Queen of the Mad Dog Knights Chapter 7

Queen of the Mad Dog Knights Chapter 7

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TL corner:

I am very very sorry for the delay in the release of todays chapter, I had unexpected problems that made me busy in RL, and didnt allow me to have access to my WordPress or computer, thus prolonging my translation work.

Btw I have one question one of the names mentioned in this chapter has 2 possible translations and IDK which to use, so I will let you guys to decide:

= Gurouri.

Growley Glory

which should I use?


The 7th story Please care about me too Master(Goshujin-sama) by Rottweiler all the fighting dogs

The dog-kins ranking
It appears to have a long history

In ancient timesAt the Dog-kins settlementthe men decided the strongest Dog-kin by fightingand furthermore by creating a hierarchy under him they were keeping orderAfter all they were a intense vertical societyRather if they didnt make it clear where exactly is their standing in the society they would be so anxious they couldnt help it
Later when at the old continent a nation that revers pure-human-supremacystarted an oppression of the races that could turn their forms into animalsthe Dog-kin also resisted

Not because they were discriminated
It was because the royalty of each nation were not an owner worthy of following

Well then what is their basis for following
If asked thisin my native country depending on the person a different answer comes back
The distribution of wealth is skillfulHas powerIs captivatingWill acknowledge me

But what about in the case of the dog-kin
PreviouslyI asked my first guardianthe beauty prime-minister
That is when you feel you want to be with themisnt itis the answer he offered me with a smile as if huge flowers were blooming

Since it was too abstract I didnt understand it wellso when I confirmed it with step-brother
Isnt it about looking at and wanting to care for them
an even more troubling answer was returned

The lying grove of understanding1 between humans and Dog-kinis still very deep and full of things that I dont understand

Right nowat theDog-Run-Courtthe doggies are having a fight jumbled together

The attacks towards Darius-sama especially are intensebut without changing the color on his face and with just a tackle with his front feethe scattered the dogs picking a fight with him

Its unfair Sir WolfhoundWe are also desiring to be brushedand wanted to be scolded
Be silent Rottweiler
What is that chokerI will go on a rampageRampage and will breakeven the water fountain
You are going too farGo to sleep for a bit Boxer
I will leave footprints on Lizelotte-samas skirtShe will definitely get angryBanzai2
And even then can you still say you are from a lineage of watchdogs, Doberman

The participants that initiated the ranking order disputerelentlessly picked a fight with him
Each timethere was only puppies being blown and on the other hand

I dont want to be low-rank anymoreI will defeat the guys from the Mad Dogs Knight Orderand will be by Lizelotte-samas side
I want to be patted

Such as thosethere are also those who only just rampage

Those notable peopleare giving up from a single sentence from Barbarian-samadont careI will bite you to death
However the bitten personage that even if they gave upTheir spirits are not broken yet huhare being retrieved by the Rescue Division of the Central Knight Order

By the way their official name is the 8th Division
Its composed with women at the coreand when an especially wounded men try to fight anywayby giving him the finishing blow they efficiently retrieve himand give him medical treatment at the Rescue facility
It seems that there were never any deaths coming out with this methodbut its so pitiful

Ahthe Kyai~nscream of the one bitten by the Rescue Division

Howeveris this a civil war
At the very leastI understood that they are rampaging because they want me to care about them
I can understand that these are the actions of a doggie that wasnt cared for enough so stress piled up

The scene that can be seen from the sun-room that is overlooking the Dog Run Court below it is exactly the image of a dog fight
They are bashing their bodies against each otherand getting entangledandaiming at the ears and legsthroat and stomach they are facing each others fangs
But a single question

Why is itthat everyone are fighting always definitely one on oneAnd that is also in dog form

The fluffy dog I am embracingTheressan answers me

That is themens aestheticsof the Dog-kin(nano desu)

Rewinding the story a little bit

Lizelotte-samaWhy are you here
TheressanAre you alright

Taken by Leonheart-samaI was guided into the room overlooking theDog Run Court
In there was a balcony that was like a sunroom
It was made from reinforced glassand even if hit by a stone it would be fine apparentlyFurthermore a speaker was installed so that the sound from outside can be heard well
To think there was a place like thisin the vicinity of the invaded bedroom

When I entered in a carried state the room that was protected by the female guardsseveral ladies were sitting on the balconys sofaOut of them one is Theressan

She was in dog formand had bandages wrapped around her head and neck
She was so pitifulI immediately descended from Leonheart-samas arms and jumped straight at her

I heard that you got injured
Its okayThis much will heal in only a little whileI am very sorry for causing you to worryMore importantly why is Lizelotte-sama in this kind of placeGolden Retriever-samawhat is this about
This is an important fix of rankMainly we must her watch over it

To make Lizelotte-sama watch such a sceneShe is still just a 10 years oldwhen Theressan objecteda single lady stood up

There is no need for a woman to go along with a mens fightThosecrazymenIt would be better they just decided everything with Janken3 already

The beautiful women with the silky long brown hair flowing down her backthat was perfectly wearing a dress with splendid embroidery with grace on her tall bodysits down next to me who was clinging to Theressan

It appears thatshe is a civil official of this country

Furthermore she was Barbarian-samas wife
She was from the Collie clanandwith Barbarian-sama it seems she already has a child born from the two of them

She doesnt like fighting
More likemost of the noble ladies dont like fightingand their interest is pointed more towardschildren
Child raisingBuilding a countryhome where children grow upAgricultureThe source of foodcommercethe source of the source of food5
And so onwith a goal ofmaking an easy for child raising environmentit appears that they are participating in various administrations of the country

I have also heard that this country quickly revivedwas also largely thanks to their support
Theressan being requested to attend to the royal palaceand being made the head maidwas of course their intention

SayingNo welleven if you tell me thatLeonheart-sama slightly backed off
It appears that he is not very good at handling her
While escaping as not to enter Grace-samas line of sighthe proceeded to leave a verbal message for me

Lizelotte-samaright now the Central-Knight-Order led by Dariusare gathering the rampaging dogs at the Dog Run CourtI will make them settle this over thereso please go ahead and watch over it from the balconySo he wont become a hostage by mistakeI will leave Bad hereThe ladies that are here are allpeople who have high ability to protect Milady(you)
As long as you wont leave the roomyou getting buried in a treasure hole by an over-excited dog wont happen
What exactly is a treasure hole

Taken abackLeonheart-samas line of sigh swayed andWe are dogs after allIf we treasure something too much then we will carelesslywellthat iseehis beating around the bush

ThenGrace-sama laughed a little
and taught me thatIt means that there are dog-kins that unintentionally bury the things they likeWait6

I am going to get buried
Grace-sama with a whitebait like handtouches my cheek who was astonished and whispersIts gonna be alright

If its for the sake of protecting childrenthen there is no man that can win against usPlease relax and remain here
Please leave it us
We are the allies of children
A man will last only one bite

The ladies with the high-ranking PoodleSetter7and the Bernerd noble family namesare also one by one surround meand started messing around with my hair and clothes
So lovelyDo you want eat a snackI have a high-class borne sweets8I want to make you my dressing dollI am being talked to in quick succession

Ehm this isam I being taken care of
Or maybe in a certain meaningdoes this counts as giving them my attention

With aWell then I am going to put an end to itLeonheart-sama leftsending fluttering looks at me who calmed down and is clinging to Theressan
Quietly mutteringEven though if its in the quality of the fur I wont lose

The truth ishe is also gonna participate in the hierarchy uproar
The uproar became too bigso for now after making the core of the dogs who are running wild to calm downhe decided that might as well make it in the shape of a tournamentand to fight in the royal palace main men camp it seems

The Dog-kins male societyis an ability-based society
Even with the title of Prime-ministerif it isnt an individual with power to some extentno matter how much of a magnificent personality he has he wont be acknowledged or so it seemsMen are very difficult beings arent they

Is older- (onii)no is Bad-san not going
Since I am still a newcomer and is powerlessI am intending to study more for the futureFocusing on after-war careI want to continue being an assistant for the Prime-ministerAre you stupidI would dieI will continue to run away to office work only from now as well

Step-brother quickly decided on a fixed position in the corner of the roomand seem to have chosen to erase his presence

On the other handwith Grace-sama in the center the ladies continued to mess around with me
Theressan requested of me thatEveryone are in enthusiastic stateso please let yourself to be their partnerwhile having a bitter smile

We will have Lizelotte-sama to live in a more calm waywe want you to become even more soft and round from being healthier
Lizelotte-samathere is cake too
For a girl a popular brand is fittingbut I think that that the loveliness of this lace suits suits Lizelotte-sama perfectly
Watching something like the mens fight will only bore youWhy dont we do some embroidery over here

Being clamorously surrounded by women is funbut the mens dispute below doesnt end at all
Currentlyin place of the men who disappeared for the sake of the hierarchy disputeit seems the Dog-kin ladies are managing the countrys administrationIt is something that happens a lot in the Dog-kin society or something

Coming back from the fight to find that the work has disappearedis something that seems like its likely to happen

HuhNow that I think about it
I noticed the absence of an crucial being

By the waywhat happened to Dashiba

The female camp averted their eyes
What is going on

While scooping my silver hairGrace-sama gently says to me

Lizelotte-samaHow old is that mongrel
UmmHe came around the time when I gained awareness of my surroundingsso he is already around seven years old maybeIf we go by Dog-kin-san then he is about 44 years oldright

Grace-sama smiles beautifully
and coldly saysA mature dog in a good age can at least protect his own safety on his ownThere is no need to look for him

EhWhat does she mean by this

Thats righteven thought he is an adult and he is also just a mongrel anywayTrulyhe is just a mongrel anywayA useless mongrel should just perishI can hear some dangerous words being spoken
When I looked up at Theressanshe tells me with a bitter smile

Its because we womenare also basically Dog-kinsThere are many who find Dashibsan who is a mature dog to be irritating
ButDashiba is not a Dog kinHe is a normal dog you know
Because on this continent there isnt a dog who cant take the shape of a people at allNo matter what we end up looking at him overlapping with ourselves on topIt cant be helped

Could it be that Dashiba isbeing taken to that thing below(ED: Thing below? Like a prison cell? Hes being seen as a degenerate? Im leaning towards the latter at this point) (TL: No, I think she meant the battle taking place below them)

I who ended up imagining something terriblesent a gaze towards step-brotherwho was reading while standing aThe dog pathmagazine in the corner of the room
Step-brother raised his face
Andwith one hand sent back the gesture ofI will pray for his happiness in the next world

While my anxiety rising even furtherthe garden outside has gotten even noisier

Originally the Dog-Run-Courtpark with running dogswas created by the Royal family in order to admire the appearance of the doggies playing around
Back when there were a lot of royaltiespeople who admire cutenesspeople who admire their gallant figure when fightingand people who played games getting stronger togetherit seems there were various ways of using it

Andbecause me who is the only royalty there is has arrived
This placeis now completely wearing the ambiance of a colosseum

The dogs that have gathered and are making a commotion in thespace that is spreading far and wide
Among them half are already wounded
Dragging their leg behindwrapping a bandage around themselvesblood hardening on their furSometimesThat person is hiding and seriously injuredLets deal him the finishing blowlike thatthey are being retrieved by the medical care unit
Howeverdreadful things like the loss of limbs that I imagined at first isnt hapenning
I could understand that they have their own rules

At the wide space that can be overlooked from the Sunroomtwo Dog-kins were facing one another in their dog forms
The ranking order fix that has changed into tournament form is already at the semi-finalsDarius-sama has already passed judgement on Grey-sama and is advancing to the finals
Grey-sama is feeling vexedbut he seems to be content with it(Ed: Isnt this a contradiction?) (TL: It means he is feeling frustrated from losing but is also a fair sport about it, also he recognizes the fact that Darius is stronger)

5th place and below were already decidedand with weird sparkling letterson the bulleting/notice board that was placed on the water fountain

5th placeMarsVonMaltese
6th placeApolloVonGreat Den
7th placeLeonheartVonGolden Retriever
8th placeRyoumaVonTosa[^9]
9th placeRascalVonMalmute
10th placeMasoVonBorzoi

like thatwere attentively put up until the 100th place

As expected from the Captains of the Mad Dogs Knights OrderTheir titles werent just for show
The Vice-Captain of the First Divisionand its actual Captain on site RyoumaVonTosa is also winning

FurthermoreLeonheart-sama is also casually winning
He showed me his gallant figurebut I am surprised that he wasnt only a strange beauty

The great fighter Mars-samawas wounded all over his bodybut he had a bright smile on his face
And sayingWith this I wont let any hindrance get in the way of my Guarding dog dutyhe is sticking out his chest with pride
It seems that until nowhe was hindered from doing his job out of jealousy by many nobles

If I am not mistakenhe is being the Captain of the 6th Division
That namewas about to make me dig up memories that were supposed to be forgottenso I got the chills
He is sitting below a tree with a slender figure and having a truly refined ambiancebut he is sending his glances at me across the glass and is mutteringFoot Matt
I will try not look at him anymore

The ones who are currently fighting areGrowley/GloryVonRottweiler-sama and Barbarian-sama
Both of them are an owner of a powerful set of jaws

BratDont get full of yourself just because you are young and came of ageHavent disregarded us from the Rottweilers and have gotten close to the Queen
If you want to be given attention then just goYou are just a loser dog that lost to the guards and was dispersed anywaysso dont bark like you are so great
What was thatIn the end the Pittbulls are just a mishmash mixDont think you can win against us with our lineage
There is no meaning to ancient historyWhat matters is who is the stronger one
You bastard We will defeat you and that brat Dariusand will gain the strongest seatAnd then will get spoiled by the Queen
You idiotIf you want to get spoiled by the Queen just make a sudden visitPatiently waiting to get called is the peak of foolishness

Noplease dont give me a sudden visit

The two clashwith my retort not making it on time
Howeverthe match took only a moment

With a footwork that doesnt fit his heavy looking masculine physique Barbarian-sama easily dodged Growley-samaand simply took amounting position
He dove below and instantly took down Growley-samas pivot legexposing his neck

Growley-samaseems to not understand what exactly has happened

Barbarian-samas victory announcement ringsandGrowley-sama is barkingtowards the leisurely returning dangerous manBut that is exactly the cries of a losing dogThe winner is completely ignoring him

Returning to human formhe is anice-middleishhand-to-hand fighterGrowsley-sama shoutedDont mess with meI want a rematchIt looks like he is in a stubborn state
And barbarian-sama is still ignoring him

The stubborn Growley-sama took an unexpected action

Seeing me who was overlooking from above thepanicked Growley-sama gave someone from his clan an orderNow that it come to this there is no other choice but to use that
The one being brought out was


I stood upand clanged to the window
Under the glass windowmy Shiba dog is being held hanging from his back-skinby a Dog-kin that is taking human form
His limbs are hanging in the air powerlesslyThis is a really unacceptable method of holding

With his entrance the dog-kin-sans who had their own rank already generally settled and started to calm down raised their killing-intent [^10] all at once
WithEven though he is just a mongrelit seems that he was receiving brushing from the Queenand was living with her in the same roomIt seems that he didnt participate in this ranking order disputeand was idly playing with a ball

He is rolling his tale between his legs with akyuu~nbut that face is definitely the one he has when he doesnt understand what exactly is going on

Growley-sama shouts

Lizelotte-samaI could not become the strongest
I wanted to become the strongestand to serve mylady(you)So mortifying
Butthat is the law of the Dog-kinI shall swallow my tears herehowever

Growley-samas gaze filled with Killing-Intent lands on Dashiba
He who was easily scaredhas leaked piss with akyan
To that appearance Growley-sama broke out another blood vessel(TL: Imagine those red and blue crosses anime characters tend to have on their heads when pissed in a gag/comedy scene)

This guy did nothingDidnt do anythingIf anything he is worthless just by existingNojust looking at him is irritatingAt least let me fight with this guyand make him realize the reality that he is even lower then me

What a thing to happen
If we do something like thatthe megweak Dashiba will become a bloodbath in an instant

I panicked

Waitmake him stop please

Grace-sama stops me

The mongrel is still as I thoughtsomeone who is irritating just by looking at himHe is very different from the Dog-kin idealsIsnt it better to make them have one battle hereand have the mongrel be defeated once
This seems like its definitely not gonna end with just being defeated isnt it

This has become something outrageous
Dashibais in a pinch

1. A figure of speech in Japanese referring to a difference in the meanings of words or actions, or in this case probably cultures.

2. A Japanese word used when cheering for something happy that happened, or for toasts.

3. Janken = the Japanese version of rock- paper-scissors

4. Cory =Collieis a breed originated mainly in Scotland.She is a sheep dog. also called Cory.

5. At first I was very confused but by suggestion of Adcael I made that translation with this in mind and I quote : My interpretation of this is saying that agriculture is how they obtain their food, and the way they obtained this agriculture was through commerce (or I guess trading to get the seeds or plants)

6. Tte kinda like the wait a minute line in western comedy where a character realizes they been had.

7. The name of a hound dog breed, wiki quote: Thesetteris atypeofgundogused most often for huntinggamesuch asquail,pheasant, andgrouse.

8. Honestly I am having trouble with this one so if anyone has any better suggestion I am all ears.

9. A Japanese dog breed, read more here

10. If you read a Japanese martial arts manga you will get it. Personally I recommend history strongest disciple Kenichi

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