Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Idol

Lu Anan stood at the door and looked at the people in the kitchen. Suddenly, he felt that he could not help him.

Sheng Heng is now much more proficient in cutting vegetables and other movements than before.

Lu Anan looked at it and deeply doubted whether Sheng Heng had ever practiced.

She stared for a while: "Teacher Sheng, do you want to help?"

"No need to."

Lu Anan said "Oh" and looked at him: "When did you go to study?"

Sheng Heng laughed and looked back at her: "No."

Lu An'an pointed and said: "Why are you improving so fast? It's been a long time since you have seen you. Your cooking skills are already very good."

Hearing this, Sheng Heng was quite happy.

He laughed: "Really?"


"Then try it later and give Teacher Sheng a good comment."

"it is good."

Sheng Heng doesn't make many dishes, only three.

The two ate just right.

Lu Anan looked at the food in front of him and couldn't help taking out his phone to take a photo.

After the filming, she just looked at Sheng Heng with a smile.

"I just want to keep a memorial."

Sheng Heng replied, "Just take any shots."

Lu Anan pursed his lips and smiled.

"Hurry up and try to see if it was made by Mr. Sheng or your brother."

Lu Anan had a meal with his chopsticks, and looked at him "Ah".

"This...how to compare?"

Sheng Heng asked calmly: "Your brother didn't cook for you?"

Lu Anan: "...Done."

In front of idols, Lu Anan has no bottom line most of the time.

She didn't change her face and said, "But I forgot what it was like, and I was not impressed."

Sheng Heng smiled suddenly: "That's it."

Lu An'an had a guilty heart, his eyes wandering: "Yeah."

She tasted the dish, her eyes lit up.

"good to eat!"

Lu Anan looked at Sheng Heng excitedly: "Very delicious."

Sheng Heng raised his eyebrows: "Coax me?"


Lu Anan held up two fingers: "I swear to God, it's really delicious."

Sheng Heng smiled and patted her head: "Then you eat, I will give you a bowl of soup."

With that, the man went into the kitchen again.

Lu Anan looked at the few dishes in front of him that he liked to eat, turned his head and glanced at Sheng Heng's disappearing back. She silently and quietly, secretly pulled the corners of her mouth upwards.


After eating, Sheng Heng really wanted to go to Lu'an'an School.

Lu Anan naturally took him there.

There were still several cars in the garage of the house just now, and Sheng Heng drove one out.

"Why are you so nervous?"

Lu Anan: "You are a public figure, how can you not be nervous?"

Hearing this, Sheng Heng smiled: "So are you."

Lu Anan: "......"

This is even more stressful.

Fortunately, the two walked low-key, and there were not many people when they arrived at school, so naturally not many people noticed them.

After getting off the bus, Sheng Heng turned his head and looked at her: "Where is your class?"

Lu Anan blinked: "Do you want to go and see?"

Sheng Heng: "Can you?"


Lu Anan took Sheng Heng to his classroom.

In fact, their classrooms are often not fixed, but most of them are just a few classrooms in turn.

There are no people in class here, and the two really circled inside.

After visiting the teaching building, Lu Anan turned to look at him: "Would you like to go to the playground?"

Sheng Heng had a meal: "Okay."

The two went to the playground.

There are relatively more people on the playground, and there are still many people basking in the sun and playing ball.

When Lu Anan took Sheng Heng over, he could still hear the cheering sound coming from the side of the stadium.

Especially loud.

The corners of her lips bend and she looked at Sheng Heng: "Mr. Sheng, you can play basketball right?"

She remembered that Sheng Heng said before.

Sheng Heng smiled: "Well, it's been a long time."

He asked: "Want to see?"

Lu An'an hesitated for two seconds and nodded: "It's a little bit, but it's not suitable here."

Sheng Heng naturally knew.

"Walking over there, what is it doing there?"

Sheng Heng casually pointed, pointing to the small wood next to the playground.

Lu An Anshun glanced, not knowing what he thought of, his face flushed suddenly.

"Are we there?"

Lu Anan opened his mouth and whispered, "Isn't it right?"


Lu Anan squeezed his red ears, and said with erratic eyes: "There...it's quite a lot of people dating."

She avoided Sheng Heng's eyes, looked away, blushing: "Just where couples go on dates."

This place, Lu Anan once walked with Wei Chuxia at night.

After walking for less than ten minutes, I met three couples. After that, Lu Anan never wanted to go to that place again.

It's so heartbreaking.

Sad and envious.

University love is really beautiful and desirable.

Sheng Heng was silent for a moment, then turned his gaze to her and nodded: "So."


Sheng Heng looked at her blushing face, deliberately cute: "Have you been there?"

Lu An'an instantly exploded.

"How can it be?"

She looked at Sheng Heng righteously: "I don't have a boyfriend, how could I go to that place, I just... I just passed by with a friend once.

Sheng Heng smiled lowly when she looked at her in anger.

He stretched out his hand and patted Lu Anan's head: "Why are you so excited?"


Lu Anan glared at him secretly.

After leaving school, Lu Anan brought Sheng Heng down the road. It was probably Lu Anan that day, and it was also a relaxing and happy day for Sheng Heng.

Although there seems to be no change, Lu Anan always feels that the two people's relationship has changed little by little.


In the following days, Lu Anan was at home to make up the design drawings.

Yu Zhu took the time to return to China and took a look at her, but there were many things abroad, and he hurried back after knowing that there was nothing serious about her.

Her brand is already in the works, ready to open at Christmas.

Lu Anan has been communicating with her during this period of time. Regarding clothing, she has her own design style, which is exactly what Yu Zhu wants.

The two communicated well and things went smoothly.

As for other things, Lu Anan can't figure out what to do for the time being.

She stayed at home and did not go for an internship.


The main reason is that Lu An'an has no place to do internships. She probably doesn't need professional internships, so she really doesn't care.

The variety show that Lu An'an and Lu Yan are going to record is called "Different Travel", the name is ordinary, but easy to understand.

There are also a lot of guests to be invited by the program group, there are a total of four groups with eight people.

It's relatively generous


So far, except for Lu Yan and Lu An'an that have not been made public, the remaining three groups of guests have all been made public.

The fans are looking forward to this show.

The program is recorded and broadcast, not the previous live broadcast format.

A recording lasts for three or four days. If you go to one place, there will be a total of four places or national rhetoric.

In the middle of the recording process, the TV station will edit the broadcast first.

After only going out for a few days, Lu Anan was still willing, not to mention that she wanted to be with Lu Yanduo for a while.

Nothing else, just want to make him happy.

Lu Anan had a lot of misunderstandings and misunderstandings about Lu Yan before. She also wanted to make amends. It was not what Lu Yan thought, it was all he owed Lu Anan.

Lu Yan returned home two days before departure.

On the day of departure, the program team made a live broadcast to promote the program, which was called to attract everyone's attention and promote the program.

So I will come to my home to record and interview.

Lu Anan and Lu Yan are brothers and sisters, this time also saved manpower and material resources for the program team.

When Lu Yan returned home, Lu Anan was taking notes in the living room.

"An An."

Lu Anan turned around and looked at him: "Brother."

Lu Yan said "Um" and looked down at her: "What are you doing?"

"Be a strategy."

Lu Anan said, "Don't we know where we are going now, let's go shopping tomorrow, what if we need it?"

Lu Yan nodded, reached out and rubbed her hair: "How are you at home these days?"

"very good."

Lu Anan looked at him with a smile: "Where have you been?"

She asked: "I heard Brother Qian said that I didn't arrange a job for you."

Hearing this, Lu Yan didn't change his face and said, "I've gone to travel."


Lu Anan looked at what he didn't want to say, and didn't force it.

"It seems to say that today the meeting official announced that we are?"


Tang Yi sent a message to Lu An'an early, asking her to remember to forward the Weibo sent by "Different Travel".

Lu Anan glanced at Lu Yan's expression, and the two brothers and sisters just sat together quietly, doing nothing, which was quite good.

But after a while, looking at the gift Lu Yan brought over, Lu Anan finally believed that he had gone on a trip.

"Where did you travel?"

Lu Yan smiled: "Deep mountain and old forest."

Lu Anan looked at the things in his hands, and it was indeed not common.

She blinked and looked at Lu Yan: "Thank you brother."

Lu Yan squeezed her face and said nothing.


In the evening, just finished eating.

Lu Anla Lu Yan just went out to the supermarket, the program team officially announced.

Regarding the last group of guests, there had been news that they were the Lu brothers and sisters, but no one believed it.

Many people think that it is impossible for Lu Yan to participate in this type of tourism variety show, but the description is indeed very similar.

In addition, the fans also have expectations, and hope their brothers can relax a little, and not be so nervous, and it is good to give themselves a vacation occasionally.

So the program team just announced it.

Lu An'an and Lu Yan are on the hot search.

The fans exploded with excitement.

[Gosh! ! ! They really are!

[Uuuuuuuu is so exciting! It's An An and Lu Yan, I'm so looking forward to the sibling combination.

[Don't stop me from anyone, then this variety show will be my go-to variety show.

[I love Lu Anan in variety shows so much, I hope she can always appear in variety shows.

[Woo woo woo excited! ! !

[Ahhhhhhhhhhh, brother, come out and promote! ! ! Its said that I will start recording the day after tomorrow, and I will go to my home to shoot. There is a live broadcast, so please pay attention

It's Saturday.


Lu An smiled and looked at each other with Lu Yan.

"Repost it."

Lu Yan: "You turn first."

Lu Anan smiled and directly clicked forward.

@v: We are going to meet again. //@: The last group of guests is everyone...

Lu Anan just reposted it, and Lu Yan reposted it based on her.

@v: Well, here we are.

Lu Anan watched Lu Yan's movements and couldn't help but laugh.

"Brother, can't you forward the official blog?"

Lu Yan didn't change his face: "Isn't it the same?"

Lu Anan was speechless: "It seems to be too."

Lu Yan patted her head: "Go, what do you want to buy?"

The two appeared in the supermarket. The supermarket was quite crowded at night, it was lively, and there were many people doing sales promotion.

Although Lu Anan and Lu Yan were low-key, they were recognized after a while.

Lu Yan pulled Lu An'an behind him and looked at the person taking the picture with a grim expression: "Sorry, it is not convenient to shoot."

That person was also a small fan. When Lu Yan said that, he was a little embarrassed and said, "Sorry, Teacher Lu."

Lu Yan nodded and looked at Lu An'an: "Go and choose things first, and then go back."

"it is good."

It's just that in the end, it can't be stopped.

No matter where Lu Anan and Lu Yan go, there are people behind them. In the end, they gave up struggling and let everyone shoot.

So the news that the two went shopping together in the supermarket before they left the supermarket was known by netizens.

In an instant, fans have even more expectations for this show.

After arriving home, Lu Anan was relieved.

When she went upstairs, she looked at the person behind her: "Brother."

"You said."

Lu An Anxi smiled and asked, "Will you be reluctant to be a sister star when you record the show with me?"

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Anan was knocked on his head.

Lu Anan pouted his lips and looked at Lu Yan: "I know all about it."

"what do you know?"

Lu Anan hummed and said, "I just don't gossip, I know that you have a relationship with Sister Ruoxing."

Lu Yan smiled: "Don't call her name."

Lu Anan's eyes lit up: "Oh."

She followed Lu Yan: "Then what should I call, should I call my sister-in-law?"

She deliberately said: "Isn't this inappropriate, Sister Ruoxing didn't admit that you are her boyfriend, right?"


Lu Yan grinds his teeth and turned to look at her: "Is the skin itchy?"

"I'm not telling the truth."

Lu Yan plucked her eyes: "Go to sleep."

Lu Anan shook his head: "I have another thing."


"Sheng Heng is going to have a concert."

Lu Yan paused: "Then what?"

Lu Anan blinked, "I didn't get a ticket."

Lu Yan choked, suddenly thought of something.

"You directly ask Sheng Heng."

Lu Anan: "I'm sorry."

Lu Yan: "I want it?"


Lu Yan looked at her grinning face and instantly knew that he was in the pit.

"You want me to accompany you to the concert?"

Lu An'an nodded: "Yes."

Lu Yan couldn't understand: "You let me go to the concert of the opponent? What do you think?"

Lu An'an: "...It's not really right."

She grabbed Lu Yan's clothes and acted like a baby: "Brother! I'll help you make an appointment with Sister Ruoxing, you can go and see with me then."

Lu Yan: "She wants you to make an appointment?"

Lu Anan: "This is not necessarily true."


The two silently looked at each other for a moment, and finally Lu Yan gave up.

"Okay, go with you, but you need to get the ticket by yourself, three tickets."


Just as Lu Anan was about to agree, Lu Yan said to himself: "No, I'll let Brother Qian get a few of them. You should avoid contact with Sheng Heng."


Lu Yan looked down at her with sharp eyes, as if he could see through Lu An'an's thoughts.

He stared at Lu An'an for a moment, then chuckled softly: "You know why."

He walked to the room and reminded him: "An An."


Lu Yan opened the door and looked back at her: "Sheng Heng is not easy."

The smile on Lu Anan's face stagnated, and she bit her lower lip.

Lu Yan said: "Learn more."


The author has something to say: Sheng Heng: My wife's brother in the future will be a roadblock to my wife and me! !

Author: get! I will help you drive away?

Sheng Heng: Then you arranged for them to record variety shows together! Why not arrange for me to go? !

Author: there is a chance.

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