Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Idol

To be honest, Lu Anan is really not afraid at all.

She looked at Lu Yan and said: "Moreover, after this section is finished, everyone will definitely know."

Lu Yan: "It can be a little later, right?"

"Nothing good or bad."

Lu Anan said, "I'm fine."

She looked at Lu Yan and said, "Explain to the fans earlier, it's good."

As a fan, Lu Anan actually understands the mood of the fans better than that. Sometimes he feels embarrassed and does not want to sell badly, but the fans want an explanation and an answer.

Although the final result is not necessarily satisfactory, it is better to have an explanation than nothing.

Lu Yan looked down at her and chuckled softly: "Do you really think so?"

"Really, explain to the fans."

Lu Yan thought for a while: "Wait for the day when the show is broadcast. I'll talk to them."


Lu Anan said: "I don't care. Those are my life experiences. Good or bad, it doesn't matter if you mention it again. Maybe I think of it later, I'm very grateful."

Lu Yan looked at her pale and light, and his heart felt more distressed.

in case--

Unfortunately there is no if.

He stretched out his hand and rubbed Lu An'an's head: "Go back to sleep."

Lu Anan blinked: "Don't be sad."

Lu Yan smiled lowly: "No."

Lu Anan still looked at him intently.

Lu Yan laughed and patted her head: "Go back to sleep."

He paused and watched Lu An'an go out without forgetting to say: "Don't go upstairs."


The smile on Lu Anan's face instantly froze.

She silently said "Oh", grievingly: "Can't you say goodnight?"

Lu Yan: "What time is it?"

Lu Anan: "......"

In the end, Lu Yan still stared at the room Lu An An returned to.

Lu Anan didn't dare to go too far, and knew that the time was not right. Even though he was not filming at night, it was not difficult to be too presumptuous.

After returning to the room, Lu Anan and Sheng Heng said "good night" on WeChat and then took a rest.

Before going to bed, she always had a bad feeling.

Li Bing is too much today. Although it is true that there are many people who appear on the show very unscrupulous and very self-conscious, it is the first time Lu Anan like Li Bing has met.

She thought for a while and asked about the identity of Tang YiLi Bing.

According to Tang Yi's words, Li Bing has a backstage, and in fact, in the eyes of fans, after editing, he will not necessarily show everything.

Lu Anan knew what Tang Yi said.

Li Bing is confident about this.



The next day is the last day of recording.

This day is no longer a task. This day is a competition of attractions. In comparison, it is quite easy.

Lu Anan was in a good mood all day. After all, Lu Yan and Sheng Heng were there, so how could she be unhappy.

And I don't know why. Li Bing didn't talk to her much anymore in today's recording, and there would be no such cynicism.

By comparison, it's quite pleasant.

In the afternoon, everyone gathered together to prepare a concert for the local villagers.

Everyone has arranged programs, and Lu Anans is a song.

The same is true for Sheng Heng and Lu Yan. Li Bing is the host after all. Although the emotional intelligence is not high, she is still the host.

There are also four episodes of the recording of the program, everyone will not tear their skin.

Everyone has a cooperative performance.

When preparing, everyone was in a hurry.

Chen Ruanla landed in An An and chatted: "An An, I'm a little nervous, but it's the first time I perform with my husband."

Lu Anan comforted her: "Don't be nervous, it must be fine."

Chen Ruan: "What if the performance is bad?"

Lu Anan shook his head: "No."

She smiled and said: "Even if it is imperfect, as long as we try our best and use our heart, everyone will love it very much."

Chen Ruan sighed: "It's mainly because I sing out of tune."


Lu Anan chuckled and said, "Didn't Teacher Huo teach it?"

Chen Ruan said, "Teached, but I'm still out of tune."

Lu Anan could not solve this problem.

Not long after Huo Zheng came over, Lu Anan ran to the side of Sheng Heng.

Sheng Heng looked at the little girl with a double ponytail. She was wearing a young and cute girl today, a sweater and a pair of overalls, looking just like a minor.

Suddenly, Sheng Heng suddenly thought of what Yu Yuan asked him before. Thinking about it, he didn't open his eyes and cleared his throat: "Why are you here?"

"...Come and help Teacher Sheng."

Lu Anan blinked and said, "Could Teacher Cheng Sheng not welcome me?"

Sheng Heng smiled helplessly: "Do you think Teacher Sheng Huan welcomes?"

Lu Anan narcissistically said: "It should be welcome..."

There is no confidence in this.

Sheng Heng patted her head and whispered, "Welcome."

My little fans, how could they be unwelcome.

Hearing that, Lu Anan was happy.

"Then I'll help you, did you rehearse?"

Sheng Heng nodded: "Want to hear?"

"May I?"

Sheng Heng pondered for a moment, teasing her: "Listen to this evening?"

Lu Anan: "......"

She curled her lips, but was not angry: "Listen at night and look forward to the special performance of Teacher Sheng."

After speaking, she couldn't help being curious: "What song do you sing?"

Sheng Heng looked at her curious appearance and laughed: "I'll know later."


So in the end, I will not say.

Sheng Heng looked at her arrogant and small appearance and curled the corners of her lower lips.

"What song do you want to listen to?"

Lu Anan blurted out: "Pick the moon."

Picking the Moon is a song Sheng Heng sang when he first debuted, and he hasn't sung it for many years.

Had it not been for Lu Anan to mention it now, Sheng Heng had almost forgotten that he had sang such a song.

He was taken aback, staring at Lu An'an for a while: "Have you heard it so many years ago?"

Lu Anan was taken aback, nervous for a moment, and quickly said, "Well, I heard it on the Internet later."

She didn't dare to expose herself, but Sheng Heng was not curious and nodded: "Why do you want to listen to this song suddenly?"

Lu Anan: "I don't know, I suddenly want to listen."

Just as Sheng Heng wanted to speak, Bai Shaoyun, who was passing by, asked, "What is An An doing here?"

Lu Anan: "Ask Teacher Sheng what song to sing?"

Bai Shaoyun: "Just that..."

He said a name.

Lu An'an said, nodded: "I see."

The name Bai Shaoyun said was not just picking the moon.

"what happened?"

Bai Shaoyun looked at her.

Lu Anan shook his head: "It's okay, I know in advance."

Lu Anan didn't stay here much, and ran to Lu Yan again.

She walked back and forth, and after dinner, everyone's performance officially began.

Those who came were all elderly people who were personally invited by the program team. When everyone looked at them, they had kind smiles on their faces, and they all looked very kind.

When I saw a few female artists of them, I did not forget to tell them to eat more.

Lu Anan and the others softly agreed: "Okay, it will definitely be."

After everyone took their seats, the evening performance officially began.

Although it is only performing in the village, everyone wants to show their perfect scene and show everyone the best performance.

When Lu Anan was not performing, she was always there to watch, occasionally giving something to the elderly in need, very enthusiastic.

When it was Sheng Heng's turn to take the stage, Lu Anan couldn't help but screamed, "Master Sheng, come on!"

The photographer looked at her and asked jokingly: "An An, do you like Teacher Sheng so much?"

Lu Anan smiled: "I like it, Teacher Sheng sings well, don't you like it, Teacher?"

Photographer: "...I like it, Mr. Sheng's song is worth listening to."

Upon hearing this, Lu Anan smiled.

She looked at the man on the stage not far away, he was still the most shining one even on the simple stage.

Every move attracted her attention.

Lu An'an looked at her with scorching eyes, and when Sheng Heng adjusted her position, he glanced at her inadvertently.

Across the crowd, the two looked at each other.

Lu Anan said silently: Teacher Sheng, come on.

Sheng Heng smiled.

The photographer did not pay attention to the interaction between the two, but He Wanran saw it.

She stared at Sheng Heng for a while, then at Lu An'an for a while, her eyes narrowed, and the thoughts in her eyes were blocked.

Sheng Heng sang so well, even without those perfect equipment, as always.

In fact, Lu Anan's favorite is his cappella.

His voice is low, a typical bass, especially low and sultry when singing a cappella, so that everyone who listens can't help but be moved by him.

No matter how many times I listened to it, Lu Anan could feel pregnant.

After the song was over, the "audience" all applauded and praised.

"It sounds good."

"Ms. Sheng."

The staff shouted: "Let's have another song."

Sheng Heng smiled: "Okay, the next one is for one person, and for everyone. I hope you like it. Tonight, this moonlight also hopes to leave you with good memories."

After speaking, Sheng Heng glanced at Lu An'an specifically.

She was taken aback, before she could react, she heard the familiar singing again.

Yes-pick the moon.

Her eyes trembled and she looked at the man not far away.

Lu Anan suddenly had an illusion, as if he was back that day, watching him sing this song through the big screen with gentle appearance.

Every word and every sentence fell on the cusp of her heart so precisely, making her mood fluctuate.

After the end of the song, everyone applauded.

Lu Anan's eyes moistened, and he clapped and applauded.

She knew that the person to whom this song was given had her own.

Sheng Heng was already walking down the stage.

"thank you all."

Immediately afterwards, it was Chen Ruan and Huo Zheng's performance. Chen Ruan did sing out of tune, but in the same way, it also added a lot of laughter to the evening performance, and everyone looked at it happily.

Finally, it was the performance of Lu Anan and Lu Yan.

The two brothers and sisters have never sang together, so this time, many people are looking forward to it.

When Chen Ruan got off the stage, he said helplessly: "An An, it's up to you."

Lu Anan laughed: "Okay, I will work hard."

Chen Ruan: "You can."


Lu Anan and Lu Yan came on stage together, while Li Bing and He Wanran were watching.

As for Sheng Heng, naturally on the other side.

He raised his eyes and looked at the little **** the stage. He only felt that he hadn't seen her on stage for a long time. This time it seemed that there was a slight change from the previous performance.

It became more beautiful and more eye-catching.

He was watching, and Chen Ruan suddenly said: "An An feels more and more beautiful."

Huo Zheng: "It is."

Chen Ruan said, "I don't know who An An will be with in the future."

Huo Zheng: "It's still young."

"...So too." Sheng Heng sighed in his heart as he listened to the conversation between the two.

It's really small.

Lu Anan and Lu Yan sing very well.

Lu Yan's route is different from Sheng Heng's, but it's the same, but the two voices are different, and Lu Yan will be more gentle. Although Sheng Heng is not bad, the two are still a bit different in their voices.

The two cooperated tacitly. After a song was over, even the director shouted: "An An, Teacher Lu, let's have another one!"

The two really played another song.

This evening, everyone was very lively.

The lights in the whole village were also on all the time, until late at night, the excitement gradually dissipated and tranquility was restored.

This night is not so vigorous, but for many people, it is a night worth remembering.

It can be discussed later.


On the second day, everyone left the place where they lived for several nights together.

When Lu Anan left, he was still quite disappointed.

The next few times are all abroad, so the feeling is definitely different from the domestic one.


"A bit."

Lu Yan nodded, and said in a low voice, "I can come back and have a look later."

Lu Anan said "Yes", "Okay."

The siblings were discussing, Lu Anan glanced at Sheng Heng who was sitting in front of them.

Because of Lu Yan's presence, Lu An'an was too blatant to sit next to Shengheng.

As if feeling her gaze, Sheng Heng looked back and said, "What's the matter?"

Lu Anan shook his head: "Nothing, where will you fly to the airport, Teacher Sheng?"

Sheng Heng paused and said in a low voice: "There is an advertisement to shoot, Fei C City."

Lu Anan opened his mouth: "Will you leave later?"

Sheng Heng: "Well, they are waiting for me over there."

Hearing this, Lu Anan didn't speak any more.

Sheng Heng glanced at her, and it was inconvenient to say more.

What's more, there is Lu Yan beside him.

Lu Yan glanced at the two, then looked down at the phone.

"An An, are you going to the crew after you go back?"

"Well, there is a cameo."

Lu Yan: "Do you need to accompany you there?"

"No need to."

The two chatted and arrived at the airport not long after.

Several people flew to city a, Shengheng flew to city c, and others flew to other cities.

Everyone immediately parted ways.

Lu Anan said goodbye to everyone and glanced at Sheng Heng.

"An An."


Lu Anan looked up at him: "Teacher Sheng, when will you be back?"

Sheng Heng paused slightly and said in a low voice, "I will go back the day after tomorrow."

He looked at Lu An'an: "How many days will it take a guest appearance?"

"Just one day. Two scenes."

Hearing this, Sheng Heng smiled, and when Lu Yan went to check in, he reached out and rubbed her head and said, "Be careful."

"it is good."

Sheng Heng had a meal and whispered: "When I come back, I will take you to watch the rehearsal on the spot, okay?"

His voice was low and deep, and it sounded particularly pleasing.

Lu An's mouth trembled, and he quickly agreed, "Okay."

She was full of joy: "Teacher Sheng wants to speak up."


Sheng Heng says every word

: "Whatever you promise will count."

After leaving Sheng Heng, Lu Anan was still a little bit reluctant.

Lu Yan was sour in her heart, but she didn't say anything miraculously, but blocked her sight when Lu Anan looked back for the nth time.

Lu Anan:...

Lu Anan and Lu Yan flew back to city a, and went to the crew to film with Tang Yi the next day.

A guest appearance is not very important.

But after all, it was Lu Anans first filming. Tang Yi still values it. He even took Lin Ruoxing and Lu Yan and sent messages to Lu Anan to calm her down, dont be nervous, and play at her most normal level. .

Although Lu Anan has never acted, she has at least studied it and learned a lot. She has watched Lu Yan and Sheng Heng's movies and TV series before, and she thinks it should be fine.

Relatively speaking, modern drama is quite easy to enter.

The director had a good attitude towards Lu An'an. After talking about the play seriously, he whispered: "Try it."

He said: "Don't be nervous."

Lu Anan nodded: "Good director."

She took a deep breath and went to the camera.


Not long after, Lu Anan's two cameo appearances were completed.

She looked at the director eagerly, and the director smiled and praised: "An An has performed well. It is the first time to have such a level. It is very good."

Lu Anan: "Really?"

"of course."

The director looked at Tang Yi and said, "I have some potential, I can cultivate it."

Tang Yi promised with a smile, "Thank you for your guidance."

"You're welcome."

When Lu Anan and Tang Yi left the crew, they were still very happy.

Tang Yi: "Are you happy to play?"

Lu Anan smiled: "Today, this is completely true, so I am happy."

Tang Yi smiled: "Is it interesting?"

"It's okay, but... I didn't say that I particularly liked it."

Lu Anan held his chin and looked out the window: "Are we going back today?"

"what happened?"

Lu Anan thought for a while, and said in a low voice, "It's okay, just ask casually."

Tang Yi couldn't laugh or cry: "Living here tonight, and going back tomorrow, do you want to go out for shopping?"

Lu Anan was about to speak when the phone rang.

She looked down and saw that it was actually a call from Liu Mengting.


"An'an, have you come to a neighboring city?"

Lu Anan: "Yes, I'm here to star in a TV series."

Liu Mengting: "Will you go back at night?"

"Not going back, what's wrong?"

Liu Mengting smiled and said, "I'm here too, with Tong Xiang, do you want to come out for dinner?"

Hearing this, Lu Anan glanced at Tang Yi.

Tang Yi nodded: "Go if you want, without restricting your freedom."

Lu Anan hadn't seen Liu Mengting for a while, and because Liu Mengting took care of her a lot, she agreed without hesitation: "Okay, where?"



When Lu Anan arrived, Liu Mengting and Tong Xiang were already in the box.

When she saw her, Liu Mengting was excited and enthusiastic: "It's finally here."

She reached out and hugged Lu An'an: "How are you doing?"

Lu Anan curled his lips and smiled: "It's good."

She said, "Thank you Teacher Liu some time ago."

When she was in the hospital, Liu Mengting visited her, but Lu Anan happened to be sleeping, and Liu Mengting hurried there, so she didn't bother her.

Later, the two never met.

Each is busy.

Liu Mengting: "Thank you, what should I do, are you all right now?"

"It's okay."

Liu Mengting squeezed her face.

Lu Anan smiled and looked at Tong Xiang: "Teacher Tong hasn't seen him for a long time."

Tong Xiang glanced at her: "It's really been a while, come in and talk."



Individual sit down.

Tong Xiang watched her meeting and asked, "Is the recording going well?"

Lu Anan: "It's pretty good."

Liu Mengting became interested in an instant, and quickly asked: "When will the next issue be broadcast?"

"The day after tomorrow."

Liu Mengting: "It's finally here, I'm quite looking forward to it."

She said: "It was so funny seeing Lu Yan and Sheng Heng's tidbits the day before yesterday."

Lu Anan couldn't help but couldn't help but: "The program is also very interesting. Teacher Liu will support me a lot." "It must be."

The three of them ate and chatted. Liu Mengting knew that Lu An'an was not drinking well, and did not dare to let her drink.

After the end, the three of them were in a hotel by accident, and they went back together.

But Lu An'an didn't expect... just such a simple dinner, it would still be photographed.

Just after returning to the hotel, Lu Anan received a message from Wei Chuxia.

Wei Chuxia: [An An! ! Have you eaten with Tong Xiang tonight?

Lu Anan: [? ? ? After eating, how do you know?

Wei Chuxia: [It was exposed online.

Lu Anan: [.

When Lu Anan climbed onto Weibo, the media only posted photos of her and Tong Xiang.

The hot topics are also "interesting."


In addition to the topic, it is a secret photo taken by a paparazzi studio, the two people are talking and laughing, and eating together.

Both of them had smiles on their faces, they looked like they had a good conversation, and they looked very happy.

As soon as the news came out, Tong became angry at the fans.

Lu Anan fans are even more angry.

But in the same way, there was a group of melon-eating crowds booing, saying that they liked the two of them very much from the last live variety show, and wanted to use two CPs.

And Lu Anan is still Lu Yan's sister, even if she is with Tong Xiang, she is completely worthy.

For a time, there was a lot of discussion online.

[Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! ! I can do these two! !


[These two people look pretty good! I can.

? ? ?

[Just having a meal with friends, okay? What kind of date? Our elder brother had no object, so he took him away.

[Hold away An An, we An An is still young and don't fall in love.

? ? If An An is to be linked with others, my brother will be carrying a forty-meter knife.

[Hahahahahahaha, the pet sister mad demon is coming, we An'an will not make an appointment with anyone, just simply eat.


Lu Anan looked at the comments on Weibo and was speechless.

When she just wanted to find Tong Xiang, Lu Yan's call came first.

"An An!"

"I'm here."

Lu Anan said, "Brother, have you read the news on the Internet?"

Lu Yan grinds his teeth: "What's the matter with you and Tong Xiang?"

Lu Anan: "...not only the two of us eating, but also sister Mengting. I don't know why the media only photographed the two of us."

Lu Yan: "Really?"

"Of course."

Lu Anan whispered: "What can I have with him, don't you know who I like?"

Lu Yan's little heart that had just been closed was shattered again.

He choked, speechless.

"In that case, there is nothing to clarify."

Lu Anan: "???"


Lu Yan said: "It's innocent, and it's okay if you don't clarify."

Lu Anan: "......"

She just heard Lu Yan's tone, but that was not what she meant.

She opened her mouth and retorted, "No."

"What can't you do?"

Lu Anan said: "I want to clarify immediately."


Lu An'an: "...Brother, you knowingly ask."

She didn't want Sheng Heng to misunderstand.

Lu Yan arrogantly responded, "It's up to you, you find Tang Yi."


Lu Yan said, "Did the three of them take pictures after eating?"

"No, but I took a picture with Mengting sister. Tong Xiang didn't seem to take it in."

Lu Yan is reliable in this respect. He thought for a while and whispered: "I'll find her and let her help."

"I'll do it myself." Lu Yangang wanted to talk, and Lin Ruoxing said next to him: "No need to look for it, Liu Mengting has posted on Weibo."


After hanging up, Lu Anan saw Liu [email protected] Weibo.

@v: Why, dont I deserve a name for dinner for three people? ! Obviously it is the An'an I made an appointment, okay! ! photo.

As soon as Liu Mengting's Weibo was published, many fans instantly booed.

[Ah ah ah ah, our teacher Liu must have a name!

[Ouuuuuu look, if we don't show our teacher Liu the camera, our teacher Liu is angry.


Lu Anan laughed, and immediately reposted it.

@v: Mengting sister must have a name.

As soon as this Weibo was reposted, Lu Anan's phone vibrated again.

This time the call is from Sheng Heng.

The author has something to say: An An: I dare not accept...

Idol: Let me see, who went on a late night date! ! !

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