Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Idol

Everyone looked at this scene in a daze.

For a few seconds, everyone's head went blank.

Suddenly, Lu Yan's tearing and collapsed cry rang out over there: "Lu An'an!"

Brother Qian's heart suddenly stopped, and he hurriedly shouted: "Ambulance!!! The staff!!!"

In an instant, the crew was a mess! !

No one knew what kind of speed Lu Anan used to ran over, and even became a cushion for Lu Yan when he fell.

Nobody knows.

Is she still alive.

After Lu Yan's head was hit, there was blood all over his face, but he seemed to have not reacted yet. He couldn't get up at all. He just lay on the ground, grabbing Lu An'an's shoulder with both hands, trying to wake her up.

The moment Lu Anan closed his eyes, he seemed to hear the voice of the system.

Vaguely, she seemed to hear a lot of people's voices, but she was really painful and tired.

Lu Anan thought, it was more painful than the last time I fell in the bathroom.

She may be true, her life is destined to end at the age of twenty.


A studio in city a.

Sheng Heng was staring at the phone, and after seeing that he was typing for a long time, he sent a question mark.

Sheng Heng: [Just don't want to chat with Teacher Sheng?

He sent it out and squeezed his eyebrows helplessly.

Suddenly, Sheng Heng felt a little uncomfortable and suddenly felt out of breath.

He took a deep breath, and the director not far away was shouting, "Where is the makeup artist, go and apply makeup to Sheng Heng, and prepare for the next scene."

As soon as the voice fell, Yang Yang suddenly shouted.

"Brother Heng!"

His voice was so loud that all the staff at the scene turned their heads and looked over.

Yang Yang looked anxious. Just about to speak, he suddenly heard another staff member yell: "Fuck!!! Lu Anan went to visit Lu Yan. It is said that something went wrong on the set."

"what did you say?"

Sheng Heng turned his head to look at the staff member and walked straight over.

The staff member was taken aback, and said tremblingly: "Teacher Sheng! The Internet broke the news that Lu Anan and Lu Yan had an accident on the crew."

Sheng Heng didn't care about any politeness and demeanor, he took the staff's phone and looked down.

What caught your eye was a picture of an ambulance, and there was even a picture of two people lying on the ground sent by the informer, with blood on Lu Yan's face.

Three photos, the last one is a blurred photo of two people being carried on a stretcher.

After reading it, Sheng Heng threw the phone to the staff.

A scary face: "Give me the phone."

Yangyang looked at him: "Brother Heng."

"give me."

Sheng Heng roared angrily.

Yu Yuan ran over from a short distance, and obviously got the news.

He looked at Sheng Heng: "I'll buy you a ticket, don't get excited."

Sheng Heng walked straight outside.

The staff looked at each other.

Yu Yuan looked at the director: "Director. We have to leave."

The director has a good relationship with Sheng Heng and nodded: "Go, I'll shoot other people first."


When Yu Yuan ran out with him, Sheng Heng was already in the driver's seat, and no one was concerned.

"Sheng Heng!"

Yu Yuan grabbed the door and looked at him: "Are you crazy? Come down for me!"

He pointed to Sheng Heng and said, "Your current mood is not suitable for driving."

Sheng Heng ignored him, gave him a cold look, and started the engine.

"Sheng Heng!"

As the car drove out, Yu Yuan almost fell to the side, but was helpless.

Sheng Heng drove the car away regardless.

That posture, it seemed that if Yu Yuan stopped, he and Yu Yuan would never end their lives. Yangyang ran out and looked at him: "Brother didn't get his ID card?"

Yu Yuan will have an extreme headache: "Go find a car, we will follow him."

"it is good."

Only when Yu Yuan found the car, there was still a shadow of Sheng Heng.


At this moment, the Internet has completely exploded.

Normally this kind of thing will always spread in the first place, let alone Lu Yan's crew, in fact, there are always reporters staring at it, just want to shoot something.

So when the two of them had an accident, there was a big news on the Internet.

Fans didn't believe it at first, until the moment the photo came out, no one didn't believe it.

@v: The latest news, Lu Yans fairy tale drama has an accident, and Wei Ya has a problem and fell from mid-air, but Lu Anan is back, and now people are said to have no breath at all and were sent to first aid, hope They can be safe.

? ? ? ?

How can it be?

[This is false news, now coming to Hei Lu Yan, has it been so dark already?

[How could I not believe it.

[God, sisters, go see another blogger's revelation, there are photos! It seems that something happened to Lu Yan's crew, and there are two pictures of them.

Everyone moved to another Weibo, and when they saw the photo, they had to believe it.

[Gosh! ! ! !

[My god, why is this? ? ?

[Fuck, fuck? ? ! I can't believe it.

[How are these two people now, my god, must you keep them safe?

[Why does Lu Anan appear on the Lu Yan crew? Isn't her birthday tomorrow?

[I can't believe my eyes, this is from the black powder ps, right?

[Fuck, I received new news. It is said that when the crew received the news, Sheng Heng left the set immediately and even became angry, as if he was going to see Lu Yan and the others. Wouldn't these two people be real?

[Get out of the front!

[Fuck! ! I want to cry when I see the photo. Is this true? The studio will show it to me! What is the situation with these two people now!

[Lu An'an isn't in that crew, why does it appear there?

[Uuuuuuu I am a staff member. I know that Lu Anan came to Lu Yans exploratory team at night. It is said that he sent something to Lu Yan. Then the director shouted when Wei Ya was in the wrong direction, but he didnt wait for Lu Yan to fall down. , She ran over faster than anyone else, and when Lu Yan fell, she slapped her back.

[Fuck! ! !

There are different opinions on the Internet.

No one knows the truth or not.

Lu Yan and Lu An'an fans are all anxious, crazy @, want an explanation, want to determine how they are now.

Want to know how they are.

This evening, Weibo was destined to be uneven, and so was the hospital.


In the emergency room of the hospital, the two were sent in.

Everyone dealt with it urgently, and their nerves became tense.

Everyone stared at the emergency room, stared at the operating room.

Brother Qian felt that he was going crazy.

People are right in front of themselves, why do they cause trouble! !

He blames himself too much.

The crying eyes of the assistant on one side were red, and he hadn't recovered from the shock just now.

They have reached the best local one in the fastest time

The hospital is still scared.

Everyone is scared.

These are two lively lives.

Brother Qian took a deep breath and eased his breathing.

He can't mess, he still has a lot to deal with.

His current cell phone has exploded.

Brother Qian looked at the call, it was Father Lu's.

He pressed his breath and connected.

"Little money, where's An An and them?"

Brother Qian endured his tears and said with a hoarse voice: "In the emergency room, don't worry, uncle, don't worry, let auntie don't worry, come here slowly, we are all here, I will watch them."

Mother Lu had collapsed to the point of fainting, and Father Lu reluctantly replied, "I know, don't worry, let's pass now, what's the situation over there?"

Brother Qian took a deep breath: "Lu Yan is okay, but An An... When she sent it over, her breathing was already unstable."

He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth and said the whole thing: "She is a bit dangerous."

Father Lu replied solemnly: "We are at the airport now, and an expert will come over, and I will give you a message later."

"it is good."

After hanging up the phone, Father Lu glanced at the dark sky.

This night, there are no stars, no moon, nothing.

He didn't even know if he had done something wrong in his previous life, and he would use his children to punish himself in this life.

He would rather have the accident himself than the two of them.


But he has to be steady.

His emotions can't collapse, even he has to be calm, and calmly deal with everything.

Tang Yi rushed over as soon as he received the news and went to the hospital with his father and mother.

The hospital, Brother Qian and the crew used all the manpower to surround the hospital and prevent reporters from entering it.

It's a pity that the reporter can never stop it.

They always have strange ways to sneak in and get in.

All night, the lights in the operating room did not dim.

The doctors in the operating room were sweaty on their foreheads, but they did not dare to relax, nor did they dare to relax at all.

When Lin Ruoxing first arrived at the entrance of the hospital, reporters swarmed up to surround her.

She did not make any concealment, and appeared with a pale face.


"Ruoxing, why did you come to the hospital?"

"Ruoxing, are you and Lu Yan really boyfriend and girlfriend?"

Reporters swarmed.

Lin Ruoxing would have no energy, and just wanted to avoid the reporter.

But nothing can be done.

Just then, the brake sounded.

Immediately afterwards, the sound of the door closing.

The reporter turned his head and looked over, and it was Sheng Heng.

Sheng Heng walked to Lin Ruoxing with a cold face.

"Sheng Heng, why are you here? Are you coming to see Lu Yan or..."

Before the reporter finished speaking, Sheng Heng snatched the microphone over. In the live broadcast seen by netizens, Sheng Heng's face was full of viciousness, and his face was cold and unreasonable.

It is worse than any time I have seen before.

He glanced at the reporter twice, then suddenly threw the microphone out, and shouted, "Get out!"

Under the protection of bodyguards, the two entered the hospital smoothly.

But the fans who pay attention to this matter all the time on the Internet do not feel that Sheng Heng is too much.

When this scene broke out that Sheng Heng even scolded reporters, it was highly praised online.

[Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! ! ! Too rigid.

[My God, these paparazzi are really not human! People are still in the hospital for emergency treatment. Why do you want to ask, knowing that everyone wants to interview, but can't you wait?


[My brother is great, so is Lin Ruoxing.

[Actually, I think these two people went to see it because of good friends, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you see that the eyes without Lin Ruoxing are red and swollen, and Shenghengs eyes are all red and bloody, and they have stayed all night. Under this circumstance, Sheng Heng only said a word of "Gun", which was already very face-off.

[It's been a night, oh oh oh, hasn't any news come out?

[Please bless you, Lu Yan and Lu An'an are safe.

[Dont have an accident, okay, oooooooooo!

Fans on the Internet began to pray on a large scale.

As long as they are normal people, they don't want to see them.

They are still so young, so beautiful, and so kind, why should such things fall on them.

Lu Yan is so gentle, so talented, and so versatile, why should he encounter such a thing.

And Lu An'an, although she doesn't know much, she also knows that she is a lovely person. Today is her twentieth birthday. No one wants this day to become her anniversary.

Did not think.

Fans are still waiting to spend her first birthday with her.

She has been in the circle for less than a year. This is the first birthday that fans spend with her. Why should she give her such pain? !

Whether it is Lu Anan and Lu Yan's fans, they long for their safety.

When going upstairs, Lin Ruoxing also fell on the stairs.

Sheng Heng pulled

Her voice was low and deep, without any anger: "Are you okay?"

Lin Ruoxing answered, "I'm fine."

She lowered her head to touch the tears that fell again, and smiled bitterly and said, "He hasn't fallen yet, and neither will I."

When Sheng Heng heard these words, he was extremely sour.

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