Queen of the Mad Dog Knights Chapter 5

Queen of the Mad Dog Knights Chapter 5

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Hi guys, Forgot to mention last chapter- Please welcome the new Editor for Queen of the mad dogs knights, Grannyfoodie.

OK, Here is some changes I am making to the translation :

1. I am changing BaShiba into Dashiba since it has no real meaning other then shortening the nickname D opame shiba (no good/bad shiba), and it is easier to read.

2. I am changing Lionheart into Leonheart, simply because I realized thats the correct pronunciation.

3. This change was made in last chapter so most people noticed it : I am adding (Goshujin-sama) after Master for the sake of clarifying since there are tons of ways to say master in Japanese, and vice versa lots of meaning to to goshujin-sama.

4. Thank to NUF, I learned how to put up translated Furigana above the tranalated kanji, so from now on instead of putting it in (), it will float in small letters above the word Master(goshujin-sama) and milady(you) were and remain exceptions, and will stay this way (at least for now).

5. the probably most important one: since I got overconfident when I finished translating ch 3 in only a little less then a month I got ahead of myself and promised 1 chapter a month. It seems that I can no longer do it in this pace (at least for now) so I will change my publishing schedule: 1 chapter every 2 months. Sorry you have to put up with this, and I am also reflecting on my actions!

P.S. I will leave the last 2 chapters as they were without changing it since I dont want to confuse new readers and I want to keep track of changes and improvements in my translation and quality.

The 5th story- thee who walk life and death, hail it, the Masters(Goshujin-samas) name (by Wolfhound )

Morning, as I wake up to the refreshing sunlight and wind, Theressan that is opening the window smiled sweetly

Today there is a very nice weather Since Its the perfectly good day for a walk, maybe We should request from Leonheart-sama for a tour of not only the garden but of this entire palace
Is that true!

Suddenly, DaShibas shriek resounded from under the bed
He has an exclusive bed in the corner of the room, however, sometimes he getsglared at by the jealous night shift guard and takes refuge under my bed
When I sit in Seiza and peek into the underbed, Dashiba comes out being dragged by his hind leg by a shirring (zurizuri) white dog He is Lying on his belly so, although short haired its a Mop dog

Here is my place alreadyFor a mongrel aplease Pick me up boxis more fitting

Mars-sama is claiming right of ownership over the underbed
Its no ones property so, when I begged to please get along using it, picking up the white fur he sat down looking dissatisfied

But, its because Leonheart-san is giving a bed-top prohibition order
If I cant climb on top then I have no choice but to dive below dont IAnd above the canopy is also already being occupied
EhThe canopy

I unintentionally looked upwards
For a moment, a few agitated black shadows have suspended and disappeared

What in the world was there
Its my former subordinatesThe core is a small-sized dogs and they are folks that are specialized at hiding

While I wasnt aware the security has increased
It looks like the Guards outside have also increased Lately, it feels like it is becoming extremely heavy

And thenGAO! a big dogs roar has resounded inDog Run Court
When I looked out the window, again on the other side of the fountain I saw a black shadow for a glance
Including the big shadow seen a few days ago, are those the guard-sans I wonder

Around the vicinity of the Gazebo as well *chira chira* a tail has appeared and disappeared
The sound of peoples footsteps from the corridor is also increasing

I wonder what in the world is happening

Theressan is embracing the anxious me, with her large body
When I embrace her tightly, I can feel very relieved
When in her big dog form as well, she lies down and allows me to turn her belly into a pillowIt feels like I am being wrapped up and I am in pure bliss(Ed: Wait Theresa has a dog form?!?)(TL: OFC Theresa has a dog form, everyone in this country has a dog form, they are all dog-kin)

As I Have my back gently rubbed by Theressan, Mars-sama has returned to human form and while flowing his hair to the back informed me

ThatAt last Masters(Goshujin-samas) existence was announced towards inside and outside the country

Then, I learned that the thing about me was made a secret to the commoners and foreign countries
To the news of the discovering of the last royalty, the citizens got greatly excited, and it seems that countries throughout the continent are making a move while harbouring all kinds of schemes

Being the last then that means, there isnt anyoneanymore from the other royalty right
And there is one more thingBut that depends on the contact from the First Captain searching the distant continent
There are as much as three continents in this world
Thats rightBut contact saying we found it hasnt come yet right
Is that soWell then, can you finally tell me please the reason why there isnt a royal besides me
Because Master(Goshujin-sama) was being brought here with very little information, you were always anxious after allUn, I think its fine already isnt itLionheart-san also, seems like he is getting tired being assaulted to introduce introduce Master(Goshujin-sama) by all the vassals

Mars-sama is, telling something towards the chief square box that was used by Grey-sama previously
DaShiba in that spare time, has dived under the bed

A permission has comeThat we aregonna do Masters(Goshujin-samas) revealalready at this timingAll kind of dogs will gather in ecstasy so, when it has been one hour he wants us to relocate, is what Lionheart-san is saying
Now then Lize-samaIts preparation in order to give a greeting to everyonelets make it a pretty outfit here
YesBut does everyone lives/living in a place that they can come in one hour
That is of courseEver since Master(Goshujin-sama) has come here everyone of the nobles has become restless, and entrusting their territory to their subordinates have settled in the Capital after allSometimes you saw a black shadow besides the guards right
That is, they are coming to sniff masters (Goshujin-samas) smellBecause each time they are fighting for real with the guards Injuries are appearing one after one and its a disaster

The shadow behind the fountain
That, was a doggy coming in order to *kunkun*(TN: kunkun sniffing noises)

I feel astonished towards the excessively overwhelming truth

Jeezfor a while now constantly its been terrible you knowMy former subordinates already cant tell whether its a spy from other country, or whether its a trouble-making noble from our own country

And then when the time has come, wearing the cloths of royalty I left the room
It was a long hem white one piece with a tinge of silver lusterThe neckline was relatively open, there was some room around the upper arm area of the long sleevesThe dress had a subtle pattern that was here and there with an embroidery with a purple thread, and it made you feel the elegance
Now that I think about it Leonheart-samas prime minister uniform is also white and purple isnt it
When I asked Theressan the reason for the color scheme, it seems that white is the color of the high-classAnd silver isthe color of the royalty(Ed: Ohhh. Fun fact: purple is the color of royalty in European countries cause the dye was expensive and limited.)

For some reason among the royaltys direct descendants, a lot are born with silver hair and purple pupilsThe descendants born from marriage with dog-kin can appear with silver hair but, purple rarely comes outOh yes, the founding king also had this color scheme it seems


Did they have a curse or something cast on them by the dog-kin I wonder

Taken by Mars-sama and Theressan, I did nothing but walk the long corridor
And the destination we arrived at was, the biggest meeting room in the royal palace

At first the plan was to have the debut at the place with the throne but, the throne was so big it didnt fit my body so, right now it seems a special one is being built
The real reason is that, apparently there was single captain of the Mad Dogs knight order that vigorously insisted thatIf the Queens legs are gonna end up floating mid air and dangling heavily, I will become a dog and be a stoolNo, let me do itRather, I want to be stepped onI beg of you

I probably must not think about it
Is how I decided

With aIts Lizelotte-samas entrance, the soldier-sans open the big door

Master(Goshujin-sama)~*heavy breathing*

All at once, a great noise resounded in my brain

Spreading out inside, there was a huge rectangletable
In there, there were all kinds of dogs in entirety exceeding over 100, each sitting on a chair
From the biggest middle and smallest sized, to the most strangest shaped dog
Theirs numbers, is not the same as from the day of the search in the fatherland

The momentAre there any women here as wellthey acknowledged me, they moved their fidgetingfluffy tails

A dog that has tried jumping off his chair, thinking he is stealing a march on them, is having his tail and back bitten by the other dogsDeep inside the hall, towards the middle-sized dog overflowing with muscles that stood up, the large dogs are opposing and intimidating himBarbarian-dono, this is the conference hall, we wont let you do as you like

They wants to jump at me with all their
But amongst the Dog-kins, being doted on without permission is supposed to be forbidden

The Queen, oh how lovely she isThat one is Lizelotte-sama I can tell the one over there is Master(Goshujin-sama)What an undescribable scentIs it okay to lick?*heavy breathing*

They are restraining each other, and are creating tremendous tension and chaos
I like doggies very much but, being overcome by this I am tremblingEspecially that last voice gave me the chills
Unintentionally without thinking I clang to Theressan

Lizelotte-sama is getting scaredlower your voices a bit please

Thanks to Theressans thundering roar, the Inside of my brain became quiet(TN: OK, so if I get it right, while in dog forms the dog-kin communicate with her using some kind of telepathy instead of talkingwell duh, dogs cant talk, what am I even saying)
As expected from a strong-willed mom-san(ohahsan)I will follow you for a lifetime

As I am being deeply moved like that, from behind Leonheart-samabringing Step-brother has entered
Step-brother withthe usual shady smile and black-rimmed glasses, is wearing a more informal cloths then the guards with short cuffs

You shouldnt do that, Milady is(you are) a single lone existencea thing such as an older brother cant be allowed to existWe should have asked of you to call him Bad from now on
Ugh, yes

Step-brother hasrespectfully bowed down

Lizelotte-samaA name is only a trivial thingPlease from now on please take care of me as BadMine is a lacking in ability body, but if I can fulfill my duty as a citizen here and be of use to Milady(you) then I am happywho the heck cares about a thing such as a nameMore importantly it will most likely be a panic soonI will investigate this country more and build my view of it

Step-brothers motive is appearing and disappearing
By the way this supplementary voice with Essei Western language, unlike the doggies, is simply a translation from an experienced point of view
It looks like, he sat down mingling with the other government secretaries-looking people alongside the wall

I who felt relieved at step-brothers usual my pace manner, being invited to the innermost of the meeting room, sat in my seat
I am greatly thankful for the kid-chair attached with a stepladder
As I settled my waist, everyone is changing to human formsMost are guys of various ages, but a few women were also mixed inTheressan is also included in there
By the way Mars-sama is in a place close to meHe was, a quite high-ranking noble Apparently

Now, ladiesand gentlemenHere exists our long awaited the last of the royalty, LizelotteMonaHeideggerI think that your instincts are already acknowledging this ally as a royalty, but are there any problems
Why is it a chair with a stepladderI said I wanted to be stepped on by the feetRejected

Aa~Aa~Aa~I didnt hear anything
Leonheart-sama, nodding to the fact that no objection besides that came out, sayingThen ladies and gentleman I will introduce you to Lizelotte-sama, starting from my left side has begun simple introductions

Amongst the persons I already know of are from the Central knight order2nd Divisions GreyVonMastiff-sama , the 4th DivisionsRascalVonMalamute-sama and KeithVonHusky-sama, as well as the 3rd Divisions ApolloVonGreatDen-sama
The one who was together with me this morning is the former Captain of the 5th Division MarsVonMaltese-sama, and the one that succeeded after him was apparently LyricVonCorgi-samaHe who had a delicate appearance, was trembling the entire greeting, and completely avoided meeting my eyes

And the person I dont want to meet, was of course here as well
Narrowing his grey eyes, he smiles at meAlmost like he is teasing his prey

Long time no see right, QueenDont you want to see the results of our blood any time soon
no no no no, please wait a little bit more
I am awaiting with anticipationMake sure I wont accidentally make a random dog from somewhere my diversion okay
I am so sorry Lizelotte-samaI apologize that elder-brother is quick to pick a fight
Your in the way gentlemanYou disgrace of us, the Pitbulls
Its you Elder brother(Ani-jo), it would be fine if you would just endure with making a bloodbath out of the enemy with the 2nd Divisionplease dont create things like a private unitIts making trouble for the country if you didnt know

In the time Barbarian-sama is arguing with theyounger brother vice-Captain of the 2nd Division, I ran away towards the next greeting

Aside from that, cabinet ministers, chief of finance affairs, chief of judicial affairs, chief of military affairsAnd the other Captains of the central knight order are being introduced
Although I couldnt tell who was the one that wished to be the leg mat, andI dont want to know either
Even then there were over 100 peopleBy the time everybody were introduced I was completely exhausted and dead tired

Then Leonheart-sama has put in a light intermission, and then when resuming after a while he started to saywell then ladies and gentlemanOur history has to start again from now onI think you already understand it but for the sake of Lizelotte-sama, I will ask of you to let me confirm our significance and the countrys basis

A civil official looking person, is reading out loud the recollection about the last 20 years of this country
Every time I listened, the color of shock went and deepened(TN: her face paled in shock)

First 20 years ago
A manner of illness largely crazed the continent
This disease that was said to have 5% of the continent population pass away from it, naturally assaulted the Kennel kingdom as well
In the kingdom the number of those who passed away was 2%, it was said that 600,000 people has passed away

And more then anything, this illness intensively attacked the royals
Those days there were over 400 royalties it seems, but most of them contracted the disease, and passed away
By the time the prevention medicine and cure treatment were somehow developed, the remaining royalty were merely 3 of them
There was a single weak bodied young manAdditionally the other 2 were elderly, and because of the after-effects their were in a situation where their bodies practically couldnt move

The dog-kin preciously protected those who survived, and the young one was put on the throne
The young king married a large amount of consorts, but unfortunately he had a constitution that was hard to make a child

At that time, a woman that was presented to those with political power as a gift has been impregnated, and when the nobles were overflowing with delight, she had ran away
Was it from the outside or the inside, it seems she had some kind of cooperation, and she went to a place their hand cant reach even with the Mad Dogs Knights Order
The only hint was thatsheapparently passed through the continentThe dog-kin located the old continent, from the ancient documents

The problem was that there wasnt a technology to go across the continentAnd, the fact that aside from the Lumania continent, existed also 2 other continents

Furthermore a problem has occurred in the kingdom
The king, passed away youngBy that time, the remaining 2 also passed away already
Was it an assasination, or the craze-diseaseEven until now a lot of mysteries remain

The reason aside, for the Dog-kin the royalty was the only king or top dog
Immediately as the royals are gone the balance of their spirit crumbles, and they end up as stray dogs
Even if they become stray dogs they can crate a pack, but eventually they will lose all judgment, and it appears will get so rough they wont be able to create a system such as a country

There,the various neighboring countries aimed at them

The one who brought together the country, while it was in chaos, was the Leader of the Central Knight order and the Captain of the 1st Division, DariusVonWolfhound-sama
Even among the nobles of the country having the status of a Duke, he was from a house that has often tied relation of matrimony together with the royalty
Although he completely didnt have the traits of royalty appear in him, but as a person from a highly honored clan, saidDont give up the royalty, and brought the country together
That charisma, revived earnest emotions in the citizens that started leaning towards the wild

Together with Leonheart-sama that was his childhood friend, allotting the outwardsmilitary affairs related staff to Darius-sama, and the inside related affairs to Leonheart-sama, revived an almost completed Kennel kingdom

After that, he declared

In all of the 3 continents, I will search for the royaltyI can tellOur king or top dog, is still alive

And leading the konoe Division that is the 1st Division, using the finally completed means of transportation the square carriage, among the 2 discovered continents, headed towards the more distant one(TN: Konoe division is a term from the Imperial japan period, the meaning is a division of soldiers who answer directly to the emperor/king and guards him.)

I, understanding that I am really truly the only one royalty that there is, have received a shock
And towards Darius-sama who saved the country by becoming its core, held a deep sense of respect

Now that you mention him, Darius-sama wasnt present today right
The other continent is placed in a very far locationWe have already contacted him that we have sheltered Lizelotte-sama, but when thinking about the movement distance it should take another week
The 1st Division has arrived
As expected of DariusHe made it on time for the meeting hasnt he

With a *BANG*, the door of the conference room is open
There were the ones who were said to be the collection of the elites even among the central knights order, The 1st DivisionTaking along three officers with him the 1st Captain entered the room

It seems, we made it on time

A man in a black military uniform, was running words with a beautiful voice like a heavy bass
Short black hair and light blue eyesA fearless face tanned by the sunMore then anything although not to the extent of Apollo-sama, he was a person of very great height
The men awaiting behind him, were people whose looks were no matter where you look easily were the same as DaShiba in the face, however completely opposite of him they were ridiculously burly

As he he glares at meas if he is shooting me with his thin irises, he is briskly headed towards me
How should I say it I wonder if should I call it an Aura
That is to say the place where he passes a path is made, the other nobles for a moment become scared and draw back their body

In the pack the dog that is stronger then anyone walks in the center
Almost as if thats only natural

Barbarian-sama and Leonheart-sama, and the other Captains of the Central Knights order didnt move a muscle, but across the meeting-room a strange atmosphere is enveloping the entire room

He stood in front of me, and is looking down at me
Getting nervous I looked upwards at the big him

Leonheart-sama is shouting Make sure not to do anything rude to Lizelotte-sama, but he didnt even care to listen
Without changing his face expression even a little, he grasped my hand

And, kissed the palm of my hand
While still grasping my hand with both hands Darius-sama bowed, and whispers with a low voice

I returnedbringing you an entire continentFitting Miladys(your) violet eyes, its a an ashen and green earth


As I froze, the military personal around have started protesting

Its unfairof you DariusJust as we the 2nd Division were about to offer the old continent
Why you wouldnt give the Pitbull clan the chance to fight

Entirely ignoring their claim, Darius-sama fixedly stares at me
No, just fixedly staring

What rises to the surface in his eyes is ardour
The feelings of the doggy deep inside of it arePraise me Praise me

Should I be praising him
No but, such a thing like an invasion, is an action of the highest degree that strangers detest
What are you planning to do with the conquered nations

Towards my confusion, he indifferently explains

Just then over on the other continent the thing calledEnd of the centurywas happeningIt was a hindrance for you (TN: probably meant for searching for you) so we suppressed it, and allowed cooperationHowever no matter what we couldnt find youBeing on the point of that there were good news

It seems he tried to return as it is however, because the residents petitioned that they wanted him to become the ruler so it seems he made it in a shape that I reign, and a representative from the 1st Division is practically ruling

Furthermore there was movement to deify Darius-sama, copying the portrait sent over by Leonheart-sama and worshiped it with a If you are gonna build a temple make it of this personShe is my goddess

A subordinate furthermore came with this copy but, that was strange creature that was sayingGOOD GOODA MOE CHILD IS GOOD *lick* with a red face(TL: WTH? I have no idea how I am supposed to even translate this, but I do understand that its suppose to be EXTREMELY creepy. I will try something that is probably close enough to count) (Ed: Um- WTF???)
Giving it the name ofGoddess Lizelotte, now it is the greatest religion on the continent being (Ed: Lol I can't believe they did that!)

The light blue eyes staring at me wholeheartedly, are more transparent then anyone

However in my mind, I was reminded of the physiology-wise bad image of DaShibasI Will give it to you face full of pride, as he comes up while holding a centipede in his mouth


Go return it~

For the first time since I came to this country, I gave a doggyBad

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