Quick Transmigration: Rescuing The Blackened Male Lead Chapter 15

Quick Transmigration: Rescuing The Blackened Male Lead Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 The Male Lead Is a Bit Sick (15)

Drops of cold sweat ran down his forehead, the big man's eyes showing a look of panic. He never had the upper hand in the first placeit wasn't that he was pus.h.i.+ng Huo Junhan's energy bolt back, but rather the energy bolt was swallowing his own!

On the other side, the earth user was staring at Shen Mubai hiding in the corner.

He was sure that the strange man had attached great importance to this woman, or else she wouldn't have been the focus of his attention the moment he appeared. As long as the woman was caught, she could be used to deal with the dangerous man. With his eldest brother's level-three thunder-lightning power, no one would be able to escape! (TL: eldest brother here doesn't mean he is related by blood, but used as a respectful address to his boss)

He was just about to grab Shen Mubai, however, a powerful fireball attacked him from behind, the speed faster than a bullet.

He didn't even realize the danger blazing towards him before he had already been set aflame by the fireball. There was no time to cry outin the blink of an eye, he had been reduced to a pile of ashes, nothing else remaining of the man.

The big man saw the scene and cast a look at the stranger in front of him, filled with fear. "Y-You are a dual-power user?!"

Huo Junhan glanced at him indifferently. In the next second, the big man's lightning bolt was completely absorbed and rushed straight towards the his body.

The big man responded quickly and tried to catch the beam of energy to defuse it. However, the lightning bolt suddenly detonated like a bomb. The big man's body exploded, and the area around him was splattered by blood and chunks of innards. The strong, sickly odor of burnt flesh spread in the air.

It never occurred to the big man that he would die. The man in front of him was not a human being at all, but an all-powerful G.o.d.

Blood ran down his cheeks as Huo Junhan walked towards Shen Mubai. He looked like he had emerged from a pool of blood. His ice-blue eyes were emotionless. It was the face of a devil who crawled out of h.e.l.lhis expression so cold he made people tremble.

Shen Mubai was a young woman from the 21st Century. The scene was too b.l.o.o.d.y. She didn't react until Huo Junhan started to lumber towards her. She couldn't help but heave everything out.

She didn't forget to complain to the system, "I'm sad now, the beef jerky was vomited out."

The system was speechless, ""

Huo Junhan looked down at Shen Mubai, his eyes fixed on her neck. The red gleam in his eyes reappeared.

He didn't hide his predatory stare; the satisfied expression of a beast who had caught his prey flitted across his face.

Shen Mubai was lifted up by her collar, the sudden movement caused her to flay around and fall onto his chest. She felt like a caged animal.

However, immediately after, she discovered that it could get worse.

Huo Junhan supported the back of her neck with a cold hand as he slowly lowered his head, sliding the tip of his tongue across her wound. The atmosphere was very ***, but his actions made Shen Mubai feel like food.

"Hey, Host, I have bad news." The sound of the system came at this moment. "After a thorough data a.n.a.lysis, your blood has a dangerous appeal to the male host, and even other high-level zombies. They can upgrade themselves by consuming your flesh and blood."

VIS: The world seems so big now that I'm going outside again, I think I'd rather just stay in my room lol. Anyway, enjoy this weeks chapter! [edited-elaine]

PS: did you hear about NCT Dream coming out with a new song.lolololololool time to die.

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