My Vampire System Chapter 571

565 Reporting Back

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Paul was still sweating heavily, and he felt incredibly weak. He had no clue what had brought on the sudden weakness.

Could it be something to do with his poison ability?

Normally people with the poison ability should be completely immune to their own, so he didn't understand what was going on.

Seeing all of this, Suze was far more concerned with the person in front of her to see what was going on behind. That was until she could hear the sound of footsteps. She turned around, expecting to see one of the others there, but instead all she could see was a purple wall of shadow.

"What is this?" She thought, afraid that it might be from some high tier beast, but the shadow soon started to fall to the ground and had gone back right underneath her feet. With the shadow gone, she could see Quinn standing there holding one of the bugs in his hand. He let go, and the bug dropped to the ground, dead.

A piece of shadow from underneath Suze had moved over to Quinn's own shadow.

"Was that you?" Suze asked.

But Quinn ignored her and went to see if Paul was okay. When checking over him and seeing his condition, he guessed what it was and if he was right, any second now

"Ugh!" A moan came out from behind, and Fex was now on his knees as well.

"Suze go check on Fex for me," Quinn asked, and she nodded heading over.

He had completely forgotten about it as he was too carried away with trying to defeat as many beasts as possible. Still, at the end of the day, they were all vampires. The only reason why they were able to act normally in the sunlight was due to the rings.

Both Fex's and Paul's ring could only block out the sun for so long, unlike Quinn's ring he had gotten from Arthur. Kazz seemed to be unaffected, but he could see a ring on her hand. Being a vampire knight, it was expected for her to have some decent equipment.

Opening up his dimensional shadow space, Quinn pulled out two umbrellas. It was something Layla had told him to keep on him at all times, and he had plenty of them inside in case they got ruined or destroyed. After all, he never knew what could happen.

After popping open the umbrella and placing it over their heads, the colour and the weak feeling Paul felt inside started to disappear.

"It's the sun, keep this over you for about an hour, and then it will charge up the ring. Put on the ring when we're back near the base." Quinn said as he went over to where Fex was to do the same.

"Do you know what it is?" Suze asked, concerned.

'I think they both just overworked themselves and are suffering from a bit of heatstroke." Quinn said with a smile, but it wasn't exactly a hot day.

With that, Quinn thought it was time for them to call it a day. He didn't want to play with fate again. Not only did he have two weakened men, but Suze had nearly gotten hurt as well. If there was a sign for them to stop, this was it.

While heading back, Suze was glad to see that both Fex and Paul were doing better. Quinn was just happy that he had managed to use his powers to save a life for once. He had used one of his new skills called shadow on.

When touching someone, Shadow on, allowed him to put a small part of his shadow into someone else's. Doing so took up a quarter of his MC points. Shadow on itself wasn't the skill that had protected Suze.

All this did was allow him to take control of Suze's shadow as long as he could make eye contact with her. Shadow on allowed him to form a link. If he didn't have eye contact, he couldn't use his shadow control skill to protect her. Get too far away, and the Shadow on skill would break, causing the slither of shadow that was with her to break off and head back to Quinn.

"Thank you Quinn," Suze said. "That shadow, it was your ability, right? Thank you for saving me from that bug." She said and proceeded to give him a big hug.

Now Quinn's face was the one that was blushing. He didn't really get much physical interaction with girls. When he was doing the hugging, it seemed easier when it was with the goal of protecting her.

"Eryour welcome," Quinn said with his hands up.

"Wait till I tell Layla," Fex whispered with a cheeky smile, slightly annoyed that he had gotten two hugs now.

They continued to walk until they could see the shelter in sight. Putting the umbrellas away, their rings had charged enough for them to be used again.

"Hey, are you not worried she's going to tell everyone about your shadow ability?" Fex whispered.

"No, let them come to me. As things come, I'll deal with them." Quinn replied. "Besides, it looks like not everyone knows each other's ability, so she has no reason to tell anyone about it. She didn't even ask us about our ability like Nate said people would when we went out for quests."

There was a specific reason or that though. Linda had told Suze not to. She wanted Suze to be in the complete dark, so Linda had not told her what their abilities were, only to watch Paul closely and report back what his ability was.

Linda didn't want her to get distracted, looking for anything particular and thought it would work out better this way.

When they returned, with all five of them intact, there were a few relieved faces from people in the main Quest room.

'I guess some of them feared for her life or something.' Fex thought.

They entered their points into the system and had brought back a large hall of 26 intermediate beasts to add to their points.

Paul's tag slightly lighted up and the letter had changed from an E to a D. However, it looked like for the rest of them, who were now all at D rank, they still hadn't gone up to Rank C. This included Fex.

It had only been two days, but the number of intermediate beasts they were killing was around three times as much as one would on a regular quest. They also had points from one advanced tier. They imagined Fex should at least be close now.

The group had a few more things to do, such as selling the crystals as well as looking at certain items to buy. Quinn needed to look at how much it would cost to transport to Alex's city. Here Suze had split off from them, not before saying goodbye and that she would be happy to work with them again.

"Such a sweet girl," Fex said. "You could take a lesson from her Kazz."

"Am I not sweet?" Kazz thought, looking confused.

It wasn't that Fex didn't think she was cute but more dangerous. She acted cutely and did cute things, but at times she did so while doing the craziest of things.

When they were out on the field just now and using her whip, Kazz giggled like a little girl. But at the same time, she had been swinging a deadly whip, killing beasts one by one. The two pictures contrasted completely.

And at the end of the day, they all saw her as a pain they needed to watch.

Suze had immediately gone to Linda's office, and she was there to make a report.

"What!" Linda shouted. "Are you really sure he used the poison ability?"

"I'm positive, I confirmed it a few times, and there's no other way," Suze said, stepping back, afraid Linda might try to hit her. "Did I do something wrong?"

"No, it's just I'm baffled," Linda said, sitting back down in her seat.

Linda had seen that the book Paul was trying to learn was the poison book. If he actually now had that as an ability, it meant he wasn't lying and couldn't possibly be the Blood Evolver from online.

'Maybe I should just ask Nate and Sam why they said the Blood Evolver at the assessment. If I tell them everything I've found out, then they have to give me a name.' But finding out like that just didn't feel satisfying.

She had already dug into this deep, racking her head, she tried to think if there was any other possibility. Then she remembered another person who she was suspicious of. That was Kazz. She had, for some reason, got the exact same time as Paul during the obstacle course.

Her ability was regeneration, possibly something they could fake with technology, or maybe had a healer on standby? All these theories were going through her head, but she was now sure that it had to be Kazz.

"Did any of the others use anything strange?" Linda asked.

"Let's see, there was Fex with his string, Paul with poison, and Kazz had a whip."

"A whip!?" Linda interrupted. "Was there any strange red aura coming from the whip at all?"

"No, she was just using it regularly."

Slumping back in her chair, Linda thought maybe she would have to ask Nate and Sam after all.

"Oh, and last there was Quinn with his Shadow ability."



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