Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Idol Or Brother

Lu Yan did come here to pick her up.

Brother Qian and Tang Yi were sitting in front, and they all heard the fight.

Lu Anan was a little embarrassed when he got in the car.

"Brother Qian, good morning sister Yi."

Lu An'an had not actively told Tang Yi that Lu Yan was her brother, but she estimated that even if she didn't say it, Tang Yi could guess.

She is a veteran of the company. Seeing the company's permission for Lu An'an's willful behavior, she probably knows.

So this meeting is not too evasive.

Tang Yi smiled, not surprising that they were the two.

She looked at Lu An'an: "Is it cold outside?"


Lu Anan said, "Why it's May, it's not hot yet."

Brother Qian laughed: "Come on, I guess it will be warm in a week."

The weather is fickle, always so fast.

"Oh." Lu Anan answered.

Just sitting down, Lu Yan handed her a thermos cup and said, "Drink some water."

"Thank you brother."

Lu Yan looked at her eyes and said lazily, "Let's go."

Brother Qian drove and left the small house.

The sky is not bright yet, and the sides of the road are quiet.

Lu An'an took a sip of the water in the thermos. After drinking, his throat improved a little and he was particularly comfortable.

She shook the cup and looked at Lu Yan, "...is this for me?"


Lu Anan smiled crookedly: "Thank you, brother."

Lu Yan glanced at her: "What happened yesterday."


Lu Yan said slightly: "Pretend to be a fool? Why did you sleep in the small attic yesterday?"

Although Lu Yan did not follow the live broadcast, but Lu Anan's dynamics in the variety show Brother Qian and his assistant both paid attention to. In comparison, he still knew very well.

Yesterday, if Brother Qian hadn't stopped him, Lu Yan would have called him.

what's the situation.

Lu An was silent for a moment, and said in a low voice, "Wu Yue locked the door."

She will not hide anything from Lu Yan.

Besides, she is not a fool if she has a backstage, and she will not let people dig holes for herself to jump.

Even if Sheng Heng was not present last night, Lu An'an would have his own way of dealing with it.


Tang Yi turned his head to look at her in disbelief: "Is Wu Yue crazy?"

"She may have forgotten."

Tang Yi: "...Do you believe this?"

Lu An'an smiled slightly: "Of course I don't believe it."

She looked at the worried two people in front of her and laughed: "Brother, you can do me a favor."

She said: "I found out that although our live broadcast is not open at night, the cameras in the living room and the corridor are on."

She looked at Lu Yan with bright eyes: "Mr. Sheng spoke to the director last night, and the video is here."

Lu Anan didn't say anything about the latter, and Lu Yan knew what to do.

He sneered: "What else did she do besides locking the door?"

Hearing that, Lu An Anke was wronged.

"She still dislikes that the food I cook is not delicious." She grieved and looked like: "Although it is really not good, but at any rate it is my hard work, right."

Lu Yan looked at her like this, wondering why he wanted to laugh.

He nodded: "Yes."

What makes Lu Anan angry is that Wu Yue clearly said that she does not eat meat or greasy dishes. She did not eat the ribs at noon, so she pitifully ate white rice. In the end, Shengheng cooked braised pork in the evening. She has eaten a lot of other dishes.

So in the final analysis, it's not that she doesn't eat, but she doesn't eat Lu An'an.

Although Lu Anan didn't say anything, she could see everything she did.

It's not that she really doesn't understand anything, she's not a kind of pure female college student, her mental age is also 23 or 4 years old, so she is not so "stupid".


After Lu An'an finished speaking, Tang Yi "tsk", "Is she really mindless to record the show?"

Lu Anan couldn't help but smile.

Lu Yanchang patted her head and asked, "What else?"


Lu Anan looked at him: "Brother, if it were you, what would you do?"

Lu Yan raised his eyebrows: "Guess?"

"I don't guess."

Lu Yan chuckled lightly and looked down at her: "Don't be afraid, all the bullies will be returned to you."

"I'm not afraid."

Lu Anan smiled and said, "I also have a backstage."

Lu Yan squinted her eyes and said, "It's good to know."

After arriving at the airport, Lu Yan glanced at him: "There are too many people, it is not convenient for me to go down, so pay attention to safety over there."

"I know, someone will pick it up over there."

Lu Yan nodded: "Go, send a message when it's time."

"it is good."


After boarding the plane in a low-key manner, Lu Anan flew to a strange country with Tang Yi.

In fact, it is not unfamiliar, Lu Anan has been to Paris before.

The i International Jewelry Design Competition is held every two years. Anyone who is creative and thoughtful can sign up. This event is suitable for all newcomers.

Lu Anan knew about it before, but didn't know it too deeply. It was only this year that she had learned more about it.

Its just that Lu Anan is different from other applicants. She does not have any company to which she belongs. She is just an individual. The other contestants have more or less named companies, but she does not.

After getting on the plane, Tang Yi glanced sideways at her: "Aren't you sleepy?"

"A little."

"Go to sleep, it's still early."

"it is good."

Lu Anan turned on the phone and glanced at it. These days have been too busy to swipe the phone.

She would watch this, and silently saved a lot of photos of Sheng Heng from Weibo. Tang Yi watched her move and couldn't laugh or cry.

"Really a fan of him?"

Lu An'an nodded and smiled cheerfully: "Yes."

She likes Shengheng and doesn't lie to anyone.

Tang Yi laughed: "Sheng Heng is also a good artist in the circle, very good, is your brother jealous?"

Hearing this, Lu Anan smiled and nodded: "Eat."

She increased her tone of voice: "Specially eaten."

Tang Yi: "Imagine it, your brother is a jealous jar. Before Lin" Halfway through, Tang Yi suddenly got stuck.

She cleared her throat and said, "I can see it."

As soon as she raised her eyes, Lu Anan leaned over with a smile and looked at her: "Sister Yi, what is Lin? Who was jealous of my brother before?"

It suddenly occurred to her that Tang Yi was the first to lead Lu Yan, and she must know a lot of inside stories.

"Sister Yi."

Tang Yi was scared and said quickly: "It's nothing, I'm asleep, I got up at four o'clock in order to pick you up."

Lu Anan: "..."

She watched Tang Yi put on the blindfold, tilted her head and pretended to be asleep, helplessly spread her hands.

Lu An'an raised his eyebrows and continued to look at Sheng Heng.

Someone on the Internet has already cut out Sheng Heng's clip. Lu Anan watched it for a while wearing headphones, and always felt that something was wrong.

Why has she been with Shengheng?

Not only she found out, but she also found out the problem with netizens.

Before Lu Anan could watch more, he was reminded to shut down.

She turned her phone into flight mode, put on her blindfold, and fell asleep like Tang Yi.

In the middle of the journey, Lu Anan woke up several times.

She took out the notebook from her schoolbag and wrote down her inspiration.

I dont know if its the reason for recording a variety show. She has been very inspired recently, with a steady stream of new ideas appearing, and they are all types that satisfy her.

The ten-hour flight made Lu An'an extremely tired when she got off the plane.

Fortunately, the two of them slept well. When they arrived in Paris, it happened to be more than 12 noon.

When the two took their luggage, Lu Anan's cell phone rang.

She took it, and Yu Zhu's voice came over.

"An'an, I'm here, have you got off the plane?"

Lu Anan smiled: "Immediately, we have arrived."

After hanging up the phone, Lu An'an and Tang Yi pushed the box out, and they saw Yu Zhu as soon as they went out.


The weather in Paris is very good, especially warm.

After getting in the car, Yu Zhu greeted Tang Yi and chatted with Lu Anan.

"I have arranged everything for you. Your work is shortlisted in the preliminary round. It is now a semi-final. This time the semi-final is different from before. It is an open design."

She said: "I will give you about a few hours, and start with a point provided by the organizer."

She asked Lu Anan: "Is An An confident?"

Lu An'an nodded: "Don't worry, I don't have much problem."


Yu Zhu said, "I didn't even know that you can design jewelry."

Lu Anan opened his mouth and said to Tang Yi's gaze, "Just learn it casually."

Yu Zhu: "..."

Tang Yi: "..."

The two were speechless.

In the afternoon, Lu Anan was still very relaxed.

The official game was the next morning, after checking in to the hotel in the afternoon with Tang Yi, Yu Zhu took them out for a big meal. Lu An'an was really not nervous or anxious, probably because he had participated in more competitions before. , This will really not feel any tension.

What she thought was that it wouldn't be shameful not to win the prize.

Lu An'an has a better mentality.

After eating and drinking, she went back to the hotel to rest that night.

The room Yu Zhu booked for the two is a suite, two rooms, just convenient.

After Lu Anan returned to the hotel, Tang Yi didn't come to bother her again, and let her take care of her affairs quietly.

When Lu An'an was not calm, the habitual drawing design draft, even if it was not good, had to paint.

She didn't feel nervous at first, but later, Lu Anan found out that she was wrong.

In fact, she was also a little nervous.

When lying in bed, Lu Anan could not sleep.

She picked up the phone and looked at it. Today's live broadcast has passed. After thinking about it, Lu Anan clicked on the replay and started watching.

In China, there is no Lu An'an program, and the situation is full.

The guest invited this time is still a female guest, and a singer who is very demanding in terms of food and drink.

Tong Xiang can only make simple food, but not more complicated ones.

Liu Mengting was powerless, and without Lu An'an, Wu Yue became a man who would do everything.

After doing so, she also began to shake her face.

Even through the camera, she can see that her face is not so good.

It is dissatisfaction with guests, dissatisfaction with other people.

Lu Anan glanced at the barrage, all cursing.

[Who does Wu Yue think she is? When Lu An'an was here, she asked Lu An'an to do everything, but now that Lu An'an is no longer there, she has to do it, and she still shakes her face.

[Yes, she doesn't cook, she's not happy about washing a bowl, absolutely.

[I want to remind Wu Yue...Have you forgotten that on the day Sheng Heng went, you asked to lay hands on your own initiative? How come you are unwilling to Tong Xiang's turn?

[I can tell, Wu Yue dares to bully the younger generation.

[Fuck, I received the news from the staff. Do you remember why Lu Anan didn't go back to the room to sleep that day, not because she was afraid to wake her, but because Wu Yue locked the door and prevented Lu Anan from going to sleep? !

[Fuck? ? ? real or fake? ? !

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