Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 4302

Chapter 5096: Raising Gu

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He can now swim in the universe and stars, and life is endless, and there are endless creatures in the main world, and they can live and work in peace.

But now I still want revenge or destroy the third house. Is this too selfish?

"I see! I am just a ignorant child without seniors, I will definitely work hard! I will let seniors see the road ahead clearly!" Zhai Yunsheng nodded vigorously.

Zhao Yuande changed his life, made his life extremely exciting, and made the lives of his family and even friends have undergone tremendous changes!

He wants to return!

He lives now for Zhao Yuande!

If Zhao Yuande accomplishes his goal one day, he may live for himself.

"Thank you! Child! I believe this day is not far away!" Zhao Yuande's voice was filled with relief.

In fact, when he chose, he had also been observed for a long time, observing the temperament of Zhai Yunsheng's family.

Only after satisfying him did he make the final choice.

Time passed quickly, and the 72nd house competition officially began.

In the 72nd house, each house will have a thousand disciples.

A total of 72,000 people participated in the competition.

These seventy-two thousand people were thrown into a huge secret realm in the end by the powerhouse of the War Mother Palace.

"You need to survive in the secret realm. Those who persist for three days will be qualified to enter the second level!" A loud voice sounded in the secret realm.

Everyone looked a little dignified at this time, so many people were thrown into this secret realm, it must be unavoidable to fight each other.

"Next are the rules! Every one of you has tokens! You can steal or grab them, as long as you can get more tokens...above 100 tokens, you can leave the secret realm ahead of time and get the next level. Qualification! Even more than one hundred tokens, you dont need to participate in the next few levels of screening, just wait for the final finals! Of course, if you lose, you can surrender or even surrender! After you hand over the tokens, you will also Disqualified."

Hearing these rules, everyone's faces showed horror.

Especially when he looked at the surrounding people, they all showed their vigilance.

The distance between everyone is widened, and some people's eyes are already flickering.

"It is to raise Gu, let you harm each other, and finally choose the strong to focus on training!" Zhao Yuande said softly.

"Why is it so cruel! We are all disciples of the War Mother's Palace, and we will lose one if we die!" Zhai Yunsheng was puzzled.

"You 72,000 people, even if you dont take part in this battle, I am afraid that you will die in various tasks and experiences in your future cultivation! Only the ones who stay in the end are the most powerful! Maybe In the end, among you people, there are only two or three people...even you alone live to the end."

"Are you too confident in me?"

"No... this is because your luck is strong, even if you want to die with the blessing of luck!"

"I... really have strong luck?"

"Yes! If you don't have strong luck, how would I choose you? And after I choose you, I will be your source of luck, and you will understand one day!"

"Senior, I actually understand now!"

During their conversation, the people around Shi had gradually backed away.

In an instant, the shouting and killing sound shook the sky, and cruel battles took place around him.

Because his cultivation has reached the dominance level, and the dominion level disciples are very rare, so no one dared to act on him at first.

He heard roars not far away, some of which seemed familiar to him.

His figure flickered, and he soon reached the battlefield.

Suddenly saw a disciple of Tianwai Tianfen Palace being chased by three giant cows.


With a move of Zhai Yunsheng's heart, a huge fist protruded from the void and directly blasted on the bodies of the three giant cows.


The three-headed body was beaten and flew out and fell to the ground.

When it got up, it suddenly saw Zhai Yunsheng walking slowly, and the three pairs of bull's eyes showed horror.

"Domination realm powerhouse!" The three giant cows screamed in horror, "I hand over the token and let me go!"

A token that flew into Zhai Yunsheng's hands without hesitation.

Zhai Yunsheng was a little surprised, but soon he was relieved, and after receiving the token, he put it in the storage space.

"Thank you, brother!" The disciples from the Tianfen Palace outside that day bowed to him from a distance, but did not dare to approach him.

"Go!" Although Zhai Yunsheng knew what the other party thought, he still felt a little uncomfortable.

He turned around and left.

The next battle is very simple, the deterrent power of the Domination Realm is very strong, as long as the disciples who have not entered the Domination Realm are afraid of it.

He harvested a lot of tokens easily.

Just one day later, he had already obtained more than 70 tokens.

"You can go out tomorrow! It's really meaningless here." Zhai Yunsheng shook his head slightly, somewhat dissatisfied.

"Don't worry! There are fewer and fewer people, and soon you will be able to meet your opponents in the dominating realm! Don't have any meaning to underestimate the enemy. Every battle needs to go all out. Only in this way can you get more from the battle. A lot of experience! Your age is still too young and you have not experienced enough things. Whenever you have time to go home, I will let you experience a tempering of your mind."


Sure enough, Zhao Yuande had just finished speaking, and a group of disciples appeared not far away.

Although there is no dominating realm among them, there are more than 30 disciples in this group.

They looked at Zhai Yunsheng without fear, but with a strong killing intent.

"Be careful! These people are going to kill you! You must not keep your hands. Look at their eyes, they are all crazy."

"There must be a lot of tokens on this guy! Kill!" The silver demon ape headed for a roar, and the first one rushed towards Zhai Yunshen.


The shouting and killing sound shook the world, and a disciple and terrifying monsters surrounded Zhai Yunsheng.

"Since you are looking for death, don't blame me!" Zhai Yunsheng stood still, his soul blending with the world.

The huge palm has been falling from the sky, making a terrifying sound of thunder, and patted the silver demon ape that rushed forward.

"I had expected you to have this trick long ago, but it's useless to me!" The silver magic ape's body jumped like a flying, flexible and terrifying, the huge palm could not be shot at all, but it shot the silver magic ape behind him to death. Two disciples.


Seeing the tragic death of his partner, everyone's eyes suddenly turned red.

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