Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Brother Or Idol

Lu Anan was also obviously startled, she didn't expect to break the news so quickly.

Although it is indeed true.

She twisted her eyebrows and couldn't tell when the barrage came out.

After exiting the video app, Lu Anan clicked on Weibo and took a look.

No one on Weibo said about this, indicating that it was either a barrage just released or it was suppressed.

And there is no evidence, no nonsense.

After thinking about it, Lu Anan rubbed his head on the pillow.

She also lost her thoughts of watching the live broadcast. She turned her head and looked out the window. It was one o'clock in the morning and she was not asleep.

Lu Anan clicked on WeChat.

I browsed up and down and didn't know who to send the information to.

She thought about it, but gave up.

Lu Anan clicked on a song by Kai Shengheng and began to hypnotize himself.

Go to bed early and go to bed early to sleep hard...


Domestically, a new day has begun.

When I got up in the morning, Sheng Heng glanced at WeChat, but there was no news.

The makeup artist put him on makeup, glanced at his WeChat inadvertently, smiled and asked, "Ms. Sheng is waiting for news?"


Sheng Heng said lightly, "Look at it."

The makeup artist didn't ask too much, and nodded to make it clear.

After a while, Yang Yang bought coffee and returned.

He handed it to Sheng Heng and whispered: "Brother."

Sheng Heng glanced at him: "Would you like breakfast?"

Sheng Heng has a bad habit. When he is too busy or filming too much, he doesn't like breakfast.

Basically every morning I hold a cup of black coffee.

Sheng Heng just wanted to refuse, and he didn't know what was in his mind, he responded, "A little bit."

Yangyang's eyes lit up, and he quickly agreed, "Okay brother, I'm going to prepare now."

After watching Yang Yang jump out alive, the makeup artist smiled: "As expected of a young man, Yang Yang is too active."

Sheng Heng laughed: "Very good."

The makeup artist glanced at him: "Ms. Sheng's scene today is a bit heavy."

Sheng Heng said "um", "I'm used to it."

The director of Sheng Hengs film is very demanding, and a small shot always takes a long, long time. Everyone finds it difficult.

Whether it is an actor or a makeup artist, it feels the same.

After putting on makeup, Sheng Heng went out.

Yangyang is ready to come back for breakfast.

"Drink soy milk?"

Sheng Heng glanced, "Okay, thank you."

As soon as Sheng Heng sat down, Yu Yuan came over.

"Lu Yan's agent called me."

After he sat down, he went straight to the subject.

Sheng Heng raised his eyebrows: "What then?"

Yu Yuan glanced at him: "Did you do something?"

Sheng Heng pretended not to understand: "What did you do?"

Yu Yuan choked and asked with a low voice, "You bought the video about Wu Yue?"

Sheng Heng paused with soy milk in his hand, and Yun Danfeng said "Uh" gently.

Yu Yuan: "..."

He looked at Sheng Heng incredulously, gritted his teeth and said, "Why did you buy it? Why did you spend this money?"

He whispered: "You tell Lu Yan, his company will buy it, right?"

Sheng Heng took a sip of soy milk and thought it was good the first time.

He answered: "He is going today, it's too late."

Yu Yuan was stunned for a moment and reacted.

Wu Yue has spent a lot of effort this time, wanting to get a lot of heat in the variety show.

In fact, she has filmed a lot of scenes, and she is considered a predecessor in the circle, but she has not become popular.

No acting skills, bad temper.

However, it is said that there is always someone behind her to help, so she can be regarded as a tepid existence in the entertainment circle.

Apart from Liu Mengting, this show is indeed the biggest.

It's just that few people know who she is.

People are not recognizable, and there are no works, and it is normal to be submerged in the entertainment industry where talented people are born.

It's just that Wu Yue did not have any emotional intelligence and brains.

Too blunt.

Of course, this is Yu Yuan's idea.

He understood what Sheng Heng meant. The reason why Wu Yue dared to bully Lu An'an blatantly in the show was that there was someone behind him.

Even if Lu Anan has no background, even if the show crew has a video, the people behind her can handle it.

It's just that Wu Yue missed Sheng Heng, which should mean that she never thought that Sheng Heng would help Lu An'an.

He also grabbed the video before the person behind her took the shot.

Yu Yuan looked at the person who was eating breakfast slowly, and after a few seconds of silence, he said, "Lu Yan said, let you make a price."

Sheng Heng had a meal, "Am I short of money?"

Yu Yuan smiled helplessly: "Why are you holding it?"

He said: "I understand if you can't stand it, but you can't make a move."

Sheng Heng didn't say a word.

Yu Yuan looked at him for a while, and asked in a low voice, "Don't you think you are a little bit more agreeable to Lu An'an?"

Sheng Heng still did not speak.

Yu Yuan couldn't talk with him anymore, and sighed, "I guess Lu Yan will find you later. Tell him yourself."


Sheng Heng didn't take it too seriously. After breakfast, he asked the makeup artist to touch up his makeup and walked over to the shooting side.



After Lu Anan packed himself up, he went to the game site.

Tang Yi waited for her at the door.

"Come on."

Lu Anan nodded and smiled: "Okay, Sister Yi, find a place to sit. Sister Yu Zhu will come over later."

"it is good."

Lu Anan raised his head and glanced at the place in front of him, took a deep breath, and wandered in.

There are many people who come to participate in the competition. This is the first time the rules have been changed, and this is the first time to use this method for competition.

The topic is given by the organizer. As for how to derive and design, it is up to you.

This is a public game, there is no cheating or other behavior.

There are still many unfamiliar faces around Lu An'an. This is an international competition, with people from every country.

She glanced at the photos that appeared on the big screen.

The audience was in an uproar.

This time, a person appeared, not something suggestive.

Lu Anan knew this person. She was a famous entertainer and an international superstar. She was standing there wearing a skirt without any decoration on her body.

The organizer does not limit what you want to design.

Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, etc., are all allowed.

Lu Anan stared at the man for a long while before he started.

Everyone has professional qualities and abilities, and very few people speak during the game.

Everyone concentrates on making their own designs, as is Lu An'an.

She calmed down, closed her eyes and thought about what suits the dress on that person's body, and what was missing.

She wants to supplement and make the whole look perfect.



After the game, the result was announced a few days later.

When Lu Anan came out of it, the whole morning had passed.

Tang Yi raised her eyes and looked at her: "Are you hungry?"

Lu Anan laughed and looked at Tang Yi: "Why don't you ask me how I feel?"

Yu Zhu smiled beside him: "Don't ask, you must be fine."

She stretched out her hand and hugged Lu An'an, and said with a smile, "Are you tired?"

Lu Anan nodded: "Tired."

She couldn't help saying: "I didn't expect to use this way to compete this time."

Yu Zhu: "What the organizers thought, there is no way."

She patted Lu An'an on the shoulder: "It's still early, let's go eat something first, and then go back to rest."

"it is good."

After eating, she will go back tonight.

This time the match is open internally, so I have to appear here.

In fact, according to the previous rules of the game, Lu An'an can completely submit contributions from other places instead of using this method.

After eating, Lu Anan suddenly became energetic.

"Sister Yi, I want to go shopping."

Tang Yi looked at her: "Buy a bag?"


Lu Anan couldn't laugh or cry: "Let's go take a look and buy a present for my brother and my parents."

She asked, "Didn't I get part of the money for variety shows?"

She has some money now.

Tang Yi smiled and nodded: "Yes, yes."

Yu Zhu also nodded: "Is your brother handsome?"

Lu Anan: "Super handsome, my brother is a handsome guy."

Yu Zhu "wow" and joked: "Really, is there a target?"

Lu Anan smiled: "I have someone I like."

Yu Zhu spread his hands: "That's a pity."

The three people were talking and laughing, and the atmosphere was very good.

It's just that Lu An'an didn't expect her schedule to be so low-key, and nothing was made public, she could still be seen.

It's not right, it should be said that she never thought that someone abroad would know herself.

Lu Anan entered a men's clothing store. She actually didn't know what to buy for Lu Yan. When her parents had bought it, Lu Anan thought about what to buy for a long time when it was Lu Yan's turn. She felt that nothing was appropriate.

Finally, Tang Yi said whether to send cufflinks.

It's not very expensive, and it's more refined.

Lu Anan picked out a pair of cufflinks. As soon as he came out of the store, he was called out: "Hello."

Lu An'an raised his head to look at the two girls in front of him, and nodded, "Hello."

The two looked at her, embarrassed: "Are you Lu Anan?"

Lu Anan was startled: "Yeah."

The two became excited instantly.

"Ah ah ah ah, it's really you! I'm your fan."

One of them said: "We watched the show between you and Sheng Heng. It was super beautiful. You are so beautiful."

Lu An'an was extremely surprised.

She never thought of meeting her fans in Paris.

It should be said that in her concept, she has always felt that she is still the person that no one knows, that is, an ordinary person, not a public figure.

Therefore, Lu Anan was confused for a moment.

She nodded slowly, "Ah", "Thank you."

The two looked at her: "Can you take a picture together?"

Lu Anan looked at Tang Yi.

Tang Yi nodded, "Take it, I'll take it for you, it should be fine."

"it is good."

After taking the photo, Lu Anan rarely signed it.

The two were pleasantly surprised, and when she left the mall, they were particularly excited.

Seeing the joy on their faces, Lu Anan smiled and said, "I didn't expect that I would have such a day."

Tang Yi: "You will be more famous in the future."

Lu An'an bent his lips: "Hope."

After leaving the mall, Lu An'an and Tang Yi rushed back to China, so she took so many three days off for the show, which could not be too long.

It's just that Lu An'an didn't expect that the fans who happened upon him... could also make her on the hot search.

She is obviously not hot.

When I arrived at the airport, it happened to be night in China.

The two went abroad to play, so I didn't expect to see Lu An'an. The two chased after super idols. Their favorite was Lu An'an, but she didn't show up in front of the public much later, and they were quite regretful.

When the show started, the two happened to be playing abroad, so it was not clear.

I saw her now and took a group photo, and I cant wait to share it online.

Because of this, Lu An'an was sent to the hot search.

In the past few days without her live broadcast, many viewers felt that the show was a little less warm. Of course, there are still a lot to watch, but it makes people angry.

Whether it is Wu Yue or others, they all feel like older children, either lacking any work ability or just being aggressive.

Obviously it is a good variety show, and it's messed up.

The special guests invited are also big names, and basically don't do anything, like working in the field, they are not very willing.

The Weibo sent by that fan happened to bring Lu An'an's super chat. At this time, many fans all ran over.

@## Today is so lucky, I met Lu Anan when I first arrived in Paris! ! Oh, oh, the real person is really beautiful, much more beautiful than when I participated in super idols, they are also very thin, and they are so cute hahaha, we are going to sign and take photos. I hope the lady can come out for more activities, we all love it Your photo.

Xiao Juan Juan doesn't have many fans, just over a thousand.

But because of the topic, many people saw it in the topic square, and the enthusiasm rose as soon as it was reposted by the viewers.

[Ah, ah, ah, Ann, please come back soon!

[Lu Anan originally went to Paris, did he go to participate in some activities? Why is there no news on the Internet! !

[Uuuuuu Anan looks good, looks so thin and thin.

[Oh oh oh Ann! ! Come back to the show! No show without you.

[Wait, dont you find that the background is in front of a men's clothing store?

[Cant you buy things for your family? Can a store be used as an example?

[I'm speechless, some people are really nasty.

[Ah ah ah ah ah ah, please come back to China quickly, miss you, and the show is not good without you.

When Lu Anan saw it, he was already in the top ten of the hot search.

She and Tang Yi looked at each other and were very surprised.

"...This, am I so hot?"

Tang Yi glanced at it and said, "You don't know. Variety shows are particularly popular now. As long as you perform well in it, it won't be a problem for a variety show to gain millions of fans."

Lu Anan: "..."

She knew that variety shows were very popular, but she didn't know that she would be so popular.

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