is said that it is intended to be a tourism development site, but no one knows yet. The program group arranges to record in this place and also promotes the local area.

This way is quite interesting.

Lu An'an was the first to arrive.

Before getting off the bus, Tang Yi could exhort a few words: "You are a live variety show, so you must pay attention to your facial expression management. Even if you are unhappy, you can't show it."

She quickly said: "Netizens are all human beings. You can see a slight emotional change, you know?"

Lu Anan nodded: "Okay, I know."

Tang Yi looked at her, sighed and said, "Why don't you want to go filming?"

Lu Anan smiled and looked out the window: "Sister Yi, I'm getting off the car."

"Go ahead."

As soon as the car door opened, Lu Anan saw many staff members, all standing on one side, with the camera facing her.

The live broadcast opened smoothly. There will be a lot of people coming into the live broadcast room. After all, there are two small meats.

Lu An'an Company and she also made publicity, and when she saw her coming out, the fans were extremely enthusiastic.

Ah ah ah ah Ann is here! !

[Long time no see, An An. It's getting better and better!

[Uuuu An An Ma Ma miss you!

[Who is this?

[Do you not read the introduction in front? I still ask.

Lu An'an didn't know what happened in the live broadcast room. Her lips curled up and she glanced at the staff. The staff looked indifferent. Lu An was clear that they would not speak to herself.

She smiled at the camera, took the suitcase from the car, and walked to the house not far away.

There is a wooden house not far away, surrounded by a small garden, and the ground is a soft stone road.

Lu An'an pulled the box, turned his head to look at the camera, and chatted with everyone under the sign of the staff.

"Good morning everyone, I am Lu An'an."

She smiled, eyes bright: "The staff don't speak, am I talking to myself like a little madman?"

As she said, she couldn't help but say, "I think it's a bit, now I'm at the door of the house, and when I find the key, how about taking everyone in to see where we live?"

There was a small basket at the door of the house, Lu Anan laughed, took it out from there, and opened the door.

The moment the door opened, she was still a little surprised.

The house was much better than she had imagined. The interior was very warm and it seemed to have taken a lot of effort.

Lu Anan turned his head and asked to himself: "I think it's pretty good, what do you think?"

She laughed, and as soon as she wanted to talk, a voice came from outside the door.

Lu An settled down and walked to the door.

It was Wu Yue who came in.

The two looked at each other, and after introducing each other, the atmosphere was slightly awkward.

Wu Yue looked at her and asked in a low voice, "Did you go upstairs to look at the room?"

"not yet."

Wu Yue nodded and said nothing.

"Are you going to have a look?"

Wu Yue smiled, shook his head and said, "Wait for others to come."

Soon, Tong Xiang and Wu Zeyu arrived, and Liu Mengting also arrived.

In fact, Liu Mengting is not much older than them, but her popularity and strength are placed here, she is one of the biggest names.

But people have no airs.

Liu Mengting reached out and touched Lu An'an's head, and said with a smile, "It's been a long time since I saw you, An'an."

Lu Anan smiled: "Teacher Liu hasn't seen you for a long time."

"It's getting more and more beautiful."

Liu Mengting said: "Why hasn't there been any news in this period of time?"

This is what fans want to know.

Lu Anan really didn't look like an entertainer. Once he disappeared, he disappeared for a month or two without any news.

Although she doesn't have many fans, she is still waiting for her! !

This idol is too cruel.

Lu Anan chuckled softly, "I have news in school."

Liu Mengting: ""

Tong Xiang joined the two and joked: "Yes, I have seen it on the Internet."

"See what." Wu Zeyu joined the chat.

Tong Xiang: "Photos taken during class."

Everyone didn't find anything wrong, but Wu Yue discovered it for the first time.

"When did An An post the photos?"

Lu Anan was startled.

Tong Xiangshun said: "It should be taken by school fans, I saw it when I checked Weibo."

As soon as this was said, the fans in the original live broadcast room also reacted.

[It scares me to death, I almost think about it.

[Ahhhhhhhhh, can you not pant for words in the future! Ma Ma was scared to death by you!

[Wait, Zai Zai, someone who doesn't look at your hot searches, why did you see Lu Anan's photos?

[Fuck! The sisters in front are awesome!

[Some people dont overdo it, cant you just check Weibo and see? Dont you see other peoples news except for your idol? It's toxic.

I dont know if there is any poison. All in all, this topic is over.

After the five people arrived, the program group also began to talk about the rules of the game.

All five peoples wallets have to be handed in. In this show, they can only use the money provided by the show team to do tasks.

The tasks are difficult as well as simple. Every day is different. They can even make money by doing tasks.

After the introduction, everyone looked at each other.

The program team gave the money to everyone, Liu Mengting took it, looked down and shouted: "One day?"

Program group: "Half a month."

"That's it?"

Liu Mengting took it out, and everyone looked over.

In that hand, it's about one thousand yuan.

Everyone took a deep breath, and couldn't believe how to make a living with just such a small amount of living expenses.

Staff: "You can also make money by doing tasks. One thousand yuan is a lot."

Everyone: ""

Where is it?

[Seriously, one thousand yuan is not much, five people and half a month.

[Actually, I think its okay. If you eat at home or something, its enough.

[It's too pitiful, one thousand yuan.

[Hahahahahahahahaha It's so interesting to see their expressions.

[Hey, dont be hungry to our cubs.

No matter what Lu An'an and the others say, the program group will give one thousand yuan.

As the oldest, Liu Mengting sighed helplessly: "Forget it, one thousand yuan is one thousand yuan, I don't believe they will starve us to death."

"that's right."

Wu Zeyu said: "Anyway, isn't there a task?"

Wu Yue said, "Why don't you go and see the room."

The five people looked at each other and nodded.

There are three rooms, one for Liu Mengting, one for Lu An'an and Wu Yue, and one for Wu Zeyu and Tong Xiang. You don't need to worry about this.

Lu Anan didn't have any comments, neither did the two men, but Wu Yue said, "I sleep lightly."

Lu An'an was startled, and looked at her: "Would you wake up even a little movement?"


Lu Anan opened his mouth and said in a low voice, "Then I will ask the director team if there are any other rooms."

Wu Yue pursed her lips: "Farewell, wait for the audience to say I'm hypocritical."

Lu An'an was startled, and said with a smile: "It doesn't matter much, I ask, if there is not, I can only stop, I will try to be a little bit quieter."


Finally, naturally there is no.

The program is set up like this, there are no vacant rooms, even if there are, it will not be given to them, it is prepared for the guests in each issue.

Lu Anan was not surprised, but Wu Yue didn't seem to be in a good mood.

But there is no way, Liu Mengting will not let her room out, after all, the coffee shop is there, even if it is let out, Wu Yue shouldn't live in it.

In the entertainment industry, these aspects are still very concerned.

However, after dividing the room, everyone clearly felt that the atmosphere of the five people was a little bit wrong.

[It feels like Wu Yue is a bit hypocritical, recording the show.

[You are not hypocritical! Can someone sleep lightly?

[It's better to be a man, very casual.

[I think Lu An'an is pretty good, and I took the initiative to ask the staff. What I am curious is that it is Wu Yue who wants to live alone, so why not ask himself.

[Why Lu Anan has been talking to Tong Xiang! Can you two separate me?

At this moment, Lu An'an did indeed speak to Tong Xiang.

Tong Xiang looked at her: "Long time no see."

Lu Anan smiled: "Long time no see."

Tong Xiang paused, and said in a low voice, "By the way, I asked for you."


Tong Xiangdao: "Just the previous owner."

Lu An'an was startled, completely unexpected that he would say this.

She was stunned for a moment, then pressed her voice and said, "Ah, what do you want to eat at noon?"

Tong Xiang: "..."

He was stunned, and suddenly understood.

It is really not good to say these in the show.

Thinking, Tong Xiang said: "I can do it, what do you want to eat?"

Wu Zeyu: "The program team won't prepare food, shall we go to the kitchen to see?"

Five people walked to the kitchen and opened it to see-very good, nothing.

Several people looked at each other.

Liu Mengting is also a life idiot. She looks at the others: "Who can cook?"

Tong Xiang: "I know a little bit."

Lu Anan also raised his hand: "I can do a little too."

Wu Zeyu: "I won't."

Wu Yue: "...Neither will I."

Liu Mengting: "Neither can I."

She gave a final word: "Na An'an and Tong Xiang will be responsible for cooking. We have to allocate the other things."

"I'm OK."

Liu Mengting looked at the crowd and nodded, and said quickly: "Then the important thing now is to go shopping first. Where is the vegetable market?"

"The program group should find a good place."

Everyone discussed.

After going out for the first time, four people were sent out after thinking for a while.

Only Liu Mengting stayed at home.


The program team was very considerate and prepared a car for them.

After the four people got on the bus, many of the viewers in the live broadcast room also moved to their rooms.

"what to buy?"

Lu Anan took out his mobile phone and looked at several people: "What do you like to eat?"

Tong Xiangdao: "Meat!"


[Uuuuuu cub loves to eat meat, don't starve him.

Lu Anan smiled: "Where is Brother Zeyu?"

Wu Zeyu smiled: "I can do it, I can eat it."

"Is there nothing you like? Can you eat spicy food?"

"You can eat anything."

Lu Anan nodded and looked at Wu Yue: "What does Sister Yue like to eat?"

In this show, Lu Anan was the youngest and had to call everyone's brother and sister. If she didn't, she was worried that she would be called impolite.

Wu Yue smiled: "An An just calls my name directly."


Wu Yue said: "I don't like spicy food, and I don't like heavy-tasting foods. If you don't have too much oil, you will gain weight."

Lu An'an nodded and took notes with a calm expression.

"Anything else?"

Wu Yue shook his head: "Will it be troublesome?"

"will not."

Lu Anan said: "I remember all of them."

Tong Xiang frowned, and said directly: "Sister Yue, it shouldn't be too much oil. I guess it will be a bit too much."

Wu Yue responded, "Well, it doesn't matter."

Four people arrived at the vegetable market. The location of the vegetable market was not very far from their cabin. It looked like driving for thirty minutes.

After the four people got off the car, all the money was in Lu An'an.

Lu Anan looked around and said in a low voice, "Should I buy them together or separately?"

Tong Xiang: "Leave it apart, so faster."

He looked at Wu Zeyu: "I'm with An An, how about you and Sister Yue?"

Wu Zeyu nodded: "Okay."

Lu Anan took out four hundred yuan and took a deep breath and said, "We are two hundred and you two are two hundred. Brother Ze Yu, please help buy some fruit. It doesn't need too much. Our money will not be enough. The two of us will go shopping."

"OK, we will gather in the parking lot in half an hour."

"it is good."

After leaving, the program group switched shots again.

Live broadcast is like this. Everyone has a room, and everyone can watch which group they want to watch.

Lu Anan glanced at what everyone liked and what they didn't like, and began to make plans.

"An An, how much do we want to buy?"

Lu Anan thought for a while: "If you leave it for a long time, you can buy more. Potatoes can be stored for two days, but the beans and eggplant are not good. Buy less."

"it is good."

The two stood together and went to the vegetable market. They didn't know what was going on, and suddenly felt a sense of harmony.

The fans looked at it for a moment, and always felt something was wrong.

Lu Anan and Tong Xiang went back after buying the food. They bought spare ribs, fish and some vegetables.

When the two arrived in the car, Wu Yue and Wu Zeyu hadn't come back. They waited for about ten minutes, but they were late.

The four went back to the cabin together again. Liu Mengting was collapsing on the sofa, looking at Lu Anan grievously: "An An, are you going to starve Teacher Liu to death?"

Lu Anan smiled and quickly comforted her: "I will cook immediately. I can only make things simple. If it doesn't taste good, don't dislike it."

Liu Mengting waved her hand: "I definitely don't dislike it, you go cook!"

"it is good."

"I'll give you a hand."

"no, I'm fine."

Lu Anan said, "I'll do it myself."

Liu Mengting looked at her suspicious eyes and couldn't help asking: "...An An, how do I feel that you are despising me."

Lu Anan stared at her, and immediately said, "I don't have one, I don't dare."

Of course, she didn't forget that Liu Mengting was a waste of help in the last Super Idol Games.

Liu Mengting looked at her and snorted proudly: "I can see it, you just despise me."

Lu Anan blinked.

Liu Mengting choked, waved her hand and said, "Forget it, I know I'm a trash, I don't want to cause you trouble, I can always wash the fruit."

"Ms. Liu walk slowly."

Fans in the live broadcast room watched this interaction and called it cute.

[Hahahahahaha suddenly got Liu Mengting's cuteness.

[Uuuuuuu, what kind of teacher and student is this, why are they so cute!

[No one thinks Lu Anan is actually super cute, beautiful and cute.

[I can cook, unexpectedly.

[Suddenly I feel that this show is quite interesting, I can watch Liu Mengting and Lu Anan's mentorship for a long time hahahaha.

[Tong Xiang and Lu Anan can also be me! !


Lu An'an is not very skilled at cooking, but he knows a little bit.

Tong Xiang also, the two are divided into labor and cooperation, and get a late lunch.

There are pork ribs and stir-fried potato shreds made by Lu An'an, a tomato and egg soup, and Tong Xiang's fried green beans and mapo tofu.

One soup for four dishes is not too much, but not too much.

Liu Mengting said "Wow", "An An, you are too good."

Lu Anan smiled and pointed to Tong Xiang: "I didn't do it all."

"No, An An is good."

Tong Xiangdao: "I can't make meat."

The audience in the live broadcast room was also surprised. They thought it would be burnt or something, but they didn't expect it to be ok.

[Wow! Hungry, hungry!

[God, our cub is really good.

[What to do, I suddenly felt that Lu Anan and Tong Xianghao match well.

? ? ? ?

[The good match in front is your sister, take our Tong Xiang away.

[Take away our An'an, don't mess around with CP, our An'an is cute.

Fans always quarrel.

Lu Anan looked at several people: "Try it?"


Liu Mengting was the first to start: "I'm welcome."

Lu Anan served soup to several people and placed them next to each other before sitting down.

The audience sighed while watching.

This is too intimate.

Only soon, everyone discovered something was wrong.

Liu Mengting looked at Wu Yue and shouted, "Wu Yue, why don't you eat?"

Everyone took a closer look, Wu Yue was eating white rice and there was nothing to eat.

Hearing that, Wu Yue smiled embarrassedly: "You leave me alone, I'm not hungry."

"How can you not be hungry."

Liu Mengting said enthusiastically: "An An's spare ribs are super delicious, try a piece."

Liu Mengting carried the tray for her to pick it up.

"No need to."

Wu Yue said: "I told An An, I don't like meat."

Lu An'an was startled and nodded: "Yes, sister Wu Yue said she doesn't eat meat."

Tong Xiang: "What about vegetarian food?"

Wu Yue smiled and pursed her lips: "No need, I'm just not hungry."

Everyone was stunned, wondering why she was.

Wu Zeyu came out to round up the field and said in a low voice, "Don't worry, Sister Yue ate something when we went to buy fruit. It's normal to be not hungry now."

"is it."

Liu Mengting said: "That's OK, let's eat our own."

"it is good."

Lu An'an lowered his head and ate. Actually, the amount of vegetables is not much.

After eating, Liu Mengting took the initiative to undertake the dishwashing work. She did nothing, so naturally she went to wash the dishes.

She has no pretensions and is very happy with everyone.

After washing the dishes, it is time for a nap.

Lu Anan stayed with Liu Mengting to wash the dishes before going back. When she went back, Wu Yue was chatting with her mobile phone. When she saw her, she paused and put her mobile phone on the side.

She didn't say hello to Lu An'an, nor did Lu An'an.

Although Lu Anan didn't understand why she didn't like herself.

One morning and afternoon, Lu Anan was really tired.

She fell asleep within a few minutes after climbing into the bed.

After waking up, it was a task in the afternoon.

The first task given by the program group was to grow vegetables in the fields.

Everyone was stunned when they heard the task.

"What to plant?"

Director group: "Grow vegetables!"

"we will not."

"Someone teaches." The staff member said: "A piece of land costs one hundred yuan, you guys come on."

Everyone: "???"

Lu Anan and Liu Mengting glanced at each other and protested: "This is too cheap labor."

"The two hundred."

Everyone: "???"

No, are you so unprincipled? !

Although not, I have to do it.

If you don't do it, you won't have two hundred yuan, and the program group's mission is to go to the fields to grow vegetables and to fish for fish in the river, which can be sold for money.

The money sold for the fish caught belongs to them.

Everyone feels helpless about the task of the program group, but they understand that fans actually like to watch this daily routine.

There is nothing torn, just plain little routine.

When he arrived at the vegetable growing place, Lu Anan was indeed a little confused.

No matter how good she was, she wouldn't be able to do this. Fortunately, it was not difficult for someone to teach her.

After planting the vegetables, the five turned to catch fish.

After all, it must be something to watch, and the program group will not be too difficult for people.

After catching a few fish, Liu Mengting suggested: "Why don't you sell them first? It is said that the night market here is pretty good at night."

"Who is going to sell it?"

Wu Yue said, "I want to go."

Liu Mengting nodded: "Na Zeyu, let's go, too. Three of us will also come in an hour and a half."

"it is good."

Wu Yue and Wu Zeyu went to sell fish, Lu Anan, Tong Xiang, and Liu Mengting continued to fish. In half an hour, the three of them fished five fish, which was a good result.

Several people walked to the vegetable market.

Just in the evening, the sunset is particularly beautiful.

The program team made an appointment for them in advance. When the three people passed by, the first few fish caught were restored to the original swimming in the water.

Liu Mengting: "...never sold one?"


Wu Zeyu was embarrassed and said, "No one buys it."

Lu Anan blinked and looked at the people coming and going not far away: "Did you call it?"

"what is it call?"

Wu Yue looked at her: "You mean hawking?"


Hearing this, Wu Yue immediately lowered his face: "I don't want it, why do you want to sell it?"

Lu Anan said "Oh", but he was not angry.

But the fan in the live broadcast room was angry.

[I am speechless, Wu Yue thinks he is a big name! Not yet, she is really enough.

[No, Lu Anan deliberately makes things difficult for people, what kind of hawking, why doesn't she call it herself.

[I can see that Wu Yue doesn't like Lu An'an, and Lu An'an is not polite to Wu Yue.

[Wow, is my favorite tearing coming, looking forward to it!


It's a pity that there is no tearing, Lu Anan glanced at the staff: "Can I sell it?"

Staff: "Of course."

Lu Anan nodded, looked at Liu Mengting and Tong Xiang and said, "Two seniors, go and attract some guests?"

Tong Xiangxiao: "Who attracts?"

Lu Anan didn't want to say: "Your fan, Teacher Tong, your face is a sign, go ahead."

After speaking, she looked at Liu Mengting.

Liu Mengting was very conscious: "I know, I'm going, I'm going to attract some guests."

"Thank you Teacher Liu."

Lu Anan took a deep breath and suddenly felt that he was carrying a group of older children.

She is obviously the youngest, isn't she?

Lu Anan didnt hesitate, and shouted, "Im selling fish! Im selling fish! Does anyone want to buy fish? Its a big and fresh fish. Teacher Liu Mengting caught it. Do you know who Teacher Liu is? She just sang. Teacher Liu, who has played the famous song ***, you dont want to buy the fish she caught. When you go home and eat it, you can have the same voice as Teacher Liu. There is also Tong Xiang. If you eat the fish caught by Teacher Tong, you can grow up Teacher Tong is as handsome as..."

After Lu An'an spoke a series of words, even the staff on the other side couldn't help laughing.

"An An, why are you so good."

Lu Anan spread his hands: "...Who told you not to have some inside story?"

As soon as the voice fell, the crowd suddenly exclaimed.

Lu An Anshun looked over, and unexpectedly saw an acquaintance.

She was taken aback for a moment, and she didn't react at all, she was dumbfounded.

Sheng Heng walked up to her in a hurry, glanced at her with a smile, and asked in a low voice, "What happens if I eat the fish caught by An'an?"

The author has something to say:

An An: Gain a small fan.

Author: No, harvest a wife.

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