Quickly Wear The Face Of The Devil Chapter 130

Chapter 130

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Joshua was stabbed by Osborne’s blunt words, he grabbed the hem of his shirt and backed up two steps. Desecrate his ‘dream’? Indeed, in order to stay in Chelman, in order to achieve meritorious service on the battlefield, he could only think of reaching a deal with Osborne by seducing him.

He even got the support of the Matthew family to force him to take responsibility just by directly contacting Old Matthew, telling him that his grandson fell in love with a castrated Omega, that his family’s best genes might get cut off.

Joshua was a healthy and fertile Omega whose physical and spiritual power was comparable to Alpha, a unique existence in the Lennon Empire, so Old Matthew naturally didn’t refuse his offer. He arranged this meeting, and in order to prevent Osborne’s escape, he trapped him in the underground training room.

Joshua’s thoughts were very clear, forcing Osborne to give in would not be a simple matter, he wouldn’t pounce on him at the first scent of his pheromone like other Alpha, he’ll try to resist. His self-control was stronger than anyone else’s.

Joshua was a very pure blooded Omega, his fertility was very high, during estrus, the smell of his pheromone would be enough to attract all the Alpha in the school. If Osborne left during his estrus and the other Alpha flocked in on him, his outcome could only be described as ‘tragic’.

Joshua didn’t want to risk his life, but he’d needed to trap Osborne, so he could only find Old Matthew. If he got the approval of Old Matthew, he would have one foot into the First Army, and a bright future would await him.

Just twenty minutes ago, he’d injected a drug that stimulated Omega into early estrus, with the scent of such a strong pheromone, Osborne wouldn’t be able to resist.

So ridicule me, but no matter what you say, as long as I think it’s worthwhile, no one can shake my conviction. Joshua’s body was relaxing, while encouraging himself in his mind, he started unbuttoning his shirt with trembling hands, exposing his flexible and slender body.

Osborne immediately turned away, frantically hitting the high pressure bearing metal door. He must get out of here!

“No use, that’s made from PU34, also used to manufacture the ultra-mech and the star patrol warships, the strongest metal. Even if you have 3S physique, you can’t break through it.” Joshua was sweating heavily, that place behind him was feeling more and more empty, he urgently needed a thick and hard object to fill it.

He listened to Osborne’s frantic beating on the door with delight, he ridiculed, “No matter how much you resist now, you’ll willingly approach me later, embracing my body in the most enthusiastic way. Hey, if Cecil learns that we bonded, would he still love you? Oh right, sorry, it’s pointless asking that, of course he wouldn’t love you, he loves Kyle now. No matter who you bond with, he won’t ever care. Why are you even resisting?”

Osborne suddenly jerked back, his ferocious expression and red eyes startled Joshua. He bit his lip and didn’t dare try to stimulate him again, of course, he didn’t have the sense of mind to stimulate him again even if he wanted to.

The drug’s efficacy reached its height, his glands were emitting a scent thousands of times richer than before, so he could only lay limp on the ground, moans spilling out from his throat. His eyes were moist, his cheeks flushed, his charming appearance could drive any Alpha crazy for him. He couldn’t help but use his fingers to fill the hole behind him, his actions extremely wanton.

The scent of his pheromone was like a steel needle constantly pricking into the brain, giving Osborne a splitting headache. He was almost unable to resist, he could only use his full strength to strike at the door, trying to escape from this licentious scenario. The door bent outward, issuing a deafeningly loud noise at the same time, which gave him back some reason.

In order to not be tempted, he even cut open his skin with his spiritual power, letting the smell of blood mask the rich fragrance. He was covered with blood, like he’d been through a tough battle.

Joshua was still in the same position, he was so weak that he couldn’t move, he was desperate to be possessed, but Osborne still would not come to him. He threw away all his dignity to plead with him, shaking his mind with lustful words.

“Would you. fucking. shut up?!” Osborne was still hitting the door, punching and punching, concentrating his hits on the same location. There was a huge depression in the door, its twisted shape tilting off the door frame. Victory seemed to be in sight, but only Osborne knew that he had reached his limit, his self-control was disintegrating.

He kept calling Cecil’s name in his mind, he bowed his head for a moment, and found that his clothes had a trace of a foreign scent, the scent of the sweet pheromone was almost negligible in the training room, but it allowed him to recover his senses for a moment.

All the charm, lust, franticness, and anxiousness disappeared, leaving behind a feeling of peace. This sweat no doubt belonged to Cecil, he’d wrapped his coat around Cecil’s body after the evaluation today. The boy had been sweating a lot, the smell sweet and delicious, it was completely different from the sickeningly obscene smell currently filling the room.

Osborne buried his face in his arm, sniffing deeply, his mind becoming more and more sober. The moment before he’d drowned, he’d successfully broken free, he praised his own possessiveness over and over again.

Joshua was still waiting for him, he stroked his body and tempted, “Osborne, I’m soaked down there, don’t you want to touch me? Down there’s so tight, so soft, so hot, you’ll never be able to imagine the ultimate pleasure. Don’t resist, Alpha are inseparable from Omega.”

Osborne’s distorted expression was gone, but his eyes were still red. He turned and slowly walked over, looking down on Joshua lying on the ground.

Joshua hugged his legs and rubbed his flushed cheeks on his cold boots.

Osborne crouched down, but he didn’t enter him as Joshua had imagined, instead he sneered, “Joshua, look at yourself, how ugly and pitiful. Do you think it’s possible to force me to be with you? You’re misinformed, once you combine with an Alpha, you’ll involuntarily develop feelings for him, forever loyal to him. Even if you don’t agree with his commands, you’ll always listen to them, this is an Omega’s nature, no one can resist it.”

“If the Alpha that marks you leaves you, you’ll die after a few days and nights of unbearable suffering during estrus, unless a stronger Alpha comes along to erase your mark and violate you again. Omega are such fragile creatures, they’re destined to be inseparable from Alpha, once marked, they become the Alpha’s accessory, no longer an independent individual.”

He kicked away Joshua’s hand, which was hugging his calf, and continued, “You have great ambition, but you obviously don’t have the ability to achieve it. You deny Cecil’s act of removing his glands, and think that you’re the real brave one for entering the military with a sound body, because it means that you can resist your nature. But in fact, you’re not resisting it, you just subconsciously chose a shortcut that might grant you quicker success.”

“You chose me out of so many Alpha, it’s certainly not because you love me, it’s because I’m the strongest. Look closer, these are your true thoughts, you want to reach your goal by attaching yourself to a strong Alpha. You want me to protect you, to pave the way for your future, to help you get to the pinnacle of society. Do you really think that you can become strong, when your thinking pattern is completely like an Omega?”

He backed up two steps and laughed softly, “Joshua, I really want to give you a mirror so you can look at yourself right now- depraved, shameless, and pathetic.”

Joshua never thought that the usually elegant Osborne could speak out so caustically, his body was hot, but his heart was cold, he felt that his dignity had been crushed by Osborne.

But in the next moment, Osborne’s actions made him understand what true humiliation felt like.

He suddenly approached him, sniffing the scent from his neck, his tone full of disgust, “I heard that in ancient times, only animals went crazy at the scent of the opposite sex, humans didn’t. This so-called pheromone is only a remnant of animalistic natures, when it comes out, it deprives Omega and Alpha of part of their humanity. You’re now a female beast in heat, but I will not be your male beast, I’m a man.”

He stood up and walked to the door, kicking open the broken high-pressure bearing door with one foot, making it fly outward, crashing into the opposite wall, the loud sound attracting the guards. The Alpha guards smelled the pheromone and immediately ran away, guessing that the Omega must be the General’s lover, they couldn’t get closer. The Beta guards were unaffected, but they stepped back to avoid seeing an embarrassing scene.

Osborne pointed to one of them and said, “Go get a few inhibitors.”

Once an Omega entered estrus, it would last a few days and nights, if they didn’t join with an Alpha, they would become extremely weak, if they didn’t combine after a few consecutive estruses, they would die. Their lives would always revolve around estrus → bonding → pregnancy → estrus → bonding → childbirth → more estrus → more bonding → more pregnancy … … rather than calling them humans, it was better to call them sentient animals.

This was not Osborne’s prejudice, but the nature of Omega. They wanted to become strong, but their nature destined them for a dead end, even the strong Omega also had to obey their Alpha. So that’s one reason why Osborne was so fascinated by Cecil, he was more transparent than anyone else, and also more determined than anyone else.

“General, you’re not going to mate?” The smell was so concentrated, but the General was looked indifferent, there wasn’t something wrong with his body, right? The bodyguard pondered as he looked toward Osborne’s crotch and found it still calm, then he suddenly looked like he was struck by lightning.

“Didn’t I order you guys to leave?!” Osborne wanted to kick them away.

The bodyguards woke up and ran away, one brought back a small silver box a few minutes later.

Osborne took out the inhibitor and slowly injected it into Joshua’s body, watching him groan and gyrate. Gradually, the pheromone smell faded, Osborne picked up the shirt and casually tossed it over Joshua’s body.

“Sober?” He asked in a low voice.

Joshua covered his face with the shirt to avoid meeting Osborne’s eyes. Osborne’s ridiculing words kept echoing in his ears, he tried to find a reason to refute them, but found that they were all true. He’d shamed him, and also made him learn that not all Alpha could be controlled by pheromone.

“I can forget about your actions today, and also keep your secret and keep you in Chelman, provided you do something for me.” Osborne turned away from him and slowly opened.

After a few minutes, Joshua asked hoarsely, “What do you want?”

“Do it to Kyle, do to him what you did to me today. I’ll arrange the time and place.”

“No!” Joshua immediately objected.

“Kyle’s real name is Kyle Lennon, the second heir of the Lennon Empire. Believe me, bonding with him will give you more advantages. Since you’ve come to this step, why not keep going? Don’t forget your dream.”

When he spoke the last sentence, Osborne let out a cynical chuckle, then he ordered someone to help the pondering Joshua wash up.

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