Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Brother

After the commercial shooting, Lu Anan blushed even more than the sunset.

Tang Yi just wanted to put on a scarf, she jumped over, jumped into the car, and closed the car door along the way.


On the other side, Yang Yang looked at Sheng Heng after the shooting, and after seeing the smile in Sheng Heng's eyes, he shouted, "Brother."

Sheng Heng looked at him.

Yangyang said, "What's wrong with An'an? Why did you get back into the car?"

Sheng Heng calmly said, "Maybe it's cold."

Yang Yang: "......"

Lu An installed an ostrich and hid in the car.

But she couldn't calm down at all. Did Sheng Heng deliberately or accidentally? !

Did he accidentally touch it, but if he touched it accidentally, just wipe it off. Why do you bite yourself? !

Does he think his lips are chocolate?

If this is the case, then she will be heartbroken.

Lu An'an buried his head in the car and stomped his feet, his heart beating in a mess, there was no way to control it and ease his breathing.

After a while, someone knocked on the car window.

Lu An'an asked dullly, "Who is it?"

Tang Yi: "I, I'm going to leave, let's go to dinner, we will have dinner together tonight, and we will go back tomorrow."


Lu An'an is a bit lucky, they are not in the same car with Shengheng.

She wore a big red face, her thoughts flying wildly.

Lu Anan can only use his mobile phone to divert attention.

She thought about it, and went to Lu Yan.

Lu Anan: [Brother.

Lu Yan: [?

Lu Anan: [It's okay, just ask what you are doing.

Lu Yan: [Dating, don't bother me.

Lu Anan: [.


She glanced at the time, it was already night in China.

Let's do it, don't bother.

Lu Anan pouted his lips, and after thinking for a while, sent a message to Wei Chuxia.

Lu Anan: [Xia Xia Xia Xia! ! come out faster!

Wei Chuxia: [I'm here, how to pull it, did the commercial go well?

Lu Anan: [It's going well, but there is a problem.

Wei Chuxia: [How to pull it?

Lu An'an: [...Did I tell you that the content of my chocolate commercial is very ambiguous, it is the kind of small plot of love.

Wei Chuxia: [You haven't.

Lu Anan: [...Oh, I just tell you now, and then there is a shot of mouth-to-mouth chocolate.

Wei Chuxia: [! ! !

Wei Chuxia: [And then! ! !

Lu Anan licked her lower lip: [Then... Teacher Sheng accidentally kissed me.

Wei Chuxia: [? ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Looking at the series of exclamation marks in Wei Chuxia, Lu Anan also wanted to sigh.

Yes, I kissed myself.

Her touch can't be wrong.

Wei Chuxia: [Accidentally?

Lu An'an: [...maybe?

Wei Chuxia: [Don't you like Shengheng? Then ask, I think he is very special to you.

Lu Anan: [What if it is really accidental?

Wei Chuxia: [Ask and don't want money, if you are not careful... then forget it.

Lu Anan: [But it will be embarrassing.

Wei Chuxia: [Then what do you want to do?

Lu An'an: [...Why don't you wait to ask after returning to China? Ask on WeChat, if he says that he is not careful, I won't be embarrassed?

Wei Chuxia: [Also.

After finding a solution, Lu Anan felt a little relieved instantly.

But to be honest, I'm not too relieved.

She always couldn't help thinking about the scene just now, and the touch just now... Sheng Heng's lips were a bit soft and a little bit icy.

It may be that the sea breeze has been blowing for a long time, giving Lu An'an an illusion.

She felt in a daze that Sheng Heng's lips were as cold as the water that night, and they tasted particularly good.


In the evening, everyone and the staff had a meal together.

Lu An'an and Sheng Heng sat on both sides of the brand side, and there was little communication other than their sights occasionally meeting each other.

Lu Anan didn't know why, every time he was looked at by Sheng Heng, he couldn't control his nervousness.

She took a deep breath for a long time before she settled down.

Sheng Heng is a male artist, and he drinks the most when toasting.

At the end, he was still supported by Yang Yang.

Lu An'an was worried, Tang Yi shook his head at her: "An'an, it is not convenient for you to follow."


Lu Anan looked worried: "Then can I go to the staff and ask for sober tea?"

Tang Yi looked at her: "You go back to rest and I'll go."

Lu An'an looked at Sheng Heng's back eagerly: "But I don't worry."

Tang Yi reluctantly said in a low voice, "This is all staff from the brand side. If you enter Shengheng's room, you may be exposed tonight or tomorrow."

As an agent, although Tang Yi knew what Lu Anan was thinking, he had to stop him.

Don't mess around.

Lu Anan glanced at Tang Yi, worried.

Tang Yi did not say: "Forget it, I will go with you."

"it is good."

Lu Anan was happy instantly: "Thank you, sister Yi."

Tang Yi squeezed her eyebrows: "Don't thank you, the four of you will go in, but feel relieved and not afraid of any bad scandals."


When Lu Anan went in, Sheng Heng was in the bathroom.

She glanced worriedly, "Why do those people give Teacher Sheng so much to drink?"

Tang Yi: "No way, after all, the welfare is good."

Lu Anan listened, still a little dissatisfied.

"Is it all right for the benefits given?"

Tang Yi smiled helplessly: "This is the case in this circle. If you want to talk about cooperation, you have to drink."

Even the first-line celebrities do not drink alcohol.

How should I put it, no matter how big you are, you are no better than an investor who pays for it. This is the rule of the game.

After a while, Sheng Heng came out from inside.

Lu Anan ran up quickly: "Teacher Sheng, are you okay?"

Sheng Heng responded, "It's okay, why are you here?"

Lu Anan: "I don't worry."

Sheng Heng laughed, his face a little pale: "It's okay." He stretched out his hand and patted Lu An'an on the head: "Quickly go back to rest, we will go back tomorrow."

Lu Anan glanced at him worriedly: "But you..."

"It's okay."

Sheng Heng said earnestly: "Go, take a break early, and Teacher Sheng will call you if something happens."

Lu Anan is still a little worried, but Sheng Heng has said so, and she is not staying much.

"Okay, Teacher Sheng, you must call me if you have something." "Yeah."

As soon as the door closed, Sheng Heng covered his stomach: "Yang Yang, give me the medicine."

Yangyang sighed helplessly.

After taking some medicine, Sheng Heng half lay back on the bed.

Yangyang looked at him

"Brother, I'm in the living room outside. You need to call me."

"Well, it's hard work."

Yangyang shook his head.

Sheng Heng has stomach problems. In fact, he doesnt drink much. Even if he drinks, he will be restrained. But tonight... Yang Yang thought of those scenes. In fact, a lot of wine went to Lu Anan, although Lu Anan belonged to Lu Yan. Sister, in the eyes of many people, she is just her younger sister. She is not so well-known in the circle. Drinking something is completely normal.

As soon as he was about to toast Lu An'an, Sheng Heng stopped him quickly and took the initiative to drink with investors.

This time, Lu Anan was left behind, but Sheng Heng gave up his life to accompany the gentleman and drank a lot.

Others don't know if they can see it. In short, Yang Yang can see those small movements clearly.

At this moment, he had to admit that Yu Ge was right.

To Sheng Heng, Lu An'an was a confidant, but it happened... they also liked it. They only hope that Sheng Heng can control it a bit, and don't even want to kill him for the sake of the disaster.

Yang Yang thought for a while and sent a message to Yu Yuan.

Yu Yuan: [Stomach trouble?

Yang Yang: [Well, I drank a lot of wine at night.

Yu Yuan: [He is sick? Why do you drink so much?

Yang Yang: [A director of the brand likes to drink, and the director likes it too.

Yu Yuan: [You won't stop?

Yang Yang: [...An An is also here.

Yu Yuan: [Understood, stopped the wine for Lu Anan?

Yang Yang: [I guess it should be.

Yu Yuan: [Then don't stop, anyway, to make your future girlfriend happy, watch him order, take some medicine and drink some hot water, it is really impossible to go and see.

Yang Yang: [Good.

That night, Sheng Heng did not sleep well, and Lu Anan did not sleep well.

After arriving at the airport, both of them looked unpleasant.

"Teacher Sheng, did you not rest well?"

Sheng Heng raised his eyes to look at her: "No, are you going to make a show when you go back?"


Lu Anan looked at him worriedly: "Your complexion is not very good, do you want to sleep?"

Sheng Heng didn't refuse. He nodded and touched Lu An'an's head: "Okay, you can sleep for a while, and you will run away again when you go back."


Lu Anan watched Sheng Heng fall asleep, she wanted to say something for a while, and in the end she still didn't ask what happened to the unexpected kiss.

She thought for a while, and reflected on whether she was wrong.

But Lu Anan didn't dare to think about it. She didn't know when she started, and she only had idol love for Sheng Heng... Gradually, she had more other greed and thoughts.

Thinking, Lu Anan poked his cheek and sighed quietly.

"what happened?"

A man's low voice came from one side.

Lu Anan was startled and turned to look at him: "Are you not asleep?"

Sheng Heng: "You sigh next to you."

Lu Anan was slightly embarrassed, and said quickly: "Then I won't sigh, sorry, Teacher Sheng."

As soon as the voice fell, her wrist was held.

Sheng Heng closed his eyes and said lightly: "It's not that. You didn't mean to disturb me. Why did you suddenly sigh?"

Lu An'an pursed his lips and looked at Sheng Heng's handsome face and said, "No, I suddenly thought of something else."



Lu Anan smiled and said, "By the way, Teacher Sheng, let me tell you, the variety show that my brother and I filmed will start broadcasting the pilot film tonight."

Hearing this, Sheng Heng smiled: "Pilot film?"

"Yes, it's about half an hour and forty minutes. I don't know how it was recorded."

Sheng Heng: "Don't worry, it should be right."

Lu Anan smiled: "I also think that I am looking forward to it."

Sheng Heng smiled: "Then go home and have a look."



Got off the plane

Later, Lu Anan just wanted to be alone with Sheng Heng, but before he could have time, he was dragged away by Lu Yan.

In the end, she could only grievance Baba and delayed getting into the car with Lu.

"Brother, Teacher Sheng hasn't come out yet."

Lu Yan: "I'm not here to pick him up. What does he care about?"

Lu An'an was unable to refute.

She choked: "I haven't said goodbye to Teacher Sheng yet."

Lu Yan expressionlessly said, "Why, I've been shooting commercials for a day together. Isn't that enough?"


Lu Anan looked at him, but did not dare to answer.

To be honest, it's really not enough.

No amount of time is enough to be with idols.

Lu Anan wanted to cry.

But when she saw Lu Yan's eyes, she instantly stopped.

Forget it, Lu Yan did it for his own good.

When the two got home, Lin Ruoxing was busy in the kitchen.

Lu Anan glanced at it and wowed: "Brother, you are not a human being, you even let Sister Ruoxing cook."

Lu Yan: "......"

He endured forbearance, after all, he couldn't hold back, and patted Lu An'an on the head: "What nonsense?"

Lu An'an curled his lips and hummed: "The pilot film is on tonight, are you excited, brother?"

"It's fine."

Lu Yan said blankly, "Are you excited?"

"Of course."

Lu Anan said: "I'm a little looking forward to recording variety shows with you."

Hearing this, Lu Yan chuckled lightly, feeling a little better: "Let's watch it together later."

"Good." The pilot film of "Different Travel" was broadcast, and a notice was given in advance, and many people knew it.

So at ten o'clock in the evening, many fans stood in front of the TV.

The first thing that appeared was a landscape in Z City, and the beautiful picture amazed everyone.

Except for the scenery, it was an interview with everyone before the departure, which was all separate.

This was not broadcast during the previous live broadcast, and was broadcast as a pilot film.

Lu An'an and Lu Yan were naturally placed at the finale. These two are the most anticipated siblings CP.

Lu Anan sat on the sofa and watched, discussing with Lin Ruoxing.

"Chen Ruan looks pretty good."

"Sister Ruoxing, are you familiar with her?"

"so so."

Lin Ruoxing said: "I have seen it several times." She glanced at her: "I have seen Li Bing several times, and He Wanran has also seen them, how are they?"

Lu Anan was taken aback, and glanced at Lu Yan who was looking at his phone: "Do you like them?"

Lin Ruoxing thought for a while: "I don't feel anything, I'm not familiar, that is, I have had contact with work."

After that, she was startled and looked at Lu An'an: "What's the matter?"

Lu Anan scratched his head and said directly: "I don't like them."

Lin Ruoxing felt funny when she heard her childish remarks, but she was a little bit relieved.

At her age, she grew up spoiled by everyone, as it should be.

"If you don't like it, don't touch it. After filming this show, there is no contact."


Lu Anan said: "They don't like me either, so I don't like them either."

Lu Anan has the same feelings for things like friendship or love. If you treat me well, I will treat you well. If you express dislike and aim at me at the first time, then I will not like you.

It's so straightforward, without any thoughts of twists and turns.

Looking at the footage of He Wanran that is now broadcasting, Lu Anan thought for a while, and opened the chat with Sheng Heng.

Lu Anan: [Ms. Sheng, are you watching the pilot film?

Sheng Heng: [No, it's you?

Lu Anan: [No.

Sheng Heng: [Look again later.

I dont know where Sheng Heng hit these two short sentences

Lu Anans point made her mood instantly turn cloudy and clear.

She pressed the corners of her mouth, raised her eyes and looked at the people on the TV, without feeling any threat.

Followed by Lu Anan and Lu Yan.

As soon as the two of them came out, the barrage increased.

[Ah ah ah ah ah ah brother and sister cp appear to pull! !

[Ohh ohh my brother still handsome ah, Ann also so nice.

[God, I like this pair of cps so much.

I'm coming!

[Look at the interview first!

The first interviewer was Lu Anan. She was sitting in the shed wearing a sweater, smiling at the camera: "Hello everyone, this is Lu Anan."

After the greeting, the staff member smiled and asked: "An An, let's do a simple interview."

"it is good."

"An An, why do you suddenly want to participate in this show with Teacher Lu?" the staff asked: "Everyone is very curious about what Teacher Lu looks like in private."

Hearing this, Lu Anan smiled and said: "Actually, my brother is still very similar to what everyone sees. The only difference may be...He is actually quite jealous in life."

The staff laughed: "How do you say?"

Lu Anan blinked: "That's...My brother doesn't let boys approach me. If I say a few more words to boys, he will be angry."

The staff continued to laugh: "That's really never seen before. Does An An have any worries and expectations for this variety show recording?"

Lu An'an nodded: "Of course."

She said: "I am worried about safety. I hope that we will leave safely when recording the show and come back safely. As for looking forward to it, I hope my brother will be happy. This is the memory of our brothers and sisters. I hope that we will have a happy recording and everything goes well."


After Lu Anan's end, he arrived at Lu Yan's.

As soon as Lu Yan appeared, the fans became even more excited, and Lu An'an was also a little excited.

"Sister Ruoxing, is my brother super handsome?"

Lin Ruoxing: "It's OK."

Lu Anan: "......"

Lu Yan listened to the conversation between the two and asked: "You two think I don't exist anymore?"

Lu Anan: "I don't have one."

Lin Ruoxing smiled: "Who would dare to think you don't exist?"

Compared with Lu An'an's interview, Lu Yan talks a lot less.

It wasn't until the staff mentioned Lu An'an that Lu Yan talked a little bit.

When asked about worry and expectation, Lu Yan gave the answer, except for a new name, everything else was the same as Lu An'an.

The word "peace" is the most important to them.

In addition to the interview, the pilot film also has a trailer.

The editing of the trailer is also very exciting, especially a short dialogue between Lu Yan and Lu An'an, which makes the audience feel satisfied.

As soon as the half-hour pilot film was over, Lu Anan and Lu Yans sibling CP, as well as several other artists, were on the hot search together.

Of course, Lu Yan's appeal is the greatest, and countless fans have poured into this topic.

[Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, he understands what Lu Yan and Lu Anan have said so much, worry and expectation! What kind of fairy cp is this.

[I like this brother and sister so much! ! Uuuuuu is the sibling relationship I want.

[Ah, ah, ah, ah, have you seen the trailer, that phone call! ! Who did Lu Anan call? !

[Oh my god, I heard the sound of booing, but the other party's voice was muted, the program team is doing something!

[Why will it be officially aired next week? Can't it be this week?

[Hey, who doesnt want to have a brother like Lu Yan?

[Who doesn't want to have a sister like Lu An'an?


When Lu Anan climbed up on Weibo, he received a lot of private messages, all of them supporting her and Lu Yan.

She looked at her, silently bending her lips.

Just be happy.

The heat continued until the next day, and it was still there.

On the next day, the two were about to set off for the second recording. This time, the location of the recording is still in China.

The setting of the program group is that the three phases are domestic and the third phase is foreign, which is quite reasonable.

The place I went this time was not the last tourist attraction.

But in a city, the mission this time is quite unknown.

This time the group is flying together.

Lu Anan and Lu Yan are naturally together, He Wanran and Li Bing are in front of them.

Just sit down, the plane has not yet taken off.

Lu Anan glanced at the phone and at Lu Yan.

"Brother, who are you chatting with?"

Lu Yan gave her a knowing look.

Lu An'an curled his lips: "I also went to talk to someone."

Lu Yan: "......"

Lu Anan poked Shengheng's WeChat account and was thinking about when to send a message. Li Bing and He Wanran talked in front of him.

"Really? Will you join the class reunion when you come back?"


"You asked Sheng Heng? He will go too?"

"Yes, he agreed."


Lu Anan didn't listen carefully to what the two said later.

She walked away.

Suddenly, Lu Yan knocked on her head, took the phone from her hand, clicked on Lu An'an's emoticon pack, and then selected a knife-carrying emoticon pack and sent it to Sheng Heng.

After finishing everything, Lu Yan calmly said, "Shut down and sleep."

Lu Anan: "...oh."

The author has something to say: Teacher Sheng:? ? ? ? ? ? ? Author you **** me again! !

Author: No, I do this is to let your feelings further.

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