Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 68

Chapter 68: Brother

Lu Yan was the first to be sent out.

As soon as Lin Ruoxing arrived, he was sent out.

"Life is okay." The doctor looked at the group of people and said: "He hit his shoulder and back, and his hand was broken, but good health care will do..."

The doctor said a lot of precautions, and finally said: "But one thing, he is not very conscious."

He glanced at the crowd and said, "He doesn't seem to be willing to wake up."

Lin Ruoxing took a deep breath and staggered back after not standing still.

He was supported by Brother Qian.

At exactly this moment, Father Lu and Mother Lu also arrived and brought a professional team.

Lu Yan is fine, only Lu An'an is left.

Mother Lu was supported by Tang Yi and sat on a chair, tears incessantly: "Is it so difficult to cross the hurdle of twenty?"

She was fortune-telling the year when Lu Anan was found.

Her body is weak, coupled with the reasons for her illness, and the fortune teller's arguments, she will not live to be twenty years old unless there is a miracle.

The last time she was hospitalized and recovered from death, Mother Lu thought she was really well.

Although the daughter was a little weird when she woke up, no matter how weird it was, as long as she was alive, as long as she was by her side, she would be content.

She doesn't ask for anything, she only hopes that Lu Anan is alive.


Everyone in the corridor, no one spoke.

No one knows how to comfort her after such a thing.


Lu Anan felt that he had a dream.

This dream was really long and long, and there were many scenes that she didn't seem to have experienced.

The interaction between her and Lu Yan when they were young.

Lu Yan was very handsome when she was a child. She was chubby, white and tender, holding Lu Yan's thighs, and calling her brother every day.

Lu Yan also likes to take her with her. The siblings often play together. The parents love to see the siblings so good, and they always let Lu Yanduo take care of her sister.

Lu Yan agreed.

The picture changed, and it was the day Lu Yan took her out to play.

Lu Yan's classmates also came over, holding her and squeezing her face, which was quite interesting.

After a while, Lu Yan was dragged by his classmates to play games. At that time, games on consoles were very popular.

Lu Anan wanted to go to the toilet, and pulled Lu Yan's hand and shouted: Brother, I want to go to the toilet.

Lu Yan glanced at her: Can An An wait for a while, brother finished the game.

Lu An'an was reluctant.

As soon as Lu Yan wanted to get up, his classmate shouted: "Lu Yan, don't be distracted, you will lose."

Lu Yan's attention was instantly pulled back.

He soothed Lu An'an and asked her to wait for two minutes.

But she grew up spoiled by her brother, how could she be willing to wait.

She didn't want to wait at all. Lu Yan didn't leave, and Lu Anan walked over to the bathroom by himself.

It's just that she went around and didn't find the bathroom.

In the end, Lu Anan met an aunt and said to take her to the bathroom. When he woke up, Lu Anan was in a closed carriage surrounded by children about her age.

Everyone was crying and screaming, and she did the same, she wanted her brother, she didn't want to be with this group of children.

Cry and cry, they are too noisy.

To make people unhappy, the man took the cane and began to draw on them, admonishing them, and reprimanding them.

If you cry again, leave them out of the car.

Everyone was frightened and lost their voices.

It was the same with Lu An'an. She looked at the aunt with big wet eyes, and she was so painful that she couldn't cry.

Later, Lu Anan seemed to see her running around in the previous years.

She was first thrown into a village and was raised by two people. It was a childless couple who wanted a daughter in their dreams.

Lu Anan was raised by two people. At first, it was pretty good. When she was a little older, they started to enjoy the blessings. They let Lu Anan do things, make fire, cook and chop vegetables, and ask her to go to the fields to work, and sleep no more than a day. For six hours, as long as she is lazy, they will beat her.

Only then did she know why they would buy her back.

I don't really like children.

They just think that a girl can help the family after a few years of raising, and even marry her out of her teens to make a fortune.

They do this kind of thing.

Later, Lu Anan escaped.

But she had nowhere to go. In the end, the couple died and she was sent to the orphanage.

She didn't have any proof of identity, and only the orphanage was her shelter.

That place is too remote and too far away.

It's so far away from city b, she can't come back at all.

At that time, Lu Anan only remembered that his brother was Lu Yan, her family was in city b, but there were so many people named Lu Yan, city b was so big, her place was too backward, too remote, and the news was not delivered at all. Get out.

What's more, she has no money yet.

When the news spread, she had been living in the orphanage for several years.

I don't know if it was the reason for the hard life before. When Lu's father and mother Lu found her, Lu An'an was skinny, like an old man in his seventies or eighties, with blood vessels bursting out, and it was scary to look at.

She returned home after that.

Her parents were very careful with her, lest there be any mistakes. The brother she always remembered became a big star, very powerful.

He is also very handsome.

But when she sees her brother, she will have nightmares.

Those things that I don't want to recall, whenever I see Lu Yan, they will be recalled.

Will flood into her mind in an instant, she wants to avoid it, but can't avoid it.

Lu Anan began to hide from Lu Yan.

She doesn't like her brother.

If it weren't for her, she wouldn't be like that. She wouldn't be teased about going to school now. Mandarin is not standard, and she can't speak English. The classmates are all excellent, white and clean, and they have various talents.

Only she can do nothing.

She in school is an outlier.

Later, she asked to learn special skills and talents.

But no matter how she studies, she seems to be much worse than her classmates. No matter how hard she tries, they are all princesses and white swans. They have lived in the castle since they were young. Only she is the child who was found back from the remote mountainous area. It is in the orphanage who needs to wash dishes and cook every day, sweep the floor, wash clothes, and take care of other younger siblings.

Her hands were not white at all, not tender at all, and even had calluses on her fingers.

The classmates all said that she is a different kind.

Her grades are also very poor, and she will always be the last one in her grade.

She is terrible.

She is incompatible with all her classmates.

They don't like her, they don't like to play with her, and so does her.

She seems to have a problem with her body, and she will faint from time to time and become weak.

Her father called a doctor to examine her, and even a fortune teller told them that she would not live to be twenty years old unless there was a miracle.

Her bodily functions were exhausted by herself, which was her life.

Her life is only until the age of twenty.

When they talked, she

I heard it all.

Since then, they have treated her better.

But that is not what Lu Anan needs.

She wants to survive.

Although she doesn't like her brother, she doesn't want him to be sad either.

She doesn't want to see her mother crying every day. She wants to see her laugh. She wants to find a way to live.

She began to yearn every day, wondering if she could have any way to extend her life.

Even Lu Anan became superstitious, she went to find a fortune teller without telling Lu's parents. In the end, it seemed that a way to survive was found.


Lu Anan wanted to wake up.

But she just couldn't open her eyes, her head was groggy.

Suddenly, a new voice appeared in my mind.

"Sister, I'm sorry."

"Mr. said you can live in place of me, so if you can, can you replace me, become me, live well, and help me take care of my parents and brother..."

"I want to live too, but my husband said there is no way, so I want to ask you."

"You know what, the system is me."

"I want you to compliment my brother every day and tell him what I didn't say before I died. In fact, An An likes him very much, and he misses him most. He doesn't need to blame himself. I really blamed him, but now it's fine. I dont blame him anymore."

"Sister, you can replace me. You are Lu An'an now. Do you know that? I know you didn't like your brother at first, but you must also like him very much now. In fact, he is really good. Hom."

"The penultimate task is, Sister, I want you to save my brother's life. He can't have an accident, but Sister, you have ran over before you wait for me to issue a task."

"I'm relieved, thank you sister."

"You don't need to feel guilty, feel that you have robbed my parents and brother's love, and all that, nothing, I am selfish, I am sorry to pull you here, I hope you can forgive me."

"I have one last task. After the release, I will leave."

"Sister, the last task is-please wake up, wake up your brother, and live with mom and dad, so that the Lu family will always be intact, okay? Lu family is indispensable, please, thank you You, and Im sorry... you are Lu Anan, you are not someone else, you have to remember that you are now the Lu Anan of the Lu family, the one who has been peaceful and safe."

Lu An'an frowned, as if he wanted to hold on to something, but couldn't hold on to anything.

Suddenly, the sound of the machine rang in my ears.

"Signs of life!"

"Quick, breathe! The signs of life haven't stopped."




After night after morning passed.

Everyone on the Internet is still waiting for news, trying to get the company to respond. They want to know if Lu Yan and Lu An'an are still healthy and alive.

It's nine o'clock in the morning.

Xingyan Entertainment posted a new Weibo.

@v: Lu Yan is out of danger.

As soon as this Weibo came out, fans' tears came out instantly.

[My **** cry! ! ! Oh oh oh oh crying to death! ! Brother has to work hard.

[Gosh, finally! !

[Uuuuuu, let's not bother you, but you must give us a healthy Lu Yan back, please.

[What about Lu Anan? !

[How is Lu Anan now! !

[There is one more person! ! Xing Yan, respond to me quickly! I want to respond to whether Lu Anan is still alive.

[Please, let us say a happy birthday to her, oooooooo.

[Lu Anan is still so young, she must have never thought that she would go to the class happily, even looking forward to her birthday in the early morning, and then she would not be able to wake up, please work hard, let her

Wake up!

[She is only twenty years old.

[Let her get up and eat another birthday cake, OK? She didn't eat birthday cake with us. In her first year, won't you spend time with fans?

[I'm crying to death, let An An wake up quickly.

Lu Yan transferred to the intensive care unit. As long as there are no more mistakes, he should slowly wake up.

When Yu Yuan and Yangyang arrived, Sheng Heng was standing at the end of the corridor, without saying a word, just standing there alone. It was only after one night, but Yu Yuan suddenly felt that... he was like a whole person. All tired.

He even lost a lot of weight.

In an instant, the curse that stuck in his throat couldn't be said.

If you still don't understand why Sheng Heng is special to Lu An'an, Yu Yuan doesn't need to be his agent.

He couldn't think about how such a person who spent more than ten hours on the set without a break could endure another seven or eight hours, shortening the original ten-hour drive to seven or eight hours, and then smoothly. Arrived here.

Thinking about it now, Yu Yuan is still scared.

Fortunately, Sheng Heng stood here peacefully, and he was relieved.

"Sheng Heng."

Yu Yuan shouted.

Sheng Heng did not move.

Yu Yuan stretched out his hand, patted his shoulder and asked, "Go sit for a while?"

He said: "I just asked, I guess it's okay, there will be no problems."

Sheng Heng didn't say a word.

With his hands in his pockets, his fists in his pockets clenched, he didn't dare to think deeply.

Sheng Heng didn't even dare to think about the video he saw. Lu Anan ran over without hesitation, and was hit by Lu Yan, hitting the stone behind and falling to the ground.

Sheng Heng never wanted to see that picture again in his life, let alone recall it.

just in case

If in case, he dare not think deeply.

As I was thinking, the people inside suddenly came out and shouted: "There are signs of life! There is hope."

In an instant, Sheng Heng felt that his heart seemed to come alive again.

Mother Lu also got up from the chair immediately, crying with joy.

Although not out of danger, it is enough to hear such news.

It's really enough.

This news is like giving everyone a booster.

They stared scorchingly in one direction, waiting for the door to open and bring them good news.

It must be good news.

She is so small, so cute, so kind and beautiful, it must be good news.

At eleven o'clock, Xing Yan's second Weibo came out.

@v: The doctor said An An has signs of life, and we are still waiting for her.


[I'm crying to death! ! !

[Clearly not a fan of Lu An'an, but seeing this Weibo, I just couldn't hold back tears.

[Pray for An An to wake up.

[I am waiting for your third Weibo. If Lu Anan is out of danger, OK!

[I beg you! Let her be safe.

[Uuuuuuu I can't stand it anymore.

[An Anan wake up, we are waiting for you! ! !

At 12 o'clock, Xing Yan's third Weibo appeared.

@v: Alive, thank you.

Just these two words made countless netizens cry with joy.

Such a cute and kind girl must be alive.

We are all waiting for you to wake up.



After knowing that both were alive, fans started to do things.

They haven't acted before, just waiting for someone to wake up before they can complain.

It didn't take long before a general crusade began to appear on the Internet, aimed at the crew.

I hope the crew will respond to a series of questions about security measures.

They are all reasonable people, knowing that there will be accidents in filming. But can this accident be avoided by being more cautious, or can it not happen with more care and attention?

Their brother and beautiful sister have suffered so much damage, the crew must give a response.


The fans started to act, and Lu Anan was transferred to the intensive care unit.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief for an instant, but after that, the doctor raised the breath again.

She has survived only after 12 o'clock tonight.


After seeing the two transferred to the intensive care unit, everyone cleared up their emotions.

Brother Qian and Father and Mother Lu are relatively familiar. He looked at the two of them: "Uncle and Auntie, let's go take a rest. Let's wait for the evening."

Father Lu looked at Mother Lu: "Go to the rest meeting?"

Mother Lu shook her head.

Lin Ruoxing came over from the other side and shouted, "Auntie, go and rest."

She whispered: "Lu Yan and An An will be relieved only if you rest well."

Mother Lu looked at her, grabbed Lin Ruoxing's hand and started crying.

"thanks, thanks."

Lin Ruoxing stretched out his hand and hugged Mother Lu: "Go, we'll just be here to watch. If there is anything, I must call you as soon as possible."

Mother Lu pulled her: "Let's go together."

She looked at Lin Ruoxing: "Are you and Ayan classmates in high school?"

Lin Ruoxing was startled.

She looked at Mother Lu in surprise.

Mother Lu reached out and hugged her, and said softly: "Will you sleep with Auntie for a while, Ayan and An An wake up, and they won't want to see you like this, okay?"

Lin Ruoxing did not hold back, biting her lip and agreed: "Okay."

In fact, since she received the news, her nerves have been tense and never relaxed.

Even now, Lin Ruoxing's spirit is still tense.

She dared not relax.

Obviously yesterday afternoon, this person told himself that his sister was going to see him. He was very happy and asked Lin Ruoxing if he wanted to come over for An An's birthday.

How did Lin Ruoxing answer at the time? She said yes, she would be there at night.

The results of it.

She arrived in the morning, but people lay here.

For special reasons, only one room was prepared for them next door.

Before Lin Ruoxing entered, he glanced at Sheng Heng: "They woke up and called me the first time."

Sheng Heng nodded.

After following in, Lin Ruoxing talked with Mother Lu, and after relaxing her a little, she fell asleep next to her.

She is too tired.

very tired.


Lu Anan feels so tired.

She didn't understand why, suddenly all the memories were in her mind, and the memories of the two rushed together.

But what she remembered most clearly was the last sentence.

She wants to wake up and live with her brother and parents.

She didn't feel sorry for anyone, when she woke up, everything would be happy.

Lu Anan was awakened by sunlight.

She moved her fingers and her eyelashes trembled. Sheng Heng suddenly stood up from the side and shouted: "An'an?"

In an instant, a lot of footsteps appeared in her ears.

It was intermittent, and suddenly many people were talking.

After the meeting, Lu Anan fell asleep again.

When I woke up again, it was the next morning.

Lu An opened his eyes slowly, and it was not his parents nor Sister Yi that caught his eye.

It was... Sheng Heng with scum on his face, looking haggard to the extreme.

Lu Anan blinked gently, suspecting that he had hallucinations.

She was shocked for a few seconds, and just as she moved her hand, Sheng Heng, who had just sat and fell asleep, woke up instantly.

He opened his eyes, and for a moment, Lu Anan seemed to see sparks lit in his eyes.

It seems to have a fresh vitality from death.

She was sluggish for a while, before she had time to call, Sheng Heng stared at her for a few seconds before suddenly bending over and leaning over.

Lu Anan's breathing was stagnant.

Being held tightly in her arms by Sheng Heng, she paused with her hands hanging in the air.

There was a strange smell in the nose, Sheng Heng hugged it for a while and didn't let go. Lu Anan blinked gently, and whispered: "Sheng... Teacher."

"I'm here."

Sheng Heng buried his head, took a deep breath in her neck and said, "Lu An'an, Teacher Sheng is here."

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