Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Idol Or Brother

Lu Anan stared at him for a moment, lowered his head: "I'm not afraid."

She has never been afraid.

She knows that she has a lot of people who love herself with her, paying attention to her all the time.

Lu Anan tilted his head back to the camera, and only lowered his head to chop vegetables. He didn't want the camera or Lu Yan to see his red eyes.

It was only a few seconds later that Lu Yan realized that she was emotionally wrong.

"An An."

Lu Yan called out anxiously.


Lu Anan's nasal voice was a bit heavy, and she responded softly, "Brother, I'm fine."

"There are cameras."

Lu Yangang wanted to stretch out his hand for a while, but looked at the lens of his eyeglasses and still endured it.

"Open the wheat."


The audience in this live broadcast room has no idea what happened.

They couldn't hear the sound, they could only see the mood of the two of them changed, and their behavior... was it a little close? !

[No one found that Lu Yan was a little too much with Lu An'an, what's the relationship between the two?

[Where is it? Isn't this an ordinary attitude, don't give me cps, our brother will not make appointments.

[I have a bold idea. Is it because Lin Ruoxing likes Lu An'an, so Lu Yan treats Lu An'an well... After all, do you know these two people?

[Know your sister! Don't cue our brother!

[Our brother is only beautiful, don't pull anyone.

[They belong to the same company. They have a bad relationship and who has a good relationship. It's really funny.

[Have you forgotten that Lu Yan and Lu Anan walked through the red carpet together, and the relationship is normal.

[I think they Guan Mai... are they talking about Wu Yue?

In an instant, everyone had a better explanation for Lu Anan and Lu Yan's behavior of turning off the microphone.

Eighty percent of people think that these two people must be talking about Wu Yue. After all, they belong to the same company. Lu Yan is also Xing Yans top player, the biggest trump card. Let Lu Yan tell Lu Anan some attention. The matter is also normal.

In this way, everyone comforted themselves inexplicably, stopped quarreling, and kept watching in silence.

After Tang Yi watched the barrage, his hanging heart was released again.

But Brother Qian is still not at ease.

"I still have to talk to Lu Yan and pay more attention."

Tang Yi: "...what to pay attention to?"

"Don't go too far. Fans are human beings. A little detail can cause big problems."

Hearing this, Tang Yi understood.

"That's right, I told An An too."


Neither Lu Anan nor Lu Yan brought their mobile phones, and they didn't know that the two agents had sent them the same message by accident.

Lu Yan prepared the lunch at noon, and Lu An'an just attacked.

Lu Yan's cooking skills are better than Lu An's. When the food is on the table, fans in the live broadcast room expressed envy to these people.

It's worth the whole life to be able to eat Lu Yan's food! ! !

It's so enviable and jealous.

"Ms. Lu, this is too delicious!"

"Yes, yes, does Teacher Lu often cook at home?"

"Teacher Lu, you make me feel ashamed as a woman." Liu Mengting said, "Why do you know how to cook."

Lu Yan curled his lips and smiled: "Alright?"

"Very well."

Several people said in unison.

Suddenly, Liu Mengting looked at Lu An'an: "An An, don't you even express your admiration for Teacher Lu?"

Lu An'an blinked his eyes gently: "...It's delicious."

Liu Mengting: "......"

Lu Yan: "She has eaten it, and it's normal not to be surprised."

"I have eaten it too!" Liu Mengting protested: "Why do I think it tastes so much better than that time."

Several people:

Photographers and staff not far away swallowed their saliva while watching the food on their big table.

When Lu An'an was cooking before, they didn't think they wanted to eat it, but this would be... it was really eager.


After a meal, the show was recorded as usual.

Because of Lu Yan's joining, the number of people who clicked and watched was even higher than before, a lot more.

Without Wu Yue, the atmosphere in the whole room was also very good. Although Lu Yanka was a big man, he didn't have any prestige. It could even be said to be...very grounded.

For example, in the afternoon, they are going to fish for shrimp in the creek.

The kind of small shrimps is said to be for dinner, a task specially given by the program team.

Thinking of Lu Ans ability to fish fish, the program team quickly proposed: "Let An An teach you."

Lu Yan: "No."

He looked at the staff: "Girls don't go into the water, it's not suitable, the water is too cold."

He said: "The three of us can get down, and the girls will rest next to them."

Staff: "...Also?"

Lu Anan and Liu Mengting did not speak.

Fans in the live broadcast room will be sour.

[Mom! ! What kind of fairy man is Lu Yan! Even considering this point, the girl shouldn't touch the cold water too much, and the whole foot should be immersed in it. Lu Yan is really good.

[Ohhhhhhhhh, brother is too thoughtful.

[My brother is too gentleman too! yes I like!

[Woooooooooo moved! If I were Lu Anan and Liu Mengting, I would be so moved that I would cry.

[God, what kind of fairy man is this?

Lu Anan knew what Lu Yan meant, she raised her eyes and glanced: "Do you really need us to go down?"

Lu Yan glanced at her, "No."

He whispered: "You go over there and have a good rest."

"Well, thank you, Teacher Lu."

Lu Yan glanced at her meaningfully, without saying a word.

The water in the small river is very clear, and there are mountains on both sides. Lu Anan is not sure if there is any shrimp rice.

She bent down and touched the water, but saw nothing.

Standing next to her, Liu Mengting couldn't help saying: "...A gentleman like Lu Yan?"

Lu Anan said "Ah", "It has always been."

"An An, you have always been a fan of Teacher Lu?"


Lu An'an nodded.

The two chatted on one side, and only Lu Yan, Tong Xiang and Wu Zeyu were the ones who caught the shrimp.

Although the three of them were not very capable, and in the end they only got a little bit, it was enough for the five of them.

At night, the director wanted Lu Anan to do something. Before she got up, Lu Yan stood up and looked at the director: "Let girls do this kind of heavy work?"

director:? ? ?

what happened? !

After most of the day, when he rested in the evening, Lu Yan's "gentleman" behavior was not surprisingly on the hot search. Everyone felt that Lu Yan was really a gentleman to his bones, and he loved such a man too much.

His rare variety show also gave fans a deeper understanding of him.

Before going to bed at night.

Lu Yan called out Lu An'an: "An'an."

Lu Anan looked back at him: "Ms. Lu, what's wrong?"

Lu Yan paused, looked at her and said

: "All right yesterday?"

Lu Anan nodded: "Some medical staff have come to see it, it's nothing serious."


Lu An'an nodded.

Lu Yan frowned, still not at ease.

He glanced at the camera not far away and shut down Mai.

"Let's go to the hospital for an examination, shall we?"

"No need, brother."

Lu Anan said: "It's really not a big problem. I was hungry yesterday, maybe a little low blood sugar." "Really?"


Lu Anan smiled and stared at him: "I'm really fine, if something happens, I will tell you as soon as possible."

Lu Yan nodded: "If you have something, you must tell it the first time. There is nothing more important than your health, you know?"

"it is good."

Lu Yan took a deep breath, looked at her and said, "You are about to have your birthday."

Lu An'an was startled slightly.

The brothers and sisters glanced at each other silently, and Lu Anan nodded: "...I see, I must tell you the first time I have something."

"Okay, go back to sleep."



There are no flying guests on this day. After all, Lu Yan is there, and everyone's focus will not be on flying guests.

At least not this day.

After returning to the room, Lu Anan called out the system.

"System, I still have three tasks, when will I do it?"

"To be completed before birthday."

Lu An said: "Can't you tell me in advance?"


Lu Anan closed his eyes and asked in a low voice, "Am I going to die if I didn't finish it before my birthday?"

The system did not say anything.

Lu Anan said: "Actually, I have always been curious, why on earth did I pass through to become the current Lu Anan, and your system?"

"Everything is destined by God."

Lu Anan lay on the bed and rolled his eyes: "What is meant by God? Is it possible to say that I was Lu Anan in my previous life, so is it Lu Anan again in this life?"

She thought to her wildly: "It's not like this, right?"

The system fell silent.

Lu Anan is boring to talk alone, she won't die anyway before her birthday.

But Lu Anan's birthday is coming soon.

Forget it, there is less than a month left.

In fact, Lu Anan didn't know what she was thinking now. She occasionally had the illusion that she was originally Lu Anan. She did a lot of things very well.

I don't know if it was because the original owner had done it before. For her, there was no difficulty.

Obviously, she had never done anything like fishing for fish and selling things in the first place.

Lu Anan thought, but couldn't think of an answer for a long time.

In the end, he could only fall asleep with the quilt rolled up.

She was only looking forward to it, it would be nice to be alive, and she didn't think much about other things.

The next morning, Tong Xiang and Wu Zeyu were in charge of breakfast.

Lu Anan and the others sat beside him and waited for food, very comfortable.

The atmosphere now looks very warm.

In the afternoon, the new guests arrived.

Lu Anan didn't know the person, but when they walked in, the fans in the live broadcast room exploded.

[Fuck? ! ! The program team is doing things!

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, the show team actually invited Pei Mandong? ? !

[The 666 program group is too strong, where are Lu Yan's fans?

[God, the show team did it on purpose.

[Lu Yan and Pei Mandong, Sun, so beautiful.

[This show is really getting more and more exciting!

[Why dont you invite Lin Ruoxing over? Why did Lin Ruoxing leave?

Not only was the audience in the live broadcast room exploded, even Liu Mengting was surprised.

"How could she come."

Lu Anan looked at the people who came not far away, then looked at Lu Yan, and felt sympathy for her brother for a moment.

This is... terrible.

She might have to defend her brother's innocence.

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