Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Idol Or Brother

The audience in the live broadcast room will be sour.

When he returned from Shengheng, he went into the kitchen to toss, but no one knew what he was doing.

The result is now solved.

He made **** tea for Lu Anan! !

Many vermicelli are sour into lemon essence, but I have to admit that Lu Anan really needs **** tea.

She went fishing again for their idols.

Sheng Heng looked at Lu An'an frowning and smiled, "So bad?"

"Anyway...not good."

Sheng Heng: "Good medicine is bitter."

Lu Anan curled his lips and finished drinking.

After drinking, Lu Anan looked at him: "Let me cook fish, what does Teacher Sheng want to eat?"

Sheng Heng glanced at it and said lightly: "Steam it."



Lu Anan blinked, and after touching the change in Sheng Heng's eyes, he immediately agreed: "Okay, right now."

She fishes fish and Sheng Heng does other things. She doesn't seem to be very skilled, but it will be much better than the last super idol.

Staring for a while, Lu Anan sent out a soulful question: "... Teacher Sheng, when did you learn to cook?"

Sheng Heng gave her hand and stared at her: "The fish is ready?"

Lu Anan: "..."

The traces of this diversion are too obvious.

She thought, raising the corner of her mouth silently, but she didn't ask any more for the face.

She lowered her head to make fish, and Sheng Heng was cooking nearby.

I don't know why, the audience feels extremely comfortable when watching.

Lu Anan is not very quiet, but she can see things in her eyes, and occasionally she can help Sheng Heng. She doesn't keep asking how to do this. The tone is strange, just a normal exchange.

[The picture feels extremely comfortable.

[God, these two people are so handsome, I like the way they cook.

[Hum hum brother is a **** figure ah, are still cooking.

[I really envy Lu An'an. After cooperating with my brother on the song, they co-cooked to cook together. What kind of luck is this?

[Stop talking, I am lemon essence now.

Sheng Heng's dishes are not simple, but not very complicated.

He won't be too complicated, but looks good, and Lu An'an's steamed fish is out of the pot.

Liu Mengting sneaked in after smelling the scent.

"It smells so good, is it ready?"

"Almost, Teacher Liu, would you like to try it."

"it is good."

Liu Mengting tasted it, and his eyes lit up: "It's delicious! An An, why are you so great?"

Lu Anan: "...That was made by Teacher Sheng, I only made fish."

Liu Mengting was choked and looked at Sheng Heng: "Teacher Sheng is amazing, and the Almighty God is well-deserved."

Sheng Heng smiled: "Thank you."

Five people become six people.

Everyone got together to eat together.

The live broadcast is until ten o'clock in the evening. You can watch it whenever you want. During the period, advertisements are also broadcast. It is sponsored. Sometimes when a few people interact and talk about the sponsor brand, the audience finds it funny.

It was also broadcast live while eating.

Lu Anan sat opposite Sheng Heng, and Wu Yue was beside Sheng Heng. There was a rectangular table with three people on each side.

Liu Mengting pulled her to talk, Tong Xiang on the other side of her.

Lu Anan looked at the food in front of him and couldn't help taking a photo.

Everyone moves in the same way, joking that they should be preserved, maybe once in their life, they can eat Shengheng's rice.

Everyone had a good meal.

Wu Yue glanced at it and said, "Teacher Sheng is so amazing. Is this braised pork in brown sauce? It looks so delicious."

Sheng Heng nodded: "You can taste it, maybe it won't be delicious."

Tong Xiang glanced and smiled, "I want to learn more from Teacher Sheng."

Sheng Heng raised his eyebrows, but didn't know much.

Liu Mengting smiled unclearly: "It's okay, everyone eat quickly, it will be cold later, it seems that the program group will let us play games after eating."

She complained: "It's crazy."

staff member:



Everyone had a satisfying meal this dinner.

Although the taste is only average, Shengheng's cooking is enough to make everyone attractive.

Everyone has finished eating very hard.

After eating, Tong Xiang and Wu Zeyu took the initiative to wash the dishes. They didn't do anything, and the dishes were still OK.

Liu Mengting didn't do it either. She tidied the living room and it was finished.

There is nothing else for the six people. In fact, a little housework is easily distributed.

After finishing, Lu Anan took a task card from the staff.

It is the task of six people at night.

After all, its a live broadcast, so you cant let everyone watch you finish your dinner.

She opened her eyes and couldn't help laughing.

"What is it?"

Lu Anan looked at Liu Mengting, "Game."

Liu Mengting took a look, and rolled her eyes speechlessly: "This game is too naive, so you play it, I guess, is it boring?"

Staff: "There are exactly three men and three women, and they are assigned by lot."

Several people:""

In the end, the result of the team was Lu Anan and Tong Xiang, Sheng Heng and Wu Yue, Liu Mengting and Wu Zeyu.

She has no opinion on the result of this draw.

What can fate do like this.

Several people are in short interest.

"Who will come first?"

"Girls guess the box, and those who lose come first."

By coincidence, Lu Anan was the first to lose.

She and Tong Xiang looked at each other, "You go and perform, I will guess."

Lu Anan said, "I don't know how to perform."

"it is good."

The questions were given by the other four, but they were all given by the program group. It depends on whether they choose easy or difficult.

After a while, Tong Xiang shouted and turned his back to Lu An'an: "An'an, it's all right."


Lu Anan turned around.

Tong Xiang began to perform: "Four words."

Lu Anan watched carefully, and after Tong Xiang made a move, he guessed it for the first time.

"Play the piano to the cow?"

"Wow, An An, you are too smart, how do you know?"

Lu Anan opened his mouth and smiled suddenly: "Just guess it."

Everyone didn't understand where she was laughing, but it was vaguely, as if something was exposed.

After several rounds of the game, Sheng Heng's group won the most.

Those who win have a reward, Lu Anan looked at the reward from the staff: "What is it?"



The staff member said: "The winning team members have two hundred yuan, which can be used at will."

The four who lost: "Wow! Why didn't you say it earlier."


"Know it early, I can't win." Lu An'an said weakly: "Forget it, I don't have this talent."

The staff will be laughed to death by her.

"An An, why are you so cute."

Lu Anan's eyes brightened and looked at the staff: "Can you get a hundred yuan for cute?"

staff member:""

Audience: "Hahahahahahahahaha is so clever."

Suddenly, the smile on the audience's face froze.

They found! Sheng Heng actually handed the one hundred yuan that the staff had given him to Lu An'an.

Lu An's heart jumped sharply and looked at Sheng Heng.

"This one--"

Sheng Hengyun said lightly: "The living expenses of the cabin."

Lu Anan was relieved and scared her to death.

She took it with both hands and said with a smile: "Thank you, Teacher Sheng, for adding money to our cottage!"

Liu Mengting: "Thank you, Teacher Sheng, why don't you stay a few more days."

Sheng Heng smiled, "I guess it won't work. I have to leave tomorrow afternoon."

Hearing this, Liu Mengting looked at the camera, pointed and said, "Remember, Teacher Sheng will not leave until tomorrow afternoon. Everyone should watch our show on time tomorrow morning."

The audience quickly agreed: It's fine, no problem.

It just so happens that the time has come.

Everyone got together to play, and it was time to close the live broadcast.

At ten o'clock, everyone is going back to rest one after another.

Sheng Heng has a special room specially prepared for guests.

Lu An'an had found out before, but no one dared to move.

"Are you going back to your room to sleep?"

"Go back."

Lu Anan followed upstairs, but before she went up, her pajamas hat was pulled down by the person behind.

Lu Anan was startled and turned his head.

Sheng Heng glanced at her: "Are there any signs of a cold?"


"Is your throat itchy?"

"Not itchy."

Lu Anan looked at him: "Teacher Sheng, don't worry, I'm very healthy."

Sheng Heng said "Yeah", his voice solemnly said, "If you have something wrong, you should say immediately."

"it is good."

"good night."

"good night."

The two were separated from the stairway, and the guest room was in the small attic, which was well located and spacious.

Lu Anan knew how well she was, even if she was familiar with Sheng Heng now, she would not dare to go up.

As soon as he returned to the room, Wu Yue went into the bathroom.

Probably brush your teeth and wash your face.

Lu An'an rubbed his sore waist, just wanting to lie motionless.

Just after lying down, the news of Yu Zhu came.

Yu Zhu: [An An An An An, emergency help!

Lu Anan: [?

Yu Zhu: [The design draft you gave to me last time was very good, but a client thought it was very good, but she had an idea about the details and wanted to change it. Do you have time?

Lu Anan thought for a few seconds: [Yes, where is her problem?

Yu Zhu: [The waist line, and the collarbone, she wants to highlight the lines.

After receiving the demand from Yu Zhu, Lu Anan quickly agreed: [I will change it now, are you in a hurry?

Yu Zhu: [Yes, this person said there is an event, and it will take place in a few days.

Lu Anan: [I only have the design draft, and you have to follow up with the others.

Yu Zhu: [A design draft is fine, I will discuss it with you on the video.

Lu Anan: [Good.

Fortunately, she came to record the variety show with a computer and a drawing board.

She glanced at Wu Yue, who was still in the bathroom, and knocked: "Wu Yue, I have something to do. Go downstairs. You go to bed early."

Wu Yue: "Yeah."

Lu Anan didn't care about Wu Yue's attitude, and went straight downstairs holding the computer and drawing board.

The light in the living room downstairs was still on, and the staff just retreated and saw Lu An settle down.

"An An, why did you come down?"

Lu Anan smiled: "I have something to do, you are busy with yours."

"Okay, rest early."


After the staff left, Lu Anan accepted Yu Zhu's demand and made changes.

She had designed a dress before, which was relatively modest. After reading the needs of the guests, Lu Anan probably understood what kind of feeling this person wanted.

Be a little bit exposed, a bit more explicit.

She smiled and started to readjust.

Time ticked away, and when the first edition came out again, it was almost twelve o'clock in the evening.

Lu Anan: [Sent to you, can you show it to customers?

Yu Zhu: [Good. Wait a while.

Lu Anan: [Hmm.

Waiting for the gap, Lu Anan curled up on the sofa and yawned.

She is a little sleepy.

To prevent him from falling asleep on the sofa, Lu Anan poked Lu Yan's WeChat account and sent a message.

Lu Anan: [Brother, are you still filming?

Lu Yan: [Not asleep yet?

Lu Anan: [Well, I'm working on things, so sleepy.

Lu Yan: [Cant do it tomorrow, isnt the live broadcast over, have you caught a cold?

Lu An'an: [No, I'm in the living room, you chat with me.

Lu Yan frowned: [Not cold?

Lu Anan: [It's not cold, it has air conditioning.

Lu Yan chatted with her for a while, the news of Yu Zhu came, and there were still details to be adjusted.

Lu An'an took a deep breath, put down the phone and continued to modify.

When the second edition was revised, a sound came from the stairs.

Lu Anan turned her head and met her most familiar and favorite face.

"Ms. Sheng...you haven't slept yet?"

Sheng Heng stared at her twice, "Well, haven't you finished?"


Lu Anan watched Sheng Heng move. He first entered the kitchen, poured a glass of water out, and sat next to Lu Anan.

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