Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 4303

Chapter 5097: Teach

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Although their cultivation base is not as good as Zhai Yunsheng, they are crowded, and even the silver demon ape is leading the battle, so they did not hesitate to join forces to attack Zhai Yunsheng.


The world shook, and this space almost collapsed under this terrifying force.

Zhai Yunsheng felt the terrifying power between everyone's teamwork, and he had to stop him.

However, with the cooperation of more than 30 powerful people, that kind of power is not something that a cultivator who has just entered the dominance realm can contend.

Everyone joined forces to fly Zhai Yun upside down with one blow. He only felt the blood churning between his chest and abdomen, and he opened his mouth to eject a blood arrow.

He suffered a serious injury just for a moment.

Although he has experienced a lot of battles, he has encountered this kind of crisis for the first time, and it is inevitable that he is a little nervous.

"Don't worry, you are now in charge of this world, sense the world, don't go head-to-head with them!" Zhao Yuande's voice rang in Zhai Yunsheng's ear, "Try to relax your mind and feel the power of this world, in this world, You are everywhere and omnipotent. You are the master of this world and everything is under your control."

With Zhao Yuande's reminder, Zhai Yunsheng felt that he had found the backbone.

According to what Zhao Yuande said, he felt the power of heaven and earth, and the soul blended with this heaven and earth.

"kill him!"

The silver demon ape roared and rushed to Zhai Yunsheng again, grabbing his head.

Zhai Yunsheng's eyes were filled with cold murderous intent.


He opened his mouth to stand out a word.

Suddenly the void in front of him seemed to be frozen, and everything was completely still.

The terrifying claws that the silver demon ape protruded suddenly stopped in front of him.


Zhai Yunsheng spoke again.


An invisible force directly bombarded the head of the silver demon ape.

The head of the silver demon ape exploded directly, and silver blood splashed all around, and the terrifying scene instantly made the cultivators who attacked and killed horror appeared in the eyes.

The silver demon ape is the leader of this group of cultivators. It has the strongest strength and will rush to the forefront every time.

It can be said to be the core soul of this team.

As soon as it dies now, everyone's hearts are all messed up.

"This person is too strong, we are not opponents, we run away separately!" Some cultivators turned and ran.

When other people saw this scene, they knew they were not opponents, and fled in all directions.

"Do you still want to leave?" Zhai Yunsheng snorted coldly, "Just stop it!"

The sound came from his mouth, and all the space within a thousand miles was under his control, and everyone's body was stagnant in place.


Zhai Yunsheng's body turned into a golden light and shadow, sweeping in all directions in an instant.

But in the blink of an eye, everyone separated.


Zhai Yunsheng looked pale at this time.

Although he had killed people, it was the first time that so many powerful men had been killed all at once.

There is inevitably some fear in his heart.

"Okay! If they want to kill you, you kill them, that's nothing!" Zhao Yuande said, "Hurry up and take their things away. This place will soon attract others."

"Okay!" Zhai Yunsheng hurried forward, putting away the storage rings of these cultivators one by one.

"Move faster, don't dawdle, first glance at the opponent's body with the spirit, and feel the spatial fluctuation... Yes, that's it! Faster!"

Soon Zhai Yunsheng was under the guidance of Zhao Yuande, deprived of all the spoils, and quickly escaped.

When he came to a safe place, Zhai Yunsheng counted carefully, and the number of his tokens had reached 72.

It seems that the group of Silver Demon Apes has snatched so many tokens in this short period of time.

According to their fierceness, I am afraid that the owner of these seventy-two tokens was also beheaded by them.

"So cruel and vicious, I won't be wronged by killing them!" Zhai Yunsheng said.

"You're right, don't be soft when dealing with this kind of guy, kill it if you should!" Zhao Yuande said, "You performed very well just now, but unfortunately the initial reaction was not positive enough. If you are..."

Zhao Yuande helped Zhai Yunsheng analyze the battle and gave him many details of the battle.

Zhai Yunsheng nodded his head again and again, his eyes shone with excitement from time to time.

With this kind of treatment, Zhai Yunsheng felt that his cultivation speed would increase faster and his combat experience would also improve by leaps and bounds.

When Zhai Yunsheng recovered from his injury, he continued to hunt and kill.

"I feel the aura of dominance! The opponent's strength is not weak." Zhao Yuande's voice sounded, "The opponent is hiding in the dark, I am afraid it is going to attack you secretly!"

"They are both in the Domination Realm. Why can't you come out to fight in a dignified manner? You have to hide your head and show your tail!" After reminding Zhai Yunsheng at this time, he also felt the presence of the other party, and immediately yelled at the person.

"Good perception! Now that you have discovered me, the battle between us will not start now, I will wait for you in the duel!" The voice was illusory, and further and further away.

The owner of the voice turned out to be a woman, which made Zhai Yunsheng frowned slightly.

"She hasn't gone far, she's still there! This guy knows people's minds well, I'm afraid he is trying to catch him." Zhao Yuande solemnly said, "This person is difficult, you must be careful."

"Since you are waiting for me in the duel, why don't you leave!" Zhai Yunsheng said coldly.

As he said, he strode towards the hidden area of the opponent, and at the same time an invisible force enveloped the entire world, and the world was under the control of his master.

"Really alert! You are a very nice person! We will see you soon! Remember, my name is Shadow Killer!" There was a strangeness in the woman's voice.

At the same time, a figure went away in an instant, broke through Zhai Yunsheng's control, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

"This woman is slightly weaker than you, but if you two fight life and death, you won't necessarily lose or win!" Zhao Yuande's voice came.

"Senior, am I not as good as her?" Zhai Yunsheng was slightly unconvinced.

"I'm afraid this woman has gone through a hundred battles in the Domination Realm. She has perfect control of the Domination Realm. Just now she can easily break through your Domination Space, and she can easily kill you in front of you. If it weren't for dozens of them here Ten thousand people, I am afraid she will not retreat so easily!" Zhao Yuande said.

"Really so powerful?" Zhai Yunsheng's expression changed slightly.

"When did I lie to you!" Zhao Yuande said, "You still need to sharpen it! After endless battles, your talent should soon surpass the opponent."

"Okay! Keep fighting and never leave here until the last one!"

Zhai Yunsheng's battle continued. There were fewer and fewer cultivators in this world, and they were becoming more and more cautious.

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