Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Brother

On the Internet, in addition to the news about Lu An'an and Lu Yan, pictures of He Shengheng were also picked up.

While picking up Lu Yan and Lu An'an, some sharp-eyed netizens discovered that Lu An'an and Sheng Heng also had a lot of photos in private.

More importantly, there is a small video when the super idol was recorded.

This video directly brought Lu An'an and Sheng Heng to the cusp of the storm.

When Lu An'an clicked on the video and watched it, she clearly discovered that it was the day when Sheng Heng gave her a separate lesson.

She wore clothes recorded by super idols, and Sheng Heng wore a very simple match.

Although she wears the same clothes every day, she remembers what Sheng Heng wears every time.

This is why she remembered it the first time.

As soon as the video was exposed, many netizens began to attack each other underneath.

[666 alone made up for Lu Anan? ! This small stove is too awesome! !

[Gosh, I suddenly felt that what He Xiaoshuang had exposed before was all true. Lu Anan really has a backstage. Look at Sheng Heng, look at Lu Yan, isn't this all her backstage.

[...In this way, if the number one super idol is not hydrated, I would never believe it.

[Looking at the way the two are talking, when did Sheng Heng be so kind to other girls?

[So... Super idols are actually so messy?

[666 absolutely! ! !

[Fuck, who broke this out? This video is awesome, isn't Sheng Heng going to respond, and Lu An'an, what is the relationship with Sheng Heng?

[I just want to say that Lu An'an is too good, and I went on the hot search with Sheng Heng and Lu Yan at once. The first and second hot searches are all her.


Netizens have radical words, and all kinds of comments have come out.

When Lu Anan looked at it, he was not calm, but he couldn't see the anger either.

Sheng Heng frowned and glanced at Yu Yuan.

Yu Yuan knew: "An An, will you come back to the company with us?"

"no need."

Lu Anan raised his eyes to look at them: "It's not appropriate, right."

"What's inappropriate." Yu Yuan said: "Appropriate."

Lu Anan looked at Sheng Heng: "Sorry, Teacher Sheng, I caused you trouble again."

Sheng Heng glanced at her and said in a low voice, "It's not trouble."

Lu An'an's eyes trembled, and Sheng Heng looked at Yu Yuan: "Let the people in the studio control the evaluation, and you can handle the rest."

Yu Yuan knew it: "I got it."

He watched Lu An'an smile: "I'm wronged first, Sheng Heng has a separate studio, let's go over there."

Sheng Heng has a studio, which Lu Anan knew before.

Although he is still named by the company, he is not actually controlled by the company.

Lu An'an hesitated for a while, but nodded.

"Okay, thank you, Teacher Sheng, trouble Yu Ge and Yang Yang."

In addition to the exposure of this video with Sheng Heng, the scandals between Lu An'an and Lu Yan have been spread by everyone.

It was okay at first, except that Lu Anan loved Lu Yan and wanted to hug Lu Yan's thigh.

Immediately afterwards, he began to say that Lu Anan was a fan of Lu Yan, because he liked it so much and wanted to attract Lu Yan's attention.

After that, he began to say that Lu An'an was the little lover that Lu Yan had kept...and he wanted to be a cow and a horse for him.

Lu Anan:? ? ?

After reading a part of the gossip, she just wanted to silently give her head to those who made up the story.

How can you think of that.

Also a little lover.

If she was really Lu Yan's lover, Lu Yan was beaten to death by his father.

They are not popular orthopedic stories.

Besides, Lu Yan belongs to Lin Ruoxing, and Lu An'an is a powerful assist for the two.


When he arrived at Shengheng's studio, Lu Yan probably just finished busy, so he called Lu An'an.

"where are you now?"

Lu Anan looked at the strange studio in front of him, and whispered: "In my idol's studio."

Lu Yan: "......"

He has a headache: "How did you get there."

Lu An'an is confident: "Brother Yu invited me over."

Lu Yan sneered: "If Sheng Heng were not there, you wouldn't have passed."

Lu Anan smiled.

Lu Yan said: "Did Tang Yi tell you about the online news?"


Lu Anan immediately recovered his seriousness, and said with a low voice, "Brother, I have the best solution."


"Just say you are my brother."

Lu Yan was startled, he paused for a few seconds before asking, "Didn't you not want to disclose your identity before?"

Lu Anan: "I'm willing now, okay?"

Lu Yan didn't say a word.

Lu Anan probably knew what Lu Yan was thinking. She quickly said: "The news has been suppressed for so long. Now all versions of the story have come out, except that we are brothers and sisters."

She took a deep breath and said, "Brother, you are not afraid that these rumors will be spread, and they will not be true by then. Will they be mistaken for true by everyone?"

Lu Yan was quiet over there.

Lu Anan walked to the balcony and looked out the window: "Brother, don't you still want to?"

Lu Yan was silent for a moment: "Don't worry too much, I'll solve it."


Lu Anan didn't know what to do, so he could only agree: "Okay."

"What did Sheng Heng and you say?" Lu Yan changed the subject.

Lu An'an: "We are communicating normally. The program group will send a complete video later."

Lu Yan: "That's good, go back early."


After hanging up, Yu Yuan brought water to Lu An'an.

"What did your brother say?"

Lu Anan shook his head: "No."

Yu Yuan chuckled lightly and patted her head: "Don't think too much, first solve the video of you and Sheng Heng. You and Lu Yan have been pressed for too long. Netizens have been curious for a long time, but Naihe hasn't been able to make it. Hot search, I didn't notice it today, and rushed to the hot search."

Lu An felt safe.

In fact, many people have been talking about it before, but because of the background, the hot search has been withdrawn, so everyone dare to discuss it in other places.

She occasionally clicked on her Weibo, and when she scrolled down her comments, she could actually see questions about her relationship with Lu Yan.

If it wasn't that the relationship was unclear, why should she give her life, why should she be so desperate to bolster Lu Yan.

There are many reasons why this matter is unreasonable. Without a reasonable reason, no one will believe it.

Throughout the afternoon, Weibo was as lively as Chinese New Year.

The number of Lu Anan's Weibo fans has grown rapidly, and at the same time, Lu Yan and Sheng Heng's fans have quarreled again.

There is no other reason.

Shengheng fans believe that Lu Yan dug up that video exposure, why?

In order to cool Lu Yan.

The hot searches of Lu Yan and Lu An'an have been unavailable for a long time, so they pulled Sheng Heng out as a backing, and they matched each other to see which melon everyone was eating.

The only poor person is probably Lu An'an.

On land

Yan was scolded here, but he was scolded over Shengheng.

She is like sandwich biscuits.

Lu Anan looked at the private message he received and sighed quietly.

Sheng Heng sat next to her and gave her a computer: "Is it uncomfortable?"


Lu Anan looked at him: "Teacher Sheng, let me ask you a question."

Sheng Heng's eyes stopped and nodded, "You said."

Lu An'an pursed his lips and asked in a low voice, "If it were you instead of Lu Yan, why would you be reluctant to make it public?"

Sheng Heng probably also guessed that she would ask such a question.

He pondered for a few seconds, and then whispered: "Blam yourself and feel guilty."

Lu Yan should be afraid that others would look down on him after he made it public.

It is something that many men can't accept when an accident occurs.

Not to mention that here in Lu Yan, he and Lu Anan have a "past story".

The shadow of the past has not disappeared, and a new one has arrived.

If it were Sheng Heng, he might not be able to accept it with peace of mind.

This question is too tangled.

There is no answer at all.

Lu An'an pursed his lips and looked at Sheng Heng and said, "But if it is not made public, no one will believe what is said now."

We have reached this critical juncture.

If Lu Yan still adopted the method of reducing heat, it would be really stupid.

But the facts proved that Lu Yan could only think of one way to reduce hot searches so far.

Sheng Heng smiled: "Let's not talk about it, the super idol has posted on Weibo, go forward it."

Lu Anan: "...oh."

Super idols released a complete video to prove that Lu An'an and Sheng Heng were in the house that day. They were really normal teaching. Other than that, there was no such thing as a small stove.

As for why Sheng Heng treats Lu An'an with a pleasant appearance, and Lu An'an is excellent, why is she still not allowed to treat her with a pleasant appearance?

As soon as this video came out, Sheng Heng's fans were relieved.

Lu Anan also forwarded it.

As soon as she reposted it, Sheng Heng also reposted it.

Both of them reposted it directly without writing a word, but the fans thought it was cool.

[Ah, ah, ah, ah, I know! ! My brother is not that kind of person.

[Those who said our brother **** the students, and those who said there was some dirty deal between them, get out and apologize.

[Fuck! Slap in the face.

[Just want to ask if some people's faces hurt, and they have dirty transactions. What do our brothers need?

[Uuuuuu Anan is a cute little girl, why can't you be nice to her? To be honest, I am a girl who likes her. As a male tutor, why can't I like Teacher Sheng?

[Okay, this has been clarified. I just want to ask Lu An'an what is the relationship between you and Lu Yan?

[Actually, I want to say that this paragraph between Lu An'an and Mr. Sheng is basically exploded by someone with a heart. At this time, it is to wash out something for yourself.

[Some people are really awesome.


Lu An'an and Sheng Heng's section is a temporary break.

But the part between her and Lu Yan is still very hot.

Lu An'an didn't read the comments on her Weibo. When she clicked on Lu Yan's Weibo to read the comments, the comments below were already unsightly.

She was angry, but she couldn't help it.

She also wanted to be willful and open, but she was afraid of hurting Lu Yan's self-esteem.

Sheng Heng's movements were quick, and the scandal rose to clarification, within two hours.

But on Lu Yan's side, no news came out yet.

Lu Anan thought for a while and sent a message to Brother Qian.

Lu Anan: [Brother Qian, do you have any results?

Brother Qian: [Searching for hot spots.

Lu Anan: [...I

What about brother.

Brother Qian: [Still filming, this scene is about to come to an end, many reporters came outside today.

Lu Anan: [Will it affect the crew?

Brother Qian: [No way, a staff member stopped. I saw that you and Sheng Heng searched hotly, just clarify.

Lu An'an: [But my brother and I havent.

Brother Qian: [Just drop the hot search, don't worry.

How could Lu Anan not worry.

She was lying on the desk thinking, what exactly should Lu Yan do so that she would not be angry.

Suddenly, Lu An'an had a glimpse of life and looked at Sheng Heng with bright eyes.

Sheng Heng was startled and looked down at her: "What's the matter?"

"I...I have a solution."

Sheng Heng raised his eyebrows.

Lu An Anxi smiled and said, "Teacher Sheng...can you let Yangyang take me home?"

Sheng Heng's face sank.

Lu Anan looked at him and changed his words: "Then I go home by myself?"

Sheng Heng looked at her sternly.

Lu Anan smiled: "You are too dangerous to send."

Sheng Heng's anger was filled, and when he heard this, he couldn't help but dissipate.

He looked at Lu Anan: "Tell me about your plan?"

Lu Anan nodded: "Sister Yi told me that I haven't shown my face in front of fans for too long, so let me do a live broadcast."

Sheng Heng was startled.

"So you want to clarify when you broadcast?"


"Are you not afraid of your brother training you?"

Lu Anan: "He couldn't bear it."

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