Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator Chapter 1986

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator Volume 9 Chapter 880 The Nine Transformations Deity Wheel

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Golden Core Cultivators could live for two thousand years, and have an immortal Divine Body, an indestructible core and an eternal Divine Soul!

They could control everything in a hundred miles, travel across the universe with their bodies and destroy a city with one attack. They were known as "Perfected Cultivators," who could conquer a weak planet and would be Ancestral Patriarchs or Sect Masters even on Planet Tianhuang.

It had been ten years since Chen Fan had been reborn and he was finally a Golden Core Cultivator.

However, he was completely different when compared to the other Golden Core Cultivators.


Chen Fan came down from the sky and was confused.

What was that beam of light? Why did the Xuan Wu Golden Core become a golden Deity Wheel?

"I was planning to use the five Essence Cores to form a sacred-grade Golden Core. Formed with the Connate Five Virtues, it should be as powerful as a normal sacred-grade Golden Core.

"But why did it become like that?"

The golden Deity Wheel was like a fire that burned eternally and provided Chen Fan with endless energy. He even felt like he could become a billion feet tall, crush the Two World Peak and break the sky with a punch.

This was only an illusion, but the Deity Wheel was indeed powerful and was comparable to the Five Virtue Golden Core.

"I've already gone through the True Form Thunder Tribulation, which is a Super Thunder Tribulation only deity-grade Golden Cores could get through, but it doesn't look like a deity-grade Golden Core either, and it's not stronger than a sacred-grade Golden Core."

Chen Fan frowned.

He was only an early-stage Golden Core Cultivator at the moment, but he could easily crush the Ancient Demon Prince and could even fight with a Nascent Soul Heavenly Lord if he exerted himself. He had such a power when he completed the "True Martial Sacred Core" in his previous life. Besides, every sacred-grade Golden Core had different Divine Powers and Dharma Spells, but this golden Deity Wheel only had pure energy.

Since a deity-grade Golden Core was at a higher level than a sacred-grade Golden Core, it should be much more powerful.

"Am I mistaken? Perhaps it's not a deity-grade Golden Core?"

Chen Fan touched his chin and pondered. He wondered what was the difference between his deity-grade Golden Core and the legendary one. Zhao Juexian stood next to him, not daring to say a word.

"Wait What's this?"

Chen Fan glanced at the Deity Wheel and found that it was a bit different.

There were only complex patterns on the Deity Wheel, but nine spaces suddenly appeared. One of them showed the brand of the Xuan Wu, which looked realistic as it roared.

"A Xuan Wu brand?"

Chen Fan frowned and tried to initiate the Deity Wheel.


The Deity Wheel became a tiny Xuan Wu.

Then, there came an earth-shattering roar.

Chen Fan was enveloped in an aura and he turned into a Xuan Wu a hundred miles large. It was realistic. Every scale and claw were shining bright and it was surrounded by black waves. A frightening energy rose again.


Chen Fan made a clawing motion.

Dozens of mountains in a ten thousand feet range were leveled and all creatures in a hundred miles were killed. Chen Fan moved gently and all the Essence Qi in a thousand mile radius was under his control.

Chen Fan raised his head and let out a black thunderbolt from his mouth.

The thunderbolt shot to the sky and broke the shield of the Two World Peak. A passage that was a hundred thousand feet long was created in the dimensional storm.

"This This?"

Zhao Juexian was dumbfounded.

Didn't the Xuan Wu die? Why did Chen Fan become the Xuan Wu again?

"I see."

Chen Fan heaved a sigh. He finally realized how powerful the Deity Wheel was. The image of the Xuan Wu was formed after sucking in the entire Thunder Tribulation together with the energy of the Xuan Wu Essence Core.

When the Deity Wheel was initiated, Chen Fan would become the Xuan Wu.

It would be a real baby Xuan Wu. Chen Fan would turn into a Xuan Wu from his body to his soul leaving no human features. This would be like becoming a Divine Beast after completing the Twelve Sky Art Paintings.

"No matter how strong a human is, a Divine Beast is more powerful! Even after forming a sacred-grade Golden Core, I might still be no match to a Xuan Wu of the same level. And yet, if I'm in the form of a Xuan Wu myself, I'll be a Golden Core Xuan Wu and may even become a real Xuan Wu in the future! My descendants will also have the blood of the Xuan Wu!" Chen Fan mumbled.

The final goal of the Twelve Sky Art Paintings was to turn a human into a Divine Beast that had the power of twelve Divine Beasts at the same time. However, it was already extremely difficult to cultivate just one of the paintings to the maximum level, let alone twelve of them! Chen Fan had never thought that he could complete one that day.

Besides, since the Deity Wheel had been formed, Chen Fan could switch between the Xuan Wu and the human form freely without any difficulties.

"Wait, there are nine spaces on the Deity Wheel!"


Chen Fan suddenly got up excitedly and couldn't wait to try.

After that, Chen Fan grabbed Zhao Juexian and turned into a beam of golden light. His Immortal Will covered a few thousand miles and he could see everything in the entire Two World Peak.

Soon, Chen Fan found a place where the Spirit Veins were gathered.

"Wait here. I have to cultivate. Don't you try to escape."

Chen Fan left Zhao Juexian behind and flashed towards the Spirit Veins. Zhao Juexian was terrified. How would he run away? Besides, there was a dimensional storm right outside the Two World Peak. He wouldn't be able to go past it.


After entering the Golden Core Level, Chen Fan cultivated again. How powerful would he get?

The Spirit Qi in a thousand miles was immediately sucked into Chen Fan's body. A few hundred Spirit Veins even turned into Spirit Qi Dragons and flew a hundred feet around Chen Fan.

In the end, the Chaotic Divine Tree expanded and three giant holes appeared in the sky. Some azure Spirit Dews then dropped from the Wood Spirit Realm.

One month, two months, three months

Five months later.

Chen Fan opened his eyes.

An image of the Chaotic Divine Tree appeared on the second space on the Deity Wheel. And yet, this image was much less realistic compared to the Xuan Wu Brand.

"I knew it. This deity-grade Golden Core is similar to a sacred-grade Golden Core, but it can form nine cultivation arts and is like nine sacred-grade Golden Cores!"

Chen Fan was thrilled.

Once a Golden Core was complete, its level couldn't get higher anymore, unless you broke it and formed it again. However, this Deity Wheel could be refined nine times and it became more powerful each time. In the end, Chen Fan would have the power of nine Heavenly Lords.

"If I can already have the power of nine Nascent Souls when I'm an early-stage Golden Core Cultivator, isn't this the most powerful Golden Core of all times?" Even Chen Fan was startled.

However, Chen Fan soon discovered the Deity Wheel had limitations.

When the Azure Thearch Longevity Art reached the maximum level, the Chaotic Divine Tree was only a bit more concrete, but it was still far from becoming realistic like the Xuan Wu Brand. More cultivation was needed to completely form a Divine Tree Brand.

Normal cultivation arts couldn't leave a brand on the Deity Wheel. Only Sacred Arts or top Divine Arts could.

Besides, if the nine cultivation arts weren't completed, the Deity Wheel wouldn't be able to reach the phenomenal success level and Chen Fan couldn't even enter another level. Meanwhile, the deity-grade Golden Core in his body wasn't completely done.

"So, this Deity Wheel is in fact similar to the Five Virtue Golden Core. However, a phenomenal-success Five Virtue Golden Core can barely be compared to a Nascent Soul Cultivator, while I can already fight with one after completing one of the nine cultivation arts of the Deity Wheel. Now that I've completed the Xuan Wu Art, I still need to cultivate eight arts before it can truly become a phenomenal-success Golden Core!"

Chen Fan rubbed his chin.

Many ideas immediately came to mind.

For example, he could cultivate arts of the five elements and combine them to form a special Five Elemental Golden Core. He could also cultivate Taiyin and Taiyang Arts to make a Yin Yang Divine Art All these ideas made the Deity Wheel more treasurable.

And yet, even though the Nine Transformations Deity Wheel was powerful, it needed tons of resources.

After that, Chen Fan flew out of the Two World Peak and spent three months absorbing endless dimensional power with the Kun Peng Heavenly Art.

Chen Fan then sat on the highest peak of the Two World Peak to work on his body and use the Thunder Loch Heavenly Art at the same time. Five months later, the image of the Thunder Loch appeared.

Although these images didn't become real creatures

Each of them could effectively increase Chen Fan's power.

"The true form of the Xuan Wu was as powerful as a sacred-grade Golden Core, while these three images are comparable to divine-grade Golden Corea. If the Ancient Demon Prince shows up right now, I'd be able to kill it in a second."

Chen Fan thought.

He knew that he needed as many resources as required to become a Nascent Soul Heavenly Lord to make all the images turn into true forms. Chen Fan even wondered if he had to go through a Thunder Tribulation again.

"I'm afraid that only by absorbing the thundercloud power during the Thunder Tribulation can the True Form Brand be completely formed. If the Deity Wheel requires nine transformations, does it mean that I have to go through another eight Thunder Tribulations?"

This time, even Chen Fan was dumbfounded.

He even wondered if this was the real cultivation art for the Golden Core Level. The Golden Core he had formed in the past was only a simplified version. How could it become powerful without the nine transformations?

In the next two years.

Chen Fan took out all the Golden Cores he got in the past and absorbed all the energy contained in them. The three images became more and more realistic and Zhao Juexian also felt that Chen Fan's power was gradually fainting.

If he was like an invincible god before

He had turned into an ordinary young man, who didn't seem to have any Dharma Power.

Three years later, Chen Fan finally got out.

"Immortal Master, where do you want to cultivate?" Zhao Juexian said respectfully.

"I'm not cultivating. It's time to leave the Two World Peak. I've got a lot to do on Planet Tianhuang." Chen Fan looked at the sky with a smile.

He looked through the shield and dimension ocean, and saw a magnificent planet.

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