Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Idol Or Brother

The popularity of Lu Anan is getting higher and higher, and many viewers have also expressed that there is really something missing in the show without her, and hope she will come back soon.

The atmosphere among those people also became tense, which was not very good.

Lu Anan really didn't expect that he would be so important.

She looked at the phone for a while, and just wanted to say something, the phone shook. It was a message from Liu Mengting.

Liu Mengting: [Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ! !

Liu Mengting: [Why haven't you come back? Your teacher Liu almost died on this show.

Liu Mengting: [Sister, sister An An, are you still coming back! I saw it, you went to Paris, you come back soon to me... what's next?


Lu Anan smiled straight at the sight.

She returned a message to Liu Mengting: [I miss me so much, sister Mengting.

Liu Mengting: [You come back quickly, there are still a few days to live broadcast, this is really trying to kill me.

Lu Anan: [You can see me tomorrow.

Liu Mengting: [Yes! I hope it will happen in the morning when you come back.

Lu An'an: [Judging from the time difference, it is unlikely. It should be noon.

Liu Mengting: [Also, come back as soon as possible.

Lu Anan: [Good.

After talking with Liu Mengting, it was almost time to board the plane.

Lu An'an and Tang Yi went through the boarding procedures, and they fell asleep together after getting on the plane.

The brain volume was consumed too much in the past two days, and Lu Anan was really tired.

It took about ten hours to fly and arrived smoothly.

When the two got off the plane, Lu Anan also saw many fans picking up the plane.

Of course, she was not picked up.

It belongs to other artists.

She glanced, and vaguely discovered that it was Lin Zhihuai.

Since the end of the super idol, she has never seen Lin Zhihuais news, and asked Lu Yan if he did something. Lu Yans answer to Lu Anan wasI dont need him to do anything, she herself Those that are done won't make it to the table.

Later, Lu Anan didn't ask.

She was caught off guard by seeing the airport pick-up sign, and she was a little surprised.

Lu An raised his eyebrows.

Tang Yi looked at her: "Look at what?"


Lu Anan said: "Lin Zhihuai's fans are picking up the plane."

Tang Yi glanced around and sneered: "No matter, she can't make any storms right now."


Tang Yi said, "Go back first and tell you later."

"it is good."

On the way back, Tang Yi told Lu An'an about Lin Zhihuai's current situation.

In fact, its nothing. After the super idol is over, the two endorsements she was about to talk about have changed, and the heroine of a TV series has also changed, becoming the female third.

She wasn't happy because the crew didn't sign the contract, so no matter how much she wanted to resist, there was nothing wrong with it.

Lu Anan listened, stunned.

"Why haven't I heard of it?"

Tang Yi said, "She didn't dare to make it public. The other party had more fans than her, and it was more pleasing than her."

There are countless such resource grabs in the circle, but it's really nothing.

Lin Zhihuai is not a newcomer, she knows the rules of the entertainment industry.

She was almost the same as Wu Yue, only daring to bully newcomers and rubbing Shengheng's enthusiasm, but in fact, she didn't have much skill.

Hearing this, Lu Anan nodded and looked at Tang Yi: "...Is this my brother made her?"

Since knowing Lu Yan's boss behind Xing Yan, Lu An'an has always felt that Lu Yan is a domineering president, and he is very ruthless in everything.

Although it could not be seen on the surface, Lu Yan was very protective of his shortcomings.

Tang Yi smiled meaningfully: "I don't know this, or it may be that Lin Zhihuai has offended too many people. After she changed the crew, she took a play and went to film abroad. I have returned home."

Lu An'an nodded, expressing it clearly.

Tang Yi looked at her: "When I go back this time, if Wu Yue does anything excessive, he will expose it directly."


Lu Anan looked at her by mistake: "But... the staff of the program team told me that I hope to talk about it after the recording."

"No need to wait."

Tang Yi laughed: "It's a big deal to replace them, and give them a boost to the show."

She comforted Lu An'an: "The director and producer are happy to hear it."

Lu Anan: "..."

I have to say that she really doesn't have the courage and ideas of Tang Yi, she is too bold.

But with Tang Yi's words, Lu An'an is indeed more at ease.


When Lu Anan appeared in front of the camera, the number of people in the live broadcast room increased instantly.

The audience looked at her with excitement.

[Ah ah ah ah ah Lu An'an is back! !

[Gosh, this show can be saved.

[Uuuuuu finally waited.

Liu Mengting was the first to run out of the house and hugged Lu An'an: "An An! Sister Mengting wants to kill you."

Lu Anan smiled and asked eloquently, "Sister Mengting, do you want me to cook for everyone."

Liu Mengting blinked: "both?"

Lu Anan: "...I'm sad."

Liu Mengting smiled and patted her shoulder: "I haven't seen you in a few days, I'm thin."

Lu Anan: "...I don't have one, I am fat."

Probably because of what she said before, Tang Yi and Yu Zhu have taken her to eat these days.

Liu Mengting ignored what she said, and said: "You just lost weight."

Tong Xiang and Wu Zeyu also walked out, looked at her and said, "Welcome back."

"Thank you."

Lu An'an hugged a few people.

She asked: "Who is the guest of this issue?"

Liu Mengting: "I haven't come yet."


Lu Anan just finished "Ah", and a car came and stopped behind them.

Everyone turned their heads together and watched the black nanny car pull away. The first thing that appeared in the camera was a pair of long legs. Everyone was stunned and looked up.

After seeing the incoming person, Liu Mengting whistled: "Fuck! An An, what kind of luck are you?"

Lu Anan: "..."

She stared at the people in a daze, without responding for a long time, and the fans in the live broadcast room exploded.

[Lin Ruoxing? ! ! !

[Fuck, fuck, your legs are so long! ! !

[I didn't expect Lin Ruoxing to be on this show. Lin Ruoxing is better than the two previous guests.

[I have to say that Lu Anans luck is really good. The first guest she met was Sheng Heng. This was just back from abroad, and the guest she met was Lin Ruoxing. Although there are many rumors on the Internet, I remember Lin Ruoxing. Last time I met Lu Anan on the red carpet, the two seemed to be OK.

[Ah ah ah ah ah ah Lin Ruoxing is too good-looking! !

[Uuuuu Lin Ruoxing is really beautiful, this figure is absolutely amazing.

Under everyone's attention, Lin Ruoxing walked in front of everyone wearing a skirt.

"Hello everyone, this is Lin Ruoxing."

Liu Mengting smiled: "What do you call you?"

Lin Ruoxing tilted his head and thought for a while: "It's all right, if you are a star, don't be a teacher."

Liu Mengting nodded: "Hug, welcome."

Lin Ruoxing and everyone hugged, and when she hugged Lu An'an, she also patted Lu An'an on the head, looking particularly indulgent.

Lu Anan smiled while pressing the corners of his lips. He really didn't expect Lin Ruoxing to come.

"Welcome to Sister Ruoxing."

Lin Ruoxing looked at her: "You are polite."

The arrival of Lin Ruoxing and the return of Lu An'an made the cabin much more lively.

Everyone was very excited. Wu Zeyu is said to be a fan of Lin Ruoxing. When shaking hands with the idol, he rubbed his hands excitedly, his face blushed, and Liu Mengting teased him a few times.

Wu Yue looked at Lin Ruoxing. The two had been in the same crew before. Compared to the others, she thought she and Lin Ruoxing were quite familiar.

"Ruoxing is here."

She said directly.

Lin Ruoxing nodded: "Wu Yue, long time no see."

Wu Yue smiled: "Yeah, I didn't expect that the flying guest would be you. I never heard you say it before."

Lin Ruoxing smiled, "Well, it was not made public before coming, only a few people know."

And these few people do not have you.

Wu Yue didn't understand her words, and smiled and said, "It's fine if you are here, and I'm not that bored."

Lin Ruoxing raised his eyebrows and said nothing.

It's already noon.

Lu Anan looked around and said, "Have you eaten yet?"

Liu Mengting shook her head: "Nothing."

Lu Anan: "...Did you buy food?"

"Bought it."

Liu Mengting blinked and looked at her: "An An... I look forward to your performance."

Lu Anan choked.

Wu Zeyu said: "I can fight."

Lu Anan shook his head: "It's all right, what do you want to eat?"

"I want to eat everything."

Lu Anan was dumbfounded, and thought about it for a while and said, "Why don't you just eat a little bit at noon today."

She said, "How about eating noodles?"



Several people agreed.

Wu Yue frowned, watching Lu An'an and said, "An'an, Ruoxing doesn't like noodles very much."

Lu Anan looked at Lin Ruoxing.

Lin Ruoxing smiled slightly: "No, I like everything An An does."

Wu Yue was stunned and looked at the two in surprise: "...Didn't you like to eat before?"


Lin Ruoxing did not change his face and said: "What I like is that the noodles are fatter, and An An is willing to cook for us. You can't ask for too much. An An is not our nanny and does not charge us to do things. It should be said, We can eat whatever she does, and can't be faulty."

This is actually very offensive.

But Lin Ruoxing is not afraid.

Her current coffee rank is higher than that of Liu Mengting, and fans also know her character, there is no big problem.

The most important thing is that these remarks are simply to the heart of the people.


You who are sitting and waiting for food, why do you ask for so much?

Suddenly it was too greasy, and suddenly I said that I don't eat this or that I don't, and I can do it myself if I have the ability.

This paragraph popped out, and Wu Yue's face instantly turned black.

She didn't expect Lin Ruoxing to shame her face so much, so she directly refuted it.

For the audience in the live broadcast room, Lu Anan fans only thought this passage was too cool.

[Hum hum I decided to turn to powder if Star Road, forest, little sister too sure about it.

[Ah, ah, ah, I found out that Lin Ruoxing is helping Lu An'an. In this show, only Lu An'an has been working hard. During the first meal, she deliberately didn't put any chili peppers, just considering Wu Yues taste. It would be nice to say that I am not hungry or not, I am speechless.

[Thats right, Lu Anan is not everyones nanny, and its already very good to be willing to do it. Why should she ask her to do it according to her own preferences?

[These people really rely on Lu An'an too much, they are speechless.

[Lin Ruoxing is too rigid! ! I like it.

Liu Mengting noticed the change in atmosphere and laughed and said, "Go in and take a rest."

"it is good."


Tong Xiang helped put Lu An'an box in, and she went to the kitchen without even putting her luggage.

Everyone looked at this scene and only felt that she was really too soft-hearted.

In fact, Lu An'an is not soft-hearted.

Just how to put it, she doesn't want to cause trouble in front of the live broadcast.

To fight, she can too.

But behind the lens.

She looked at the lens of her glasses and smiled: "Have you eaten yet?"

She interacted with the audience and said with a smile: "Actually, I was a little tired these two days. I saw Weibo. Many people asked me if I went to the event. Actually, I signed up for a competition and went to the competition. , But what the game is is not yet announced."

She was thinking about it in the kitchen, and Liu Mengting came in to help.

"Why are you here?"

Liu Mengting looked at her: "Ruo Xing was right, we can't always rely on you to cook."

Lu Anan couldn't laugh or cry: "It's okay, I can."

"That doesn't work either, I'll fight, you can teach me."

"it is good."

After a while, Lin Ruoxing and Wu Yue also came in.

Lin Ruoxing looked at Lu An'an and said, "An'an, the room in the small attic is very beautiful."

Lu Anan curled her lips: "Yes, you can see the stars at night there. I slept there that night and saw it."

"Wow, really?"

Liu Mengting said: "The director is too much, why can't we see it in our room."

Hearing this, Wu Yue paused, watching Lu An'an and said, "An'an's thanks to Teacher Sheng."

Lu An cut the pepper's hand and smiled slightly: "It is true, if it were not for special reasons, I would not have the opportunity to live in the small attic."

Liu Mengting didn't know the specific situation that day, so she asked stupidly, "What is the special reason, because I slept too dead?"

She said: "Actually you can just push the door in. I didn't lock the door."

Lu Anan laughed: "It's okay, I'll know later."

Liu Mengting nodded.

Lin Ruoxing said, "Didn't you live with Wu Yue?"


Lin Ruoxing raised her eyebrows and said, "Why don't you go back to the room to sleep?"

Lu An'an lowered his head and said nothing.

Wu Yue's face changed drastically.

Lin Ruoxing said to herself: "Are you afraid of waking Wu Yue?" After that, she turned her head to look at Wu Yue: "Mr. Wu, how do I remember that you are a madman who stayed up all night? Did you fall asleep so early?"

Wu Yue gritted his teeth and said, "Well, I was sleepy that day, I have been busy for a day."

Lin Ruoxing smiled and said, "That's normal."

She looked at Lu An'an and offered an invitation: "An'an, should we sleep with me tonight, let's go to the attic to see the stars?"

Liu Mengting: "Why didn't you invite me!! Ruoxing, you are too partial."

"Come on, except for men, everyone else is welcome."

The four women were in the kitchen, and the conversation was unparalleled.

The audience in the live broadcast room looked at it, and only felt it was amazing.

[Fuck! I didnt know how fierce the struggle between female stars turned out was?

[Lin Ruoxing's words are both inside and out... How do I feel that she knows something inside, for example, what happened the night when Lu Anan didn't go back to the room to sleep?

[After reading this paragraph, I just want to say that Lin Ruoxing is too good, she is testing Wu Yue.

[Lin Ruoxing is sick, is she targeting Wu Yue?

[Lin Ruoxing really doesn't give a lot of face, she is aiming at Wu Yue both inside and outside. Wu Yue hasn't offended her.

[Haha...I said that Lin Ruoxing targeted Wu Yue, why not say that Wu Yue targeted Lu An'an before, let alone what Lin Ruoxing said are all facts.

[I strongly recommend that the director team release the video that night. Why didn't Lu Anan go to sleep in the room? Was he afraid of waking Wu Yue, or something else?

[Quiet Mimi said, in fact, I have seen a saying elsewhere--it is said that Wu Yue locked the door of the room that night and Lu Anan couldn't get in at all.

[Fucking it really? Then Wu Yue is too much.

The live broadcast room was very noisy.

The four people in the kitchen are relatively lively.

After being targeted by Lin Ruoxing for a while, Wu Yue left directly from the kitchen.

After everyone left, Liu Mengting glanced at Lin Ruoxing, and Lin Ruoxing accepted her gaze frankly.

After eating the noodles, everyone went back to the room to rest.

Lin Ruoxing also went back to the small attic, and her luggage had been brought up.

As soon as she took off the wheat, the person's phone came.

Lin Ruoxing: "What are you doing?"

Lu Yan chuckled softly, his voice numbly: "Thanks."

Lin Ruoxing: "Say okay first, I am not helping you, I like An'an."

Lu Yan: "I know."

He lowered his eyes and smiled: "Then I will thank you for An An."

Lin Ruoxing made a nuisance and looked at the camera blocked on one side.

She paused and said, "Hurry up and remove Wu Yue, looking upset."

Lu Yan promised: "Coordinating."

There is someone behind Wu Yue, he is not moving.

Lin Ruoxing said "um", just about to speak, someone knocked on the door of the room.

She shouted: "Come in."

Wu Yue appeared at the door.

Lin Ruoxing was startled and smiled faintly: "Wu Yue, why are you up here?"

Wu Yue nodded: "I'll bring you water. This is the tea we made. It tastes good. You can taste it, Ruoxing."

Lin Ruoxing nodded and hung up Lu Yan directly.

"it is good."

Seeing the hung up call, Lu Yan reluctantly called Lu An.

By coincidence, the phone is on the phone.

He glanced at the live broadcast on the computer in front of him... There was no shot of Lu An'an.

Lu Yan:? ? ?

Who is calling his sister? !

Lu Anan received a call from Sheng Heng as soon as he returned to the room.

At the moment, the little fan didn't even think about it, shut down Mai, and went directly to the public toilet.

"Hey." She voiced softly, fearing to startle others.

Listening to her voice, Sheng Heng twitched the corner of her mouth: "Why is it so quiet?"

Lu Anan listened to Sheng Heng's voice, with a heart pounding.

"Teacher Sheng, why did you call me."

Sheng Heng responded, "I just watched the live broadcast."


Lu Anan was surprised: "Then what."

She couldn't help but laugh: "I didn't expect Teacher Sheng to watch the live broadcast."

Sheng Heng raised his eyebrows: "Why didn't you expect it?"

"It's not interesting."

Lu Anan said: "Our show is actually very boring, just a little bit of routine."

"not boring."

Sheng Heng chuckled lightly and said, "You are very cute."

Lu Anan's breathing was stagnant, and he opened his mouth, unable to say a word for a long time.

Sheng Heng's words are too sultry.

"Teacher Sheng."


Sheng Heng smiled: "What's the matter?"

Lu Annunu mouthed, sitting on the toilet, looking at the ceiling and said, "It's nothing, I'm in a very good mood after listening to Teacher Sheng's words."

Sheng Heng couldn't laugh or cry: "In a bad mood just now?"

"so so."

Sheng Heng: "I want to tell you something."

"You said."

"The video of that day is with me, Lu Yan wants it." He paused, "Do you think I should give it to Lu Yan?"

Lu An'an was taken aback for a while, and asked in a low voice, "...Why do you want to ask me this question?"

Sheng Heng said lightly: "It's related to you."

"Then I said, did you give it to Lu Yan?"

Sheng Heng joked: "After all, are we right?"

Lu Anan: "..."

What this says is that only fans who don't know will think they are their opponents.

The fan who was mixed in with her was too aware of the relationship between the two. Although it is not very good, it is definitely not the opponent.

"Isn't that what everyone said, actually it is not."

Sheng Heng said, "Actually."

Lu Anan was speechless.

Suddenly, she seemed to get to the point.

"So Mr. Sheng, what you mean by asking me is-do you give it to Lu Yan?"

Sheng Heng's laughter came from the other side, and the rustling sound of electricity seemed to be more deep and sexy.

The subwoofer is too attractive.

Lu Anan's ears became hot.

"What do you mean." Sheng Heng asked rhetorically.

Lu Anan guessed what he meant, and said, "...give it."

Sheng Heng: "Then it's up to you."

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