Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Idol

The barrage quarreled instantly.

Lin Ruoxing looked angry, and said to Lu Anan: "Why is she so big-faced."

She said: "You are ashamed to ask your brother to help with things?"

"Your brother didn't mention it?"

Lu Anan touched his nose with a guilty conscience: "My brother doesn't have one."

Just as Lin Ruoxing wanted to say that he was doing a good job, Lu Anan said-but I mentioned it.


Sure enough, Lu Yan was silent for a while.

Li Bing still insisted on letting them help, and in the end, it was Lu Anan who extended his hand.

Seeing this scene, Lin Ruoxing looked at Lu An'an with hatred of iron and steel.

"Are you stupid?"

Lu Anan: "I'm afraid my brother will be scolded."

Lin Ruoxing sighed: "Let me tell you, they just caught this mentality, knowing that your brother will not refuse, and will be scolded if he refuses."

In this society, women are not very tolerant, and similarly, some people do the same with men.

Especially public figures.

As long as you don't pay attention and don't help, you will definitely be insulted by fans.

Lu Yan didn't help today, and the Internet must be full of drafts.

He didn't want to say that Lu Yan didn't have a kind heart, so he didn't help, just to mention something.

No woman will want to work with him in the future.

The bag was picked up by Lu An'an, Li Bing fans were happy, and Lu An'an fans were upset.

[I really want to ask that person, how thick is your face, you really let our female goose mention it.

[That bag is heavy, right? ! ! I think Lu Anan staggered!

[My god, this is really too scheming, shouldn't it be the lightest to let others help? Why give the heaviest?

[...I just give the heavy ones because I can't lift them, but the light ones need your help?

[Just helping each other, how can there be so many twists and turns as you said?

[I look so angry! What the **** is Li Bing!


The fans are noisy, and before the show is over, there are already several show topics on the hot search.

Lu An'an and Lin Ruoxing continued to watch, and Li Bing took the bag back after they went up the mountain.

Lin Ruoxing: "I'm going to die of anger."

She said: "No wonder you asked me if I had a good relationship with them before, this...it won't be better."

Lu Anan smiled, and she nodded: "Well, I can't get better."

The two sighed helplessly.

"Keep watching."

After going up the mountain, the first place got the benefits. Lu Anan and Lu Yan went to buy a tent. All this went well, and there was nothing to make fans angry.

After buying the tent, everyone was surprised.

Why only buy a single one.

Naturally, there is not enough money.

So the question is, how do their siblings sleep?

Immediately afterwards, there is brother-sister interaction.

The chat between the two of them was kind to fans, and they all found it interesting.

The other couples are also interesting, but they are not as good as Lu Anan and Lu Yando.

When it was time to solve the problem for dinner, the director suddenly proposed a task.

Lin Ruoxing looked at and asked Lu An'an: "So this is why your brother called me?"


Lu Anan looked at this scene, very nervous.

"It's over."

"what happened?"

Lu An'an covered his face and said, embarrassed: "You'll know later."

Lin Ruoxing: "..."

The audience's enthusiasm was highest when everyone called to ask questions.

Everyone can't be absent from this melon eating activity.

Starting with Chen Ruan and the others, Lu Anan and Lu Yan ended up.

Chen Ruan turned out to be the agent most of the time. Of course he didn't have much to watch. Huo Zheng was an assistant, Guo Zhengqing was a friend, and Li Bing was not. It was a strange man who picked him up, but no one knew who it was.

Quite a lot of guesses at a time.

He Wanran is a mother, her voice is gentle and gentle, and she is praised by fans as her parents' intimate padded jacket. She actually makes the most calls with her mother, which is rare.

When it was Lu Yan's turn, everyone watched attentively.

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh finally arrived at the lu brothers and sisters! !

[Let me guess blindly, who is Lu Yan?

[It's not An An, right?

[An An was eliminated and cannot be beaten.

Everyone was talking about it, and Lu Yan's screen was already displayed in front of the public.

His remark is-a.

Lu Anan watched, still a little curious.

"Sister Ruoxing, this is your phone number, why is it a?"

Lin Ruoxing shook his head: "I don't know."

She never asked Lu Yan.

When Lu Anan was curious, the call had already been made.

It was Lin Ruoxing's voice.

Familiar fans heard it immediately.

[Gosh! ! ! I pulled it successfully! ! It was Lin Ruoxing's voice.


[Tonight is Yanxing CP's carnival night.

[Oh my God, it knocked, I really knocked it, I oooooooo!

[Is this pair real? !

[There is no official announcement that we will not make an appointment, but just good friends.

[Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, dont stop me! I want to call Yanxing CP tonight!


The fans are extremely crazy, and Lu An An is clearly the party involved, but watching the barrage and the pictures on TV, he is also very excited.

Hey, how can it be unpleasant to knock on your own CP melon!

This is something CP girls all over the world will be happy about.


After Lu Yan finished the call, it was naturally Lu An'an.

When it was Lu Anan's turn, fans directly guessed that it must be Lu Yan, or his family and agent.

When the remark of brother 2 popped out, everyone was shocked.

They asked who Brother 2 was, and some people directly said that looking at Lu Yan's expression, he looked very upset.

When the call was not dialed, everyone thought it was really family members, until the voice appeared, the audience was quiet for half a minute, and suddenly they started to send barrage frantically.

? ? ? ? ? Is it the person I think?

[Brother 2? ? ? Have relatives?

[There is fart, Sheng Heng is an only child, no siblings, siblings, and siblings! ! !

[Fuck! ! Is it really Sheng Heng? ?

[When the first sentence came out, I was not sure, but now I am sure, it is Sheng Heng.

[Look at Lu An'an's expression, and listen to Sheng Heng's voice... It's incredible to be gentle! ! The relationship between the two is so good?

[Brother 2...I'm sour.

[My god, there is so much material for this show!

Lu Anan looked at the barrage anxiously, very embarrassed.

Lin Ruoxing was stunned for a moment. When she heard Sheng Heng teasing her to call her brother on TV, she laughed: "Sheng Heng...so funny?"

Lu Anan said nothing.

Lin Ruoxing smiled: "I found out for the first time that Sheng Heng is also very gentle."

Hearing that, Lu Anan looked at her: "Sister Ruoxing

Are you afraid that my brother will be jealous when you say that? "

Lin Ruoxing: "What are you afraid of, he won't be jealous because of me."

Lu Anan: "......"

There is so much truth in this statement.

Sure enough, in addition to saying that Lu An'an and Sheng Heng had a good relationship, the barrage also reminded everyone of Lu Yan's expression, which was really ugly.

As soon as this scene passed, Lu Anan and Sheng Heng, Lin Ruoxing and Lu Yan were on the hot search together again.

One is the master and apprentice CP, and the other is the Yanxing CP. This evening, the hot search is too lively.

Lu An'an and Sheng Heng were brought to discussion by everyone. They did not expect that the relationship between the master and the apprentice was so good. Lu An'an gave Sheng Heng a note of brother 2. It was also very interesting.

As for the love-hate relationship between Lu Yan and Lin Ruoxing, fans are also interested.

After the phone call, I ate hot pot.

This also has a lot of news, and everyone likes it the same.

After dinner, everyone cleaned up and washed.

Lu Anan chatted with Lu Yan. Everyone heard it weird, but they didn't think about it.

When Lu Anan said he was going to paint, Lu Yan was called away.

The stars on the top of the mountain at night are beautiful, and fans watch them very attentively. They always find the picture to be extremely beautiful.

There was a section reposted by the program group that Lu An'an drew and painted. Fans watched and praised her for her beautiful paintings.

On the other side, Lu Yan was interviewed.

Not complete, but fans also saw part of it.

After listening, the fans were at a loss, and they didn't quite understand why Lu Yan's answer was so strange, they couldn't figure it out.

But again, this does not prevent them from liking Lu An'an.

At the end of the first issue, Lu Yan stood next to Lu An'an looking at her painting, Lu An'an looked up at him and said-brother, I will give you a painting.

This starry sky.

She gave it to Lu Yan.


At the end of the first period, it was on the hot search.

There are several hot searches, all of them.



# Today also for brother and sister emotions#


#'s remarks to Shengheng is brother 2#


In addition to Lu Anan and others, Li Bing and He Wanran are also on the hot search. He Wanran is an intimate little padded jacket. As for Li Bing, everyone scolded him.

Her hot topics are good, but if you look in a little bit, they are all scolding her.

Most of them were asking her if she wanted to be shameless and carry so many things on her own, why she should let Lu Yan help, why she had a bad attitude towards Lu An'an, and why she was talking yin and yang.

All in all, after the first episode aired, Li Bing was scolded miserably.

In fact, the editing of the program group has been considered to be a face, but there are some things that cannot be avoided at all.

In the end, when Lu Anan returned to his side to sleep, he found that Li Bing had posted a Weibo, which was quite meaningful.

@v: I cant sleep anymore with my upside-down work and rest.

As soon as this Weibo came out, many of her fans responded enthusiastically.

Similarly, many people think she is alluding to something.

[Uuuuuu loves our family Bingbing!

[This broken show is sick, it is a famous editor, and it is edited like this.

[I took it, are we Bingbing the heroes of this show?


[Bingbing, why not let this show go? It's meaningless, and let you back the pot.

[I'm going, do you still have a face to point? ! Sure enough, you speak strangely.

[I really served some silly fans, your own artists have a brain hole, now come to blame the show crew? Then why is everyone else's normal? Is it possible that the program group doesn't like her and just **** her? If this is the case, then it is your artist who should reflect on it, is it offensive?

Isn't the program group?

[Sisters upstairs, don't talk so much to the stupid fans, they are starting to black other artists now.

[Can't stand it, can't stand it, really fans follow the master!

Lu Anan glanced before going to bed and quit Weibo.


She was about to sleep when the phone vibrated again.

It's Sheng Heng.

Lu Anan's eyes lit up instantly.

Sheng Heng: [Are you asleep?

Lu Anan: [No! Teacher Sheng is done.

Sheng Heng: [Well, live alone in a new home today?

Lu Anan: [Yes.

She sent a photo to Sheng Heng in the afternoon to show off her new home.

When there is something good, Lu Anan can't help but want to share it with the person she likes. Whether it is a friend or Sheng Heng, she can't help it.

Sheng Heng has been busy all day, this meeting is finally free.

He stretched out his hand and rubbed his eyes, watching the little girl's message, he could feel her joy and joy.

After thinking about it, Sheng Heng followed his own thoughts and dialed the phone.

"Is the variety show broadcast tonight?"


Lu Anan was embarrassed to say: "...You are on a hot search."

Sheng Heng was taken aback for a moment: "What?"

Lu Anan: "Just the phone I called you, it's on hot search."


Sheng Heng remembered it for a moment. He asked on Weibo on his computer, "What then?"

"What then?"

Sheng Heng: "I saw it."


Sheng Heng chuckled lightly and teased her: "An An, do you want to go to the concert to watch the rehearsal tomorrow?"

Lu Anan: "...think."

Of course, no one wants such benefits.


The old **** Sheng Heng was saying: "Scream."


Sheng Heng: "What's the phone note you gave me?"

"Just the name."

Sheng Heng had a meal: "Just the name?"

Lu Anan touched his nose, feeling guilty: "I changed it."

After the phone call that day, under Lu Yan's gaze, she honestly changed the remark back to Sheng Heng's name.

I haven't changed it up to now, so I'm afraid of surprise inspection.

Sheng Heng didn't seem very happy when he listened.

He was silent for a moment: "Don't plan to change back?"

Lu An'an choked and couldn't help asking: "Do you like that note?"

"pretty good."

Sheng Heng said, "Scream?"


Lu Anan understood Sheng Heng's suggestion and blushed and asked, "...Sheng Heng what did you say?"

Sheng Heng said word by word: "Call my brother."

Lu Anan: "......"

"I will show you the rehearsal tomorrow."

Hearing this, Lu An'an blushed and rubbed on the pillow, and asked softly, "Is this an exchange?"


"Should I be allowed to see it only after I called?"

Sheng Heng thought for a moment: "No."

He said: "You will see if you call or not" He paused, hooking into An An's thoughts: "But I really want to hear it."

He asked: "An An, do you want to satisfy your idol?"


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