Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Brother

The next day, Lu Anan and Lu Yan went out to purchase.

Anyway, everyone knows that the two are going out to record the show, and they are also siblings, and the two are a bit unscrupulous.

Very presumptuous.

The morning of the recording.

Many fans got up early and opened the live broadcast. Each group of guests has a live broadcast room for fans to watch.

Many people came to Lu Yan and Lu An'an, they were really curious about the daily relationship between Lu An'an and Lu Yan.

Although couples let everyone eat dog food, this kind of sibling CP is also really interesting.

Especially the two personalities are quite different.


At eight o'clock, the live broadcast started on time.

What the fans saw was the image of the staff knocking on the door.

After a while, the door was opened from inside, and it was Mother Lu.

Everyone took a closer look and found that Lu Anan and Lu Yan's mother were really the first. Lu Mu once recorded a cheering video for Lu Anan, when she was a super idol.

With this appearance, many people started shouting.

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh look at me ! I am your daughter-in-law!

[Uuuuuuu Ma Ma is so beautiful!

[As expected of someone who can give birth to beautiful children like Lu Yan and Lu An'an, he has a really good temperament.

[Lu Yan's family is so big.


Mother Lu looked at the staff and smiled: "Good morning everyone."

Staff: "Good morning Auntie, where are Teacher Lu and An An?"

Mother Lu pointed: "Ayan should clean up in the room, An An may still be asleep."

The staff laughed.

Mother Lu was also a little embarrassed: "An An had something wrong last night. I slept late. I'll take you to Lu Yan's room. I'll call An An."

"Okay, it's hard work."

Lu Mu led the staff to knock on Lu Yan's door.

Lu Yan opened the door, and a delicate face with no makeup and water drops appeared in everyone's sight.

He was taken aback and looked at the staff: "So early?"

Staff: "Ms. Lu is early."

Lu Yan laughed: "Come in, I haven't cleaned it up yet, but are you broadcasting live?"


Lu Yan looked at the lens of his glasses and said hello: "Good morning everyone, I have been working hard to get up so early on the weekend."

Fan: [Ah ah ah ah ah, we are not hard at all!

Lu Yan smiled: "Has anyone passed by in An'an?"


Lu Yan nodded and walked inside.

Halfway through, he stopped and looked at the staff: "What will be filmed on the live broadcast?"

The staff laughed: "It's okay, has Mrs. Lu packed up?"

Lu Yan raised his eyebrows: "It depends on the luggage?"

"it is also fine."

Lu Yan smiled low, with delicate eyebrows: "Okay, there's really nothing to clean up." He calmly said: "Just ordinary daily necessities and clothes, what's there to photograph?"

Fans: [Yes! Too much! !

Lu Yan packed his things quickly, but the fans suddenly realized that Lu Yan was a delicate boy.

It was no longer the superficial one, he could even tidy up his clothes.

The other side is different.

[Hahahahahahaha, everyone, go and watch the live broadcast from Ann! !

[Laughing to me, why is the difference between the two brothers and sisters so big.

[Gosh, Teacher Lu is a delicate boy, but An An is a casual girl.

[Hahahaha Lu Anan packing up my luggage really looks like me, everything is rolled up and stuffed in, laughing to death.


When Lu Yan appeared at the door of Lu An'an's room, she was indeed sitting on the ground packing her luggage.

Lu Anan took out a lot of clothes from the closet when Mother Lu was not there, compared them, and stuffed them into the box.

Lu Yan watched, his eyelids twitched.

"doing what?"

Lu Anan: "Pick your luggage, are you ready?"

Lu Yan walked inside: "That's it?"

Lu An'an: "They have to be taken out anyway, why are they stacked so neatly?"

Lu Yan had a headache.

He stretched out his hand and knocked Lu An'an on the head: "Go and choose a set, I'll install it for you."

Lu Anan blinked: "Thank you, brother."

Lu Yan squinted her eyes: "Hurry up."


Lu Anan looked at the lens of his glasses, pointed at Lu Yan behind, jokingly said: "My brother is really too picky."

Fan: [Who doesn't want a brother like this! ! !

After packing their luggage, everyone went to the living room for dinner.

When Father Lu is not at home, the camera basically falls on Lu Anan and Lu Yan.

But everyone can hear Mother Lu's voice.

The three ate together.

Lu Anan took a sip of milk, "Mom, we'll leave later."

Mother Lu nodded: "I know."

She looked at Lu Yan: "Take care of your sister."

Lu Yan: "I know."

Mother Lu exhorted: "Don't bully her all the time."

Lu Yan looked aggrieved: "When did I bully her?"


Lu Yan: "......"

Lu Anan snickered aside.

She poked Lu Yan's arm and couldn't help but laugh: "Brother, remember what mom said, don't bully me."

Lu Yan glanced at her lightly, without speaking.

Lu Anan smiled and looked at Lu's mother and said, "Don't worry, mother, brother will not bully me."

How could Mother Lu be relieved.

She worried and asked: "Where did you go to record this time?"

Lu Yan: "Not far, not going abroad for the first time."

Mother Lu said "Oh": "Then also pay attention to safety, you know?"


Lu Anan and Mother Lu were chatting, but the eggs in front of them had not been eaten.

Suddenly, the egg was taken by Lu Yan. After peeling the egg shell, while Lu An'an was talking, he went directly to Sai Lu An'an forcibly.


Fans:? ? ? ?

Where to find this kind of brother! ! !

They want it too! !

Lu An'an hummed twice, and Lu Yan looked at her and said lightly: "I have eaten."

"I do not want to eat."

Lu Yan didn't say a word, just looked at her like that.

Lu Anan curled his lips and ate it reluctantly.

She really hates this kind of white water eggs, she always feels that there is no taste, and she doesn't know where the nutritional value comes from.

But everyone said that he would eat breakfast, and Lu Anan was forced to stuff eggs in his mouth every morning.

Lu Yan finished eating. He looked at his glasses and pointed to Lu An'an and said, "She is picky eaters and doesn't eat this kind of eggs."

[Where can I find my brother who can peel your eggshell.

[Don't say it, I'm going to be sorely killed by these two people, obviously brothers and sisters, why do I look so hard!

[God, Lu Yan is really good.

[Just ask, who doesn't want to have such a brother! ! !


The teacher looked at me and looked at me. Are you still missing a sister? I can, I can.

[I understand, why Lu An'an is willing to give Lu Yan a backing, such an elder brother, who would not want to.

[This brother and sister CP is too good, right? I'm a little bit on top.

[Remember, they are just brothers and sisters.


No matter what the fans say, they are invisible so far.

After the departure, the two of them got in the car and did an interview. The live broadcast continues.

Lu Anan looked at the camera and greeted happily: "Did you have breakfast?"

She said to herself: "I'm struggling again. My agent said that if I get fat on this trip, she will force me to lose weight."

Lu Yan laughed beside him.

Lu Anan turned to look at him: "What are you laughing at?"

Lu Yan raised his eyelids: "You said yours."

Lu Anan said "Oh", looked out the window and said, "Brother, have you been to Z City?"


Hearing that, Lu Anan didn't know what to say.

Looking at the staff, they actually wanted to communicate with them.

But Lu Yan was looking at the phone, and immediately after, Lu Anan also looked at the phone.

Lu An'an received a message from Sheng Heng as soon as he turned on his cell phone.

Sheng Heng: [Don't like eggs?

Lu Anan's eyes lit up and the smile on his face was obvious.

Lu Anan: [Teacher Sheng, why did you watch the live broadcast?

Sheng Heng: [Get up early, just look at it.

Lu Anan: [...Then I am not very embarrassed, I know nothing.

Sheng Heng: [Not ashamed.

Lu Anan: [Don't comfort me, you must know that you will watch...]

She would fold her clothes obediently, absolutely not messing around, at least she must leave idols with an image of being clean and tidy.

Thinking about it, Lu An sighed quietly.

Lu Yan glanced at her: "Are you uncomfortable?"


Lu Anan glanced at him: "It's okay, you leave me alone."

Lu Yan: "......"

Lu Yan glanced at her mobile phone and probably knew what was going on.

He paused for a while and whispered: "Don't always play with mobile phones, it's bad for your eyes."

Lu Anan was speechless: "...You are not playing yet."

The two brothers and sisters stared at each other silently, and in the end no one could control anyone.

Lu Anan hummed twice and continued to chat with Sheng Heng.

Sheng Heng has a job today, and this meeting happened to be in the car, but there was a tablet computer in front of him, and the picture happened to be where Lu Anan recorded the show.

Yu Yuan glanced at the side and sighed.

"When do you want to see?"

Sheng Heng: "Are you going to get off?"

Yu Yuan: "......"

He raised his eyebrows and said, "Do you really want to participate in this show?"

Sheng Heng: "Do you have a way?"

Yu Yuan choked.

"If you want to come out without a sister, I'll let you also use the reason of brother and sister CP to participate, how about?"

It was Sheng Heng's eyes that responded to him.

Yu Yuan touched his nose and looked at Sheng Heng: "When are you going to boil the frog in warm water?"

Seriously, he was the first to see that Sheng Heng liked Lu An'an.

Of course, it may not be him.

But he must be the first to ask.

Up to now, Yu Yuan still feels surprised, how Shengheng...he just fell in love with a small fan.

Of course it is not a derogatory term.

He also likes Lu An'an very much. The little girl is energetic, beautiful, and sometimes funny.

It's really good.

But such people are not uncommon around Shengheng.

Sheng Heng has been in the entertainment industry for so many years, who

I've seen it all, and I've been in contact with everyone.

Yu Yuan has been taking him with him, knowing that he has never been special to girls since he entered the circle until now.

It's usually business affairs, let alone small fans like Lu An'an.

This idol and fan are really an exciting pair of CP.

At first, Sheng Heng was special to her, Yu Yuanzhen didn't think deeply, only felt that Sheng Heng was really a favorite fan as always.

But spoiled, vaguely exceeded the limit.

He remembered asking Sheng Heng what he thought of Lu Anan last time.

The answer that Sheng Heng gave was-don't be surprised if the two of them are photographed.

Yu Yuan was so annoyed that he wanted to vomit blood, but when he thought about Sheng Heng's age, he couldn't help but remind.

The generation gap between the two is more than two, and Lu Anan is only twenty years old.

Sheng Heng's answer at the time was-he knew, so take his time.

He is not in a hurry.

Thinking about it now, he was not in a hurry, but became himself in a hurry.

Yu Yuan looked at Lu An'an, and then at the person looking at the screen, his head hurt.

What is it that I fell in love with the sister of the opposite family.

"Sheng Heng."


"Have you ever thought that if you chase Lu An'an, you have to call Lu Yan's brother."

Yang Yang happened to be driving, and he was shocked.

Sheng Hengyun and Danfeng glanced lightly: "Be careful."

Yang Yang: "...I know."

Isn't that what Yu Ge said is too scary.

Yu Yuan looked at Sheng Heng: "Don't divert your attention, tell you?"

Sheng Heng looked at the two people on the screen, and felt that the opponent was a bit distracting. He said in a deep voice, "So what."

Yu Yuan: "Are you convinced?"

Sheng Heng glanced at him: "It's not really right."

Yu Yuan said, "Oh."

He thought for a while: "But I think based on the personality of Lu Yan, a pet girl, crazy demon, I should not agree to you being together, what do you think?


Sheng Heng didn't want to answer.

Even if Yu Yuan didn't say it was broken, Sheng Heng had already discovered it.

Lu Yan didn't really like Lu Anan's contact with him. Of course, this kind of dislike was not only because of the opponent, but also because of many reasons.

Sheng Heng thought, turning his head to look at Yu Yuan: "Do me a favor."

Yu Yuan's eyelids twitched, his intuition was a bad thing.

"What is busy?"

Sheng Heng: "Do you need any special guests for this show, put me in?"

Yu Yuan: "......"

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