Wife Is Fierce Don't Mess With Her Chapter 701

Chapter 701: Charlotte

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When they heard the way Gu Qingjiu addressed them, both Hilda and Helian Man let out a chuckle.

Helian Niancheng glanced sideways at Gu Qingjiu. “If you don’t know how to address them, call my Mom‘Auntie,’ and just call my Aunt‘Aunt’as I do.”

Despite what he said, Gu Qingjiu found it embarrassing to call them that.

Hilda went over and held up Gu Qingjiu’s hand. “Child, here, come over.”

She spoke to Gu Qingjiu in Mandarin cordially.

Helian Niancheng’s gaze, however, looked towards that elderly man. “Grandfather?”

Helian Man nodded as she gazed at him. “Go over and speak with him. You didn’t even see him the last time you came back. Although he doesn’t say it, he misses you dearly. I have given you my advice, and it’s okay if you choose to be stubborn. But Grandfather is already advanced in age, and you’ve got to respect him at least.”

Watching as Helian Niancheng creased his brows as she spoke, Helian Man could only let out a silent sigh.

Next to them, seeing this, Gu Qingjiu wanted to say something, but Hilda then pulled her away.

Hilda truly treated her exceptionally well; while maintaining her etiquette, she didn’t make Gu Qingjiu feel a sense of distance between them.

The worries she had before arriving dispelled entirely and Gu Qingjiu finally chatted with Hilda with her heart put to ease.

Just then, she saw Helian Niancheng walking towards that elderly man outside.

She could only see that elderly man’s back view, but his back was still relatively straight even though he was advanced in age.

Despite his head of white hair, he appeared spirited and energetic.

It was as though there was a difference between prominent families and those of ordinary families. Yet, at the same time, there didn’t seem to be any difference.

“I hadn’t expected Lance to bring you back so early. I’m relieved, though.”

Hilda personally poured Gu Qingjiu a cup of tea. The latter took it from her and, after thanking her, asked curiously, “Why do you say so?”

“Qingjiu, I’m afraid you don’t know how old my son is this year.”

Hearing this, Gu Qingjiu instantly recalled that the Chief Instructor should be 26 this year.

She let out a dry cough, having roughly understood the implied meaning behind Hilda’s words.

Before she came, she hadn’t considered the disparity in their statuses. It was only upon arriving that she realized just how wide that disparity between them was.

Could Hilda and the rest, who came from royalty, not have any opinion of her?


Just then, a little kid suddenly came running over.

Hilda revealed a smile right away and lifted her.


Gu Qingjiu looked up and was instantaneously stunned.

The little girl before her eyes

She was indeed too beautiful.

She had such exquisite features and looked like the sort of princesses that lived in fairytales. She even exuded a mysterious aura that differentiated her from ordinary people.

Especially those eyes of hers, which sparkled like crystal, brimmed with moisture like jadeite, and mysterious like the Brumaire.

She was so beautiful that mere words weren’t sufficient to describe it.

She seemed like a mixed-blood child, and from her facial features, one could see traces of an Asian.

She was the most beautiful mixed-blood child Gu Qingjiu had ever seen.

The little girl and Gu Qingjiu sized each other up, and suddenly the other party revealed a bright smile. “You’re really beautiful, Beauty from the East.”

She praised her in English in her melodious voice.

Gu Qingjiu was caught off guard, for she hadn’t expected to hear something like this coming from this little girl.

After a momentary pause, she immediately flashed her a vibrant smile. “Thank you, young lady.”

“You’re more beautiful than I imagined you smile.”

She suddenly spoke again, making Gu Qingjiu pause once more.

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