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  • Beneficial Union: Chasing A Rogue Wife

  • Author(s): denthoughts
  • Genres : Romance -  Reincarnation -  Weak to Strong -  handsome male lead -  Female Protagonist -  HiddenGem -  Beautiful lead -  Arrange Marriage -  UniqueCultivationTec -  Romance Fiction
  • Status : Ongoing
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  • Views : 14.46 K
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    Beneficial Union: Chasing A Rogue Wife1 votes : 5 / 5 1

Beneficial Union: Chasing A Rogue Wife note:

Note: From author of Beneficial Union: Chasing A Rogue Wife - This novel will be taken down form this site before 12/25/2018

Beneficial Union: Chasing A Rogue Wife summary:

Warning: Smut and explicit content on some chaBeneficial Union: Chasing A Rogue Wifepters She does not even have a name from her previous life but managed to escape her lifelong confinement and end up transmigrate to the body of the waste daughter of a noble family. Does she mind? No. As long she gets her greatest desires. Freedom, treasures, and food. Crawling from nothing to keep her freedom, snatch all the treasures she desired, she has no choice but to grab the chance to take a wealthy husband. Will she be able to control him? Or will he control her? Husband: Afraid? Are you thinking of backing out of the bet after agreeing? Wife: Whose afraid?! I will make your treasury empty! Husband: Oh? You just need to warm my bed every night, the treasury will be yours... Wife:..... (considering the offer) ................................... Author's note: Disclaimer: Ongoing editing (Prioritizing to update everyday) Current Edit Status: Chapter 30 Thank you so much for checking out my story. This can be a long one so I am trying to update more than 2 chapters daily, though anything more is a bonus. This is also a stand alone story and the first book of a series, so rest assured, there will an ending. :-) Sorry in advance as well for some grammar issues. Still working on editing. (Filipino po ako so, English is not my first language. Pasensya na po!) Constructive and reasonable feedback and suggestions are fine too. Hope you guys enjoy! :-) Message me at discord: https://discord.gg/zwqxzjR ------- Chasing Wife Series Titles Beneficial Union: Chasing A Rogue Wife Forgotten Sanity: Chasing the Undead Wife Broken Promise: Chasing the Sinful Wife Bridging Boundaries: Chasing the Fearless Wife

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Beneficial Union: Chasing A Rogue Wife Chapters

Time uploaded
517 Red Room2 years ago
515 Girls2 years ago
515 Girls2 years ago
512 Dead Fores2 years ago
510 Gone Crazy2 years ago
505 You Stink2 years ago
502 Flew Away2 years ago
498 Explosion2 years ago
495 Baffled2 years ago
493 Answer2 years ago
492 Struggle2 years ago
489 Stronger2 years ago
488 Master2 years ago
486 Trus2 years ago
483 Statues2 years ago
482 Might Be2 years ago
480 Be Careful2 years ago
479 A Creature2 years ago
478 No Choice2 years ago
476 Cooperation2 years ago
474 Its Alrigh2 years ago
472 Warm Up2 years ago
467 Nourishmen2 years ago
466 Cannot Stop2 years ago
465 Warning2 years ago
461 More Help2 years ago
457 Just Hurry3 years ago
454 Reckless3 years ago
452 Scatter3 years ago
448 Optimistic3 years ago
447 Small Thing3 years ago
443 Do Or Die3 years ago
439 What If?3 years ago
437 Kill Her?3 years ago
435 Lying3 years ago
434 Steal?3 years ago
433 Teamwork3 years ago
431 Sharp Edges3 years ago
429 So Unfair3 years ago
428 Confusion3 years ago
424 Soul Eater3 years ago
422 Escape3 years ago
420 Good Job3 years ago
415 Chains3 years ago
414 Betrayal3 years ago
413 Says Who?3 years ago
409 Needs More3 years ago
404 Run Away3 years ago
403 Decide3 years ago
395 Her Master3 years ago
392 Let Me See3 years ago
387 Other Rules3 years ago
386 Another Be3 years ago
384 Off You Go3 years ago
378 Lets Talk3 years ago
374 Contribute3 years ago
373 Guarantee3 years ago
358 Dont Rush3 years ago
356 Waiting3 years ago
352 Live Or Die3 years ago
345 Promise Me3 years ago
339 Border Gate3 years ago
335 Trustworthy3 years ago
329 Return Sho3 years ago
326 Yinyings3 years ago
325 Sky Cracks3 years ago
324 Sore Loser3 years ago
316 Cherish Her3 years ago
291 Referee3 years ago
284 Be My Wife3 years ago
283 Differen3 years ago
277 Raven3 years ago
266 Food Poison3 years ago
264 Not Bad3 years ago
261 Date3 years ago
256 No Buts3 years ago
254 Mixed Blood3 years ago
251 Eye Issue3 years ago
248 Beauty Trap3 years ago
247 To Die For3 years ago
246 Unannounced3 years ago
239 Unfair3 years ago
237 A Lineage3 years ago
234 Hot Pot?3 years ago
227 Time Lef3 years ago
225 No More3 years ago
221 Smokes3 years ago
217 Wooden Box3 years ago
216 Ways3 years ago
211 Complicated3 years ago
209 Overboard3 years ago
204 Compromises3 years ago
201 The Deacon3 years ago
197 Sleep Well3 years ago
192 Differen3 years ago
188 Demon3 years ago
187 Drunk?3 years ago
171 Enticing3 years ago
170 I Am Ugly3 years ago
169 Never3 years ago
162 News3 years ago
159 Sung Clan3 years ago
158 Good Luck3 years ago
156 A Favor3 years ago
155 Leeway3 years ago
154 Eye Contac3 years ago
153 Pes3 years ago
151 Habi3 years ago
149 Distracted3 years ago
148 Nosy Buddy3 years ago
147 I Agree3 years ago
146 Next Time3 years ago
145 Fourteen3 years ago
142 Obsession3 years ago
141 Keepers3 years ago
138 Barrier3 years ago
135 Foreplay3 years ago
132 What Of It?3 years ago
131 Lan Who?3 years ago
128 Help3 years ago
127 Deaf3 years ago
126 Rejected3 years ago
123 How Rude3 years ago
116 Invite3 years ago
115 Side Effec3 years ago
113 Free Meal3 years ago
112 Patriarch3 years ago
108 Painful3 years ago
106 Old Pruned3 years ago
99 Won3 years ago
98 Fair Enough3 years ago
97 Why?3 years ago
95 Min3 years ago
93 Bad Dream3 years ago
90 Eye Of Meng3 years ago
89 Devour3 years ago
88 Beast Figh3 years ago
86 Then I Accep3 years ago
83 Third Uncle3 years ago
81 Interesting3 years ago
79 Im Not Mad3 years ago
77 Hand3 years ago
75 Idiot Bird3 years ago
74 Two Owners3 years ago
70 Truly?3 years ago
67 Curiosity3 years ago
58 Act Normal3 years ago
54 Battle Scars3 years ago
50 Give Up3 years ago
48 We Are Wrong3 years ago
46 To Live3 years ago
44 Who Are You?3 years ago
42 How To Cour3 years ago
41 Abnormality3 years ago
38 Visitor3 years ago
37 Failed3 years ago
34 Surprises3 years ago
33 Slow Lily3 years ago
31 Aftermath3 years ago
28 Cease Fire3 years ago
20 A Murder3 years ago
16 Compatible?3 years ago
15 Owner3 years ago
14 So Shameless3 years ago
13 Agreemen3 years ago
10 Its A New Pe3 years ago
8 Glutton?3 years ago
5 Rebirth Pill3 years ago
1 Acciden3 years ago
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