Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Idol

When Lu Anan came out of the shower, Lu Yan was not so cold towards her anymore.

"Brother. Go take a shower."

Lu Yan looked at her: "Well, you go back and rest first."

"Can I go and paint?"

Lu Yan nodded, "Go ahead."

Lu An was calm, holding his drawing board and went to a remote location. There were people from the program group on this side, and he was not worried about any accidents.

But she didn't expect that He Wanran would call there when she was there.

After Lu Anan saw the person, he passed a little quietly, eavesdropping is not good.

She raised her eyes to look at the stars in the sky. She thought, An An must be one of them, looking at her and Lu Yan.

Even if she leaves, she will definitely guard her family.

Thinking about it, Lu Anan smiled.

She will replace her and help protect everyone in the family.

As soon as she opened the drawing board, He Wanran walked over.

"An An, what are you doing here?"

Lu Anan pointed and said, "The stars are so beautiful, I want to paint."

Hearing this, He Wanran looked at her drawing board and said lightly: "I didn't expect An An to paint."

Lu An'an nodded and said with a smile: "I have learnt casually."

He Wanran stared at her young face, her eyes flashed, and finally she couldn't help asking: "An An, are you familiar with Sheng Heng?"

Lu Anan had a pause with the pen in his hand, and thought about it. "I don't know him very well. Teacher Sheng is good to everyone. I also know him because of my brother."

He Wanran thought so.

But she always thinks something is weird. In fact, some time ago when Sheng Heng left the crew to go to the hospital, she felt it was not right.

But everyone in the circle said that Sheng Heng went there because of Lu Yan.

But He Wanran learned that the relationship between Sheng Heng and Lu Yan was not so good, but if it was because of Lu An'an, she felt it impossible.

Sheng Heng is not such a person.

It is impossible for Sheng Heng to like such a little girl.

According to her understanding of Sheng Heng, he has always been cold and indifferent, and he will not have such hot feelings.

But it just can't tell what the situation is, it's just not quite right. No matter how you think it makes no sense, for a moment, He Wanran doesn't know where it makes no sense.


She thought about the phone call just now, and then stopped talking: "But you can all call for two hours. Is this still unfamiliar?"

Lu An'an didn't change his face and said, "Well, that should mean falling asleep while talking. Teacher Sheng forgot to hang up."

She looked at He Wanran: "I have a bad memory and often forget to hang up."

He Wanran nodded and muttered to herself: "That's it."


Seeing that Lu Anan didn't want to continue to communicate, He Wanran didn't force it.

She laughed: "I will go back first."

"it is good."

After He Wanran left, Lu Anan glanced at the phone next to her.

She curled her lips, and finally resisted not sending a message to Sheng Heng, and Lu An calmed down to paint.

She looked at the sky full of Milky Way, only feeling dazzling.

It's so beautiful.

She painted quietly. After watching for a while, Lu Yan asked the staff to help look at her a little bit, and then went to the other side to do an interview.

For the first recording, the program team was very curious about Lu Yan and Lu An'an. The siblings were CP. It was very popular before. In addition to the injury some time ago, it is difficult for people to not pay attention.

The staff looked at Lu Yan and shouted: "Ms. Lu, today's interview."

Lu Yan nodded and sat opposite: "Is this all right?"

The photographer smiled and said: "Adjust it again, this kind of light is not very good."

Lu Yan accepted the adjustment with a good temper, raising his eyes to look at the staff: "How about this, okay?"

"All right, Teacher Lu."

Lu Yan nodded and sat on the opposite side lazily.

Behind him is a galaxy, and then take a closer look, there is also the figure of Lu An'an.

The staff member in charge of the interview is a girl, a fan of Lu Yan.

She first expressed her identity and love, Lu Yan smiled: "Thank you for your love."

The staff smiled: "Ms. Lu is polite. I am very happy to interview you. Our question may be a bit private. If it is not convenient to answer, Mrs. Lu can just say it directly?"

Lu Yan nodded: "Do you think about it yourself?"

"There are also collected from fans, most of which are people's curious."

Lu Yan said clearly: "It's okay, just ask."


In the beginning, there were a few relatively satisfactory questions.

It's probably why Lu Yan wanted to participate in this [www.23txt.info] program. It seemed that he rarely participated in variety shows before.

Lu Yan smiled faintly: "I want to have a special memory with my sister."

The staff nodded: "I feel that Mr. Lu and An An are still in a tacit understanding. The feelings of your brother and sister really make fans curious. An An has a very good personality. Has it been like this since childhood?"

Lu Yan was startled and shook his head with a smile: "No."

He paused and looked at the staff: "When will this interview be released?"

Staff: "If nothing happens, it will be broadcast with the first episode of the program."

Lu Yan paused, and said in a low voice, "I have a paragraph to answer. Let's put it in the last issue."

The staff was taken aback.


Lu Yan smiled faintly: "Tell the director, it should be okay. I don't want to broadcast it in advance."

Staff: "Why?"

Lu Yan tilted his head and thought: "An An should not want everyone to sympathize with her."

In the end, after asking the director, the director naturally agreed.

Not to mention other things, Lu Yan is the guarantee of the ratings of this program. He mentioned it, of course.

After the director agreed, Lu Yan continued to be interviewed.

He thought about Lu Anan when he was a child, and then think about what he is now. He smiled and said, "When I was a child, An An was more headstrong. I have to do everything and I like to act like a baby."

Staff: "That's great."

Lu Yan: "It's pretty good."

He looked back at the person who was drawing with headphones plugged in not far away, and smiled suddenly: "Is she very understanding now?"

"Yes..." the staff said: "And we watched another variety show live before and found that An An is almighty, everything can be done."

The staff looked at him: "The fans are very curious, did An An teach himself?"


Lu Yan was actually very reluctant to remember those things in the past, but spread out in front of him one after another, making him have to remember.

For the first time, he told the truth in front of the camera.

"An An, I was lost."

He looked at the camera, smiled bitterly and said: "She was not what everyone imagined. She was spoiled by her parents and brothers since she was a child. She didn't."

He paused and said: "On the contrary, when she was a child, she had a lot of hardships than most children. She was abducted... and was sold to the most remote mountain village, where she learned how to watch her words, learn how to do farm work, and Lost a lot."

Lu Yan felt a pain in his heart when he thought of the reports from the investigation.

It was his fault.

Everything happened because of him.

He looked at the camera intermittently and said: "She didn't actually get close to me before because I lost her."

Lu Yan said: "Aren't there many netizens who are curious, why don't I disclose my relationship with An An?"

The staff listened, with red eyes: "Well, this is what we want to ask today. If Mr. Lu is not easy to say, then don't say it?"

"It's okay."

Lu Yan said, "It's good to say it." He was silent for a moment: "At first, An An entered this circle. To be honest, I didn't want to. The circle is too messy and the network environment is not good. If you have a little bit of it, you may be caught Scolded, An An had a very fragile mentality before. We also took her to see a lot of psychologists, but to no avail. Of course, she didn't want to be public."

He said: "Although I was sad at the time, I respected all her thoughts."

Lu Yan smiled bitterly: "But later, I didn't want to make it public."

He looked up at the camera: "After the accident, An An mentioned to me that we can disclose the relationship between the two of us, but I did not agree."

The staff opened their mouths: "Why, it's because... Teacher Lu thinks that An An gave you a back cushion, are you embarrassed? Or... You are afraid that you will be scolded publicly, and you want your sister to be your back cushion?"

Lu Yan smiled and accepted the words: "You want to ask, am I more concerned about my image?"

The staff did not speak, but the meaning was quite obvious.

Lu Yan pondered for a moment and said, "Maybe there is a little bit too."

The reason why he was reluctant to make it public at the time was not because he was afraid that everyone would say that he was not responsible and that he was too weak.

He is more afraid of other things.

Lu Yan didn't want to expose Lu Anan's previous things, and didn't want her to recall the embarrassment again.

Once the identities of the two are revealed, Lu An'an will change from an unconcerned artist to Lu Yan's sister, a person who has received much attention.

Lu Yan is not narcissistic, but too many similar things.

He knew that Lu Anan actually didn't want to be noticed by too many people.

She didn't even want to enter the entertainment industry to make movies, not to mention other things. She didn't have that idea. She said that she wanted to use Lu Yan's sister's identity to run rampant in the entertainment industry, but she didn't want to.

Lu Yan knew her inner thoughts too well.

For example, now, Lu An'an was a little bit upset, so he went on a hot search, and the name on it was no longer Lu An'an, butSister Lu Yan and so on.

Before Lu Yan could not understand why Lu Anan had such a good backing, he didn't want to understand until later.

His sister is also a self-respecting person. She doesn't want others to know her, just because her brother is Lu Yan.

She wants to have her own name.

Of course, Lu Yan himself is also very stubborn.

He really couldn't get out, whether it was the loss of his sister when he was a child or the backlash incident, Lu Yan couldn't bear it.

He even wanted to hide Lu An'an, let her stay at home, never make it public, and not be noticed by any netizens. Those hot searches will naturally disappear, and those foul language will naturally disappear.

As time goes by, everyone will always forget.

Let her do what she is happy about and never force her again.

Just be the little princess of the Lu family, she can do whatever she wants.

Lu Yan knew that Lu An'an made it public because he didn't want to see him being scolded.

I don't really want to make it public.

Lu Anan actually wanted her privacy and her own self-esteem. Although she didn't say anything, Lu Yan could tell.

His sister is a little arrogant.

The reason why he took the initiative to disclose it was forced, not really because Lu Anan volunteered.


Lu Yan looked at the staff in front of him, smiled and said: "Before, I always wanted to tell the world who my sister is, but then I found that I had a problem with my idea. I even wanted to treat my sister so good.

Hide it so everyone knows it. "

Lu Yan paused: "Of course, I now know that my idea is wrong, even a bit distorted."

He smiled and said: "My sister who has finally found it back, I don't want her to be harmed anymore. Whether it is cyber violence or other things, we only hope that she can grow up healthy."

Lu Yan said softly, "I don't have any other desires. This is my greatest wish."

He looked at the camera and said: "I know that many people think of An An as Lu Yans younger sister, the girl who helped Lu Yan back up, but I hope that next time you mention her, you can say that she is Lu Anan. Although she is Lu Yan's younger sister, she herself is number one. Sister Lu Yan is just a title after her Lu An'an."

When the staff listened, their eyes were red.

"Ms. Lu...Have you ever thought that An An actually doesn't mind?"

Lu Yan was startled, as if he had been asked a bit.

"do not mind?"


The staff member said: "If it is me, I don't mind being said, who is the sister of who, have you ever asked An An?"

Lu Yan didn't say a word.

It seems that he has never asked Lu An'an about his thoughts, and it seems that everything is actually noticed by himself.

He was silent for a moment, and said lightly: "No."

Staff: "Then you can talk to An An. Maybe she thinks it's a good thing to be public?"

Hearing that, Lu Yan said "Um", he looked at the staff and smiled: "Thank you."

The staff shook his head: "Ms. Lu...today's interview will end here."

She pursed her lips and said in a low voice, "I never thought that An An grew up like this."

Lu Yan looked back at the person who did not move, and smiled: "Don't be special to her. Today's interview will be kept secret for the time being. She doesn't want to be treated specially, just like before."

The staff and photographer clicked on: "Okay, we know."

Lu Yan nodded, relieved.


When Lu Yan came over, one of Lu An'an's paintings had just reached the final stage.

She glanced sideways at Lu Yan: "Brother, the interview is over?"


"Why so long."

Lu Anan said: "I think everyone else is very fast."

Lu Yan smiled: "It's a bit too much."

He stretched out his hand, rubbed Lu Anan's hair, and asked in a low voice: "An An, have you hated your brother?"

Lu Anan was taken aback and looked up at him.


She stretched out her hand to see Lu Yan not blinking and said, "Why do you have this idea?"

Lu Yan didn't say a word.

Lu Anan got up, hugged him and said, "Brother, I really haven't hated you, whether it's past or present..."

She paused and said, "My brother will always be my favorite brother."

"Before then"

Lu Yan thought about what the staff said, and asked in a low voice: "Have you blamed me, why are you not willing to disclose your identity relationship with you?"

Lu Anan blinked: "Huh?"

She reacted afterwards: "I didn't."

She looked at Lu Yan: "Did you read the comments on the Internet?"

Lu Yan didn't speak.

Lu Anan said: "I know you don't want me to recall those things in the past, but those are all gone, it doesn't matter, we are already fine now, it really doesn't matter."

Lu An'an stared at him intently and said: "I understand what you think. You are for my own good, not because of the so-called self-esteem. I still know what you are thinking."

Lu Yan was to protect himself.

Lu Anan knows this point better than anyone.

Everyone's thoughts are quite different. Ten thousand people have ten thousand different thoughts, which is normal.

But Lu An'an would not think that Lu Yan's non-disclosure was to protect herself. She knew her brother too much. Even if she hadn't lived together since childhood, even if she was an outsider, Lu An'an understood.

What is Lu Yan's reason for doing this?

Lu Yan actually has a mental problem. When he thinks about things, he twists a little bit, especially when it comes to his younger sister's affairs, Lu Yan is better than anyone else.

Before Lu An'an refused to make it public, he would think that Lu An'an has never wanted to make it public.

Even if she later said that it could be made public, it was still the first time for Lu Yan that what she said was true.


Thinking about it, Lu Anan hugged him and whispered softly: "Brother."


Lu Yan patted her head.

Lu Anan blinked: "Are you still angry?"

Lu Yan was taken aback, suddenly squeezed her face, gritted her teeth and said: "Tell me well, what's wrong with Brother 2?"


Lu Anan looked at him like this, and muttered in a low voice, "I thought you didn't mind."

Lu Yan sneered: "Are you listening to what I said?"

"I do not have."

Lu Anan raised his hands and swears: "I have all you said in my heart."

Lu Yan looked at her, obviously not convinced.

Lu Anan hugged his arm and acted like a baby: "Can I give you a picture?"

Lu Yan looked down at the drawing board in front of her: "This picture?"

"Yeah, but I haven't done it yet. I'll see you off when I get home."

Lu Yan looked at him and paused: "Why do you want to give me a star painting?"

Lu Anan blinked and said softly, "I just want to tell you, no matter what happens, me and the stars in the sky

Will be with you, don't blame yourself, those things are not your fault. "

Lu An'an seriously said: "Brother, have you thought about it? In fact, many things may be destined by heaven."

Lu Yan was startled, stared at her for a long time, then said softly, "I believe it."

He reached out and rubbed Lu Anan's hair: "I have always believed it."

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