Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 95

Chapter 95: Brother

During the meal, the three of them settled in the yard.

Li Bing and He Wanran went to find Guo Zhengqing and Bai Shaoyun to partner, they were not at home.

The three of them each occupy a position. Looking at the food on the table in front of him, Lu An'an couldn't help beckoning to the photographer.

"Teacher, come and take a photo. This is a dish made by the two handsome guys!"

With that said, Lu Anan also took out his mobile phone.

"Can I post a Weibo?"

All of their programs are confidential, so you have to say in advance to post photos in this program, and you can post them only after permission.

When the director heard it, he nodded: "An An, it's okay."

Lu Anan's eyes lit up, and he looked for several angles to take pictures, and only stopped when he was satisfied with the pictures.

Lu Yan had a headache. Looking at her: "Sit down and eat, it's not that I won't do it for you in the future."

Lu Anan looked at him and muttered in a low voice: "You will do it, but it is impossible for you to cooperate with Teacher Sheng."

These are the two men she loves most, oh and Dad Lu.

All in love.

But not the same.

This can be regarded as the work of the two favorite men together, Lu An'an has to get excited about it.

Lu Yan squeezed his eyebrows: "You are free."

Lu Anan looked at Sheng Heng: "Teacher Sheng, I will serve you food."

She took the initiative to say: "Don't grab anyone after eating. I want to wash the dishes."

Lu Yan: "......"

Sheng Heng: "......"

The two were rather helpless: "Yeah."

Photographer: "..."

"Taste it first and see if it tastes good."

"It must be delicious."

Lu Yan glanced at her: "You are blind worship."

Lu Anan smiled and said, "I worship you in the first place."


Just ask, is Lu Yan resisting such a sister.

Of course it can't stand it.

Lu Yan took a sip of water and said, "Oh," "eat."

Lu Anan smiled triumphantly, just like the little fox.

She looked at him and said, "Besides the ribs, what else does Teacher Sheng make?"

"This one."

Every time Lu Anan tried a dish, he exclaimed that it was delicious.

Although it was a bit exaggerated, the two cooking people were surprised to find her happy.

Although a little uncomfortable working with each other, Lu Anan's happiness is the most important thing.

Lu An had admitted that Sheng Heng was still a little bit worse than Lu Yan, but he improved every time.

As for Lu Yan...too almighty, Sheng Heng's convenience in life is beyond compare.

But this does not prevent Lu Anan from liking him.

No matter what he is, Lu Anan likes and admires him.

This is the blind liking of fans.

After eating, Lu Anan added a filter to the photo and posted it to Weibo.

Long-lost fans waited for Lu An'an's Weibo. If they didn't click to open it, they didn't know, they were startled.

@v: Guess who made the big meal I ate when recording the show? ! It's so delicious! ! photo.

As soon as the photo was posted, countless fans made guesses.

[Ah ah ah ah ah, goose, are you on purpose! ! It's half past eight! You come to seduce us!

[I guess it's my brother blindly!

[God, An An is so happy too, I guess it's brother too!

[Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, goose, you are finally here!

[An'an, there are only vegetables, no faces? We want to see you!

[These dishes look so good! Want to eat!

[Life winner Lu Anan didn't run away!

[Hey, who doesnt want to eat the dishes made by Teacher Lu? I hope I will have a good brother in my next life.

[Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah oh my god, An An! Did Mrs. Sheng also record the show?

[Fuck! Everyone, hurry up and see, a different travel official posted a tidbit, my god, I'm dead!



When Lu Anan came out after washing the dishes, her Weibo comments had exceeded 10,000.

Since publicizing her relationship with Lu Yan, many fans have come to pay attention, of course, for the sake of sister Lu Yan.

But Lu Anan didn't think there was anything, and was quite happy.

After all, the name Sister Lu Yan is also part of her.

She clicked on the comment area and took a look, and she saw what the fans were saying.

Lu Anan instantly closed his comment area and went to Weibo.

Hot search for Lu Yan and Sheng Heng airborne.

The two fans when they reached the title were all dumbfounded. ? ? ? ?

What the hell? !


What the **** is this? ! !

Two fans clicked in.

Open at one point, what you see is the extremely synchronized movements of the two, raising the axe, and then cutting down.

It looks a lot like that.

Shengheng fans:? ? ? ? ?

Lu Yan fan:? ? ? ? ?

Are you crazy about the show crew! ! !

[In my lifetime... I actually saw the two fans discuss the video together in harmony... The program group is really **** good.

[I want to ask the program group that made the two male gods chop firewood, how much drunk, a bit bolder.

[My God... shocked my whole family.

[Hahahahahahahaha although I am a fan of Shengheng, but watching idols chopping wood like this is really silly.

[Hahahahahahaha I want to say, Mr. Lu, your chopping posture is not right!

[Hahahahaha I **** laughed.

[What's going on in this video, it's so **** funny.

[Oh my God, Hahahahahahaha, Lets chop wood together! The program group is an individual talent.

[Ms. Sheng has been a special guest? ! When is this broadcast, I want to watch!

[God, it's a different trip... It really is a different trip, can it be normal for a trip to chop wood?

[Hahahahahahaha this video is really funny, the two male gods are just like hanhan.


Lu Anan looked at the comments and couldn't help but laugh.

The director deliberately added special effects, and the later stage is very awesome, it looks really simple and cute, very different from the two people's daily life.

She couldn't hold back, standing at the door of the kitchen and watching it repeatedly.

As soon as Sheng Heng walked over, he heard Lu Anan's laughter.

He just received the news about what happened.

Sheng Heng raised his eyes, looked at the person standing at the door, and smiled helplessly: "An An."

Lu Anan looked up: "Ms. Sheng."

Sheng Heng: "What are you laughing at?"

Lu An'an couldn't hold back, she smiled and said, "...just the side-by-side video sent by the program group."

She smiled and said, "Teacher Sheng, you and my brother look so naive."

Sheng Heng: "......"

This is not a sentence he wants to hear.

He pinched his eyebrows and reprimanded Lu An'an: "What are you talking about?"

Lu Anan can't help but be jealous

"This is a fact. After today, all fans know that Teacher Sheng is so good at chopping wood."

Sheng Heng: "...When the show is broadcast, everyone knows that we are so powerful and versatile in An'an."

He paused and watched Lu An'an and said, "Where did you learn it, is it convenient to talk to Teacher Sheng?"

Lu Anan was startled.

She pursed her lips and looked up at Shengheng.

At this glance, Lu Anan seemed to see all the emotions that Sheng Heng presented before her.

Without any cover, just spread out in front of her plainly, telling her that he hadn't expressed too obvious feelings before.

Lu Anan just slammed into his eyes.

She opened her mouth, her eyes flashed slightly: "I"

"Ms. Sheng."

"An An?"

The two returned to their senses and turned to look at the person coming.

It is Bai Shaoyun.

Bai Shaoyun felt the gazes of the two, and said in a daze, "So you are here?"

Lu Anan pursed his lips: "Well, what's the matter with Teacher Bai?"

Bai Shaoyun said: "The director called people to gather, saying that we would give a show to the local villagers tomorrow night. What do you think? Come and discuss it."

Sheng Heng nodded: "Okay."

Lu Anan also quickly agreed: "Where to go?"

Bai Shaoyun: "In the yard, Teacher Lu doesn't know where to go, I just came to look for you."

Lu Anan glanced at the time: "Maybe it was a call."

"Then let's go first."

After Lu Anan followed, Lu Yan also returned.

He glanced at his sister, then at Sheng Heng, squeezed Sheng Heng away, and sat down beside Lu An'an.

Lu Anan:...

Sheng Heng:...

"Brother, what are you doing?"

Lu Yan: "What?"

He glanced at Lu An'an: "Isn't this position reserved for me?"

There was still a camera on the other side, Lu Anan was speechless.

She hummed: "It's the throne left for you."

Lu Yan smiled with satisfaction.

"Thank you sister."

Lu Anan was speechless.

They recorded this episode of the program and left until the morning after.

So before leaving, the director wanted everyone to prepare a few shows for the people here to stay. After all, he also came here to harass for a few days.

I want to do more.

Naturally, everyone has no opinion, discussing what to perform.

Chen Ruan said directly: "Let Teacher Sheng and Teacher Lu sing and dance directly. This is absolutely wonderful."


Li Bing said: "It's been a long time since I watched Teacher Lu perform."

She paused and asked, "It seems that since last year, Mr. Lu hasn't performed much, right?"

She suddenly thought of something and looked at Lu Yan: "Mr. Lu, you didn't seem to participate in the activities on Double Eleven last year, did you?"

She said: "I remember, from then on, Teacher Lu didn't perform in front of everyone."

As soon as the voice fell, the faces of the people around him changed.

It is true that Lu Yan hasn't sang and danced since that time. This matter has been blacked out by black fans. There is nothing to like about a person who doesn't care about credibility.

But Lu Yan's fans can't argue, this is a fact.

At first, Lu Yan's studio also tweeted, saying that he had arrived at the scene, but as soon as he turned his head, he appeared at the airport and broke the appointment.

Those fans who bought tickets to see him were all disappointed.

Because of this incident, Lu Yan's diehard fans were missing.

He never explained, the fans waited and waited, and finally they were chilled.

But this kind of thing, everyone only hides it in their hearts, and will not really come up with it.

Especially when recording shows.

Li Bing mentioned it at this time,

I don't know if Lu An'an was so angry in the afternoon or what, he started to target it with integrity.


Everyone looked at each other, Huo Zheng said roundly, "Teacher Lu, Bingbing didn't mean that."

"Then what does she mean."

Lu Anan stood up. She threw away Lu Yan's hand and looked down at Li Bing: "Teacher Li, why don't you talk about it now, what do you mean by suddenly mentioning this topic?"

Li Bing looked at her innocently: "What do you mean?"

She joked: "I'm just asking on behalf of fans."

She said: "An An, why are you so angry?"

He Wanran took Li Bing's hand and looked at Lu An'an and said, "Sorry, An'an, Bingbing didn't mean that, but I accidentally said it. I just said a few more words."

She said: "No other meaning."

Lu Anan sneered: "What do you mean by nothing else?"

She said: "Yes, my brother has missed the appointment, it is his fault, we are sorry for the fans, it is our problem, but it shouldn't be the turn of Teacher Li to criticize?"

She said: "What's more, whether it is in the hearts of fans or my brother, this matter is in the past. I really don't understand what Ms. Li wanted to do when he mentioned it suddenly today?"

Li Bing was irritated by her, and didn't know if it was really thoughtless or what was going on. He said bluntly: "I just want to listen to Teacher Lu's explanation. I just love the fans."

"Ha ha."

Lu Anan sneered: "Do you feel sorry for my brother's fans?"

She looked at the camera: "I feel bad too."

She paused for a while, bending over and bowing: "But since I want the truth, let me speak."

"An An."

Lu Anan turned around and looked at Lu Yan: "Brother, you didn't explain it because of me."

Lu Yan grabbed the person back and looked at Li Bing and said, "Mr. Li is right, but my fans will feel sorry for me, so I won't let Ms. Li bother."

He paused, looked at the camera and said, "I don't want to sell it badly, but since I mentioned it today, let's talk frankly."

"Fans who bought tickets before, after I missed the appointment, the studio should have contacted everyone for refunds. Of course, I know that even after the refund, what I did at that time still disappointed everyone."

He smiled faintly and said: "So I didn't want everyone to forgive, it should be."

He said: "There is nothing to explain, so the appointment is temporarily closed. If the appointment is closed, the appointment is closed. There is no excuse."

He looked at the camera: "As for the future, I will try to avoid it, hoping not to disappoint everyone."


Lu Anan frowned and looked at Lu Yan: "Brother."

Lu Yan shook his head at her.

The director looked at the tense atmosphere and hurriedly finished the scene: "Okay, we will definitely keep this paragraph of Teacher Lu."

He said: "Anyone may have something temporarily, and fans will definitely understand."

Lu Yan didn't say a word.

Suddenly, the director asked: "Now, what are you going to perform?"

Everyone discussed again.

Both Sheng Heng and Lu Yan were scheduled to have programs, including Lu An'an.

Naturally there are others.

After the meeting ended, the recording of the day's program was also completed.

Lu Anan turned off his wheat, and followed Lu into the room.

"Follow up for what?"

Lu Yan pointed to the camera and said, "The shooting is over, but the camera is still on."

Lu Anan followed his ass: "Brother, why don't you let me say?"

She said: "It's all because of me, isn't it?"

Lu Yan looked at her amused: "No need to explain."


"Those who understand and believe will naturally believe. If you don't understand, it's no use saying more."

Lu Anan disagrees.

She looked at Lu Yan: "But your fans are actually expecting your explanation. Have you thought about it?"

She asked: "Why do you care about that small part

Then I won't explain it, and I still have to say. "

Lu Yan was slightly startled, looking at her, his voice hoarse and asked: "An An, aren't you afraid of those things in the past?"

Lu An'an smiled and looked into his eyes and said: "Don't be afraid, I have brother to protect."

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