Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Brother Or Idol

Yangyang watched Sheng Heng come over, and just wanted to shout: "Brother Heng, An"

Before he could say anything, Sheng Heng suddenly reached out and knocked the hat of the person next to him, and asked in a low voice, "When did you come?"

Yang Yang:? ? ?

Lu Anan raised his head and looked at him with bright eyes: "Teacher Sheng!"

Her tone was full of surprises: "How did you see me?"

Sheng Heng: "Yeah."

The two looked at each other.

Sheng Heng's emotions were a bit exposed, and it was obvious.

He looked down at Lu An'an, "When did you come?"

"Just now."

Lu Anan was a little nervous when he was watching.

She couldn't tell the reason, but she was nervous, and she always felt that there was something wrong with Sheng Heng's vision.

She took a deep breath, her lips curled up under her mask: "Teacher Sheng, how many scenes do you have tonight?"

Sheng Heng lowered his head and stared at her for a long while: "There are two more games, just over there?"


"Who sent you here?"

"Brother Qian."

The dialogue between the two is quite proper, and to be honest, there is no difference.

But Yang Yang was surprised when he listened.

In his impression, Sheng Heng was not such a wordy person.

After chatting for a few words, the director called Sheng Heng on the other side.

Sheng Heng turned around and agreed, watching Lu An'an said, "Are you going back tonight?"

"Back to city b tomorrow."

Sheng Heng nodded: "Wait for me?"

Lu An'an has bright eyes: "Okay."

Sheng Heng smiled and looked at Xiang Yangyang: "Take her to the lounge to rest."

"Don't don't."

Lu Anan said, "Is it all right here?"

Sheng Heng had no objection, so he looked at Yang Yang more.

Obviously he didn't say anything, but Yang Yang just understood the expression in Sheng Heng's eyes, and probably asked him to take good care of Lu An'an.

Yangyang nodded quickly.

Sheng Hengs film is quite exciting. Lu Anan has seen Reuters on the Internet before. They are all blurry photos. Many people are looking forward to Sheng Hengs film. Its just a movie. Its been a long time. , And it takes a long time, and post editing is more troublesome, so even if you look forward to it, it is estimated that it will be broadcast again next summer vacation.

Yangyang asked Lu An'an about Lu An'an, and then went to get her something.

After Yangyang left, Lu Anan stared at Sheng Heng for a while, only to feel satisfied.

Her idol is still handsome after a long time.

Sheng Heng was very deeply involved in the filming, she was only surprised when she watched by the side.

Compared with the last TV series filmed with Lu Yan, Sheng Heng's acting skills seem to have improved.

Lu An'an stared straightly, his eyes hot that people couldn't ignore.

After the two scenes, the director looked at Sheng Heng in surprise: "Why did it suddenly break out today?"

Sheng Heng looked at the director without knowing it, "What?"

The director smiled and said: "You know yourself that these two scenes are too explosive."

He said: "There is progress."

Sheng Heng smiled slightly, "Thank you."

The director stared at him for a while, and asked in a low voice: "You seem to be in a good mood?"

Sheng Heng smiled: "Today's scene is over, shouldn't you be happy?"

Director: "...I have never seen you so happy before."

Sheng Heng didn't laugh.

He glanced, "No problem, I will remove my makeup first."

"Go ahead."

When Sheng Heng finished removing his makeup and came out, Lu Anan was already waiting outside.

"What about people?"

"Outside." Yang Yang said, "An An said it's not good to go with you."


When Sheng Heng went out, Lu An'an was turning his back on the phone. Lu Yan's call.

"Have you returned to the hotel?"

Lu Anan: "...what time is this."

She was dissatisfied: "Will you go back to the hotel at ten?"

Lu Yan: "Don't you know that our door is at eight o'clock?"

Lu Anan: "???"

She looked up at the dark sky and said helplessly: "Brother, don't lie to me."

Lu Yan snorted, jealous: "What is so good about Sheng Heng?"

Lu Anan smiled: "It's very good."

"Isn't it bad brother?"

Lu Anan has a headache: "You are all good, but it is different to me, and I just recorded a seven-day show with you, don't you bother me, brother?"

Lu Yan: "Are you bothering me?"

Lu An'an: "...Brother, do you know that you are set up? Do your fans know you are like this?"

Lu Yan choked: "You must go back to the hotel at eleven."


Lu Anan curled his lips and asked in a low voice: "Sister Ruoxing ignores you? You still have time to call me now."

"Lu Anan!"

As soon as the voice fell, there came the voice of gritted teeth.

Lu Anan urged the horse and said quickly, "Ah, that's it, good night, brother."

As soon as he hung up, Lu Anan met Sheng Heng as soon as he turned around.

She was horrified for a few seconds, staring at Sheng Heng with wide-eyed eyes: "... Teacher Sheng, when did you come here?"

Sheng Heng glanced at her horrified expression, and curled her lower lip: "Just now, calling your family?"


Lu Anan said weakly, "Are you leaving?"

"Let's go."

Sheng Heng looked at her: "Have you had dinner?"

"have eaten."

Sheng Heng nodded: "Can you eat more with Teacher Sheng?"

Hearing this, Lu Anan nodded without hesitation: "Okay."

When the two got in the car, Lu Anan looked out anxiously: "Teacher Sheng, are you not afraid of being photographed?"

Sheng Heng: "No, don't worry."

"it is good."


Sheng Heng finds a store.

When the two entered, there were quite a lot of people in the store.

This area is not remote, and the streets are quite lively.

The location of Shengheng's film is very impressive. It is a small town that has not yet been developed, but many people come to travel.

After entering the store, Sheng Heng asked for a small box.

The two sat facing each other.

Lu Anan took off the mask.

Sheng Heng raised his eyes and looked at her, but the two of them did not speak.

Inexplicably, the atmosphere in the small box is a bit strange.

It was only when Yangyang ordered good dishes to come in, that this strange atmosphere was broken.

"An An show is over?"


Lu Anan is about the same age as Yang Yang, and both of them are active.

"Then what work is there next?"

Lu Anan shook his head: "Not for the time being, I have to prepare for the final exam."

Hearing that, Sheng Heng laughed: "Yes."

Lu Anan is a bit regretful: "We won't be able to visit Teacher Sheng's class then."

Sheng Heng had a meal and poured her a cup of hot water: "Teacher Sheng will visit your class at that time."

As Lu Anan listened, the corners of his lips pulled a small arc.

"Thank you Teacher Sheng."

Although I don't know if there is this opportunity.

Sheng Heng stared at her for a while: "Are you still happy with the catalog?"

"So happy."

Lu Anan said, "Sister Mengting is super good."

Yang Yang: "An An, you and Tong Xiang seem to have a good relationship."

Lu Anan said "Ah" and said with a smile: "It's OK, mainly because my roommate is a fan of Tong Xiang, so I know a lot about him."

Lu An'an and Yang Yang were chatting, but he didn't notice that Sheng Heng's face was not pretty.

Later, Sheng Heng answered the phone, and the topic was cut off.

Lu Anan didn't eat much, and Sheng Heng didn't eat a lot. Instead, Yang Yang ate the most.

After eating, the three returned to the hotel.

Brother Qian was waiting for Lu An'an at the hotel, and when he saw people coming back, he was relieved.

He looked at Lu An'an: "I finally came back."

Lu Anan looked helpless: "I just went to visit the class."

Brother Qian waved his hand: "You don't know who your brother is."

Lu Anan smiled: "Brother Qian, go back and rest soon."


After Brother Qian left, Lu Anan took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Sheng Heng.

Lu Anan: [Teacher Sheng, which room do you live in?

Sheng Heng: [801.

Five minutes later, Sheng Heng opened the door.

Lu An'an stood at the door carrying a small bag, and the two of them collided with each other.

Lu Anan smiled and said, "Teacher Sheng, this is a gift for you."

Sheng Heng was startled and looked down at the little thing in her hand: "What is it?"


She smiled and said, "I made it, will Teacher Sheng taste it?"

Sheng Heng stared at her little face for a long while, then his Adam's apple rolled and asked, "Which one did you make in the show?"

"no no."

Lu Anan shook his head and said, "I did it today. The program team gave us a holiday to buy gifts, and I went back to the store to do it."

After that, she looked at Sheng Heng a little uneasy.

In fact, Lu An'an knew that Sheng Heng didn't like this kind of things, but she chose a gift for the afternoon, and everyone else bought it with money, but Lu An'an felt that Sheng Heng didn't lack anything, and it should not be too bad to buy.

After thinking about it, she felt that only what she made by herself was the most meaningful, so she went back and made two copies, one for Lu Yan, and one for him.

She blinked, watching Sheng Heng's movements, and asked anxiously: "Teacher Sheng, don't you like it?"

Sheng Heng returned to his senses and whispered: "No."

He reached out and took it and looked at the little girl in front of him: "Would you like to come in and sit for a while?"


Lu Anan shook his head quickly.

This is in, what if Sheng Heng gets into trouble.

Sheng Heng: "......"

He looked at Lu An'an: "Just don't want to come in and take a look?"

Lu Anan raised his eyes and looked at him, a little bit confused about the meaning of this.


She pursed her lips: "It's too late. It's not nice for me to go in. Teacher Sheng, please rest early. You will be filming tomorrow."

Sheng Heng didn't know how to take her.

"Don't want to come in and have a look?"

Lu Anan moved a little, but still held back.

"No, Teacher Sheng, I'll go back first."

Sheng Heng looked at her for a long while: "Wait."


Sheng Heng entered the house, and when he came out, he held a bag in his hand.

Lu An'an stared straight, and Sheng Heng gave her away, "I bought it easily."


Sheng Heng looked at her: "Let's go."

"Where to go?"

"Send you back."

Lu Anan couldn't laugh or cry: "No need not."

She waved, "I'm downstairs, no need to send it."

Sheng Heng looked at her blankly: "Let's go."

Lu Anan: "......"

Although Lu Anan is not

Understand the meaning of this gift, but after returning to the room, she still screamed excitedly.

This is another day worth remembering! ! !

After Sheng Heng left, Lu Anan opened Sheng Heng's gift to him.

After seeing the present in front of him, Lu Anan's eyes stopped.

Lu Anan: [Teacher Sheng, this thing is really bought casually?

Sheng Heng: [Hmm.

Lu An'an looked at the thing in his hand, and put his head on the quilt for a long time, his eyes were wet.

Lu Anan: [Thank you, Teacher Sheng.

Sheng Heng: [Go to bed early.

Lu Anan: [Good.

Lu Anan stared at the safety pendant of the mobile phone, without any sleepiness at all.

What Sheng Heng gave was a piece of jade, crystal clear, and it was very valuable to look at. Moreover, it is self-evident in the shape of a safe button.

She stared for a long time, rubbed her eyes, and hung the pendant around her neck.

With the pendant, Lu An slept peacefully, and it seemed that it was much more stable than before.


Early the next morning, Lu Anan and Qian brother arrived at the airport early.

The night before, Sheng Heng asked her what time of the plane was. She specifically said that it was two hours late. According to Lu An'an's understanding of Sheng Heng, he might send himself away. Lu An'an didn't want to cause trouble and left with Qian.

When boarding the plane, Lu Anan's cell phone rang.

"Lu Anan."

Sheng Heng rarely calls her full name, usually only in public.

Lu [Jiujiu novel www.99xsw.info] An An answered: "Ms. Sheng early."

Sheng Heng sighed helplessly: "Could you not be so sensible?"

Lu Anan laughed and looked at himself in the mirror: "I'm not sensible."

She reached out and touched the pendant on her neck, and said softly, "Thank you, Teacher Sheng."

Sheng Heng squeezed his brow bone: "Where is it?"

"It's about to get on the plane."

Lu Anan said, "Mr. Sheng, I'll hang up first."


Sheng Heng was silent for a while, and said in a low voice, "Ms. Sheng is waiting for you to visit the class during summer vacation."

Lu Anan's eyes flashed, and she smiled and promised: "Okay, I will definitely go."

She said: "I want to be a little fan of Teacher Sheng for a lifetime."

"it is good."

Sheng Heng suddenly felt uneasy.

After hanging up, Lu Anan followed Qian to the plane.

When he returned to city b, Lu Anan was very low-key.

Tang Yi came to pick her up.


Lu Anan nodded: "Very happy, thank you sister Qian Geyi."

Tang Yi smiled faintly: "Let's go, take you home first."

"it is good."

After returning home, Mother Lu and Father Lu extended a warm welcome to their daughter's return and made many delicious dishes for Lu Anan.

Lu Anan stayed at home for a day, and then returned to school the next day to continue classes. Because of the program, Lu Anan also received a lot of attention in school. Occasionally, when walking with Wei Chuxia in school, he still met fans and She took a photo to sign.

A week later, the results of the designer competition came out.

When he received Tang Yi's call, Lu An'an was stunned.


She got up from the bed: "Did I pass?"

Tang Yi said: "Best Creative Award! What do you think."

She exclaimed: "An An, you are too good."

Lu Anan was surprised: "Thank you, sister Yi, I am also surprised."

Tang Yi said: "I just received the call, I guess the email will be sent to you soon."

"Yeah, it might be posted, I didn't have time to read it."

"Then go and have a look."

"it is good."

Lu Anan turned on the computer and received a new e-mail about the jewelry designer competition.

She won the best creative award.

This is the first time Lu An'an has an award, and to her, it has a very different meaning.

After a while, Yu Zhu also called congratulations.

Lu Anan was extremely happy.

Just thinking about it, the system task is coming.

"Todays task, design a gift for Lu Yan."

Lu Anan: "...oh."

This is not difficult.

"no problem."

After hanging up the phone, Lu Anan started to take action and completed the task easily.


Time passed quietly.

The day before the arrival of her 20s, Lu An'an received a new task, which was to send her to Lu Yan's expedition.

Lu Anan naturally didn't have any comments. After talking to Lu's father and Lu's mother, he bought a plane ticket and went to the Lu Yan crew.

Lu Yan's current play is a fairy tale play, and the filming location is still a bit far away.

Lu Anan called Lu Yan in advance, and Lu Yan was particularly surprised: "Why are you here?"

Lu Anan will just get off the plane: "I'll visit you."

She laughed: "Brother, I didn't give you a special visit, don't you want me?"

Lu Yan had a headache: "An'an, don't be fooling around, you are waiting for me at the airport, and your parents allow you to come over?"


Lu Anan said: "They agree, I want to spend my birthday with you, isn't it?"

Lu Yan didn't know why, he always had bad ideas.

"But tomorrow is your twentieth birthday."

"Brother, I have survived that time, and I will definitely be fine at twenty."

Lu Yan didn't say a word.

Lu Anan said, "I have already taken a taxi, so you don't want to drive me back, right?"

Lu Yan sighed, "Send me the license plate number."

"it is good."

Lu Anan did.

It takes several hours to pass from the airport.

Lu An'an couldn't fall asleep too much. She swiped Weibo and glanced at Sheng Heng's news.

I also saw a lot of fans cheering for her. Tomorrow is her birthday, and fans are working hard to surprise her.

Lu An'an watched, very moved.

She thought for a while, holding her chin and looking out the window: "System, you gave me such a task, will there be a new task tomorrow?"


"Can you say it now."


Lu Anan said "Oh", a bit boring.

She thought for a while, stared at Sheng Heng's WeChat profile picture for a while, after thinking for a while, she still held back and did not send Sheng Heng a message.

When Lu Anan arrived at Lu Yan's studio, it was a bit late.

Lu Yans recent scenes are relatively heavy, plus the reason why the director asked for leave from previous recordings. The director will not ask him for leave anyway, so even if it is Lu Anans 20th birthday, he cant make it back.

When Lu Anan got out of the car, Lu Yan was waiting not far away, looking worried.

Lu Yan breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Lu Anan.

"Are you getting naughty now?"

Lu An'an looked aggrieved: "Where am I naughty?"

Lu Yan glared at her: "What do you think?"

Lu Anan: "...Brother, don't you miss me?"

She smiled and said, "Brother, I miss you, really."

Lu Yan looked at her for a long while, and sighed helplessly: "Let's go."

"where to?"


Lu Anan blinked: "You don't need to be filming?"

"I will ask Brother Qian to take you there."

"no, I'm fine."

Lu Anan said, "I'll go to the crew with you, I can wait for you."

The siblings looked at each other. Lu Yan thought for a few seconds before nodding: "Okay, then follow me in."

He looked at Lu An'an: "Are you not afraid to expose my relationship with you now?"

"Don't be afraid."

Lu Anan said: "You will definitely help with the arrangements."


I have to say that what Lu An'an said was quite right, and Lu Yan did indeed mention it to everyone.

Even if they saw Lu Anan coming over, the staff would not say anything and would not be surprised.

Lu Yan chuckled lightly, reached out and rubbed her hair and said, "An An."


"Do you still blame brother now?"

Lu Anan was startled, something suddenly flashed in her mind, she shook her head: "No wonder."

She said, "I didn't blame my brother a long time ago."

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