Number One Dungeon Supplier Chapter 256

Chapter 256 Trap

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Jin did not know how to react to this revelation, but he slowly shook his head. “No, I am really sorry. This is the first time I have even heard about this Last Supper Scandal. Would you care to elaborate?” Jin asked Zhen Qing kindly.

Zhen Qing smiled for a bit before continuing. “Suffice to say, that scandal is the reason why my fatherand I had decided to come here. No one exactly knew our faces. On the other hand, I think it’s probably for the best that you do not know too much about my history. The less you know, the less trouble you will be in.” Zhen Qing’s hands continued to tremble as she tried to hide them under the table.

“This is not helping. Kraft, any chance you could extract information from her? I would like to know what exactly happened.” Jin asked his all new Bellator for some advice.

“Do you think I am some god? That I can just extract information at the snap of my finger?” If Jin could see Kraft right now, he would definitely be rolling his eyes at Jin’s ridiculous request.

“Well, if you kiss her. I might have the chance to jump into her subconscious.” Kraft suggested, but Jin refused adamantly.

“I am not so stupid to fall for these tricks. If all you need is close contact or a scare to drop their guard, there are other ways, no need for a kiss.” Jin was now the one rolling his eyes.

“Damn, here I thought you would be like. ‘Yes, Kraft! For Lynn, I will do it. I will do anything to save this poor sheep. This pitiful soul.'” Kraft tried to be dramatic, but it was annoying Jin even more.

“Forget it. I will simply try and use the net to search for anything related to this Last Supper Scandal.” Jin shook his head and looked up to Zhen Qing. “Zhen Qing? I assume you still want to be called that way to prevent any suspicion, right?” Jin asked Zhen Qing, and she nodded her head.

“Follow me then. I will bring you to your temporary lodging.” Jin said as Zhen Qing offered to wash the cup and saucer before leaving, but he told her it was a small matter. Within minutes, Jin showed Zhen Qing his house, and she could not believe that the lodging would be this grand. Zhen Qing assumed she would be staying in some hostel or a more broken down apartment, yet never dreamed of such a lovely terrace house.

Jin opened the gates and subsequently the door to his house. “This is the key to my hous- erm I mean the lodging. Yun is currently the only other occupant in this area. You can use the guest room if you like. You are free to use anything you want, but do not make the place too messy. Do not bring any other visitors into the house unless you have my approval.” Jin made his statement clear. Zhen Qing had no qualms obliging, seeing as most of these rules were just common decency.

“Yawnnnn, is that Zhen Qing?” Yun was in her singlet and shorts as she walked down the stairs from the second floor. “What happened to her?”

“She needed some place to stay, so I allowed her to stay here for now.”

“You brought a girl into your house? Rather bold I might say.” Yun said it out so bluntly that Zhen Qing panicked. “Are you planning to revive the Panda Bloodline through her? I did not expect such quick action from you. I probably have misjudged you, Jin.” Yun spoke in Jin’s thoughts, but all he could do was blush a little and refuse to acknowledge the accusation.

“Am I intruding?” Zhen Qing asked frantically as she could not understand the relationship between Yun and Jin. Was she becoming the third wheel?

“No no, do not listen to her nonsense. Although this is my house, I am only staying here momentarily. Most of the time, I will be in my store for ehhh cultivation and creation of dungeons. So don’t mind me, you are not intruding.” Jin tried to correct the situation that Yun created and went on to show Zhen Qing where the guest room was.

“I am sorry there isn’t much food in the fridge. I did mention to you previously that if you needed food, you have my permission to take some from the store’s kitchen instance. Consider it one of the perks for being an upcoming chef for the store.” Jin smiled at Zhen Qing as she placed her luggage down.

“I shall give you some time to unpack. If you need anything, just holler for Yun since I will be returning to the store.” Jin told her, before he went out of the house.

“So, you are not as stupid as I thought you were.” Kraft sneered as he could learn the thoughts of Jin plotting for something else. “Yea, I mean that guy’s stalking skill is rated zero out of ten. Of course, I would have picked up something this simple.”

“I am not judging you or anything. Honest! Cross my heart.” Kraft sniggered, and Jin continued to walk back to the store. It was at that point of time, a person, who was not only poorly dressed, but also with his breath reeking of alcohol, came towards Jin.

“My good man, I see that you are keeping my daughter for your own personal benefit. I am her father, and I cannot endorse this kind of behaviour.” Zheng Hui complained with one clear intention in mind. Blackmail for money.

“What do you want? How do I even know if you are her father?” Jin immediately understood why Zhen Qing would want to run away from this kind of father. Zheng Hui did not hesitate to take his wallet and presented a torn and tattered piece of a family photo with a slightly younger version of Zhen Qing inside. There was another person on that photo, but due to the horrible condition, Jin was unable to see it clearly.

“How about a fee to assure this worried father? I mean, you are staying at this wonderful terrace house, surely you have the money as recompense for a father’s heartache, being unable to see his daughter?” Zheng Hui tried to sweet talk his way to Jin, who clearly was not buying it.

“You know, I could extract some information from him if you just knock him out and bring him to the dungeon maker.” Kraft suggested torturing to get what Jin wanted. “I believe the System would find that to be the most effective and efficient way of getting the information.”

“It’s fine Kraft. Stay yourgun.” Jin then smiled at Zheng Hui and turned the question around. “Well, Father, how about we have a good breakfast and you can explain to me the situation that revolves around you and your daughter?”

“What? She even admitted that to you? That bitc-I mean she seems to trust you a great deal it would seem. But I guess you only know one side of the story and not the whole truth, right?! Sure! Let’s go for a meal, and I will tell you everything!” Zheng Hui replied, but before Jin could agree to that proposal, Zheng Hui’s phone rang loudly.

“Ah shit, do you mind if I take this call?” Zheng Hui pardoned himself and started to whisper. “Listen I know I said I would pay today. But I have found a good sweet target and quite gullible too. I am very sure of it. If you manage to kidnap him, I believe his father or family will be able to pay lots for his ransom. You will clear my debt this way, right?”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, just make sure you bring him to that restaurant so we can do that.” The person on the line sounds irritated as he ended the call abruptly.

“Ahh, Big Boss! My bad, my bad.” Zheng Hui started laughing at Jin as he placed his hands over his shoulders. “How about I choose the place for us to share a meal? I will make sure it is not only yummy, but pretty affordable as well!” Zheng Hui smiled with his bad breath.

“Ooooh fun!” Kraft could sense something was amiss. “Your definition of fun is somewhat unsettling. It’s obviously a trap.” Jin said in his thoughts and smiled back at Zhen Qing’s father.

“That is what makes it so fun.” Kraft rubbed his hands together as he started to prep himself in Jin’s mind. In the meantime, Jin had already sent a message to Yun telepathically about the situation and told her to track him if needed.

“Awww, you will be fine. Sometimes, you overthink it too much. I shall try to see if I can get Zhen Qing to open up.” Yun said, but Jin was slightly worried even though he was not showing it in front of Zheng Hui when he followed him to his car.

“Sometimes, Yun knows how to put up a death flag scene.”

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